Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Things have been really weird here lately with Dogs, Travels, Health, Life, you know - the usual.

Foster broke a nail and you would have thought he had head trauma. Took him to the vet and he weighs 112 lbs. That is ridiculous. We talked about Foxy Mama's obesity not too long ago, but this is outrageous - I feel like the worst parent. We are officially cutting back on treats and trying to start a walking regimen. I wish I had skills like thejanii and could raise twins, three dogs, a husband, be Martha Stewart and run 12 miles on a whim.

On a more realistic note...
We had a wonderful time in Nashville last weekend. Elizabeth "Ed" and Mike got married. It was so pretty and so quaint. Totally them. Good to see friends and be able to cut up, catch up, and drink up! I will post pictures as soon as Lyndsay sends them to me. The highlight of the night, besides the nuptials, was Al's rendition of David Allen Coe's "You don't have to call me Darlin" infront of every attendee at the wedding. We have legally changed his name to Fred Allen Coe (his real name is Fred Allen - oh the irony.)

Franklin, TN - where the wedding was, is extremely beautiful. I told Chip I wanted to move there while he supports my country music singing career - I will be known as Rachel Lynn, The Lawyer's Daughter, which is not to be confused with Loretta Lynn, the Coal Miners Daughter. I'm hoping to have my own Dude Ranch one day with a home cooking diner off the Music City Highway as well.

On a different note, I will be going to Oxford this Thursday and Friday. Can't wait to see everyone, it's been a while. I'm telling all to pencil me in for drinks Thursday- we will be at Susan's house. Sorry Susan, but it's the last hoo-rah at the ghetto! Don't' cry.

Starting tomorrow, I will be in the Inside Sales department. I'm not going to comment much about this, but just keep me in your prayers. I'm up for the challenge.

Yesterday I went to the doctor for my poison ivy. Yes, I have poison ivy. It wasn't that bad - just on my right thigh. Then when you sleep on your side at night, it must rub onto the left thigh. Then when you touch it - it moves to your arm pit or your boob or where I drew the line - my face. It sort of looks like I have a hickey on my neck too. Real cute huh? It is trash. So, I went to my lovely Dr. Brady and his nurse gave me a shot in my bootie and gave me permission to finally shave my legs come this afternoon. Lucky Chip, who by the way is not allergic to poison ivy. Punk.

Today is Halloween and it doesn't feel like it. I feel so out of the loop, I mean I know that Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe are split up, but I didn't know that the time changed on Sunday. Where are my priorities? I do watch the news, but I guess I get lost in the Memphis News Murmur - what I mean by that is that if I can understand the Eye Witnesses, then I get the news. This is few and far between. We have cable too, but Jackson news isn't that great either. I read MSN for my news, but it usually is about Paul McCartney's divorce or John Mayer's new look, the Letterman O'Reilly feud or 8 Email Errors to Avoid. You know - the REALLY important stuff.

Tonight I may take the Lou for a cameo at the inlaw's Halloween Bash. The theme is It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. Great Pumpkin Maybe I should dress Foster up like a World War I Flying Ace, he'd be a good sport about it? That could be simple, to the theme, and funny.

Friday, October 20, 2006

I really want to type something fun and interesting, but I am so tired. My mom and Aunt came to Mississippi this past week to help decorate the new house. WOW! It looks so good -I will post pictures as soon as I figure out what is wrong with my camera. I need to get some shut eye though. I am spent and so is my checkbook...night night.

I did buy my Chippy a 'happy' early Merry Christmas. Shhhh....it's a semi-secret until he gets home tomorrow.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Pediatrician vs. Veterinarian

Round 2. Medical care is really high on my list in my children's life. Most of you know the battles I have been through this past year with the move in finding the perfect clinic and doctors for my babies. I struggled and fought and questioned a lot of ethics and practices yet still none of them have met my standards and the high quality of treatment we received while in Oxford, today we have tried yet another facility.

