Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Couvade syndrome

Do you know what Couvade Syndrome is? Well I didn’t either until I became pregnant with Reid. I’d heard about its symptoms but never believed it to be real, only a myth. Didn’t even know the disorder had a name until the other day. I have to tell you my friends…it exists.

Couvade Syndrome is annoying. It doesn’t hurt you or the baby it only disallows you to wallow in the pregnancy blahs because “he has them too.” Couvade Syndrome is when your husband or partner has all the pains and pangs of pregnancy while you are pregnant.

She says: Oh my swollen feet.
He says: Oh, I know, my feet are swollen too (and they really are)

She says: I’m exhausted
He says: I didn’t sleep a wink, I tossed and turned all night.

She LEARNS to say:
So does your lower back hurt today too?

How is your nausea today?

I’m getting up to get some Tums for my heartburn, would you like some too?

(Insert ailment here) and comment how his is.

So I’m just waiting for him to birth a baby out of his penis hole. Then I will find sympathy for him. It’s become quite silly. Hilarious and annoying, but simply silly. For Pete’s sake I came home the other day and the man had gone to the grocery store to buy dill pickles because he was craving them. He ate them right out of the jar. I’m dead serious. I can’t make this psychosomatic stuff up.

The Mayo Clinic states:
Couvade syndrome is a term used to describe a situation in which an otherwise healthy man — whose partner is expecting a baby — experiences pregnancy-related symptoms. While some research suggests that Couvade syndrome (sympathetic pregnancy) is common, it isn't a recognized mental illness or disease. Further studies are needed to determine whether Couvade syndrome is a physical condition with psychological causes.

Symptoms reported to be associated with Couvade syndrome vary widely and typically occur only during the first and third trimesters of pregnancy. Physical symptoms may include nausea, heartburn, abdominal pain, bloating, appetite changes, respiratory problems, toothaches, leg cramps, backaches, and urinary or genital irritations. Psychological symptoms that may be related to Couvade syndrome include changes in sleeping patterns, anxiety, depression, reduced libido and restlessness.

Whether Couvade syndrome is real or not, what's certain is that becoming a new dad can be exciting, emotional and stressful. If you're a man whose partner is pregnant, take steps to manage stress and prepare for fatherhood. Attend prenatal classes. Seek out advice and encouragement from friends and family. Talk to your partner. Understanding and planning for the challenges ahead can help ease your transition into fatherhood.

Will someone please “seek out advice and encouragement” for him he just doesn't have the energy as he is carrying an imaginary child in his non existant womb. It's exhausting. Bless his heart. Gotta love him.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fresh New Look

So I decided to do a little house keeping on the ol' blog.  I've been using the Blogger iPhone app to do all my posting because it's easy, my pictures are on my phone anyway and I can cut and paste from a word doc via my email all of my big long wordy posts.

Since I do this, I don't ever get on the computer to check to see how or how well things have posted.  I always check from my phone.

I get a big F in the assumption department.  Tonight as I battle with iCloud and iPhoto and storage space I thought I'd log onto my blog and see what she looked like.

Here is what I've found.

1) Being that I post from my phone....The pictures from my new phone are so large they only post half the photo and so on some of my blog post photos you've had to click on the photo to see who I'm actually photographing.  Why didn't anyone say anything?  Seriously I can stalk to see how many viewers I have daily and on which posts so I know that just today I've had 39 viewers and yesterday I had 151.  Why wouldn't anyone fill me in on my photo debacle over the past ummm I don't know 4 months??

So sorry to all of you that have been cut out of pictures.  It should now be corrected dating all the way back to like March.

On a semi long winded positive note....I have a Mac.  One that is large like something you would find on MTV Cribs.  If you will recall it was a generous gift from my sister in law.  It's an intimidating piece of fancy equipment.  I'll admit I'm old school, I like my PC, I get nervous punching unfamiliar buttons and this machinery has plenty of scary buttons.  The one big qualm of mine (and why I was using Blogger phone app) was not being able to upload and resize pictures to Blogger from my iPhoto -where all my pictures are housed- yet since it's been 4 months or so since I've used the normal blogging way (not via phone) it looks as though my problem has been resolved.  So yay, I will strive to be a better photo blogger and post pictures throughout my posts instead of vomiting them all at the end of every post, WHICH I HATE via the Blogger phone app.

2) I have a lot of random spam followers, if I've deleted you as a follower I am sorry, it's not that you looked shady...well yeah, I guess it kind of is because you looked shady.  I tried to individually check out your legit-ness before giving you the kabosh.  If you are a real non spam person that truly gets a kick out of my random babble, please click to follow me again.  I will try not to stereotype you.

