Friday, March 30, 2007

I admire Ree for taking on a new lifestyle and becoming the pioneer woman. She's my inspiration. Although I do not know her personally we are BFF.

I feel as though we have a common ground. Not necessarily in the same light, but as far as taking on new ways of living. Her living was filled with pedicures and shopping but is now filled with hot cowboys and awesome pictures and calf nuts. While mine is now filled with close mindedness, poor grammar and then quite possibly a new story on my top 10 list of "things that could only happen where I live."

Yesterday I was with my sister in law and she wanted to stop and pick up the local paper. I had a headache so I wanted to grab a couple of Advil and a drink. We went to the nearest gas station and found a crowd of people standing out back near the car wash. The curious human I am, I too went to check out the excitement to find the perfect new joke for Jeff Foxworthy - "You might be a Redneck". A beat up old blue and white single cab truck had pulled into the automatic car wash to shine her up - there's nothing wrong with that - unless you have selected the 7 cycle automatic pressure wash and vortex dryer while you have a garbage bag taped to your drivers window. Friends, I do wish I had my camera. We all stared on as the wash started. Cycle 1 was light, just a prewash. Cycle 2 was a little more aggressive, Cycle 3 reverted back to some "special soap" lightly sprinkled on.......then Cycle 4 came full force - although you couldn't see the guys face through the black bag window you could see the impressions of his arms trying to hold it up as it violently attacked him. By this time they had pretty much closed down the gas station because all the cashiers were outside checking out this idiot. Once the vortex dryer came though the guy in the truck had had it with the garbage sack he pulled the remainder down and wadded it up into a ball. Now with a transparent view of the crowd watching him - he pulled out of the wash and next to the gazers - the only words spoken were from an old man in a snap up shirt and jeans -- "Jew get wet?" The guy went on to say how the motor in his window went out and he can't roll it up - he then was showing the on lookers how he had all the parts to fix it, but hasn't had the time..........ummmm. What? You might be a Redneck.

Welcome to my life.......Ree, wanna switch places?

Thursday, March 29, 2007

I wanted to blog about my yard, but I am embarrassed and my pictures are stupid. I wish I was as crafty and green thumb-ish as my #1 fan SM Squared - I can't even compare - so I digress. Instead we will play show and tell for what I did this past weekend.

Below we have the guy in certain circles known as Fred.
Our buddy Fred is the 'fi-ah stah-ta'
He kept the warmth flowing for us until about 3am when I was on the verge of tears because I was so freaking cold. If I'd have known all you had to do was rake the coals and add sticks I would have started the fire back up and thrown myself in it, but instead I fell into a coma until about 7am. Mr. Rachel was warm and cozy in his blanket while the other crew was in the Serro Scotty crashed and had pleasant dreams.

Now this is a funny picture.
You may not notice, but on the very top log there is something random on top of it....
But Rachel, what is it?
It's a pair of panties. Now, now I know what you are thinking and this was NOT and X rated camping trip. Those little panties were from our friends little girl who tried to pee in the woods and instead aimed and hit her under roos. Moms solution was - we have plenty more where that came from and tossed them in the fire.

Not to worry - she did find more. See!

This is our clan and our set up. My tent was far off to the right of the Serro Scotty Camping device in the middle of the arctic circle. I don't have a picture, but I just want you all to know how much I enjoy eating Smores. It makes hypothermia alright.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Sunday night we watched a documentary on the Galapagos. This was neat to me because I have been going back and reading my journal from when I lived in Ecuador and laughing and reminiscing. Maybe one day in my spare time, I will publish it for all to read. It was fun to see some of the animals and places I have seen first hand through that documentary. For example, the tortoises - they can weigh up to 500 lbs and live for hundreds of years. Here are a couple of pictures of authentic Galapagos turtles.
I went through other pictures, but they were mostly of people and not the place, sorry. I must not have all of them in one spot because I did have a few of the flamingos that I couldn't find and I found a pic of me in the muck they live in (wearing the same t-shirt that I wore yesterday - 10 years later). I did get a lot of lush pictures in the Amazon, maybe I can have fun and go through pictures and take you all on a mini guided tour of my world travels, while I reminisce. Could be fun, could be boring - depending on your mood.
I leave you with this ~

The thought for the day...

How can there be self-help "groups"???

Monday, March 12, 2007

birth blog

Last week we talked about my ear issue and how skinny I used to be, but I'm ok with those things. I'm keeping my new found Positive Attitude that I made for new year's. I'm proud of myself - I think I have done well trying to see the good in things and realizing that only I can make a difference in the things I do and don't like in my life.

(I wrote this blog and then re read it, just so everyone knows, I am not sad or hold any grudges, The things I will talk about are now seen as humorous and is why I can write about them.)

