Thursday, December 31, 2009

Cast Iron Skillet

Before I close out 2009 I needed to give a big shout out to my cast iron skillet! 

Last week she turned 71 years old.  My grandmother received this beauty in December 1938 as a wedding gift and it has cooked many of meals for many of people as you can only imagine.  Fried Chicken, jalepeno corn bread, bacon, just to name a few of my favorites.  Everything seems to taste better out of this skillet.

Mamaw gave me this heirloom in July 2008 and passed away 7 months later in February 2009, she was 88. It may just be one of my most prized posessions.

There are also 2 little ones that are just as wonderful.

What a wonderful gift I've been given.  I am also very fortunate because my husband adores them just as much as I do.  Him being the chef of the house treats them with the same respect and honor that they deserve! 
Here's to another 71 years ol' skillet!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Shower me with....Sonic

Wait...what?  Ya'll know me. I'm scatter brained.  The title of my blog is two seperate trains of thought.

Last night I had a fabulous baby shower with some of my most favorite people in Kosciusko, the Ya-Ya's and good family friends.  All of whom have raised my husband to be the fine strapping young man we see today.  The Ya-Ya's are Adriennes' life long best friends that took me in from day 1 as if I was always a Hawkins. These crazy girls are the ones that never make me feel like my family is over 700 miles away in Texas and it always warms my heart knowing they are there for us to call on anytime...for anything.  So, with that said, Hill has so many surogate grandparents it's obscenely wonderful.

The shower was at Mrs. Judi Bell's house and she did it up fantastic!  Punch, homemade icebox cookies and probably the most fabulous custard I've ever eaten in my entire life.  Hill received so many wonderful things and officially has a sufficient supply of diapers for now.  Yay!  We received all kinds of bedtime calming lotions and bath washes...I think they of all people know any baby of Chip's needs some type of calming something. They were surprised to hear that still 32 years later Chip doesn't sleep.  I asked them if it was possible to OD my baby on calming lotion? 
I can picture it now. 
2am... Hill on his changing table crying,
I'm crying standing over him squirting calming lotion all over him
wondering why he won't stop.

That is when I will be calling the Ya-Ya's asking, what in the world do I do? Anyway, I had a fantastic time and am so appreciative of all the ladies that came.  I love you all more than you'll ever know!  Thanks for everything!

I also want to thank all the people that sent me emails about my post yesterday.  I am glad that you all are comfortable enough to send me emails about your experiences on birthing big babies, c sections, pros, cons, it all is very very helpful and insightful.  Please keep the advice and input coming!  You know I love information!!

Some of you prefaced your emails with...I know we don't know each other very well, but... Girls, girls, girls....please.  We are all BFF's here.  You know about my panties and you know about my feet, for Pete's sake you know about the stains in my bra.  You know me up close and sometimes too personal, so I would hope that sharing your thoughts and opinions with me would come second nature and is most definately expected!  Even if it is via email instead of a comment for the other readers to see.  I respect that and appreciate all feedback.  So, I thank you very very very much!  Love to you all!

So onto the second train of thought in my title...Sonic.  Last night all over Facebook everyone was talking about our local Sonic closing.  I kept my cool until I found out the facts, but have to admit that I was scared at first.  My friend Marsha sent me a text late last night because she immediately feared for me and thought - How is Rachel going to get her Fountain Coke fix now?  She knows me all too well, that silly Marsha.  As horrifying as it is these were my thoughts exactly, then my thoughts went to, Oh No!  Where can I get a hamburger at 7:45 in the morning?  Thank goodness they are only closing shop for a little while to re-vamp it and make it what Marsha dubbed a "Shiny Sonic."  That means it's fancy and new.

So, like any pregnant person, especially from my instant gratification generation, I woke up early this morning, got dressed and drove to Sonic.  I'm not sure if it was because I know it may be the last burger I have from Sonic while Hill is in utero or if it was that I was the first person of the day to order a hamburger, but that was probably the most fantastic burger I've ever had.  It was made with love, extra butter or something special this morning.  I got an indigestion filled Route 44 Cherry Vanilla Coke and am going to bring the Sonic 2009 experience to an end on that note, I don't think it can be topped.  Can't wait for the Shiny 2010 Sonic!  Hill will love it.  Maybe we can tell Hill that because of him needing a continual supply of Route 44 Cokes and #1's with mayo and tater tots at 7:45 am, Kosciusko Sonic was able to upgrade to a fancy facility.  They should probably name it after him.  Wait....Hill can't take all of the credit.  His BFF, Pearce Marquerdt, played a large role in financing the reconstruction as well. 

