Friday, July 31, 2009

To soon to feel this way

I am officially 4 months pregnant today. For some reason 16 weeks just sounds like I have eons to go until 40 weeks. Yet when I count it in months it sounds like January is around the corner....kind of. When people ask me how far along I am I usually tell them in weeks. I think I'm switching my answer to months now - It sounds like I'm further along. It's a mental thing.

I've never had a baby nor kept track of the girth of any woman throughout her pregnancy. I have no education or viable knowledge to what a person at 4 months pregnant should look like or how big their belly should be. In order to appease my keeping up with the Jones' mentality of girth I went to google and looked up images of how big ladies that are 16 weeks pregnant are - comparatively speaking of course. I came to the conclusion that everyone is different and I hope I don't look like half of them.

Here are my preconceived notions about the early months of pregnancy.

In my mind at 3 months you aren't to be showing yet. I mean really, I get my oil changed every three months how would a baby have time to even show up? It's just like the other day was May. There are 12 weeks in 3 months. That isn't even enough time to read a book from front to back...(in my world at least). It's not even enough time to accumulate a full day off in sick time at my job.

Here is the reality. It's complicated no man will ever understand it and personally I don't expect them to because I am living it and find it hard to comprehend myself.

At three months it's almost as if you want people to say something about a truly non existent sweet baby pooch only to justify the fact that you've already cleaned out your closet twice because nothing fits. You wish someone would acknowledge the fact that there is a baby in there so that you can at least not feel like the bloated Fatty McFat Butt you claim to be. You don't sleep even though you are so tired that you can't function, you eat Pop Tarts like a Tasmanian Devil, your bladder is the size of a pin head, your hormones make you cry happy tears while yelling cuss words like you have turrets.

Now here we are at 4 months and both the scale and you know that your baby weighs only ounces and something doesn't add up. Mathematically it's impossible. I work with numbers, ratios and coverages everyday and I would not approve of these numbers to send onto management.

I've had two people tell me this week that they can see my baby pooch. I've had one person tell me this week they couldn't tell yet. I was happy about both. Hello does that make me bipolar? They both are double edged swords. Thank you for recognizing my belly because my healthy baby is in there growing the flip side is thank you for telling me I'm the same even though I feel like a bloated cow. What's the right answer? I mean I want people to acknowledge my belly....maybe? kind of? Because then I can feel like a fatty for a reason.

I think it's too soon for me to be feeling this way. At what month is it appropriate for me to feel like the following?
1) I walked down a flight of stairs yesterday and was out of breath. Did you catch the part where I said DOWN the stairs? By month 6 I will need a handicapped decal to get close to the door at Wal-Mart to get on my shopping Rascal.
2) Then I was giving Katie Lou a bath the other day and bending over the tub for just that short time and it was like I had run the Boston Marathon. I had to rest on the couch with an oxygen tank for like 30 minutes.
3) I waddle. I really feel like I waddle when I walk. I've felt that way for a while now but am just now willing to admit that openly.

Then there is one more question....when does the abdominal pooch unite and become become one with the fat roll under the boobs to form one big bump I can call my baby? I know it's too soon for that because it hasn't happened. I just look like a Rolly McLump Front. NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH FRONT BUTT! I do not have front butt. I can deal with my "butt shelf" in the back a.k.a. ghetto bootie, but not front butt.

Thank you for letting me vent. Love to you all!
Have a Wonderful Weekend!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

NCF Dancing Award

I myself do not claim to be a splendid dancer; so there may be funny pictures of me plastered on others blogs that I have no idea about....and I 'm ok with that. I watch enough So You Think You Can Dance and Dance Your A$$ Off to be secure with my white girl with ghetto bootie moves. I'm sure many many people have thought. Whoa, lady! Watch where you swang that thang.

Now what you all have been waiting for the Neshoba County Fair Dancing Award.
Here are my Top 2 favorite dancers of the night.
Meet Cowboy In Tight Jeans Doing Splits.

Chip said it wasn't the same guy as last year so this must be his younger brother or cousin, or maybe both his brother and cousin?

I am really sorry I coudn't get an action shot of the splits or the lightning speed his feet were moving doing a little shuffle doe-see-doe. You have to use your imagination because due to the lag of digital cameras coupled with the speed of his down to the ground splits and back onto his feet swiftness that can only be explained by the spring action of the tight jeans, I failed to capture this greatness. This pure skill can only be mastered in the privacy of your own home in front of your bedroom mirror while your square mom and dad are downstairs watching the evening news wondering what's wrong with the world today not knowing their kid upstairs is some secret rockstar who only wants to dance the rest of his life and make his debut on CMT and not be an accountant like his dad. breathe.

Now meet Ballerina Hippie.
(in the white shorts)

I watched this guy come on the dance floor. He neatly took off his muddly flip flops at the corner of the pavilion like he was walking into some sacred Chinese feng shui temple (do the Chinese have temples?) Anyway. He was excited to share his dance moves with his partner. We will call her Lady Luck. I don't know that she knew she was in for such a treat. Ballerina Hippie ruled his area of the floor while knocking out little kids in the process. He was twirling Lady Luck and she was trying to follow to the best of her ability....poor gal. He too had fast moves with his feet like Cowboy In Tight Jeans Doing Splits, but his were more of a ballroom or a Pasa Doble smooth manner on the balls of his feet unlike the way CITJDS does his line dancing.

At one point Chip turned to me and said...."I'm sure this is not the first time that hippie has danced in the mud" (I'm not sure why buy Hank Hill from King of The Hill's voice popped in my head as Chip's voice - - now I am laughing uncontrolably)

Sorry, back on track. I'm trying to paint a picture here. At times his limp wave-like body rolling was almost as if he was a Chipendale a sensitive way. As if we wanted to gather all of the butterflies from the sky and take them to a special place.

I could go on about both of these guys and many many others there, but I won't. I shouldn't. I am going to be cursed with a kid with no rhythm whose photos will be plastered on the internet like all the other middle aged white guys in that email we've all received that shows how to dance like a white guy (Click here to see video). The spin squat point to the Lord move you all know so well. I can't have that for my kid. I must stop now.

Mississippi's Giant House Party

Last night, in the honor of tradition and fun, we went to the Neshoba County Fair. Every Wednesday night of the fair for the past before I was born Chip's dads band Class Reunion has played at Founders Square.

I encourage each of you that are not familiar with the fair to research it's history. It's extremely interesting. It was founded in 1889, "and has grown from a two-day meeting of local farmers and their families to an eight day Giant House Party in over 600 cabins and over 200 RV campers. The traditions of the Fair continue today. Families still gather for reunions and friends, old and new, visit every summer as they have since 1889."

It's like nothing I've ever seen or even heard of. And being from Texas, the most friendly place I know of, that says a lot! I've heard that these shotgun shacks, umm..I mean cabins, cost like $100,000 and you can really only use then 2 weeks out of the year. It's that big of a deal.

