Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Procrastination Station

Hi and welcome to procrastination station. That is what I will call this blog because I could be doing about 47039876 other things but choose not to. I am sure you understand because if you weren't procrastinating you wouldn't be reading my blog. So - we're even.
I was doodling on my reality notebook of bills to pay and decided I wanted to escape into the blog-o-sphere for a bit since I miss you all so dearly! During my daydreaming that had nothing to do with plumbers, utility bills, laundry, barking dogs, commercial loan applications, meetings, or the fact I need to lose 100lbs.....
I was thinking about school - high school and college and what a freaking life my friends and I led - our most nerve wracking times were OMG! Did he really just wink at me or did he have something in his eye? or - I saw Richard driving through town in his awesome decked out truck and he me! He probably wants to have like a thousand of my babies. or - Mary thinks that I said her outfit was oh so awful - if I'd have thought that I'd have said it to her face...stupid beotch, we are so in a fight. Those were the days when money seemingly grew on trees and was there when we needed it and if it wasn't then we figured out ways to still have fun and hang out and become the ever so dreaded beer bums at parties.
I now give you this opportunity to list the things you miss most about la la land - take the time to reminisce - it does the mind, body and soul really good. I think it's actually therapeutic to think about the good ol' days and how they got you where you are today.....Talk amongst yourselves (via my comment link). It's not like you have anything better to do - we are all procrastinating right?