One thing I don't have control over is my birthday. For some reason this year I was happy it was my birthday - it was going to be a good day and I prepped myself for it. Friends took me to dinner the week of, made me brownies, sent me cards. It was a nice hype. I always receive the 1st call from my mom, which I did. The day went on and I received calls from friends and in laws it was nice. I worked in the yard, which is what I wanted to do, and ate Chippy steaks that were PERFECTLY how I wanted it to taste and then passed out on the couch, early. So really things went how I planned in my head. It was an ok day, a tiff here and there which didn't 'totally' ruin my day, but set me back a little. I truly thought this year would be different. Now what I'm about to say is not negative by any means because it's the norm and I have accepted it over the past many many ...many years. I thought maybe my dad would remember to call. He didn't, but this is now the, oh I lost count year that he didn't call. That is what I have come to expect. What I didn't expect was a card in the mail from him, which was a step in the right direction and accepted happily. I called him Sunday to thank him and he said he didn't do much this past weekend just hung around and grilled out......which is better than the "I was watching TV" excuse he had about 3 years ago. But this comment is not meant derogatory - it's now humorous. It's a yearly bet that I take dibs on.

I realized this year that birthdays don't mean as much as they should, or maybe as much as I want them to. Growing up mom was always like THIS IS YOUR DAY! Which I always believed. I still do. I have received a few calls yesterday and today - "OH I'm the worst friend in the world, I feel so bad I didn't call" But really, it's ok. I promise. I had a good day and am now a year older and wiser and plan to take complete advantage of my wisdom.

2007 has been an odd year thus far. I wasn't really expecting much out of it since I had a surgery right off the bat, expecting another one on my ear, not living a normal married life, holding more responsibility than I care to amongst other things, but it has taught me a lot in these short lived past 2 1/2 months. Only I can make things what they need to be in my life. Sounds so simple, but I just now figured it out and how to control it. Sure I have to play with the cards I'm dealt, but it's my job on how I want to make the most of them. I'm trying really really hard to do the right things. We shall see how the rest of the year goes. I'm expecting changes. Positive changes that I can control.

On a different note:
One of the things I have to get off my chest that it has been brought to my attention that I am rude and sarcastic in a bad way. Everyone I have ever met has been a victim of my degrading humor which is meant to be funny - Yet, I am not funny. I apologize to anyone I have ever offended or caused to "roll their eyes" at me. This aspect of me probably won't change or else I will never have the opportunity to speak again. So, I apologize for the past and in advance. I look forward to another 26 years of raw unedited humor! Oh if you could see the evil smirk on my face. Just to let everyone know things are changing, it is my mindset, not necesarily who I am. I like me, why would I redo that?

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Skinny Rachel

Most of you have never seen the skinny Rachel.

This picture was of friends and I before prom my Senior year of High School. Almost 10 years to date.

Look how my friend Lalo can actually wrap his forearm around my waist. Now it's like whole arm around my waist. This is my motivation picture. I will be skinny again, one day.

So I don't have to explain this a dozen times over the phone, I figured blogging is best.

Some of you know, I went back to the doctor today because my left ear popped day before yesterday. This was completely random because my ear hasn't been able to do so in about a year. I was excited because I could hear a little better, but scared because I didn't know why. Especially since I was to have minor surgery to put a tube in that ear and remove my adenoids in a week. Today, Dr. Cole had me pop my ear as much as I could and it ended up being a good thing. He said a couple of things which I will get into, but has recommended me to a Dr. that specializes in this type of stuff. Dr. House (not to be confused with the cocky dr genius on TV)

As we all know I am a visual learner, so I have attached links and cartoon diagrams to help explain what is going on in my ear. I avoided graphic realistic pictures for those with a weak stomach (Adrienne & Chip).

What I have is called a Cholesteatoma (see diagram attached where I marked in red where it is)

An explanation of what a cholesteatoma is can be found at this link - it's the best I could find.

When I popped my ear for Dr. Cole he could see the cholesteatoma move, so he informed me I need to pop my ear no less than 25 to 50 times a day. He doesn't know if it will help maybe relieve the pressure/suction that could possibly invert the cholesteatoma, but our ears are suppose to do this automatically about every other word we speak allowing air flow. This cholesteatoma is caused, as you can read, from complications of the Eustachian tube not draining. Hence I couldn't hear for the past 10 or so months. Randomly enough the drainage is not happening because my adenoids are abnormally large covering the Eustachian tubes, on both sides, causing the 'clog'.

Either way, I have to have my adenoids removed. As far as the tubes go he is unimpressed with my tympanogram, test that measures pressure in my ear off of my eardrum. It is to be at a bell curve, but even with my ear having popped, mine is still flat. Here is what a tympanogram does So since he is not happy with the results of the tympanogram it is still a possibility that I have to have tubes in now BOTH of my ears.

So here's the potential plan. Dr. House check out the cholesteatoma - then go in remove the adenoids and cholesteatoma, decide if I need tubes and kill about 100 birds with one stone. Seemingly as you can see from the diagram where I marked in red that it is near the eardrum. If the cholesteatoma is removed I may have to have a Tympanoplasty. As I mentioned I left out the graphic pictures and I couldn't find any non realistic cartoon diagrams, so in our language this is an eardrum transplant. They graph skin and make a new drummer boy fer me.