Hanging out in Founders Square is like you are surrounded by a breath of history. It is where historical icons like Ronald Reagan and Ross Barnett have given political speeches. Heated debates of political chaos have formed there and most importantly it's the same stage that my father in law rocks out to songs that would make even a Baptist get up and dance.

An article was written in the Clarion Ledger on July 5th and I think this sums it up...I love it, I wish I had thought of it myself....I'm not sure I didn't say it. Here is what Gale Denley said about The Neshoba County Fair: "It's a lot like what I always imagined Hell would be - it's hot, it's dusty and all my friends are there."

As much as hot and dusty rings true to the history of this July heat sweltering house party last night was an exception. The much needed down pour we had made this place a mud wrestlers dream pit. It was every little kid theres fantasy for being so dirty that even their parents couldn't say anything. More interestingly to me were peoples feet. I was like a foot stalker in the night checking out peoples foot attire. It's like I was an emissary for a podiatrist or something. It was as if the mud made me have a foot fetish. I got some good photos in my foot trans, I hope you find them as funny as I do.

As always, more than anything, I love to watch people - - - especially people dancing. I got a few good shots of random dancing. I hope they are able to portray their dance skills through a still shot photo. Ballerina Hippie was my favorite right next to Cowboy In Tight Jeans Doing Splits. I hope that none of you know these people..........Lord I hope none of you know these people.

But I'm So Sorry! You will have to wait until I can download the photos so you can see how obscene I was about feet last night and how Ballerina Hippie was feeling too comfortable dancing barefoot in the mud.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More than you care to know

Last night me, Kim, Whitney and Tanner met Whitney's sister, Stephanie, in Madison to eat at Nagoya. I would like to express a SUPER YUM to Nagoya. I love you so much even though the salmon I usually eat looked really under smoked so I took it out of my Miami Roll for precautionary reasons and it was still fabulous. I ate hibachi fried rice and veggie tempura...all with no less than a liter of soy sauce. (hush, I know the sodium is not good, but I've been eating the salads from Wendy's so that makes up for my mind.)

I had a lot of fun girls and little boy.

It's approaching the end of the month. Do you guys know what that means in my world? Not only is it end of the month for business, it's end of the month for Rachel's checkbook. I'm odd. No, really odd. I know I'm odd and I think my husband hates that I do this (I don't know why), but I get a kick out of it. I am anal retentive when it comes to my checkbook. I balance it, re balance it and then check my balance again online no less than once a day sometimes more than 3 times. Not that I'm scared it's going to be taken away, I guess it's because I'm a control freak? Yes, I admit it. So on top of knowing to the penny what I have in my checkbook at all times I like to account for where the money that isn't in there went. Oh man, I'm psycho. I'm telling on myself.

You see I have this spreadsheet. Oh Lordy, the spreadsheet. This spreadsheet is euphoric for me. It allows me to categorize my spending. We have 4 categories:
1) Food Out
2) Gas
3) Unnecessary
4) Wal-Mart

There use to be 5 which was dog food because at $60 a bag I had to account for that hunk out of my checkbook separately. Now my pups are at a manageable weight and we eat Beniefuls from Wal-Mart.

Breaking down the categories:
Food out is exactly what it sounds like, as is gas. I account for all the times I eat out; like last night at Nagoya or even the K&S donuts in the weekday. Gas is how many times and how much I fill up my car. I do usually like to see how many miles to the gallon I got on each tank, but I've gotten bad about tracking that.

Unnecessary for example is the Dirt Cheap expenditures (which doubled my unnecessary category this month, thank you) or the Magic Boppy Pillow and the clothes I've had to go get so I can not look like a hoochie in tight pants and tops with gaping buttons when I go to work. These items are necessary, but they just aren't regular expenses...therefore I deem them unnecessary.

Then there is the Wal-Mart category. This is the one that we all cringe at when we think about it. In our house this category is for the huge Showcase Showdown adventures and the here and there things that come up. Truthfully it's not limited to just Wal-Mart it crosses over to Sunflower too; anything that has to do with groceries and misc at Wal-Mart.

How does the spreadsheet work? Glad you asked.
Since I write down EVERYTHING in my little checkbook register, I go through and under each category enter in the date of the expenditure, where the money was spent, sometimes I enter what for, then the amount. OCD much? Each category has a total that automatically sums up everything because that is how cool Excel is. From there once the month is totaled I have another worksheet within my Excel sheet that compares month to month. I know I'm sick right. So I can see if I spent $140 this month in one category compare it to the $175 I spent the month before - - Wow, Rachel you comparatively speaking saved $35 from last month in that category! Oh man, I am a nerd.

Hold on to your seat because there is more. Not only does my little comparison tally up this info monthly. It is also annually. So as horrifying as it is, I know how much money I have contributed to Wal-Mart just this year. Point your fingers call me a freak, give me the Scarlet letter because I'm an outcast.........but I love spreadsheets and keeping account of every penny, understanding why my money isn't there, tracking where it went, having buyers remorse. It keeps me on track. It makes me the tight wad I am today. It makes me appreciate the things I have because I don't go affording the things I can't. I hope that gets me somewhere one day besides a one way ticket to the loony bin.

Notice that my normal bills aren't in any of those the mortgage, phone, utilities, car insurance, pest control. That is because they have their own seperate spreadsheet. Those are reoccuring expenses. That specific spreadsheet goes back for eons. Do you want to know how much my electricity bill was in 2006? I can tell you. I used my 2007 & 2008 spreadsheets just last week to compare my astronomical Entergy bill this month. Come to find out July 2007 was about the same as it was in July 2009 and in July 2008 it was actually higher than July 2009. I could rest easy knowing I wasn't out of line that month.

Wow, you all see me in a freakish light now. I have told on myself. I have let you all know more than you care to know about me. This is my blog I can make fun of myself if I want to. Also, I guess because I am this way it is good I am in the career I am in. I'm an analyst, I weigh risk before it happens. I account for everything in peoples financials some of whom don't always care to admit or have dug up. I love it.

P.S. - Per our car conversation yesterday; because of the way I am I will go and clean the highlander and take good good care of her because she will last me until Baby Hawkins is ready to get his/her drivers license. It will have an antique tag on it by that time. Then at that point I can go and buy a used 2010 GLK350 it will be inexpensive by that point because it will be the year 2026 and affordable by then. Hopefully.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Salad Shout out

I wanted to drop in right quick and say how much I really really really like Wendy's salads. I am the pickiest person when it comes to my lettuce and they have fantastic salads. I strongly encourage you to either get a side salad or the regular salads (there are different options).

I will tell you a little secret though. Even though you are thinking you are making a better decision calorie wise by eating a salad vs a 1/4 lb hamburger and fries that is not always the case. I had a BLT salad with a large rootbeer the other day and compared it online to the 1/4 hamburger medium fry and large rootbeer. The salad came in with 30 more calories than the burger only because I used 2 pkgs of ranch. I did not check fat and sodium, but I assume the burger had more in that department.

Either way, eat the salad. It is fantastic. You don't feel like a big greasy blob after you eat it and it gives you the greens you need....even if you do smother it in ranch.