Ok friends, I will probably not talk to you before the new year comes.  I want each and every one of you to have a safe and happy new year!  I hope that 2010 is better than 2009; and as we add another Hawkins into the mix may we look forward to more crazy antics along the way!  Can you imagine?

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

37 Weeks & Feet

Yesterday's doctors appointment was unproductive, but a step closer to next week...week 38.  Week 38 is the week he promises we get to make a plan for my baby Hill's arrival.
At week 37 our baby boy is said to measure in again at 41 weeks.  I say "said" loosely because I originally asked him what I was measuring and he said 48.......I raised my voice and said 7 weeks in 1 week?  Good Gawd! So he pulled out the measuring tape again and said...oh ok, you are right, it's still 41 - I misread it.  I'm still not sure if he was humoring me or if he is the one going to contact Guiness Book to be there in the delivery room.

I let him know about our sweet niece Addie being born at 8lbs 10oz and he assured Chip and me that Hill had surpassed his older cousin in weight already.  Oh yes, I must publicly apologize for blaming the Hawkins on the size of my son.  Dr. North informed me that it normally follows the maternal birth weight.  Ummm...I was little.  Like 6 maybe 7 lbs?  Maybe we have some type of reverse something where he'll be a big baby and a skinny adult.  Where I was a small baby and a big adult?  Here's hoping to you kiddo!  Truth be known I feel like this Hawkins gene is just super strong and trumps my Childers gene in everything.  Whatever. As long as he eats his veggies I'll be happy.

As for other important things to document; he has a heart beat of 137 bpm which is good and I have dilated ZERO - - AGAIN...which is not good.  Well, it's not bad, but it just means that he is not coming out any time soon.  So, looks like we've made it through Christmas, will make it through New Years and on past the Cotton Bowl (which Dr. North has not packed for yet...I asked) and right out of claiming him on our taxes this year.  So we go back again at the same Bat Time and the same Bat Place Monday 3:30pm, January the 4th (week 38) and we will talk more about an action plan.  HE PROMISED! 

I think I have been very patient about the situation and not tormenting Dr. North about it.  Chip probably disagrees because he is the one that has to hear my daily sob of "my baby is never coming out."  Whaaa.  I think Chip is quite possibly more ready for Hill to arrive than I am!  Wonder if it's because he's excited or if it's because he wants me to stop being so consumed in why he isn't out yet!  What a wonderful daddy he will be.  I can't wait.  Obviously! 

What I do know... Dr. North said he is of the opinion that no person should have to birth a 9lb anything.  I gently touched his hand and said "God Bless you, Dr."  So, that means that my baby is potentially over 9lbs and I will more than likely be having a c section.  I secretly am torn.  I will be upset if Hill weighs in less than 9lbs and I didn't get the opportunity to go through the birthing process.  I will feel a little cheated. Is that weird?  As my friend said, if he is bigger than 9lbs, my 'hooha' will thank me.

So let's talk about this possible c section and my feelings on the situation. 
1) He will not have a cone head - that is a plus.  Chip had a big cone head and it's my understanding it was so bad his dad thought he needed to have surgery.  Given, his heroic mama birthed his 9lbs 10oz self.  Wow is all I can say.
2) He will look more like Winston Churchill.  What?  Yes. According to my husband all babies look like Winston Churchill when they are born.
3) A c section is scheduled.  This is exciting for me and my OCD because I get to plan!  We ALL know I love to plan!  Yet, it still takes away from the whole rush-to-the-hospital-oh-my-goodness-we-forgot-the-camera-holy-cow-we-are-having-a-baby moment.  Yet, this is a plus for Chip because he has this HUGE fear I am going to have this baby in the car on the way to the hospital. The down side is he said that every man has the dream and awaits the opportunity of driving super illegally fast to the hospital and not getting a ticket.
4) My family will have time to prepare to be here for the birth if I have a c section.  They are all in Texas and want to get to Mississippi as soon as possible!  Everyone already has their bags packed and are just waiting for a GO!

