Monday, September 17, 2012

Reid’s Event

Ok I have the best friends ever in the history of friends. Seriously, the only thing missing from the shower was the photographer for Southern Living. My photos can’t do its’ grandeur justice. Absolutely hands down the most amazing event ever. I can’t call it a shower because it was so spectacular it has to be dubbed an event.

Whitney Pettit, JJ Warrington, Gena Pope, Marsha Marquerdt and Kayla Vance all set the standards of what a baby shower is all about. They brought out the fine china, the silver flatware, the linen napkins, and silver serving platters. There were monogrammed petit fours, homemade cheese straws, fresh fruit placed into a carved watermelon shaped like a baby carriage, a divine cheese ball, spinach artichoke dip, finger sandwiches, and pink punch. I know I’m missing something but it was all so overwhelmingly phenomenal I don’t mean to.

The décor, seriously, absolutely amazing. Genas’ house is gorgeous and made the perfect setting while Whitney totally out did herself with creativity and details; the awesome friend that she is still claims she had fun doing it! I still, 8 days later, am shaking my head not getting over how much effort went into every aspect of this shower. When I walked in and saw one of the fireplaces had my Raggedy Ann doll from when I was little holding my twirling baton (my first ever baby gift) with photos of me growing up along the mantle I was like, whoa. Then underneath draped photos of Chip when he was little. Priceless. Then the other fireplace had Hill’s framed photo, Reid’s sonogram photo framed, my and Chip’s framed wedding photos, the shower invitation framed along with 4 little pink pots filled with moss and moss covered letters coming out of each dainty pot that spelled out R-E-I-D. Absolutely breathtaking. Hung so carefully from the mantle were 6 adorable appliqued outfits that Whitney made for sweet Reid. I am so humbled by everything and everyone and all their efforts made to make everything so absolutely stunning. Nothing went unnoticed.

Reid was showered with tons of girly things like gowns and bloomers and jewelry and bows which I’ve become totally enamored by; and many practical things as well like diapers, wipes and pink bottles that are needed very much. No doubt that this girl is loved immensely and she’s not even here yet. Makes me have happy tears just thinking about it. How lucky am I? My little girl and I were surrounded by not only my mother and precious friends, but Chip’s moms’ friends. I cannot explain to you how special of a day this was for me.

Thank you to all of the hostesses’ as you have assured me that I am the luckiest girl in the entire universe. I am forever grateful for your friendship and love. And thank you to all of the wonderful guests that attended. Although my mother in law could not be there with us physically, I know everyone there felt her there spiritually. What a special day. Thank you.

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