3) I figured after 6 years of blogging it was time to rid of the vomit green background.  I spruced it up with a little pink as I am try to add more of it and accept it's presence throughout my house and life.  So, enjoy.  Maybe I will try to make an effort to not wait another 6 years to spice things up.

4) On that same note, I have not updated my profile information in either 6 years or almost 3 years, either way it's been a long time.  I haven't gotten around to it still, but I am aware of it and will add that to my "to do" list.  Along with a better bio once Reid comes along.  And of course pictures of her being born instead of the one where Hill is literally 2 seconds old, as he is now approaching 3 years.

Ideally I'd like to post a cute picture of my kids at the top and be able to have fancy music to soothe your aura as you read my jib jab, but honestly, I have no clue how to do that and with this Mac it makes me nervous.

5) The last thing I've found is that I need to just really take the time to blog from my computer as it is truly the most appropriate way.  In turn, this means I have to make some "me" time instead of lunch break 2 seconds copy paste post from phone as to not get too far behind.

I don't want to feel obligated to post.  I love to blog.  I want to keep up the best I can and unfortunately my life is busy, as is yours too.  So I know that you respect my full time job as a mother and full time professional career and lack thereof of my personal time.  That's why I thought the Blogger phone app was the best route for not getting too far behind on my journaling.  It still may be.

I don't mean this ugly as I respect and love all of my readers.  Yet, I have to say that my feelings are a little tarnished.  Someone said to me the other day how I "just haven't blogged like I use to, like when I was pregnant with Hill."  It made me feel like a song and dance show for their entertainment.  It made me feel a little lot guilt ridden, like I'm giving Reid the short end of the stick.  Like their sense of sanity and normalcy is validated by my insanity or something - you know like when you watch that Hoarders show and you feel so much better about your house being "not as dirty as theirs."

I get it though, they probably didn't mean it as a low blow.  I'm pregnant and tend to be emotional though.  It's true.  I wish I blogged hourly but when I was pregnant with Hill I didn't have a two and a half year old to tend to.  I didn't have the worries that come with being a mother or much less being a mother and taking the journey of his cleft and wanting to blog as often as I could to maybe reach another mother who has/had the same experiences and fears.  Now as I gestate my second child, with the afore mentioned (and loved) obligations along with pregnancy brain, I'm lucky if I put on matching shoes in the morning.

All this to say, I'm trying.  I'm trying to give my blog a facelift.  New fresh colors.  New fresh layout.  I'll get some new fresh photos in 7 weeks.  I'm going to try to post from my computer and not my phone.  Hopefully all will be right in the world and the stars will align appropriately with both my and my readers juju.

Give me a second...I'm stepping off my soapbox now....

I love my readers, I love when they comment, please comment.  I love that I can write about what's on my mind and you still read it.  I'm trying to be more positive and not a poo poo head.  I promise.  I'm working on it, but I can't deny my "realness" as one of my readers calls it.  I can only be me and these past 8 months I've been pretty moody, self aware of it, but moody.  Ask my husband, he will concur.  He blames all the estrogen running through my body.  Rightfully so, I'm sure.  He knew Reid was a girl from the first time I growled and spit on him.  Ok so I made that part up, but I'd been not so nice to him through at least the first 1/3 of this pregnancy.  He's a trooper.

So, anyway please let me know if you like the new look or if it's too Pepto-Bismol-ish.  I'm learning this girly stuff - slowly but surely.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Elton John – Your Blog...err umm, I mean Your Song

Finally, on September 11th my dream of seeing Elton came true. If you remember we went to Vegas in February to see him…but he cancelled. Bummer. So I was hell bent – stomach virus or not – to go see Elton in Jackson, MS. I was willing to take on the repercussions of vomiting all over those around me should those measures had happened. I. WAS. SEEING. ELTON. So thank goodness (for the people sitting by us) Chip and I were over our plague by Tuesday evening. We were weak, but I was strong…Yes, Jesus Loves Me.

So, the evening started with Nagoya, a favorite sushi restaurant of ours. (Perfect on an empty post stomach virus stomach, right?) I ate the hibachi as I am with child and cannot partake in my usual faves. Chip ate his regular, eel box and sashimi. We arrived at the coliseum at about 7:20 and ended up getting settled rather quickly. Good parking spot, not too much traffic and strangely enough ended up at the entry by the door where we were seated. Bonus! We were semi in the nose bleed section, but at the Coliseum there really isn’t a “bad” seat. Heck, just being in the same building, in the same presence, in the same hearing distance of Elton was Ah-Mazing!

I warned Chip that I was going to cry. I knew I would. I was so going to be one of those teeny-bopper girls that screamed and cried all bizerko like when they saw the Beatles. Yup, that was going to be me, so heads up.