If I have a c section it will be just fine.  I want the safest route for both me and my baby. At this stage he is locked up in there tight and even though he feels like he is falling out I was assured that he is not going to.  Well isn't that good news?

Jane Claire asked me today if I thought that Hill would have what I dubbed the Hawkins shoebox feet.  I totally forgot to look at the sonogram with his foot on his head to see!  This is something I didn't think about, something very important.  How could I have not thought about this in the past 9 months? Have you ever seen JC or Chip's feet?  They crack me up.  Like maybe they should buy shoes just to wear the box they came in.  I'm not talking trash, seriously, they laugh with me about it.  They know it's true.  It's funny cute in like a Flintstone yabba dabba doo kind of way. 
Dear Lord, please spare my sweet baby the shoebox feet.  Thanks!

Well I have to admit that I may rather my son have shoebox feet than my stinky feet.  It's really bad.  Like take what you are thinking and multiply it by a trillion.  You know me, I always tell on myself.  I have boom-bostic chronic foot odor. Chip can't wait until I'm not pregnant anymore so that I can hopefully get on medicine to make them stop smelling.  If they don't have foot odor medicine then he more than likely will single handedly fund for a pharmecutical company to do the R&D to develop it.  This isn't new news.  My dad tells stories of when I was a child and they were in the living room watching tv and my shoes were by the couch.  He thought something had died, but my brothers said it was my shoes.  Probably my white canvas Keds from 1986 with the curly shoe strings..or it may have been my Reebok hightops with velcro?  Either way this stems back over 20 some odd years.  I hate shoes, maybe it's for this reason?  If I could go barefoot 24-7 I would. 

Now that I'm pregant the odor has been cranked up loud. I only have a couple of shoe wear options in my closet. My tennis shoes, my Keen black stretchy flats, my flip flops and two pairs of dress shoes (one black one metalic).  Since I have these few options they are on super wear smelly overload.  They all live outside on my patio until it's time for me to put one of them on in the morning time.  I'm serious.  The other morning I was in the shower and smelled something... oh it was my shoes, I forgot to put them outside.  They were by my closet like 10 feet away from my steaming hot shower with smell good shampoo circulating the air.  My shoe odor trumped my clean odor.  This past weekend I finally got the courage to ask Chip if he maybe threw away my black dress shoes because I haven't seen them in like a month.  He said he didn't, but he might have not been able to take it anymore and tossed them.  I can't be upset.
I could go on and on and on about how bad it is. 

There are hundreds if not thousands of stories across the globe about my foot odor.  It's ok.  I cope with it.  I'm not ashamed.  I just do not wish this curse on my son.  Maybe he will have my feet without the odor.  Bless his heart if he has his daddy's feet with my foot odor.  He's doomed for life!  Great, one more thing to worry about! 

Monday, December 28, 2009

Adrienne Brooks Overstreet

My niece
 Adrienne Brooks Overstreet
was born this beautiful morning at 8:05 

Addie weighs 8lbs 10oz and is 20 in. long! 

Jane Claire and baby are doing wonderful! 
I hope to receive pictures soon!

Uncle Chippy and Aunt Ray Ray
are so excited and can't wait to meet her!

Hill is trying to kick himself out of the womb, unsuccessfully, to meet her!  We are so upset we are unable to be on the Coast with Jane Claire & Bubba, but it's further than I can travel with Hill in utero right now. 

We go to the doctor this afternoon at 3:30 and will see if he's even remotely ready to visit his cousin Addie in the near future.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Lady In Waiting

I feel like a lady in waiting.  I've heard of a lady in waiting, but never really knew what it meant so I googled it....
A lady of a royal court appointed to serve or attend a Queen, Princess, or high ranking noblewoman. A Lady in Waiting was not quite a servant. Ladies in Waiting were considered 'noble companions' who, by their status and nobility, could better advise a woman of high station.

So, technically I'm not a true lady in waiting because I'm waiting to serve or attend my little Prince, we aren't really royalty or noblemen. Lady in waiting has nothing to do with birthing babies.  Yet, I'm sure to deem me a servant status would be appropriate.  So, sounded good until I broke it down.

