Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Jack’s 3rd Birthday Party

Friday, August 24th our friend Jack had his 3rd birthday party as a swimming party! Hill had never been to a swimming party before! It was a dinosaur theme and Hill called it Jack’s T-party which sounds weird, but he meant it as in Jack’s T-Rex party. Hill even wore his dinosaur swim suit!

I have to note that the dinosaur swim suit is a hand me down from Harvey and is a size 6-12 month, even though Hill is in a 2T this b-suit still fit and it goes to show you how tiny of a hiney (and legs) my bugga boo has.

We picked Tanner up and headed to the party. The kids had a great time. I’d forgotten Hill’s floaty which was a mistake because he fell in, but thank sweet 8 lb baby Jesus his left arm caught the noodle float that he was using as a ‘fishing pole’, his right arm knew to grab the side of the pool (THANK YOU SWIM LESSONS THAT PAID OFF EVEN THOUGH HE HATED THEM), the life guard was 1 foot away and I was 2 feet away. I’m not too sure he even got his hair wet. He didn’t seem too alarmed because it’s like he knew he had it under control. He’s very opposed to taking risk, especially when it comes to water, he respects it. For that I am grateful.

They ate pizza, cake, opened presents and swam. It was a great 3rd birthday for Jack Vance!

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