Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Reid Catherine

Monday, November 12, 2012 Reid Catherine made her debut at 8:56 am weighing in at 7 lbs 10 oz and 19 1/2 inches long.

After nearly 3 years I now know what it feels like to have a child that looks like me!  Like I actually took part in the birthing & gestating process.   I feel like I have the ability to say.... Allow myself to introduce myself...

This is me on March 10, 1980
This is Reid on November 12, 2012

Here are a few more of Sweet Reid just to show you how snuggly she is.

Then of course big brother Dr. Hill was there when daddy brought Reid out to meet everyone.

My sweet little family

Then this picture is pretty much how Hill has been about her since she came.  She doesn't really exist.  We aren't worried and we aren't pressuring him.  He kissed her on the head once or twice when provoked but to date has not held her because she is "too heavy for me to hold."  I just hope he comes around before it's time to take their Christmas card photo.

Overall we are all doing well.  I will update as soon as I have the energy.  Hill and Reid are on two different sleeping schedules and I'm one tired mama.

Friday, November 09, 2012

Best Daddy Ever

Hill and Reid are the luckiest kids I know, which makes me the luckiest wife.  They have such an interactive hands on Daddy that does so much.  
It's so funny to see the things that Hill does just like his Daddy.

He keeps a pencil behind his ear just like his Dad

Swings him higher until his arm falls off.
Then swings him some more!

Stops to let me take a picture with a mini hamburger on the side of the highway

Picks Hill up early from school to watch the Homecoming Parade

Hill loved the "instruments," especially the tuba. 

Hill sleeps like his daddy

Daddy reads book after book after book

Rides him on the lawn mower

Over flows the tub with bubbles!

Takes us to the pumpkin patch

Teaches him how to play PLINKO at the Halloween Carnival
Man, we just don't know how he does it.  He's the best and we know it.  He's survived our marriage through this estrogen infested pregnancy where no one can do right.  He cooks dinner every night,  cleans the house, does dishes and puts up with the three most needy dogs you've ever met.  He's a trooper and we are beyond lucky.  We love you Daddy.

Ole Miss Football

We last minute decided to hit up Oxford for the Ole Miss vs. Texas A&M game this year.  Chip goes to every home game, but with my ever exhausting belly growth I opted Hill and I out of season tickets.

I'm a mean mama, I know.  Hill LOVED going to the game.  He had so much fun, it was truly priceless to see all the excitement reflected in his face.  

 We even got to see the Pettit's for a bit!  Hill was pulling Tanner everywhere!  I couldn't get a picture of them being still, they were having so much fun!

Sweet girls

Hill with pom pom in hand.
I'm pretty sure he was watching the band at this time.
He LOVED the "instruments"
We had good seats and the people around us were very supportive and helpful as my large pregnant self kept up with overly excited Hill.  Hill was obsessed with the guy behind us.  The guy behind us was enthralled with Hill.  Hill was pulling on his finger and it ended up the guy was missing part of the adjacent finger and had Hill so worried he'd really pulled his finger off!  Might have just been the funniest thing ever.  I absolutely can not imagine what was going through Hill's brain as he noticed the nub and opened his own hands looking for the missing finger.  I sure wish I'd have caught it on video...hilariously priceless.

After the 3rd quarter we went and sat with Daddy & Papa.  Papa went and got a hotdog for himself and didn't get one bite.  Hill invited himself to eat the whole thing, without asking.  Kiddo had worked up an appetite!

Hill would repeat everything everyone said.  He learned Hotty Toddy and insisted on yelling it the whole time.  It was great!

Hotty Toddy!

When we got in the car he said his favorite part was the instruments.  I have to admit it was probably mine too because it was the only time he was still.  I have no idea what went on during game time.  I was one tired mama afterwards. 

Hazel Jackson Warrington

Our dear friends welcomed their sweet baby girl into this world on September 24th.  I'm so excited for JJ, Allen and big brother Harvey!  We love ya'll!

Harvey and Hill are 6 days apart and Hazel and Reid will be exactly 7 weeks apart!

Harvey checking Hazel's vitals
I got Harvey & Hill both scrubs for their big day!

snuggle bug!

Oh wee tiny baby!

Party Central

Where have we been?  Well the better question is where haven't we been? We've been hittin' all the parties around Koz!