When Elton came on stage I felt the tears well up in my eyes. His jacket was sparkly and he was there in front of my tear blurred eyes. My nose burned because I was trying to fight back the urge to sob uncontrollably. My whole entire world for the next 3 hours was absolutely inexplicably surreal. There are many words that come to mind, awe struck, talent, appreciation, bliss, elation, I could only sit and relish in the glory of the moment – hoping it would never ever never end.

Elton played most EVERY song you would know. There were two I didn’t know, one he’d made up about the Holiday Inn for fun as that is where he always stays. Then the other one I just wasn’t familiar with. He could have played the freaking hokey pokey and I’d have just sat there in a trans. Entertainer he is for sure. I cannot imagine being 65 and playing the piano and singing with such ease and flair and gift for THREE solid hours. The man never stopped. No intermission, he’d get up after every few songs and take a sip of water and wave and thank everyone then sit back down to play.

I don’t think I really pictured Elton to be a high maintenance diva, but I certainly didn’t expect him to be as humble and appreciative of us, his fans, as he was. He thanked us and told us what a privilege it was to play for us and to be able to do what he loves and is passionate about night after night for 40 years. He had me at “Hello.” I was like putty in his musical trans. I love Elton John, but after seeing him perform, I cannot describe the talent that emits from this man, Legendary. I love him more. Even if you didn’t like Elton, (shame on you) if you like ANY music you would appreciate the performance that was put on.

I have a hard time choosing a favorite Elton song. Top 3 I would probably have to say (today) are: Rocket Man, Levon, and then Your Song.

Your Song is pure poetry. To me it’s saying; I am what I am and it may not be that fantastic, but having you in my life makes everything wonderful and worthwhile. Your Song means so much more to me now that I’m a mother. Deep deep stuff. Very simple but profound and touching.

"It's a little bit funny, this feeling inside I'm not one of those who can easily hide I don't have much money, but boy if I did I'd buy a big house where we both could live
If I was a sculptor, but then again, no Or a man who makes potions in a traveling show I know it's not much, but it's the best I can do My gift is my song, and this one's for you
And you can tell everybody this is your song It may be quite simple, but now that it's done I hope you don't mind, I hope you don't mind that I put down in words How wonderful life is while you're in the world
I sat on the roof and kicked off the moss Well, a few of the verses, well, they've got me quite cross But the sun's been quite kind while I wrote this song It's for people like you that keep it turned on
So excuse me forgetting, but these things I do You see I've forgotten if they're green or they're blue Anyway the thing is what I really mean Yours are the sweetest eyes I've ever seen
And you can tell everybody this is your song It may be quite simple, but now that it's done I hope you don't mind, I hope you don't mind that I put down in words How wonderful life is while you're in the world
I hope you don't mind, I hope you don't mind that I put down in words How wonderful life is while you're in the world"

He played Your Song as an encore. It was what I waited patiently for all night. I sat on the edge of my seat and bawled like a baby. Tears, snot, short huffy breaths, the whole 9 yards. Chip patted me on the back at one point and asked if I was going to be alright. I guess he’d thought I’d held it together all night with glassed over teary eyes that that was as bad as it would get. Nope. It was like I was detoxing in the element, the pure surreal being of the moment. I’d see Elton 100 million more times if given the opportunity and I'd probably cry all the same every time. He makes me so happy.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the opening act and addition to Elton’s ensamble, 2 Cellos. Do yourself a favor and look them up. Not your two typical cellists. They are two Croatian guys that play the cello like I’ve never heard before ever. They are classically trained, but play things like Michael Jackson “Smooth Criminal,” Nirvana “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” and their repertoire goes on and on with a multi generation target and genre of music. Definitely not your usual cello music. They make their 2 cellos sound like an entire band. Phenomenal. I’d for sure go see them in concert and will be purchasing their CD.

A special thank you to my husband for fulfilling my life-long dream of seeing Sir Elton John perform. A special thank you to my mother for keeping my first born child so I could fulfill this life-long dream. Reid loves Elton just as much as I do because even in utero she danced and danced the whole time he performed. And a special thank you to my dear Elton for loving what you do, doing it so well and sharing your gift of song with us all.

Side stories: So on the way to the concert Chip said, “Oh, I have a surprise for you. I got Elton’s cell phone number. Let’s call him.” Chip’s business partners name is Elton, once I figured out what he was doing I cracked up laughing. Elton didn’t answer but he had a song to sing me, which I’m sure would have been hilarious, as Elton is a funny rare bird….but he’d probably be making fun of Sir Elton and then I’d have been like…don’t make fun. So I may be glad he didn’t answer.

