Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Where in the World Is Rachel?

It's like that Johnny Cash song, "I've been everywhere." You know the one on the hotel commercial where they say really fast all the places they've been. Well that's me.

Chip and I went to Destin, Florida for his summer regional meeting and I turned it into a work related event so I didn't have to take vacation time. His company paid for the hotel, mileage and most of the food while my company let me visit our branches, briefly, and call it work so I didn't have to take time off. Which was nice because I spent way too much time in their fabulous outlet malls and my new favorite planned community Baytowne Wharf. Sign me up twice for retirement!

While there I wore my cute new b-suit which I was going to post a picture of (not with me in it, but the cute models on, but went to the lands end website and want to cry now that they are having their end of summer sale. Poo. We went deep sea fishing which is so much fun. Gots lots of snapper to eat! I do have to say that I prefer fishing from our favorite Biloxi charter than Destin. Oh well, loved the opportunity and had a blast. On the way home we stopped and bought the largest shrimp I may have ever seen. And being that everything is bigger in Texas (I'll get that joke later) I'd figured I'd seen the largest shrimp ever, but no ma'am these shrimp were 9 count. That means 9 shrimp make 1 lb. Whoa buddy can't wait to wrap you up in cream cheese and bacon and smother with scrumptious cheese!

Last week I went to Texas to visit friends and family and it was absolutely delightful! I flew into Corpus Christi and May picked me up and we went to her new house in Rockport. She just moved there like week before last so things were still a little boxed up, but that didn't stop us from finding the box that stored all the wine! My brother joined us for the weekend of the 4th and I truly enjoyed his company, not that I normally don't, but we had a blast hanging out. You see the 4th is a big deal at Rockport. You have a boat parade, party all day in the water with party barges and volleyball nets in the water, Fireworks at night, the Sanders annual cookout and all the booze you can drink. Ummm, it was awesome. Good times, Good times. I got to see my dad and step mom and aunt and uncle - they have houses down there too. George Strait was there at his house and it was good to see him and his fine self. He is 56 years old and is so good looking (all those old balls.)

Now to the everything is bigger in Texas joke. After drinking the best pina colada in the whole world at MoonDogs in Rockport (a must visit). I went to the bar and ordered 2 miller lites, 1 bud lite and the bartenders t-shirt that says "Everything Is Bigger in Texas." Yup, I received everything I ordered even the t-shirt off his back! I gave him my shirt, well May's shirt (haha!) and switched with him. I smelled like the cologne 'Curve' all day, but who cares! Priceless and fun!

Monday - Thursday I spent in my hometown hanging with my mom, brother, and friends. It was therapeutic and much needed. Thursday afternoon I went to spend time with my grandmother. I think at 88 years old I will still be the same smart ass just like her. She's a pain and I love it. I'm her favorite person in the whole world and I know it and she'll confirm that to you if needed. After over 70 years of driving she gave it up. What a great hurdle to overcome in giving up independence. Chip sold her a Toyota Camry brand spanking new in 2001 or 2002. Anyway, it's a 2002 Camry with 16,168 miles on it. Yes, you read it right - sixteen thousand one hundred and sixty eight miles. We purchased it for mere pennies and will love and cherish her forever and ever and ever until the wheels literally fall off of it. Thank you Mamaw! Also something else during my visit that is completely special was that she passed down some of her jewelry to me. The original wedding ring and band my grandfather gave her. She had to get a new one because she really wore it until she couldn't. It has worn until it is no longer a circle - it's a 'C' shape. It's such a simple ring that tells so much history. This year would be their 70th wedding anniversary, but he passed away in 1986. Later she remarried and he too passed away not too long ago. I have inherited her wedding ring from him which is absolutely precious. Among other things were great Aunt Lee's broaches and a few necklaces that Mamaw rotated, but wore religiously every day.

Friday I spent the day with my niece and we had a blast. She is 7 and straight cracks me up! She informed me that she is no longer wearing lip gloss because it is tested on animals. WHAT! Who are you? You are 7! It was a steady day of random silliness and I ate it up!

Saturday morning I woke up at 4:00 am and drove my bootie back to Mississippi and made it to the river by noon to hang out with a hubby that I missed tremendously and fun friends to play with. I received a terrible sun burn and was working on an 8th wind to stay alive.

I have survived and have made so many memories in just a one week span! What an awesome time. I truly cherish my friends and family - they are my soul, my energy, my being. One thing going to Texas did for me was that it took me out of my daily routine, some may say a rut, and put things into perspective. I hope my new found perspective lasts because it's such a blissful feeling. I don't want to worry so much about work, living for my career, the petty crap. You know what I mean? We only get one shot at this life - why live it for someone else? Live life for who you want to be and choose who you want to live it for and with. That's my deep thoughts by Rachel.............have a good one kiddos! Love ya.