If you read the paragraph above it sounds like I have struggled with finding the perfect pediatrician - well if you have 2 legged babies that would be so, but I am blessed with the 4 legged kind and am speaking of their veterinary care.

I am always on pins and needles and intimidate some with my questions when searching for the veterinarian that can match the healthcare my pups need. The clinics I have encountered are far from what I am accustomed to. Today was a step in the right direction. The vet I met was extremely nice and willing to answer any of the questions I had with an open heart and mind. I didn't feel that there was any lack of experience nor lack of ignorance when it came to his profession. I sincerely felt like he took the time to get to know me and Foxy Mama as she went in for her annual shots. We spoke of his practice and treatments he used and I politely questioned his reasoning for giving the IMRAB 3 even though she had it last year. IMRAB 3 is the rabies shot that is given and is good for 3 years. It doesn't have to be given every year and most all vets use this vaccination yearly which isn't necessary. I have found that the past 2 vets reasoning is because not all pet parents come back every year for their pets annuals, so most clients aren't educated, but know that rabies shots are required - therefore come back again every year. Don't get me wrong, the other shots are necessary yearly, but if given the IMRAB 3 the rabies is only necessary every 3rd year. So now that you know probably more than you wanted to...

All in all I was pleased with the vet. We talked about F.M. and the fact that she was over weight, even though that information wasn't offered - I asked. F.M. fits in so well with this family - we are all obese and can benefit from a healthy diet and exercise. We also talked about where I was from and how I got here - like most small towns go, he knew my husband well. It was interesting to me to find out he thought that F.M was not only part Red Healer and Chow, but possibly a retriever of some sort. That was neat. F.M. got a manicure and a pedicure and Foster helps me keep her ears cleaned out - so all went well, a great check up.

After I retire or become independently wealthy I have a new job idea that would be fun and interesting. I'd like to become a consultant for vet clinics. After being an office manager for a wonderful organized clinic, I feel that my knowledge could be utilized in other clinics. It's extremely important that the receptionist realize that they give off the first impression of the clinic. They are the first face customers see, they are the attitude that clients associate with whether it be in person or over the phone. Another factor is appearance - vet offices aren't always the best smelling places, it takes hard work and dedication to keep the environment healthy and clean and smelling good for not only the pets but the parents and the workers too. Running a clinic is a demanding job and takes great organization skills and requires attention to detail. Educating the front desk and vet techs is dire - they need to be aware of medicines, appointments, pet needs and great with people. When working for a vet you come across many calibers of people. My husband, who was selling cars at the time, asked me if we get a lot of disgruntled clients and the answer to that is not really. You have concerned clients and that is different. The people that come to a vet usually have the best interests of their pet in mind. It doesn't always matter the cost of the care because they want what is best for their family member. To some the cost does matter and can be a sensitive subject, but it is the responsibility of the vet and sometimes the receptionist to educate the owner. Another aspect that was clearly an issue today at the new found clinic was the atmosphere. You want a warm welcoming feel - a place that isn't gloomy and out of date. The appearance of the clinic is also a reflection of them. Out of date pictures, medical paraphenalia, equipment, wallpaper, and uniforms are just as important too.

Wow, how boring am I? Animals are my passion and any thing I can do to help in any way is important to me. Now - here is the question I have for you....how should I pursue this new consultant idea?

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

"Kicking the Cat"