I'm sad.  This morning I couldn't even stand there to blow dry my hair.  I had to go get a stool from the kitchen to sit down to do my hair and make up.  Last night I didn't eat dinner because I saw an infomercial on Smores and only wanted smores or baskin robbins ice cream.  The slow cooked pot roast we made sounded extremely unappealing and it's like my favorite under any other circumstance.  Then I didn't go to baskin robbins because I didn't know what I would get and couldn't get off the couch and cahnge out of my pajamas at 6:00 pm so I just laid 7:00 I decided the furthest I could go was the bedroom to be my final resting place.  Again, I'm pathetic.  Glad we get off work early this afternoon and then I have 3 full days of probably doing a whole lot of nothing.  Sounds fabulous!  I secretly hope that I get a second wind so that I can feel better about some nesting things that have not been tended to. 

Merry Christmas Eve my friends......hope you all have a wonderful day with friends and family or even just sitting on the couch doing a whole lot of nothing sounds fabulous.

Love to you all.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

36 = 41

What in the world does thirty six equals forty one mean? What it means is that my baby is a giant and is measuring 41 weeks now when I'm only 36 weeks along. Yes, go back to my post a week said at 35 weeks he was measuring 37 weeks....7lbs....big baby...yadda yadda yadda. How is that possible since I've only gained a pound since last week? Ok, so who has a baby that grows 3 weeks in one week making him 5 weeks bigger than gestated? Oh that would be me, the lady carrying the Hawkins baby.

What to do about a big squeezable baby? Well, leave him in there of course. Make his mama wait to kiss those cheeks and eyes. He isn't ready to come out either. Heart beat is strong at 140 beats per minute, but there has been Zero dilation, Zero effacement, Zero ripening of the cervix.....but he has a head down there, Dr. North felt it. I guess you can't rush perfection....nor do I want to.

You take your time sweet Hill-y poo. Mama doesn't mind the sore hips, janked up back, never being able to get up or down, waddling everywhere, buying stock in Charmin for the 5 rolls I use a day, this crazy "mask" from hormones on my face that make up won't cover up, not being able to tie my shoes, finding shoes that don't stink (I will elaborate another day) and also the undying need for fountain cokes 24-7. Oh, and we can't forget the swollen legs and cankles or the beautiful stretch marks that if you get any bigger I'll just be a walking stretch mark or look like octomom. I really truly don't mind all that because I want what is best for you, the not so tiny one that I love dearly.

Plus, Dr. North IS going to the Cotton Bowl from the 31st through the 2nd and reiterated that I am not going, but Chip could. Punk. He doesn't think the baby will make his debut then and is still holding out until January 14th. I'm gonna need medication.......lots of medication like to function in daily life if this baby waits until the 14th. We may want to go ahead and get Guinness Book people lined up because at this rate of growth this kid will be measuring 60 weeks by that time. He'll be ready for college...probably the size of a line backer!

Poor Dr. North. He couldn't keep a straight face when he measured from the bottom to the top of my belly. As he was checking the heart beat he still had a smug look on his face...finally I said what is up with the face? Why are you smirking? He have a big baby in there.

He said he was also laughing because my friend Allison uses him and I asked Dr. North earlier why if he decided to induce would he not give an epidural before breaking my water? Allison said that was the most awful part of delivery. Dr. North did his whole doctorly thing and gave medical explanation....but then chuckled because he said Allison wasn't supposed to remember any of that once the baby got here. All those bad painful memories were suppose to be wiped away. I said well obviously it made a lasting impression 3 different times for her and I vote for the epidural before any tinkering down there goes on. Maybe I do want to have this baby while he goes to the Cotton Bowl? Spare me!

So in a nutshell, when will Hill be here? If you ask Dr. North - - January 14th. Chip asked since he is so big would we have to have a c-section....the answer - probably so. (Which was followed up by the sarcastically funny - but then you won't have to worry about the pains of my breaking your water!) So does any of this tell us anything we don't already know......absolutely not. We just continue waiting until next Monday at 3:30 when he tells me Hill is measuring 82 weeks and we are still shooting for the 14th of January. Love me some Dr. North. He's a keeper!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Diaper Changing 101

This weekend Chip said he didn't know how to change a diaper. We can't have that; so we enlisted our first born, Katie Lou, to be the practice baby.