I am sorry to say that this post today is not very interesting. It's a bunch of unthought out babble. (wait that is mostly everyday...but today is worse)

Chip and I have been talking about getting a new car, eventually. Those of you that know me understand my preplanning syndrome so really we aren't getting a new car for like 2 years. My highlander is paid for and we love her dearly. She does exactly what I need her to do - Get me from point A to point B safely and most of the time (because I'm driving) she gets me there rapidly. I am probably the only person on the face of the earth that HATES to buy cars. It makes me grouchy, It makes me want to throw myself in front of a moving semi truck, it usually makes me cry because I always feel buyers remorse and like someone is taking advantage of me. I like to think about it, I don't like to do it. So we can think about it here today.

I've wanted a Volvo SUV for about a year now. I loved my volvo (what I had before the highlander)....I cried when I sold that car. It was the first car I'd ever bought and paid for in full on my own. But the reason I sold it is because I was worried about maintenance and the high costs if something were to go wrong and she was racking on the high miles. She went to a good home in Jackson and I think about her often and sometimes think I see her in a parking lot or in traffic, I think she misses me too. I hope so.

But onto new things. I've wanted a Volvo SUV for a while and Chip will never let me go test drive one because we aren't technically "ready" to buy one and he doesn't want to lead on the car salesman. I on the other hand told my Chippy that what if he wanted to surprise me one day and buy it and bring it home and I hated it. I would never know because he wouldn't let me test drive it and he'd be up a creek with a car I don't like. He assured me that that would NEVER happen because he knows me better than most and I am a picky and critical person in the history of history. He said he'd be so scared that he'd pick out the wrong color or not get an add on I wanted. He's smart. He's a really smart guy. Plus he knows I hate surprises. Plus he knows I'd be mad he spent that kind of money and didn't discuss it with me. Anyway back to cars since we've established how well my hubby knows me.

This is the 2010 Volvo XC90, she's pretty, but I'm being superficial because I've only seen the outside never the inside or driven one. I want a 3rd row seat, I think that is a prerequisite in my search. I am not opposed to a minivan. I'm not opposed to a used car but if I buy a new car you will see me driving it until the wheels fall off. I don't want a sunroof. The rest is up for debate depending on the vehicle.

When Chip worked at the Toyota dealership they had a minivan that I sat in and even though I had no use for a minivan being in college; it had some extreme gadgets and a comfort I didn't know possible in a vehicle. If I were to get a minivan it would probably be a Toyota. But I don't know if I am ready for the minivan.

The other day when we went to Yazoo City, I saw something. I saw something I've never seen before. It was cute. It was sporty. It was boxy like the G-Class, but not the G-Class Mercedes. Hey there cutie patootie! You are the 2010 GLK350.

After research, which you know I've done. I can't seem to find the 3rd row seating, so as cute as you are...I don't know if you are what I need. Even though you are not $100,000 like your Daddy the G-Class which is pretty much the epitome of kick hiney, I will check you out when my husband lets me finally test drive cars and in the mean time think about you (and your Daddy, the G-Class).The G-Class may be my lottery car. If I win the lottery I would think about getting one, but since I have not won the lottery.....I will not be getting one.

So here is the deal. I am up for any suggestions because like I stated earlier, I've never test driven ANY car/SUV/truck etc because my hubby won't let me. I'm going all on superficial exterior looks. I don't have to have a foreign car at all....these are just the ones that have caught my eye. Another car that caught my eye due to the cool brownish color is this....

2009 Buick Enclave

Maybe I should check out to see if it has 3rd row seating?

Since I know my good friend Toby reads my blog every day let me ask him. Does your cool old boxy white SUV that you drive around every now and then have 3rd row seating? I would love to have that vehicle. I think it's right up there with the G-Class. Maybe you can take me for a spin in it one day? I love it.

I also like my friend Marsha's car. She just got an Acadia or Equinox or something really neat.

Any advice is much appreciated. I need all of your help in making a list of vehicles to test drive & not to drive so when Chip finally gives me the green light I can have an idea.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Productive & Old

What a fun weekend! Very productive and you all know I love to have the feeling of accomplishment and productivity at all times.

Friday night the Hart, Whitney & Tanner Pettit Family came over and Chip tried out a new recipe on us. We had Prime Rib (from Prime Meridian cookbook) and it was good, everyone seemed to enjoy the specialty. We also had pineapple casserole (page 200 of the Prime Meridian cookbook) which is pretty much a staple in our household. I always double the recipe so Chip (and I) can have seconds and left overs. Joyce was cooking her summer veggie casserole and made an extra one for us; it is fantastic it has home grown squash, zuchini, and tomato with Velveeta, butter & rye, yum! Thanks Joyce you are the bomb. We had a spinach salad with pecans and mandarin oranges with the make it yourself Italian dressing (my fav).

After we ate we visited on the patio in the wonderful weather then headed to the Pettits so that Tanner could sleep in his own bed. The Pettits, The Bells, Chip, Paxton and Brandy all gathered on their patio and chit chatted while I slept on the couch. Man am I a trooper or party pooper? It's still undecided.

Saturday I woke up super early thinking about K&S donuts only to be reminded (like every Saturday morning) that the donut place is not open on the weekends. Glenda, I will never understand that - if I've asked you once I've asked you a thousand times to get onto your in-laws about that nonsense. You can't withhold cravings from a pregnant lady - it's not pretty.

Since I had to wake up early and ironically enough pick Glenda up I gave her an earful about no donuts all the way to Starkville for a J.A. Conclave meeting. It was a very good meeting, all the Presidents, Vice Presidents and Treasurers from our region/area are so nice and fun and I've stated you all know I love productiveness. We got home around 1:00 and I came straight home to find Chip loading up the boat to go skiing.

Chip is addicted to skiing. We all have our vices, we found out last week mine is Dirt Cheap. Chip's latest obsession is with his boat. He likes to talk about how lucky I am. I mean really, he could be addicted to bad things like booze, women, gambling or drugs. I guess it's his way of justifying it. I'm cool with it, just like he uses that same booze, women, gambling & drugs line when hunting season comes around....then again when it's time to start fishing or when he has his boy time during Mountain Man. I must be the best wife ever. I should get an award.

Speaking of award. I should get an award for being the best gestating mother too. Not only have I organized hand me down clothing by month and ordered labels online so I can account for all the hand me downs, I sat for 3 hours Saturday afternoon and hand wrote 2748967256 pages in my "Waiting for Baby" book. Let me just toot my own horn. Toot. Toot. I have not hand written anything that much since before 1993 when I got my first computer.

Ohhh, do you want to feel old? Quick change of subject A friend of ours (who is in their 30's) had a box in the garage that his kids were going through. In the box were items from when he cleaned out his old truck. The kids pulled out this weird rectangular thing. The 16 and 14 year old looked at whatever this foreign object was all funny and finally asked their dad "What in the world is this?" He said.....that kids, that is a cassette tape. They had no idea what that was. TRUE STORY.