The other story was, as an 8 month pregnant person I was able to hold my tt for like an hour and 45 minutes (so half way through the concert.) I could no longer hold it so I told Chip I’d grab him a beer if he wanted one while I was up. Little did I know that the beer “b” (rhymes with witch) would give me the crooked why is this pregnant woman buying beer anyway eyebrow look. Don’t judge, it’s not for me. Pregnant women should be automatically trumped to the front of the line anyway. We are obviously taking one for the team. But alas, we must wait and miss the FREAKING TRIFECTA of Elton John songs…Candle in the Wind, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road & Rocket Man. Seriously. Thank goodness I ran into my friend Danielle in line and we were probably the most fun people in the beer line singing and dancing our hearts out while the rest of the line missed out on the glory of the moment by being disgruntled at the slow beer “b’s.” I do have to admit, they were saaahhh-low.

I get the best pregnant wife of the year award for standing in line for something so tasty that I couldn’t even have... all the while missing the trifecta mother load from the live lips of Elton. I was not upset though. He played everything I wanted to hear plus more. “Ohh no, Nakita you’ll never know”….the awesomeness of the entire night!

I think I just may rename my blog to Your Blog.

And you can tell everybody this is your blog It may be quite simple, but now that it's done I hope you don't mind, I hope you don't mind that I put down in words How wonderful life is while you're in the world.

Here is a picture of us before the concert. You can tell the dorky "I'm so excited" look on my face and the "please don't take our picture" look on Chip's face.

Then of course, Elton in action. Amazing.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Stomach Virus

The devil hath reared his ugly head into our home. I’ve NEVER experienced such madness in my entire life. I am happy to report that the demons have been exercised and I lost 6 pounds within 24 hours.

Saturday morning (9-8-12) Hill woke us up at like 7:30 am saying “I’m Hurt! Mama, I’m Hurt!” I picked him up and noticed the vomity look on his face and ran to the bathroom with him. My poor noggin’ had never thrown up before so he didn’t know what had happened to him. He’s thrown up, but it was at an age when he wasn’t conscious of his actions and what they meant. So this was a first, for us all. His way of saying he wasn’t ok was to say he was hurt.

I tried not to panic so that he would keep calm as I explained to him what throwing up meant. I think at one point I made the “Huuhhllaa” vomit noise with my tongue out and head over the toilet to mimic throwing up and how to do it. Looking back, I bet that was extremely hilarious. Anyway, my bugga boo was sick. He’d gotten sick in his bed and had traveled across the house for help. Broke my heart.

He didn’t really feel good all day Saturday, never threw up again. He’d run to the bathroom claiming the need to throw up and do my “huuhhllaa” over the toilet noise, but no true vom. See, it stuck, he knew what to do. He had a little tum tum trouble but nothing that really threw an “I’m a stomach virus” red flag. Maybe he’d eaten something bad? We ate a rich steak late the night before, maybe it didn’t sit right?

Yeah right.

We bee bopped through the rest of the weekend. Everyone fine and dandy. Went to Reid’s shower Sunday afternoon and left Chip and Hill to do boy things, they were headed for a nap when my mom and I left the house. Two and a half hours later we came home to find Hill fending for himself and Chip laid up in the bed sick as a dog. Poor Chip said, all I knew to do was lock the dead bolts on the door and pray that Hill didn’t hurt himself inside the house, I couldn’t watch over him. Give Hill a TV and a pop up tent and he’s good to go on his own.

So the time is around 5:00 pm. Mom, Hill and I went to CVS and WalMart to stock up on toilet paper, Gatorade and Ginger Ale as if there were a hurricane coming….and yes sir there was a hurricane a coming. By 8:00 it hit me. I have no way to explain it except that maybe it was comparable to being possessed by a poltergeist. My body has never ever ever in its 32 years been this sick. This continued for nearly 12 straight hours. I’d determined that if I was still throwing up by the time my doctors’ office opened I was going to have to be hospitalized. This could not have been healthy for Reid.

I called Dr. North’s office and Toni called me in some drugs to knock me out. Meanwhile, my mom and Hill played and played and played and Chip was slowly making his way back into reality after 20 hours of lying in bed. If you know my husband then you know that is super crazy. He hates to lay in the bed for even a night’s sleep much less in motionless agony for 20 hours! He did not throw up though. Chip has serious mind over matter…serious.

So in my coma between 11:00 and 4:00 I’m not too sure what my mom, my son and my husband did. It’s all a blur. All I knew was that it was Monday and that meant that I had to be well by the next day. I had Elton John tickets and by damned I was NOT going to miss it. I could totally die afterwards as seeing him was on my bucket list. I was actually fully prepared to die should I survived to even make it to Jackson to the concert. I would have to apologize to all the people around me for puking all over them throughout the concert, but I was going to be there…nothing was going to stop me.