Much like swaddling......Chip is a pro!  What a good Daddy he already is!

Tomorrow, Monday, we have an appointment at 3:30.  I'm sure Dr. North will just check the heart rate and for dilation.  I don't think Hill is ready to make his debut, but we have the car packed up just in case. 

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fantastic People

There is something about the people in this town I live in. I can't explain it. It's as if we have known each other forever, though I've only been here in Kosciusko for 4 years. Some of you I've only known for 2 1/2 years since working at the bank and others only months through community activities and then some of my readers I've never ever even met.

I've lost count of the emails, comments, notes, dropping by the house or the office and all of the calls and texts that I've received. Your words of encouragement and prayers have been positively overwhelming. We have gained so much strength through all of you. I knew that Chip and I were blessed when we had so much support and love from everyone before, during and after Adrienne's passing....but Adrienne was a phenomenal woman and as ridiculous as it sounds I knew you all were there for us, but it never really sunk in until now that you were really there for US. Does that even make sense?
It's not just the people in the community either. Let's talk about the people I work with. The bank I work for is a publicly traded company on the stock exchange. It's considered part of corporate America. We have about 48 branches in 4 states. Tell me how many billion dollar companies you know that have a link to a daily devotional on their website? My company cares about me. People ask how I'm doing. People openly tell me they are praying for me. My boss understands that family comes first and comes to my office to check on me to see how I am then before he leaves tells me he too is praying for us. Everyone has an open door policy and I feel comfortable enough with all of them to use it. The people are genuine. They write me sweet notes and bring me Skittles. It's not just in times of hardship either. It's always. For example, just this morning the cleaning lady left a Christmas card on my desk for me and my family. Who does that? These wonderful people do.
I could go on and on about all these fantastic people in my life. You all know who you are and you all don't just live in Kosciusko either. I just want to say a sincere thank you from me, Chip and Hill.

Love to you all!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Information Super Highway

Today I took off work. I knew I'd get no sleep last night and had a bunch of research to do today as well as spend time with my Chippy and complete the tasks we failed to accomplish yesterday in Jackson. As presumed, I got a sporadic 4 hours of sleep throughout the night and woke up bright and early to contact the plethora of people that could help educate us on what we needed to know. I contacted the children’s hospital in New Orleans, the lactation specialist at Woman's Hospital, the breastfeeding specialist, my very well educated and professional speech pathologist friend, a local friend who has dealt with a similar issue and then contacted family to help educate them on the situation and what I'd gathered. All that was before lunch. Then this afternoon we headed back to Jackson to do the big Sam's and Academy trip we weren't up to yesterday evening after 3 hours of being at the doctor’s office.

We feel better about the situation now that we are more educated. Of course we don't know the severity of the cleft until he gets here, but know the ins and outs of what steps we need to take and who to contact when the time comes. We still have more research to do...that's what you get when you have an analyst as a mom and a planner as a dad. Given I'm a credit analyst and his dad is a financial's still in our DNA to plan, evaluate and research all aspects of everything. We can't help it. We are nerds.

I've talked to the head nurse of the cleft & craniofacial team in New Orleans and she is super nice and full of information and happy we are taking matters into our hands now to be better educated it makes it so much easier on everyone once he gets here. She let me know the steps I need to take and what I need to do once Hill gets here they are very proactive in early treatments and surgical evaluations, etc. For example, with the lip they prefer to do the surgical procedure mere weeks after his birth. Yet they don't do the surgery for the palate until about 9 months old. They have a genetic doctor that he would see to evaluate if there are any other disorders or syndromes associated with the cleft. She answered questions I didn't even know I had and we are very impressed with them so far.

UMC (University of Mississippi Medical Center) has a team of doctors and surgeons as well which is fantastic to have so close. We need to learn more about what they can do and their time line of actions, group of doctors, etc. So once we talk to them we will have a better idea doctor wise where we feel more comfortable and of course are open to any other suggestions and recommendations. I think we've decided that we are more into the "team of doctors" route as opposed to chasing plastic surgeons over here and audiologists and periodontists over there and genetic doctors elsewhere. There are about 8 different doctors that need to be involved in the process and evaluation. Communication between these doctors is key to us.