I leave you now staring in the mirror wondering where in the world the past 20 years have gone.

Have a great day!

Friday, July 24, 2009

The Life Cycle of Stretching

The other day I was thinking about the word Stretch and it's many meanings through out life.

When you are a baby you stretch your body out so that you can grow big and strong

When you are in grade school you stretch before dance practice, playing sports, etc so that you don't pull a muscle

When you are in high school you lay on the bed and stretch on those jeans that are way too small but you want to wear them anyway.

When you are in college you stretch the money in your checkbook to be able to afford Thursday Ladies Night.

When you are a working woman you stretch out on the couch when you get home after a long day.

When you become pregnant you find your body stretching in places you didn't think were suppose to stretch....and it leaves a mark. What up with that? (this is what had me thinking about the word stretch and it's many meanings)

When you are a working mom you stretch your time to fit everything in.

When you are retired your face is stretched with wrinkles from you job and kid.

When you are old your face is still streatched but your boobs are pretty bad too.

Then one day we all stretch out and lay 6 feet under.

This is the life cycle of the word stretch. Do other people's minds think about random stuff like that too? Don't answer that.....Maybe it's just me?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

My name is Rachel, and I have an addiction

Ok, so I diss on the Dirt Cheap a lot and how I fear I will get the swine flu or pink eye every time I go there and how I need to wear a SARS mask to enter then bathe myself with germ-ex when I get in my car.

Well since we are all friends here I feel I can admit to you all that I am secretly addicted to Dirt Cheap. They say the first step is admitting you have a problem, so maybe that is progress? It may come to the point of intervention before this baby gets here. I may be risking this baby's life with the filthy shelves and sitting on the floor constructing devices to make sure all the pieces are there before I buy it for mere pennies, but I love it. I love getting something for nothing, I love getting crap I don't need but may find handy one day, I love it when old ladies come and look in my basket like I'd found gold and say "Oh! Where did you find that?!?"

For those of you that are not living in the Land of Koz and aren't privy to what I am speaking of you see - around these parts they have this place that gets stuff from stores like Target, Lands End, Gap, Wal-Mart, Polo, Liz Claiborne, K-Mart, etc etc. It's either stuff that has been returned, stuff that they have too much of, stuff that is last season, stuff that may even be broken. I think it also gets stuff from like metropolitan dumpsters and even landfills. No matter what angle you look at it, it's just stuff. If you don't have a visual yet, it pretty much looks like a tornado came to this store and threw up a bunch of "stuff" that you don't need, but there is a jewel in there just have to find it. And when you find it it will be no less than 50% off and up to 90% off. Clothes they are either $3, $5 or 60% off.

I fall into a time warp when I get into Dirt Cheap. It's like the world around me doesn't exist and it is just me and all this stuff piled sloppy on the shelves and on the floor and in bins and on racks. It's an OCD persons nightmare.

In the past month, I have been there more times than I'd like to share with you all. I've spent more money than I care to disclose to you (or my husband) I've contracted a rash there is no cure for (just kidding) - -but I have found some great stuff and I'm not ashamed. Today I have received 2 compliments on my linen shirt from Lands End and the day hasn't even begun. Guess what pumpkin......Dirt Cheap $3. What's that? You want a hamburger off of my husbands new Weber portable gas grill as you drink on that Toddy in the Grove? Sure thing, $20 at the Dirt Cheap.

Chip has dubbed me the "Dirty Cheap Hoochie"........well, he didn't use the word Hoochie, but I improvised for the sake of my readers. Let's just say it starts with a Wh and ends with a ore.

My name is Rachel.........and I'm addicted to Dirt Cheap.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Scale of 1 to 10

If I had to judge the way I've been feeling on a scale from 1 to 10 I'd say I have felt like a 9.75 this past week or so. I've been feeling so well that it's almost scary because it doesn't feel like this should be a sense of normalcy for a pregnant lady.

The sleep fairies visit me every night with sweet dreams on my magic Boppy pillow.
They have stopped calling me Fatty McFat Butt because I no longer feel like a bloated cow.
I do not have to eat every two hours like I'm in some Pop Tart eating competition.
I'm tired, but not nearly as tired as I was. I almost started bribing people to let me pay them to keep quiet while I take a 15 minute nap under my desk at work.

The weather has been so nice, that may have played a part in my lack of couch potato-ness. I've also heard about how great the Second Trimester is and maybe I have arrived? I've mowed the yard, done laundry, cleaned the house, thought about washing my car (didn't happen, but I did think about it). I mean wow! These are milestones in my energy level compared to how it has been. It's great, but very scary because in my head I think I'm suppose to feel like dookie, but don't.

I don't want to push my great fortune, but I really need to move stuff up in the attic, write in the baby book before I forget the past 14 1/2 weeks, wash my car, further clean out my closet, organize my proverbial "plate," and take my pups out to the Country Club to swim in the lake.

These will be my goals for the next week. I hope I continue to feel good.

I have to admit that at lunch yesterday I ate something bad and it is still threatening me but I'm not letting that bring me down. Everything else is going too great to complain.

YAY, I think me and Hill or Catherine Henderson (whoever you are in there) are finally going to get along.

I have to give a big shout out to my friend Megan L. that came over last night. Chip and I had a fun time talking and eating dinner and hanging out with her. Good friends are a part of my mojo and play a part in making me feel better too. Sorry, Shanda....just another place for you to read about all that you missed out on. Man, that tuna filet with lemon garlic butter sauce, rice and garden picked tomatoes with fresh basil, cracked pepper, kosher salt drizzled with red wine vinegar & evoo was fabulous! I enjoyed my O'Douls while Chip and Megan enjoyed their Rolling Rocks. Good times...good times.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Road Trip

Saturday we had planned to go to the Reservoir with a couple of friends, but one of them didn't feel well so we ended up going on a road trip. It was me, Chip, Charlie (Chip's Dad) and Joyce (Chip's Step-Mom).

Joyce is originally from Yazoo City and had been telling us about Wolf River and how back in the day they use to have some good parties down there. Well you know us Hawkins, always looking for a good party. We loaded up the boat and headed down there.
This is me and Joyce. We are wearing the 50 cent visors I bought at Wal-Mart and our black shades, aren't we too cool for school? No, I'm not naked....or am I? No one will ever know.

I look naked because my b-suit doesn't have straps. This happened in some of my wedding photos too. I guess I'm all about the nakedness. It leaves a little something for the imagination.

This is Charlie & Chip straight chillin'. Chip's got the visor flipped backwards the wind in his hair he is the epitome of the thuggish ruggish bone.

I like this picture. She doesn't know I'm taking it and you can tell she's just soaking it all in. Reminiscing about the old party days.

Then I left the best for last.

(Queue Miami Vice Soundtrack)

I tried to zoom this picture in a bit so that you could see the pure coolness that my Chippy exudes. The whole dark shades with hat flipped back hat and reflection in the mirror making sure danger is not around the corner. Taking everything seriously with his Performance Fishing Gear t-shirt as he maneuvers the boat rapidly thorough the open waters. (You get the picture?)