Long story longer....all of this could have been prevented. I have been to 5 doctors now and about to see the 6th in a year about this....ridiculous. As I mentioned a cholesteatoma happens because the fluid in my ear has been 'stagnant', if you will, causing poor air circulation. As you can read in the link about the cholesteatoma it can spread towards the brain, which Dr. Cole explained to me can go toward the frontal lobe or the cerebral cortex that holds spinal fluid, and if not tended to has not so great repercussions. He was unable to see the base of the cyst and is taking action because at this time we don't know which direction its going to continue to grow. They are setting up an appointment with Dr. House for me, but he is allegedly the best of the best and hard to get it may be another month. Good news is this is getting taken care of, I have finally found someone that knows what's going on and by seeing this Dr. House allows for a second opinion and we will go from there.

I will keep everyone updated. I hope you all have a better understanding of what's going on - it's hard for me to explain without these visuals and over the phone. I don't have to have surgery on Wednesday which is good news as well, but I have to wait even longer to get this new found problem fixed which is aggravating.

Now the burning question is......Am I going to fall apart before I'm 30?

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I have a new addiction. It's a blog. How cyber goofy am I? I wouldn't go as far to say it's an affair, but close, I think about it often and wonder what my new blog friend that doesn't know I exist is doing...did I mention it's a female. Does that make me a lesbian? Just kidding. I did find this really fun blog and it gets a lot of traffic and the girl Ree, is hilarious. Check it out when you have about 10 hours to hang out Confessions of a Pioneer Woman

Speaking of addictions...Grey's is a rerun tomorrow, so that's a pisser. When will there be a new one? I'm dying here.

Tonight my friend Kim and I are going to Starkville to eat at The Veranda and possibly take in a movie. Should be fun, I'm looking forward to it.

This past weekend hubby and I planted a garden......I know, give us a break, we didn't know you were suppose to wait until AFTER Easter. We are instant gratification type people and wanted to do it now. It doesn't matter if we have anything grow or not we have invested a total of $1 in the whole thing. I did buy a strawberry basket where you plant the strawberry roots and it grows in a hanging pot. That did set us back a good $5, but I plan on having strawberries o' plenty. In the garden we will have a luscious supply of Spinach, Watermelon, Cantaloupe and Cucumbers. We shall see. I'll take pics as they start to grow even though everyone thinks we are idiots. Cut us some slack....we are new to the gardening thing and one day you will be begging for my prize winning veggies. Oh, what a thought! Don't they have contests at county fairs for prize winning squash and cucumbers and stuff? Don't tempt me! You know I have an addictive personality. I may join the Vegetable Circuit and travel near and far to show my beautiful vegetation. Miracle Grow will probably be my sponsor. Yeah, you're envious. Look out because size does matter. Who knows I may even get into entering hydroponic vegetables.

Friday, March 02, 2007

I'm an Asteroidea

I've become that blogger. You know, the one where you go and check their blog to see what's up and it's the same damned thing you have already read like 2 weeks ago. My deep apologies.

Good day boys and girls. Can anyone tell me what an Asteroidea is? Asteroidea sound it out.
Ass ter o idea. If I were to guess I would say a smart ass that has all the answers. Wrong. It's a starfish. Well I think I have become an asteroidea - in both my definition and the literal meaning. I went to the doctor yesterday because I can't hear out of my left ear. I had a sinus infection a year ago and it clogged up my ear. I like to say it happened after I got married, makes for a funny story. But that isn't the truth. Hubby and I make an odd couple, he can't hear out of his right ear so together we have to make sure at restaurants we sit on each others "appropriate" side, it's a good thing I like to drive or we'd never hear each other in the car.

Back to the story. So after 1 year and 5 doctors later they figured out what is wrong with me. I have to have my adenoids taken out and a tube put in my left ear. There is still a 90% chance I can gain my hearing back. Ok, what does the starfish have to do with anything? If anyone knows anything about starfish - they regenerate. So you can chop off one of their arms or flange's or whatever you call it and it will eventually grow back. Well back in 1987 it was a traumatic time in Little Rachel's life, she had to have surgery. Her adenoids and tonsils were large and must be taken out. Now, 20, - yes exactly TWENTY years later my adenoids have reappeared so large and in charge that they are the cause of my ears not draining. And because not one of the doctors caught this, my ear has become progressively worse and now has a cyst in it. The cyst can be a serious thing, but we don't know anything about it until the doctor goes in and checks it out. So I will keep you updated on that, but don't want to alarm anyone.

Now that I know I'm a starfish - I'm not saying I am going to chop off my appendages to see if they grow back, that would be ridiculous - but pretty cool if it happened!

I learned a lot about starfish or "sea stars" while looking for a picture to post. Pretty odd little creatures. Check em' out if you have a second. Starfish