Seemingly the daily challenge that we will face is the feeding, if the palate is affected. Once Hill gets the swing of feeding from the breast, if possible, or specialized / modified bottle then everything else should run smoothly. Each person I talked to stressed the importance of giving him breast milk. I had planned on taking that route anyway, God willing. Hill will need it to help with immunities and each person assured me that in order to make sure he is getting enough at all times it is important that when I'm not feeding then I am pumping more so than most new mothers. As a matter of fact they suggested I rent an industrial grade hospital breast pump. Sounds super sonically abusive to my boobies. They stressed the importance of having a support group of people to help feed him because I would be exhausted. It is dire that he stays plump and healthy for surgeries and that he receive these nutrients and vitamins through breast milk since he may not be eating all the things other kids his age would be developing into. So we need to pray that my boobies produce what they need and I don't tire of being a milking cow...for a time line that is undetermined.

I will be more than happy to answer any questions all of you phenomenally wonderful people have. Please ask them. If I don't know the answer then it's something I need to ask about anyway. The million dollar question is how did this happen? It's definitely not anything I did or didn't do or Chip did or didn't do, it's just a blip in Mother Nature. It affects 1 in 700 children and is usually genetic, but we cannot find where in our families it came from. If we decide to have other children the percentage that this can happen again is extremely high. It's a chromosome disorder and the most common birth defect in babies. How will this affect Hill's children? Well statistics, which I haven't read, but Chip did -shows that there would be a 1 in 14 chance his children would be born with a cleft. With the technology we have today, cleft will probably be obsolete in 600 years when I let Hill marry and have kids of his own.

We must be strong. I'm not going to lie or sugar coat anything.....I'm human and I cry. I'm hormonal so it's often and unannounced. My heart hurts for my little boy and the unknown ahead. I depend on you all for continual prayers, support, comments, a shoulder and allowing me to use this blog as an outlet.

I feel your prayers.....they are so settling.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Counting Our Blessings

We had our doctor’s appointment today. Hill is weighing in at 7lbs and registering as a 37 week old baby even though I'm really only 35 weeks along. His heart rate was strong at 145 bpm. As much as I feel he's about to fall out Dr. North assured me that I have not dilated any and he was not going to fall out. He said he needs to stay in there at least another 3 weeks to not be a preemie.

We had a sonogram and they ended up doing a 4D as well. They found an abnormality and we are unsure of the severity, but feel confident that it will be something they can fix after he is born. It seems as though our sweet little boy has a cleft lip. Until he is born we won't be able to tell if it extends to his palette or not, but with lots of prayer and a few surgeries he will be ready to give us as many kisses in return as we will give him....well I may be giving him more. It was a complete rarity that they saw this with him so big in there and my being so far along. It's also something he's had and it just went unnoticed. His hand was in front of his face most of the time, but they were able to get a few pictures, some that looked absolutely normal and some that you could tell there was a deformity.

Please pray for my little baby. Pray for everything to be ok. Pray for God to hold our hand through this time as we learn more about what is going on. Pray for no other abnormalities. Pray that it only be the lip and not carry onto the palette. Pray for a peace for me and my family as we absorb all that the doctors tell us. Pray that we are led to the appropriate doctors that can help Hill.

I'm so ready for my baby to get here. He needs to stay in there and grow big and strong though and I respect that. I want nothing more right now in my life than to be able to hold him and just let him know how much he is loved. I sorta wish he could just come out and give me a hug and tell me it will all be alright.

There are no words when your world stands still and your breath is taken away when those few seconds that they say words like deformity, abnormality, uncertainty.....and all you can do now is just sit here and wait for the next few weeks until he gets here to know what the next step is. As sac religious as it sounds it's as if God is playing a huge joke on me because he knows I am a planner. I'm one that needs to understand the whole situation right now backwards and forwards to make an educated decision on what to do next.

As scared as we are we are trying to count our blessings. Hill is perfect in every way he is suppose to be. God doesn't make mistakes.

I go back in a week. We won't know anything else then....all we can do is just pray and continue to thank God for this little Kung fu fighter miracle inside of me. He did wave at us in the sonogram....that was sweet and extremely hilarious.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

It's all about me

I have had a wonderful past 3 days!