You may not know this about my Chippy, but he is a man that knows exactly what he wants to do with his life. His dream is to be on the B.A.S.S. Fishing Tour with Toyota and O'boy Oberto beef jerky as his official sponsors. In the off season he wants to be the guy that reads the books on tape and make the funny and serious voices.

Back off ladies...........he's mine!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

What's In A Name?

Some of you have heard, some of you have not......but we have names for Boy Baby Hawkins and Girl Baby Hawkins.
Are you ready?
Hell Yeah, Damn Right
Hotty Toddy
Gosh Almighty
Who the hell are we? Hey!
Flim Flam Bim Bam
Ole Miss By Damn!
Sorry, I got off on a tangent. Can you tell I'm excited about the upcoming football season? Anyway, back to what you want to know since the majority of my readers are State fans. I don't discriminate.
Ok......for real this time..... Are you ready?
Most of you know Boy Hawkins will be named
Charles Hill Hawkins IV
Girl Hawkins will be named
Catherine Henderson Hawkins
We will decide what to call her when she is born. Will she look like a Catherine or a Henderson?
Catherine Henderson is named after my great great grandmother Katherine, but we will spell it Catherine. Henderson is my mothers maiden name. Both names end up having Chip's initials C.H.H.
We cannot wait until August 20th. It is a month from tomorrow and it can't get here soon enough!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Sneaky Jason

Since we are on the subject of family today........this is my brother Jason. He hates this picture so that is why I posted it. He thinks he looks like (and I quote) "a fat head with a neck wrinkle." I told him I think it's a good picture but the head tilt is a little queer. His comment was that he had his head straight and the photographer said, "Okay, now pour a liiiittle bit of water out of your left ear." I digress.
Love you Jayston! You are the handsome-est in da world!
I love my big brother so much and he knows it so that is why I can make fun of him. You see Jason has this complex. He's the middle child so I guess it's natural, but he has this need to be the favorite child. I let him think what he will just so he sleeps better at night.
We all know the truth though, I am the favorite. I was the favorite grandchild, I'm the favorite daughter, I'm the baby of the family, I'm carrying my parents grandchild. Anyway, you get the idea.
So last night I check my email. Jason has gone fishing with some buddies and caught a ton of speckled trout.
Here is how I imagine the story going......Being the "favorite" he calls up our beloved mother and says, "Oh, dearest beautiful Mother, how are you this evening? I have fresh trout and was thinking of you and how much you may like to feast on them. With your permission, I'd like to turn the water into wine and break bread with you at your house tonight." My mom overwhelmed with excitement agreed this would be a nice treat.
Then I get this picture in my inbox.......

Look at what he's done! He's making my wonderful mom slave over a hot stove cooking him fresh Trout Almondine. Poor Nancy Lou.

The email with this picture read - - "Pregnant or not, I'm still the favorite. Mom is making ME Trout Almondine."

He's such a PUNK.

Proud of My Dad

Meet my dad
The Honorable Ben W. "Bud" Childers
County Court at Law #1
Fort Bend County, Texas

Isn't he a cutie for an old man? He's mostly grey because of my brother Jason, I am sure I had nothing to do with any of all.

Wednesday, I got a call from my dad. He was at the airport headed to Washington D.C. to go to a conference on a new grant program that he is trying to get funding for in his local court system. He was chosen by the State of Texas to be a representative for this lateset venture. As you can tell, my dad is a judge and he really loves his job.

I do hope my explinatation of the situation is accurate, but in a nutshell.....He saw a problem in the system where people that have mental problems whether it be retardation, schizophrenia, or other mental issues come into court, have their hearing or trial and are found guilty, sent to jail then don't get the medical care or medicines they need while serving their time, and then are back on the streets doing random loopy things again. It becomes a vicious cycle. There are some people in the world that aren't ok and need special attention to help them gain a sense of normalcy. There are many sides to this 1) it costs tax payers a lot of money to have someone represent these repeat law breakers, send them to jail, and all that comes with the expenses just to repeat the process again once they are back on the streets and 2) The current system doesn't benefit us or the people that can't always help themselves.

We all understand you can't make these patients/felons take their daily medicine to make them a socially acceptable human but we have to start somewhere in making our system more functional. I guess I should find out more on this program my dad is trying to adopt before I go posting like I know what I'm talking about. Either way I know that it's a good thing, a good program that helps people that need help. It's a system that makes things a little more just.

Isn't that a world we all want to live in? People helping others out, fighting for causes for the benfit of others, educating ourselves to make things a little more just?

I'm proud of my dad. He saw a problem and has taken the initiative to try and better it. He saw a possibility for grant funding and is taking the steps to obtain it.

Good luck to my daddy-o, I hope he learns a lot at his conference so he can come back and make a positive change.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Desk Drawer

My desk drawer at work is not the normal working girls desk drawer. Yes, I have the normal file drawer a paper clip and rubber band drawer, but now I have something special. A food drawer. After the Hot Chocolate Incident and battling the Grunk - - which both of those dramatic days happened before I announced I was expecting...did any of you figure out what was going on then?

Anyway, I knew this tapeworm in me having to eat every 2 hours needed a solution. It became a mission. Nothing of this magnitude could happened over night. I felt like the worker ant bringing the Queen ant pieces of things to eat every morning. I became like a squirrel hoarding all the nuts for the winter. Enough analogies, bottom line is I could open a convenience store out of my desk drawer now.

Let me tell you what we have. I need to take inventory anyway.

5 bags of 100 Calorie Popcorn,

4 little serving cups of Applesauce

Orange, Passionfruit & Jasmine Green Tea Bags

2 bottles of Gatorade (the greenish/yellow kind because the rest gives me "indie")

many different sizes of bottled water

Ginger Ale


1 special K Bar

3 Fiber One Chocolate Chip bars

3 Granola Bars

2 Special K2O Protein Water Mix (for bottled water)

Peach Tea Mix (for bottled water)

Crystal Light Green Tea Honey Lemon (for bottled water)


A Coozie for my canned drinks (or as you MS folk call them "Huggies" - - Huggies is what I will put on my baby's behind not my cold frosty beverage)

Cafe Du Monde Cup to magically take me away to New Orleans and eat beignets in the French Quarter, M&F Cup to bring me back to reality and then a red solo cup that makes me feel like I'm at the Grove drinking a Toddy. Why do I have so many cups? Because we don't have any at work....ever. I think they cut them out of the budget or something.

Anyway....can you visualize what my desk drawer looks like? It usually has an abundant supply of Frosted Strawberry Pop Tarts too, but I just ate the last one 5 minutes ago. Note to self, must restock.

Pop Tarts sound so unhealthy, but actually the front of the package has a picture of a big strawberry that says it's made with Real Fruit; not only that it's "a good source of 7 vitamins and minerals", so who needs prenatal vitamins? In the ingredients it contains both wheat and soy ingredients. With all that healthy stuff they must be good for you, right? (wink, wink)

The good news is that I'm not having to eat every two hours anymore. My nausea (knock on wood) is somewhat subsiding. I think the Second Trimester Fairies came and visited while I slept on my magic Boppy pillow and said ok, she has eaten herself out of house and home we can give her a break....sleep tight Fatty McFat Butt.

