Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Scale of 1 to 10

If I had to judge the way I've been feeling on a scale from 1 to 10 I'd say I have felt like a 9.75 this past week or so. I've been feeling so well that it's almost scary because it doesn't feel like this should be a sense of normalcy for a pregnant lady.

The sleep fairies visit me every night with sweet dreams on my magic Boppy pillow.
They have stopped calling me Fatty McFat Butt because I no longer feel like a bloated cow.
I do not have to eat every two hours like I'm in some Pop Tart eating competition.
I'm tired, but not nearly as tired as I was. I almost started bribing people to let me pay them to keep quiet while I take a 15 minute nap under my desk at work.

The weather has been so nice, that may have played a part in my lack of couch potato-ness. I've also heard about how great the Second Trimester is and maybe I have arrived? I've mowed the yard, done laundry, cleaned the house, thought about washing my car (didn't happen, but I did think about it). I mean wow! These are milestones in my energy level compared to how it has been. It's great, but very scary because in my head I think I'm suppose to feel like dookie, but don't.

I don't want to push my great fortune, but I really need to move stuff up in the attic, write in the baby book before I forget the past 14 1/2 weeks, wash my car, further clean out my closet, organize my proverbial "plate," and take my pups out to the Country Club to swim in the lake.

These will be my goals for the next week. I hope I continue to feel good.

I have to admit that at lunch yesterday I ate something bad and it is still threatening me but I'm not letting that bring me down. Everything else is going too great to complain.

YAY, I think me and Hill or Catherine Henderson (whoever you are in there) are finally going to get along.

I have to give a big shout out to my friend Megan L. that came over last night. Chip and I had a fun time talking and eating dinner and hanging out with her. Good friends are a part of my mojo and play a part in making me feel better too. Sorry, Shanda....just another place for you to read about all that you missed out on. Man, that tuna filet with lemon garlic butter sauce, rice and garden picked tomatoes with fresh basil, cracked pepper, kosher salt drizzled with red wine vinegar & evoo was fabulous! I enjoyed my O'Douls while Chip and Megan enjoyed their Rolling Rocks. Good times...good times.


sm2 said...

isn't it amazing when you suddenly wake up feeling good? I still feel pretty good although i'm definitely feeling a little squished in my chest area- constantly trying to sit up taller to give myself room to breath! I can't believe you already are working on your baby book! Man, I've got to get busy! You are putting me to shame! love you!

Rachel said...

Well I wouldn't go as far to say that I have been "working" on the baby book. I've purchased it. It's one of those week by week ones that say what was going on, how we told people, what we are feeling, family tree, etc etc. I will rely on my blog a bit and photos to help remind me what was going on when.