So I survived Monday and put on my happy face and went to work Tuesday. Everyone continued to feel well and I kept a constant check on my mom as I knew she was next. It was as if she were a ticking time bomb. I’ll post about the Elton concert but I just have to say that my mom, the trooper, held out on getting sick until Wednesday morning. Poor Mama Lou, herz so tiny and old we were worried about her. How not fun to be sick and not in your own bed and have the worst ever strain of stomach virus known to man kind. She took the coma medicine and I’d text her every now and then from work to check on her. It was a sickness that you just needed to lay there. Lay there and not move, if you moved it was bad news bears all the way around.

I was soo glad Mama Lou was here when Chip and I got sick! As I have NOT A CLUE what we would have done with Hill those 20 some odd hours. Also she was there for us to go see Elton which was amazing. Yet, I was soo sad that she had to get sick with this demonic plague, but I was glad that she did get sick on Wednesday because I knew she’d be out of the “not ok period” should she decide she wanted to fly home to her own bed Thursday evening. Mama Lou sure took one for the team.

I thought we were all going to die. So glad it didn’t affect Hill like it did his mama. I really had it worse than anyone, I’m not just saying that. My mom even commented that it was awful and I was way sicker than they were and she wasn’t too sure how I lived through that. I honestly cannot answer that as I didn’t think I’d make it. I seriously did lose 6 pounds in 24 hours. Crazy business.

I’ve decided that instead of terrorists using anthrax in A/C units in government buildings it would be worse to use this strain of the stomach virus. Everyone would be immobilized.

God bless the coma medicine.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Reid’s Event

Ok I have the best friends ever in the history of friends. Seriously, the only thing missing from the shower was the photographer for Southern Living. My photos can’t do its’ grandeur justice. Absolutely hands down the most amazing event ever. I can’t call it a shower because it was so spectacular it has to be dubbed an event.

Whitney Pettit, JJ Warrington, Gena Pope, Marsha Marquerdt and Kayla Vance all set the standards of what a baby shower is all about. They brought out the fine china, the silver flatware, the linen napkins, and silver serving platters. There were monogrammed petit fours, homemade cheese straws, fresh fruit placed into a carved watermelon shaped like a baby carriage, a divine cheese ball, spinach artichoke dip, finger sandwiches, and pink punch. I know I’m missing something but it was all so overwhelmingly phenomenal I don’t mean to.

The d├ęcor, seriously, absolutely amazing. Genas’ house is gorgeous and made the perfect setting while Whitney totally out did herself with creativity and details; the awesome friend that she is still claims she had fun doing it! I still, 8 days later, am shaking my head not getting over how much effort went into every aspect of this shower. When I walked in and saw one of the fireplaces had my Raggedy Ann doll from when I was little holding my twirling baton (my first ever baby gift) with photos of me growing up along the mantle I was like, whoa. Then underneath draped photos of Chip when he was little. Priceless. Then the other fireplace had Hill’s framed photo, Reid’s sonogram photo framed, my and Chip’s framed wedding photos, the shower invitation framed along with 4 little pink pots filled with moss and moss covered letters coming out of each dainty pot that spelled out R-E-I-D. Absolutely breathtaking. Hung so carefully from the mantle were 6 adorable appliqued outfits that Whitney made for sweet Reid. I am so humbled by everything and everyone and all their efforts made to make everything so absolutely stunning. Nothing went unnoticed.

Reid was showered with tons of girly things like gowns and bloomers and jewelry and bows which I’ve become totally enamored by; and many practical things as well like diapers, wipes and pink bottles that are needed very much. No doubt that this girl is loved immensely and she’s not even here yet. Makes me have happy tears just thinking about it. How lucky am I? My little girl and I were surrounded by not only my mother and precious friends, but Chip’s moms’ friends. I cannot explain to you how special of a day this was for me.

Thank you to all of the hostesses’ as you have assured me that I am the luckiest girl in the entire universe. I am forever grateful for your friendship and love. And thank you to all of the wonderful guests that attended. Although my mother in law could not be there with us physically, I know everyone there felt her there spiritually. What a special day. Thank you.

Mama Lou’s visit & Ava’s visit

We’ve had a couple special out of town guests weekend before last. Mama Lou (my mom) flew in on Saturday night, September 8th from Texas! Hill even made her a special sign to hold for when she came out of the security gate at the airport. I think that EVERY person that came out of the terminal was so glad to see Hill even though his sign said “Welcome Mama Lou!” Even the people that were waiting on their people to arrive were loving him and his precious sign.