The bad news is....well there is no bad news besides the fairies calling me Fatty McFat Butt.
Truth hurts.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Greek Feast!

Our cousin, Brooks, spent a semester in Prague and during her stay she ventured over to Greece. She picked up a few recipes that she was kind enough to share with us when we went to visit her last month at the Lake House in Texas.
The recipe is a simple Greek taziki sauce and gyro made with pork tenderloin instead of the traditional lamb. Since the Land of Koz is foreign and doesn't have pita bread available within a 65 mile radius we settled for tortillas. Which worked out fine.
First things first....wash your hands. This is actually Chip washing his hands before making the cinnamon rolls the other day, but I'm sure his hands are still clean.

Taziki Sauce
1 lb of plain yogurt
1 large cucumber
2 tablespoons of vinegar
3 cloves of garlic
4 tablespoon of olive oil

Here are the "Cast of Characters"

We bought the big 2 lb thing of yogurt and just divided it in half. Peel the cucumber then grate it with a cheese grater onto a paper towel to absorb the juices. Pat dry. Chop up the 3 cloves of garlic (or cheat like we did and use the already minced kind in a jar and guesstimate on three cloves.) You don't have to buy the industrial size of vinegar like we do, but if you are familiar with my crazy first cravings you know they all involved vinegar (and usually cheese puffs). Then you have your normal olive oil.

Here is how we mixed everything. In a bowl we took 1 lb of plain yogurt and plopped in the cucumber. Mixed well. Then since Chip is really big into food textures and doesn't like to crunch on garlic we used the food processor and added the garlic, olive oil & vinegar then purified it into oblivion. See.

Then we poured the garlic, oil, vinegar liquid into the yogurt cucumber mixture and mixed well. Cover and stick in the fridge....the longer it sits in the fridge the better all the flavors mesh.
Just set it and forget it.

Alright......rapidly moving onto the next scene we have the pork tenderloin. When it comes to this recipe the simpler the better as far as seasoning the meat goes. So all you need is the pork, olive oil and we like Cavenders Greek Seasoning.

Before you start preparing the pork run outside and turn on the grill. (we do it on the grill, but I'm sure any other mode of cooking would be fine as long as your pork is cooked)

Now....Rub olive oil on both sides of pork to coat it so that the Cavenders will stick.

Generously sprinkle Cavenders over pork t's and then flip and sprinkle the other side too!

Place on grill until it's done (read the label on the package to know the appropriate temp)

Once you take your pork off the grill, let it rest for about 20 minutes uncovered.
Then you can cut it into any size you'd like. We like ours a little medium thin. (I just made up the word medium thin, so it's a good thing we have visuals here huh?)

Here is everything you need. Taziki, pork, and tortillas. You can also chop up tomatoes or lettuce or some red onion if you'd like. My hubby doesn't eat any of that so we don't have that in our household.

Take your tortilla (Chip likes his warmed in the skillet first) then lay it on your plate fill it up with meat and then put as much taziki on it as you'd like or you can even dip it in the taziki if you prefer.
Roll it up and eat it up.

Enjoy Your Special Night in Greece!


Forgot to tell you to get your taste buds ready because tonight we are going to Greece! We will be making pork tenderloin gyros with a fantastic and super simple taziki sauce. Oh man, I can't wait! This is my newest favorite! So refreshing.

I will be sure to post pictures for real this time.

Cinnamon Rolls

Chip and I made homemade Cinnamon Rolls last night and it was a process. I guess it may not be any different from any other time consuming thing you make from scratch, but I wouldn't really know. We started making the rolls at like 6:15 last night and finally got in bed at like 10:30.

I thought I was going to have to make it a two day process. I laid down on the couch while the dough was rising and would fall asleep and wake up to Chip like an anxious little kid at Christmas it ready yet? How's the dough coming? Can we roll it out yet? No sweetie, just 20 more minutes. Doze off for a second then hear. Has it been 20 minutes yet? No honey, wait 10 more minutes.

After the dough finished rising, which was really neat because I'd never done that before. It was almost like a feeling of accomplishment. Chip rolled out the dough for me with our new rolling pin. I've never owned a rolling pin before, it's great! It's the little things that make me happy. All of this was a first for me. Chip on the other hand is a veteran. He was telling me about the old days when they didn't have pizza crust in a can thing like biscuits and he had to make his own crust from scratch. Wow, grandpa that must have been rough! Tell me more weird things from when you were a kid.

Once we finished baking a batch, even though it was really late, we had to try them out. I let Chip go first. The noises he made were obscene. It really was THAT GOOD. It was definitely a process and thank goodness it made a total of 5 pans because it was a lot of work.....totally worth it though. I'm scared Chip won't eat anything else now.

I had full intentions of taking step by step photos of the creation but the only picture I got was of Chip washing his hands before we started. I won't post it, but will try to do better with my photo taking and posting. No promises, I will just try. You can Click Here for the recipe for Cinnamon Rolls 101. If there is a Cinnamon Rolls 102 I am not sure I could take that class, I am a beginner and evidentally a slow learner. The Janii and Susan have both made these from the Pioneer Woman site too. P-Dub is my hero.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I am the most annoying you Dr. North!

Before I go into how my baby doctor appointment went I want to tell you all that Tasha's surgery went well. Please continue your prayers because the hard part is just beginning. When we went to visit her she was in a lot of pain and running a fever. I stayed with her while the boys went and got something to eat. The nurse came in and gave her a long over due pain shot that actually worked. Within 5 minutes my poor little Tasha was snoozing. I was glad. I knew she felt a little better in la la land by the time we left.

She was in the same hospital that we will deliver our baby. Chip and I were able to tour the facility by the sweetest lady named Joy who said that Brother Barry was her preacher before he came to Kosciusko. She was a riot. She loved her some Brother Barry. She went through the step by step process of what door I come in when I'm in labor, to the gown will be laying on the bed you go and put it on when you get here, then the monitors they will strap on to my body and where the baby sits after it's born. From there she informed Chip that it's his responsibility to take the baby down the hallway to show the family and then on into the nursery to be weighted, measured, etc. Chip's comment, umm, I have to carry it? Joy suggested we get a doll and practice for the next few months. Long story short, we had a wonderful tour and the facility is very nice and I hope all the people are as sweet as Joy was.

Ok, so we went to the doctor when we first got to Jackson they have a new building that looks like a hotel or casino, it's huge and fancy. Here is how it went....This is no lie - - I felt like I was on candid camera.

Dr.: How are you? Do you have any questions?

RCH: As a matter of fact, I do have a couple. Have you ever heard of anyone getting stopped up and congested every time after they eat and are full?

Dr.: with a baffled look in his eye No, next question.

RCH: Dr. North, am I weird?