My little social butterfly has had no less than a million parties to go to.  They started back in September and have pretty much been every weekend since and I haven't had the opportunity to post all the cute pictures.  I've accounted for at least 9 of the parties below.

Judson's Party
Judson kicked off the birthday whoo-rah's for the Fall.  His 3rd birthday was Mickey themed.

Top to Bottom: Hill, Ella, Nathan & Baylie

Shane Preston's Party
Shane Preston is Hill's cousin.  He had a dinosaur party!  Didn't get many pictures, but Meryl did a great job!
Hill with his Papa (Chip's dad)

Tanner's Get Together
Tanner had a little get together with us and the Warrington crew at the new local splash pad.  It was the perfect day and the boys had SO MUCH FUN!

Precious Emory Hart, man I want to just snuggle her!

Best Buds

Mr. Greg (Cooper) was at the splash pad and the kids thought it was hilarious to drag him through the water.
They were right, it was funny.
 Junior Auxiliary Character Dinner
This year J.A. had a Fall fundraiser that was such a hit.  Hill was so looking forward to seeing, Mickey, Minnie, Buzz Light Year, Woody, Donald, Daisy and the Princesses.  He talked about going to see them for WEEKS!  We got there and he HATED them.  Guess we aren't ready for Disney just yet.
Yet, I have to say that when he got there he was hot.  Like fever hot.  We left pretty much as fast as we got there.  Poor buddy, he ran 102-103 fever for about 2 days after that.  Still never got a diagnosis but it wasn't strep or flu.

Poor Sick Noggin leaving the Character Dinner

Himz just didn't feel good

Ella's Party
Ella had a princess party for her 3rd birthday.  She even had a princess bouncy house!

Millie, Nathan & Hill chowing down

Little Princesses:
L-R - Ella, Baylie, Millie & Maci

Cute Patooties:
Ella & Baylie

Maci, Judson, Millie, Baylie, Ella, Nathan, Mamie & Hill
 Nathan's Party
Nathan had a Mickey themed 3rd birthday.  We had lots of cake and fun!  Hill cried when he had to leave.  It was embarassingly pathetic.

Hill and Judson "Cheesing" it up.

Luke, Judson, Baylie, Ella, Maci & Hill

Hill loved the basketball
Fall Party
At school they had a "Fall Party" instead of a Halloween Party.  I love it that I am able to go to all of his little functions even if it is just them sitting there eating fun foods that creative moms make.

The kiddos ate up the scrumptious rice krispy pumpkins that Ella's mom made.  I had one too and they were delish.  The green icing made everyones tongue turn green.  So when I got Hill to stick out his tongue to take a picture - - a 3 year old chain reaction came about.  Take my picture!  No take my picture!  Look at my tongue!  Take my picture!  So I did.  These were just a few.

Then the teacher laughed and let me know that the week before - - Manners Week - - they learned that sticking out their tongue was not nice.  Ugh, leave it to me to derail the education of the 2 and 3 year olds.  Yup, I'm that bad influence mom.  The parent that other parents won't let their kids come over to play now.  I set bad examples.

Cuties: Baylie & Rhett
 Foster's 11th Birthday
Our big ol' lug of brown turned 11 on November 1st and Hill wanted to have a photo session with him.  I am no photographer, but here are just a couple of my boys...both 4 and 2 legged.  To rewind a bit Hill thought that the Fall Party at school was for Foster's birthday.  He was sooo concerned about Foster having a party.  He wouldn't even let me sing Happy Birthday to Foster - it had to wait until his party.  I don't think we sang Happy Birthday to Foster at school, but hey, I'm glad all the class moms provided the food for Foster's Fall Party.  Made it a cinch for me, Ha!

Will's Party
Will had a rocket ship party.  Hill thought that was pretty cool.  He loves the cartoon Little Einstein's and they have a rocket ship too.  He sings their song word for word.  "We're going on a trip in our favorite rocket ship!  Through and through the sky, Little Einstein's."  Yes, there is more but no I will not sing it for you.

Playing hard and eating cake!

It's a tough life having to eat so much cake and run and play with your friends 24-7 every weekend.  We love it that he has such good friends and they have such good parents - - we all have a great time.