Once Mama Lou got her luggage, he was such a big helper to help his Mama Lou roll her big suitcase all the way to the car in the parking garage. I think he had ulterior motives. He knows what’s in Mama Lou’s suit case when she comes. Toys and books and all kinds of Hilly-treats. Sometimes I wonder where she packs her clothes.

Then, Sunday morning our friends from Nashville came over for breakfast before they headed back out of town. Elizabeth Steele Kaiser and her husband, Mike, along with their two little girls Ava (who is Hill’s age) and Anna who was born in February and I was so patiently waiting to meet for the first time!

Hill was such a flirt and acted a little bit like a show off twirp towards Ava. He didn’t want to share his “big wheels” even though he NEVER rides the dang thing. I’ve never seen him so flirty to a girl his age. He loves older women, like Hollee Cheek Casey who is his ultimate friend girl, but I have to say look out Hollee, Ava may be taking the rein.

Elizabeth (Ed) had hoped to come to Reid’s shower that afternoon, but being on a Sunday afternoon it would have put her and her family back to Nashville late. Honestly, it was so nice and much easier to be able to sit with Ed and actually catch up and play with the girls in a relaxed environment. So it all worked out, I think.

Cookie Fun!

So I’m a stalker. My friend, Amanda that did the cake at JJ’s shower…I want to have her talents. She made some sugar cookies for a family fish fry and decorated them as precious fish. I was awe struck so I emailed her and she let me know how to do it…yet my cookie or icing didn’t even remotely resemble hers. It was still good and edible, but not smooth and non-crumbly.

I wasn’t going for award winning my first go round even though I made enough icing to ice every kid in Attala County’s birthday cookies from now until next summer. And, it’s a good thing I wasn’t looking to win an award because the furthest my cookie could travel without crumbling into 14 pieces was my, Chip and Hill’s mouths. But hey, they were really fluffy and good! Even better by the next day.

I did manage to smear some lumpy white royal icing onto the cookies and bought some icing markers for Hill to decorate them with. At first Chip was like – WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU DOING? He thought I was using a Sharpie permanent marker to color them with on the icing and then feeding it to my family. I may not be able to cook, but seriously, I’m not that stupid. You don’t eat permanent marker ink, you sniff it! Duh! So once he found out what it was he thought it was cool and joined in the fun. I noticed that he (Chip) wouldn’t eat a cookie until he colored it first. Such a kid at heart.

Here are our masterpieces. *Chip made the fish & jack-o-lantern, mine is the sunshine, and Hills’ is the “colorful” one.

*Then the picture of Hill’s face while eating his cookies is hilarious. It’s his new picture face that cracks me up. He’s such a dork.

Sibling Class

Chip and I did all the birthing, breastfeeding, car set installation classes provided when I was pregnant with Hill; and now that the anxiety of the first rodeo is over I wanted to focus all that energy at preparing Hill for his world to be changed…totally changed.

Earlier in August I’d signed him up for a sibling class that the hospital I’ll deliver at provides for free to big brothers and sister to be. I wasn’t really too sure what to expect because it was only an hour long from noon to 1:00 pm on Saturday, September 1st. It’s really for 3+ year olds but being that my son is so intellectually advanced they said it would be ok. (kidding, I think they thought in their head, well he’ll be 3 in five months anyway and if he acts stupid then you are with him to take him away)

We were to bring a doll. Ikes ok, I only have monster trucks and dinosaurs so I ordered a doll online – it’s a present for Hill to give Reid for when she gets here. I’m sure Reid wouldn’t mind if we gently used her doll to prepare her big bro for her arrival. It’s precious. It has her name monogrammed on the dress and it was my first step into girl-toy-dom.

We arrived at 11:45 and sat in the lobby with another family that had 2 girls, a boy and another girl on the way. The girls had their American Girl Dolls and the dolls hair and outfits matched the girls’ hair and outfits. I was frightened. Their mom and dad assured me that this is a gift that grandmothers buy at Christmas when they get older because they are expensive but they do have generic clothes available to fit doll and kid. I was still scared of all these options on a doll and to clone them like my child. I’m sure Reid will have an American Girl Clone, I mean Doll, but I won’t lie – it was weird how much they looked like these kids. For now, I’ll stick with my monogrammed name on dress doll, which was a huge step for me.

When we got to the classroom a little girl and her mom were there waiting on us. They are expecting a baby boy. These kids were older than Hill, by a couple years or so. They understood more of what was going on, but didn’t have as much to say about it as Hill did…of course, he is my son, so he talks a lot and asks a lot of questions and makes too many statements out loud. First things first, Hill got a t-shirt that said he was a Super Big Brother and had a Superman logo on it. Are you kidding me? My kid was so worried about that shirt the whole time. He couldn’t figure out if he wanted to just stare at its’ awesomeness or wear it - so on and off on and off the shirt went during the whole classroom presentation.