Dr.: Yes, very weird.
He went on to explain that he'd never heard of that but when you are pregnant your hormones do something funky to your sinus' and that may be it.
RCH: Dr. North, I've never had a bladder infection so I don't know what it feels like, but my bladder gets this awful pain when I have to go to pee.
Dr.: My recommendation is to not wait so long before you go to the bathroom, you are holding it too long.
RCH: Uhhh, ok. Thanks, I'll try that.
So after Dr. North and I had our hilariously interesting conversation where I'm sure he felt like he was talking to a 2 year old who is about to give birth to another baby. He pulled out the little machine that listens to the baby's heartbeat. I was really really nervous. It took him a long time to find it. The seconds felt like minutes and as if not knowing when to go to the bathroom wasn't annoying enough, here is how that conversation went while trying to find the heartbeat.
I repeatedly asked.....why can't you hear it? It hasn't been long enough.
What's going on? I'm looking, just wait.
What about now? Was that it? No, not yet, it's too early.
What's too early? Why can't we hear it? There it is. 140 bpm. That is good.
Chip said he wasn't nervous because he looked at Dr. North's face the whole time and he didn't look concerned. You know, like when you are on a plane and there is turbulence you always stare at the flight attendant for their reaction to know if you're going to go down or not.
I did have another question. I told Dr. North this was probably the most important question of all. He prepared himself. I said Dr. North, Ole Miss is going to have one hell of a football team this year and when we go to a championship it will be in January....will you be going? He said yes I would think so. I said ok, so I can go too because you will be there to deliver my baby if I go into labor at the game? He said no that was not an option - I couldn't go. He and Chip would go and I would have to stay here without a husband or doctor to help deliver this baby. It was unfair. What am I going to do?
Ok, so that was it. He said he'd see me in 4 weeks and then we'd find out what it was in September. Eeeeerrrrrkkkkkk. What? September? I'll be 17 1/2 weeks by the August appointment...Dr. North we have to negotiate. I need to know what my baby is next month. Need to. I can't stand it. He said ok, well instead of 4 weeks we will say 4-5 weeks you come back. Now if you can't tell what it is then you have to pay out of pocket for another sonogram. That is my negotiation.
Dr. North walked out and I'm sure he was glad I was the last appointment of the day. He probably went home and had a big ol' Toddy.
I go back August 20th which will almost be 5 weeks and 3 days since my last appointment....I stretched it. My mom will fly in to come see Baby Hawkins and all of it's glory. I can't wait!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Someone has a case of the Monday's

I need coffee. I don't drink coffee, nor will I start any time soon, but I am in dire need of energy. I woke up this morning after little to no sleep to puffy eyes, swollen face, stopped up nose, can I just go back to bed mentality. Got dressed came to work and the A/C is broken. This may be the worst case of the Monday's I've ever had. Ok, I got my rant out of the way.

Speaking of coffee, Chip has decided he is a coffee drinker now. I think it smells divine, but never have been a drinker. My dad said when I moved to South America that I would come back drinking coffee because Columbia had such great coffee. Nope. I never got into it. Yet as for Chip, when he decides he is doing something he goes full fledged. He had 8 cups of coffee Sunday morning before 11:00. He was so geeked out that he quite possibly hallucinated. He took Foster to Grenada for a roadtrip and I asked how it went. Chip said he and Foster talked the whole way there and the whole way back. I believe him. Of course with Foster it's a one sided conversation because all he does is smile and breathe back alley seafood dumpster dog breath in your face. He's the sweetest. Anyway, they had fun boy time while the girls stayed home and cleaned.......which I didn't mind because it was long overdue.

We have a house guest for the week. Brent and Leanne Davis are on vacation living it up on the beach so we are taking care of sweet Libby. She is such a good little girl, has a lot more energy than my 9, 7 & 6 year old four legged babies. Foxy Mama has not taken a liking to Libby and Kate Lou is pissy because there is a dog in her house. Heaven Forbid! Foster, the complete sport who always takes one for the team is very very nice to Libby and makes her feel at home. I will try to catch a few pics of how much she loves Foster. She likes his back alley seafood dumpster breath. My plan is to take a few funny photos of Libby like she is on vacation living it up while they are gone and give them to the Davis family upon their return. I've thought about taking a photo of her with sunglasses on driving the boat. Maybe making a frozen margarita and putting her on the patio table. Chilling out in the hammock. Take her over to the in laws pool. Just some fun candid shots you know, like the traveling Gnome. I'll be sure to post them if I get to do it.

Today is my doctor appointment. It's at 3:15. It's going to be a busy afternoon. Doctor at 3:15, then we hope to meet up with Chip's step mom, Joyce, who has a doctors appointment in Jackson as well. Together we are going to Women's Hospital to tour the facility where Baby Hawkins will be born.

After that we are going to visit my friend Tasha who is at Women's Hospital this morning having a big surgery, please say a special prayer for her and her doctors as they do a double subcutaneous mastectomy. It's a little more complicated than that, so pray for her speedy recovery because she has a wonderful little boy who will turn 1 tomorrow and a beautiful little 7 year old that adores her mommy. Thank goodness her husband is such a great man and will have everyone and everything under control during her recovery.

Once we visit Tasha, we will go to Target and get the badly needed mommy boppy pillow that Jennifer L. and Lauren recommend. I am willing to try anything for a few minutes of shut eye. If I can twist Chip's arm I'd like to go to JC Penney and see what the baby bedding looks like in real life and then we plan to eat dinner with Joyce and head back to Kosciusko.

Oh yeah! Before we leave the doctor, we will set up our next appointment for August and that should be when we get to find out what it is! I am so ready. I really dislike surprises. Between my being an OCD planner organizer and Chip and I are from the instant gratification generation we need to know the sex of this baby.....right now.

PS - Congrats to my friend Susan who found out it's a boy! That is exciting news!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Top 5

Back in May of 2007 I had a post with this same title, but it was a different kind of "Top 5". Your mind set changes a little when you are pregnant, but the Top 5 conversation from May 07 does not become null and void once you have kids. Truth be known you probably at times wish you'd be whisked away. All girls know the truth, love their husbands and it's truly a non issue. It's fictional, but a girl can always dream.

Now back to today's Top 5. Since I got such awesome feedback yesterday about bedding and high chairs I figured why stop there?

Your job today, since you probably don't have anything else to do and I know this because you are reading my blog, is for those of you that are moms or dads already to post the Top 5 things that have either saved the day with appeasing your kids (any age) or things you highly recommend I not live without. For those of you, like myself, who have no idea about parenthood (or even if you do); feel free to list your Top 5 guys/gals or if you're not as open about that you can list the Top 5 places you'd like to travel.

No pressure....I mean really, what do you have to do right now anyway?

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Bedding & Such

I have made an executive decision.
I've known from the beginning that we weren't going to change the color of the baby's room, it's a sage green and is unisex. I've also known that I've wanted bedding for the crib that is very neutral, no theme, and could be accented with pieces to accessorize in dark pinks if girl or blues if boy. And I have found just the bedding and I know you all have been as worried about it as I have....right?