I'd never heard this term "Kicking the Cat" until a couple of years ago, but we are effected by it every day! "Kicking the Cat" is like Paying it Forward, but in a negative way. For example, today, as I went through Wal-Mart gathering my necessities (that aren't necessities) I went to the paint department to get primer to put onto the blue walls -- see yesterdays picture for visual. I waited, and waited and finally after a good 7 minutes of pretending I knew in my head what I needed, I went to the helper in the gardening section to call someone to the paint department. After another good 10 minutes and a second call over the intercom this sour puss lady comes and I approach her to ask for her expertise, you would have thought I was the dumbest person that walked the face of the earth or at least I was treated that way, as she spoke down to me for asking about the differences in the primers and what would best fit my needs. After hopefully getting what I needed I asked her if she could shake it up in the machine for me. During the awkward 4 minutes that took she kept mumbling something under her breath and I politely asked, "Pardon Me, I'm sorry I couldn't hear you." And she acted like oh it was nothing and proceeded to do it again. By that time my primer was shaken and so was I. She handed me the can and I said, and my mother would be proud, "I hope you have a wonderful day" - Momma always said - "Kill them with Kindness" and that is what I was doing. She was obviously pissed at something and I wasn't going to let her kick my cat! So, after strolling away from that 20 minute procedure I rolled on up to the check out lady. The looks and the silent treatment I got from her was as if I had eaten her first born. I didn't say anything, but quickly checked out and walked towards the exit. Well when you have items not in bags, which I did, the door lady always checks your receipt. She seemed nice so I asked her what was wrong with everyone in the store today? Was there a company meeting? - they seemed like something was really aggravating them and seemingly took it out on the customers. She said that they found out that they have to wear uniforms and people are upset about it. Well that explained it, but really now, is it THAT big of a deal to where it has to affect everyone in the store that walks in?
So the moral of the story is when you know someone is trying to kick your cat (not to be confused with kicking you in the cat - because then you can get mad) try to be aware and don't let it ruin your day as well as everyone you come in contact with.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Who said Wallpaper was pretty?

When my husband and I first started looking at houses, over a year ago, we thought about so many different things we could do. We could buy a fixer-upper or build or find something to make ours with a little things here and there. Well we found the perfect house for us and are thrilled. It is in a subdivision, yet in the country. It is an open floor plan, but allows for privacy. It's 8 years old but looks brand new. There are a couple of things we need to do like paint the "blue room" and take down the glow in the dark rocket ship border and stars on the ceiling. Thank goodness we didn't buy a fixer-upper because I am so tired just from removing that stupid border. (This is a pic of the room before we moved in - you get the idea.) I don't know what I'd do if I had a whole house to do something to. So, note to self and others when looking for a new house - make sure that there isn't any wallpaper or silly stars on the ceiling with dotted glow in the dark paint to make the pretty comet effect. If there is, put in the contract that it must be removed or figure in how much it would cost to have someone fix it and deduct it from the sale price. It sounds fun to have a house to fix up, but trust me - unless you are full of energy and can devote an unGodly amount of time to it...don't do it. At least the wallpaper in the master bathroom is decent and I can learn to live with the wallpaper in the other bathroom after this mini experience.

Friday, October 06, 2006


So, I'm out of the ol' hell hole on West Haven Drive aka. Gasoline Alley. What a great thing. You know, as I was moving boxes out to the car I did not shed a tear - no sir, because I, as well as all the other neighborhood hoodlums, couldn't help but watch as 5 sheriff cars chased an old lady flying down our street. Yes, an old fashioned car chase - that inevitably would only come to an end on WestHaven Drive. I joined the one tooth wonders in a curious stare as they took a high 60 year old lady away in their shiny police cars. I will not miss the hustle and bustle of that street, nor will I miss Wayne Lee peeing in his front yard or the neighbor kids popping fireworks during the day as I try to work to pay to put food on their table and give them the medical needs that they deserve. Nope, I surely won't miss it.

I went over there last night to grab something I needed - and screamed like a little girl because WHAT IS THAT JUMPING OUT OF THE SINK? A frog? No, that would be a mouse. No tears shed here, pure happiness my friends - pure happiness. Most people when moving would say - oh, honey - remember the times we had at that house? My husband and I can only sit back and laugh. Oh what a tangled web we weave.

I still have a couple of items to grab from over there and then clean her up to give a new family the adventures of West Haven. That way they too can have the experiences and not shed a tear when they come to the fork in the road and pass it onto another family.

~Good luck and farewell Gasoline Alley...you will be thought of, but not missed.

Anyone want to buy a house? Nice neighborhood good friendly neighbors...really cheap!