In the classroom the nurse familiarized the kids with items they may see while they are visiting mommy at the hospital and what they do to the baby when he/she gets here. Showed them the footprint cards, their hat, blanket, bed, eye drops, booger sucker, stickers, ID arm bands all the while assuring them that their baby and mommy are being very well taken care of. We looked at pictures of how they used all of these items on a new baby and Hill asked me if those were pictures of Reid. (sweet noggin’) I told him that Reid was still in my tummy but that was a picture of another new baby.

Then it was time to utilize the doll and learn to put on a diaper. I have to say that Hill did a remarkable job at putting on the diaper. We can totally build on this and make him an official diaper changer. I was proud.

The nurse went on to explain other things and then asked if there were any questions or if anyone had anything to say. I asked Hill if he had any questions and he said no. I asked Hill if he had anything to say. Yes, yes he did. He said really loud (as he gets that from his mother too) “My mommy has a baby in her tummy!” The sweet nurse humored him and said, “Wow! Is it a girl baby or a boy baby?” Hill said, “It’s a girl her name is Weed Cath-win.” I’m sorry it just melts my heart EVERY TIME I hear him say that.

That was a way for the other kids to interact, that silly Hill the ice breaker. The nurse asked the other kids if they were having a brother or sister and if they had names. No one had names for their babies yet. I will never understand how people aren’t as OCD as I am. I guess the lady about to birth her 4th I can understand, I don’t think I would have any brain cells left to know my own dang name by that point, she was awesome though. She said that when she had her son it took the hospital coming in and saying, “Ok you’ve been here 3 days, we can’t let you leave without naming this baby.” So they named him Jackson. Great name, I just wonder if they felt like they had to ‘settle’ on a name or felt rushed. Anyway, moving on.

Next we got to tour the hospital. The kids got to see the brand new babies in the nursery window and relate all the items they saw in the classroom onto real live babies. We got to tour the labor and delivery room and also the regular rooms. The nurse said that this is where mommy will lay and this is the uncomfortable couch daddy will sleep on. We take good care of everyone here. When you come to visit mommy you can sit with her, but don’t jump or sit on her tummy because it might be sore. Very basic but important things that I realized really benefited Hill and his little inquisitive brain.

I’m so glad we went. It made the hospital a more familiar not so scary place and that way when Hill is there for the birth and visiting he won’t be as intimidated and worried because he’s been there before. Brilliant idea, so glad we went. Hill loves his Superman big brother shirt; he got colors and a coloring book too. Hill is a certified big brother now! We've totally got this big bro thing down.

Labor Day at the Country Club

Every year the Country Club has their Labor Day events. There is the archery tournament, the fishing tournament, the children’s fishing tournament, the Bunko tournament, the swimming competitions, horseshoes, the watermelon seed spitting contest, the cupcake walk, the treasure hunt and then we wrap up with our bi-annual meeting and dinner. This year Hill was able to participate in a few of the events (the treasure hunt & children’s fishing tournament).

Here is a picture of our little first place winner of the 2012 Children’s Fishing Tournament (tied with Branson Grantham.) We are preparing him to be captain of the Ole Miss BASS team when he gets to college. It’s a sport now, it is non-violent and an injury free environment. His mother is his biggest fan. I hope one day that he can be sponsored by Oh Boy O’Berto beef jerky and Toyota Trucks to fulfill his fathers’ life- long dream of being in the fishing circuit. You think I’m kidding, but I am not. I don’t care if it sounds a little Ricky Bobby like (Talladega Nights, movie) I’m reaching for the stars here. Golf or Fishing. No harm inflicted injuries by others. (Remember, I want to keep him in a bubble.)

There was a great turn out this year and hopefully this will be the last year we have to swim at this pool! Membership voted to build a new pool down by the lake where the old tennis courts are located. We are super excited! Not sure when it will be complete – it’s anticipated sooner rather than later! Yay!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Social South Socialites

Looky, looky, at these two fancy pants that made the July / August 2012 edition of the Social South magazine. My two little socialites were photographed at the Natchez Trace Festival earlier this year.

It’s all gone to Hill’s head. He’s telling me to have my people call his people to discuss things. It’s always his way or the highway. I swear the other day the sun was in his eyes and he said he needed me to find his sunglasses as he held his hands over his tiny fragile mole eyes. He always has to do things first and it’s always his turn. He dictates his wardrobe to me. I have to cook his food, wipe his butt, run his bath water and the list goes on and on.

Oh the woes of a mother to a mini celebrity.