It comes from JC Penney, so if I hate it then I can take it back with no fuss. It's extremely affordable and washable....even though Tasha said baby spit up stains would be hard to get out of this. I told her I could cover it up with a blanket or toy to disguise it if Spray n' Wash doesn't work.

Then my mind wondered; do babies often spit up on their crib bumper? I can understand the sheets, but the bumper? I have so much to figure out. Then I snapped out of it because I was so excited I had found what I'd been looking for!

You ready to see it?
Wait....before you see it I want you to imagine the diaper hanger thing having an initial monogrammed on it and accents of dark pinks or light blues throughout the room...I'm thinking chocolate browns too. The crib sheet can be any color, even polka dotted! It requires imagination. It's very plain, I know - I love it.

(P.S. - we have a double bed in the baby room that has a bed spread on it that I inherited from my grandmother. Oddly enough it almost looks like this with the circles and creamy color. So that is good I don't have to go and search for something to match the crib bedding to the regular bedding. Just accessorize with throw pillows and stuffed animals! Voila!)

Also, I need advice. I found a high chair I really like at Bed Bath & Beyond. I need you to list the pros and cons of this specific high chair because it doesn't have a bunch of padding and plastic, therefore I don't know if it's truly functional for a kiddo or not. I think it would look good in my house, comparatively speaking, but I guess that shouldn't be why I get's about the baby right?
I can't help but think about my old timey wooden high chair with rattan seating. Hush, I'm not THAT old. It didn't have padding or bins to catch dropped food and I turned out alright.

Ok, so these are my latest finds. As much as I love them both you won't hurt my feelings if you need to tell me that such a light color is a really bad idea for bedding or that the stick figure highchair looks like an accident waiting to happen. I need this input. I have NO clue about anything which is why I turn to ALL of you for advice. You are my friends and I expect you to tell know I'd tell you!

Here are the links in case you need to research a little more on the bedding and high chair.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Sorry I haven't had the opportunity to give you any photos of the fun filled weekend. I've been battling a headache for the past day or so and just can't bring myself to do much of anything once I get home from work. Plus, my hubby is a computer hog so once he turns into a computer I will have no excuses.

I have been trying to reflect on things I've eaten that may have triggered this headache, Chip thinks I'm not getting enough protein. Being queasy I only want bagels and pasta and pop tarts and Gatorade and sprite. I've been eating fruit and yesterday had a turkey sandwich, but can't put my thumb on the problem.

On the way to work this morning I thought of something. Last time I had this bad of a headache was during Relay for Life on June 5th-6th...yesterday was July 6th. Is that a coincidence or does your body do something weird every month during the same time since Aunt Flo sure isn't visiting? Am I some new found medical mystery or is it just a coincidence? I guess we will see if I have a headache come August 6th it should be submitted to the Medical Journals.

Either way, I need a nap or at least just a few hours to "rest my eyes." One day I will have the energy to post all 100 and some odd of the photos on my camera. I promise.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Famous Doctor

Some of you know, but most of you do not know, that a famous person is delivering my baby.
Yes, it's true! Dr. Darden North not only makes sure my "business" is in order he also has a side business and writes murder/mystery books (oh that was funny and you can't deny it.)

Check out his site here.

After reading his biography I found out he majored in Zoology. Which will come in handy if I birth a hippo, meerkat or maybe a penguin. I love penguins, I hope I have a penguin!

I think I will get his books and have him sign them for the Baby since someone famous will be bringing my baby into the only seems appropriate, right? He should just give every baby born an autographed collection for free........nah, that's probably how he makes his money by mommy's like me that only feel it appropriate to have all books signed for their kid. It's all part of his brilliant marketing scheme.

Anyway, thought you all would like to see what he's all about. I certainly found it interesting even with his cheesy smoke filled photo on the homepage.

Love you Dr. North, you are the best!

It looks like his website shows you can connect with him on Facebook. I think I'll ask him to be my friend. I hope he doesn't diss me, that would not be cool.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The Showcase Showdown

Ok, ok. One more day without photos and a legit post. My apologies.
Last night Chip and I were both wanting Subway and I went against my better judgement and got the meatball sub. I love it so, but it didn't really "hit the spot."

After we ate, my wonderful hubby said he would help me go to the store and get our grocery list. I made two separate lists and he took one half of the store and I took the other. We met in the middle and then he decided that he was going to buy his grocery basket and I would buy mine. He got the raw end of the deal with all the cokes, dog food, paper towels, detergent, etc., but he didn't mind.

He went to one line and I went into the one next to it. It was super hilarious because it was like the Showcase Showdown on the Price is Right. Chip was yelling across the register that he guessed his basket was $135 worth of food and so I yelled back that I guessed mine was $75. The people in line behind us were so confused and then once they figured out what we were doing they were cracking up. My check out line and cashier were rooting for me and Chip's entourage was rooting for him. In the end Chip was the closest in price range, but as the Showcase Showdown goes he guessed too high because (queue the Bob Barker voice) The actual retail price was $129.00. Mine was $83.00...........since I was so close does that mean that I win ALL the groceries?

Another fun oldie but goodie we play is Shop Til You Drop. Remember that game? You run around the store and only get the things you need in the fastest amount of time. Well, we play that too. One of us sits in the car and times the other one from the time the car door closes to the time they walk out of the store with the goods. First time we did Shop til You Drop with Chip's mom in the car I think she was confused. She turned to Chip and said concerned, "Do you guys do this often?" Yes, yes we do. My record is 4 minutes. I bought dog food waited in line, talked to no one and got out of there. Chip on the other hand has the standing record of 2 minutes. Ladies and gentlemen to this day I would not believe it had I not seen it with my own two eyes. He bought margarita mix and something else, ran into 2 people he knew, checked out and STILL got out of there in 2 minutes. That is a world record somewhere I'm sure. It's gotta be.

All of you probably think we are lunatics, we may be, but we absolutely despise going to the grocery store and must make a game out of it to cope. I'm mostly the problem because once I got my drivers license between my mom owning a restaurant and my boss at a law firm I worked at in high school loving to cook, I spent most of my time after school in the grocery store running errands. I can recall I went to the grocery store over 6 times in one day (three of the times for butter, and I still don't know what kind of butter to buy - ever) So in my older age I only go to the grocery store once a month. Get the things we need and if I forget something then I wait until I can't do without it to go back.

Anyway, back to my evening. We got back from Wally-Martinez and put away groceries then the meatball sub needed to tell me something. I had been feeling nauseous once Chip started taking about BBQ chicken as he held up the Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce on isle 4. I politely asked him if we could not talk about it. Then on isle 6 with the tacos, he asked again if that sounded good, I said tight lipped "mmm hmmm." Long story short, I'm much better now, thanks.

So this is why I did not post my pictures of the weekend........I was too busy playing Showcase Showdown and not feeling too swift. Maybe I can post tonight after Wednesday Night Swim, I mean Wednesday Night Prayer.