JJ’s Baby Shower

Sweet Baby Girl Warrington will be here Monday, September 24th and we were excited to shower her mommy with love and goodies on Sunday, August 26th. Although we didn’t get a hostess picture it was me, Whitney Pettit, Gena Pope, Amanda Hays, Amanda Triplett, Dana Nichols and Melissa Steed. Everyone played such a significant role and the party turned out fabulous!

*Amanda Hays made the cake – it was not only BEAUTIFUL it tasted fabulous. She is also a magic woman with the camera so I stole most all of these pictures from her blog.

*Melissa did the flower arrangement and her talent is beyond measurable.

*Amanda T, Gena & Dana fixed some awesome foods.

*Whitney coordinated everything to a T, found precious invites and graciously hosted it at her house.

*I did the punch, as that is my forte and I have the most awesome punch bowl in Kosciusko, MS. I’m not bragging, it’s true. That is by far my most used wedding present ever. I also did the pink plates and napkins then busted out my Francis I silverware as I cannot think of any better occasion to use frilly fun things than a baby shower for a sweet tiny girl.

Then also, Whitney and I (mostly from the creative brain of Whitney) appliqued a few onsies for Baby Girl Warrington. I just love doing this. It’s so fun!

Can't wait for Harvey's baby sister to get here!

Super Hero’s To the Rescue

We were over at the Pettit’s and Tanner and Hill came running into the living room asking, “Do you need help? Do you need help?”

These two crack me up. Hill is such a monkey see monkey do when it comes to whatever Tanner is doing. Hill wore this hot felt costume ALL NIGHT LONG and refused to take it off. I sure love these little guys.

Jack’s 3rd Birthday Party

Friday, August 24th our friend Jack had his 3rd birthday party as a swimming party! Hill had never been to a swimming party before! It was a dinosaur theme and Hill called it Jack’s T-party which sounds weird, but he meant it as in Jack’s T-Rex party. Hill even wore his dinosaur swim suit!

I have to note that the dinosaur swim suit is a hand me down from Harvey and is a size 6-12 month, even though Hill is in a 2T this b-suit still fit and it goes to show you how tiny of a hiney (and legs) my bugga boo has.

We picked Tanner up and headed to the party. The kids had a great time. I’d forgotten Hill’s floaty which was a mistake because he fell in, but thank sweet 8 lb baby Jesus his left arm caught the noodle float that he was using as a ‘fishing pole’, his right arm knew to grab the side of the pool (THANK YOU SWIM LESSONS THAT PAID OFF EVEN THOUGH HE HATED THEM), the life guard was 1 foot away and I was 2 feet away. I’m not too sure he even got his hair wet. He didn’t seem too alarmed because it’s like he knew he had it under control. He’s very opposed to taking risk, especially when it comes to water, he respects it. For that I am grateful.

They ate pizza, cake, opened presents and swam. It was a great 3rd birthday for Jack Vance!

Vacation to Orange Beach 2012

Ok you got a brief post of our vacation while we were on it (August 20th), so I won’t do too much talking (yeah right). Only pictures. Hannah is 11 and has now started junior high (as of the week after vacation) and is absolutely the most amazing kiddo ever. Hill is 2 and a half and is a silly independent mama’s boy or since my dad was there (Papi) he was a total Papi’s boy too. Everyone else could go jump off a cliff for all he cared…the entire trip.

After our sonogram appointment we drove down to Diamondhead, which wasn’t really in the plan, but worked out well and gave us a head start for Saturday to head to Orange Beach - - Or as Hill wanted to call it Blue Beach. My dad wanted to see our lot in Bay St. Louis as he will be designing and advising us on what to do when the time comes. So we met Mimi, Hannah & Papi Friday around 6:00 took them to the lot and then went and ate at the Jourdan River Steamer. Yum. My family had driven to Biloxi Thursday and stayed at the Beau Rivage on Thursday and Friday night, I think Hannah wants to live there. Chip, Hill and I stayed at the condo Friday, then we all went onto “Blue” Beach for vacation!

It rained a lot so we relaxed, but we still got to enjoy swimming, boating, beaching - yes I did the sand for my son and he hated it as much as I did because he got dirty. Yay! I told my step mom that means I only have to do the sand one more time in my life to give Reid her opportunity then I’m done. Hopefully.

Side Note: The picture below of my dad wiping his face off with the towel was like 1 minute after he was trying to body surf and he couldn’t stand up because the water had pulled his bathing suit to his knees. So glad I missed that. Too funny though.

Also the picture of the silver tub with turkey and lettuce in it is the hermit crab Chip thought Hill needed. His name is ‘Daddy’ the hermit crab and hopefully he has survived life in the back yard because neither he nor I were happy with his living arrangements in the house.