Thursday after work I treated myself to a pedicure. Being that everything from the knees down is like a big sausage....I'd hoped to get a leg and foot massage out of the deal but as soon as the lady started to rub the magical menthol stuff on my legs that made my shins grow lungs and aerate. She commented how tight my calves where......yes, yes they are....that is why I am here. Please rub them. She didn't. What a punk...being my first time at this pedi place I'm not sure if this is normal protocol or if she was worried I'd birth the baby in the foot tub. Either way, I was disappointed in that aspect, but happy because she got the hoofs off my heels and painted my toes a pretty redish pink fall color. It was nice. Hill will appreciate it being that my toes will be one of the first things he sees when he comes out. I'm sure he'll love it.

Then yesterday after work I got my hair 'did'. I got my hair trimmed and colored -- and again, my grey hairs did not take as well as they usually have pre pregnancy. I hope it's just hormones...I guess we will know next go round.

Then today.....I have become one with our couch. I've caught up with most every thing on the DVR in the living room and then some. It's just been me, my mommy boppy pillow, a down comforter, the couch and the pups. I have not moved in 6 hours (except to go to the bathroom). I am resting. It is nice. I feel no guilt. Chip is out at his annual Mountain Man retreat, his boy time. It's his favorite time of year and all the guys look forward to, talk about, and plan for it 364 days out of the year. I love that they do that and their stories crack me up year round.

Tomorrow I plan to possibly do the same thing as today. I may relocate to the recliner....just depends on if I get a wild hair or not.

Monday is the big day....the sonogram (2:30pm) and visit with Dr. North (3:00 pm). We will know more about when Hill will get here after that. I can't wait. I have felt like he has been wanting to fall out for the past couple days. I have to get a tutorial on how to time contractions, etc. I've been having some, they aren't the real deal...I assume those are to be painful. I don't know. I guess I'm as ready as I'll ever be now that my hair is 'did' and my toes are purdy.

I will update you all Monday evening or Tuesday morning on what the doctor says. In the mean time I'll just be here in the living room if you need me.....whether it is the couch or recliner is yet to be determined.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Baby Andrew

I'm not sure if you ever check out the right of my page under "Daily Readings" but my friend Corinne has been posting the status of her little nephew on her blog, She Do Nothing All Day

Andrew is 4 1/2 days old today and has been a little fighter from the get go.  Please keep baby Andrew and his strong wonderful beautiful family in your prayers as they go through this tremendously tough time.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009


I got a happy today!  One of my co-workers, Sandra, has started a new hobby and makes these pretty crosses with beads and rocks.  The other day she asked me what color Hill's room is and I told her neutral / natural colors. 
Tell me if this isn't perfect!

Her husband cuts out the metal backing and she glues the stones on.  She has Christmas colored ones and everything.  They are great!  I've tried to get her to sell me a couple but she says she's doing it for fun and is just giving them away.  I'd love to give them as gifts but I don't have the heart to get any more and not pay her for them. 

What a sweet sweet cross for my little boy's room.  How thoughful of her to make that one special for him.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

1 Corinthians 13 Christmas Style

Today at my Frazzle Female Bible Study my friend Gina read this poem.  It puts a lot of things into perspective about Christmas and what it is truly about.  So often we lose touch of the reason for the season.  I challenge you as this month continually gets hectic and our minds become 'frazzled' to try to take a couple of steps back and remember this.....

1 Corinthians 13 Christmas Style
©By Sharon Jaynes

If I decorate my house perfectly with lovely plaid bows, strands of twinkling lights, and shiny glass balls, but do not show love to my family - I'm just another decorator.

If I slave away in the kitchen, baking dozens of Christmas cookies, preparing gourmet meals, and arranging a beautifully adorned table at mealtime, but do not show love to my family - I'm just another cook.

If I work at the soup kitchen, carol in the nursing home, and give all that I have to charity, but do not show love to my family - it profits me nothing.

If I trim the spruce with shimmering angels and crocheted snowflakes, attend a myriad of holiday parties, and sing in the choir's cantata but do not focus on Christ, I have missed the point.

Love stops the cooking to hug the child.
Love sets aside the decorating to kiss the husband.
Love is kind, though harried and tired.
Love doesn't envy another home that has coordinated Christmas china and table linens.
Love doesn't yell at the kids to get out of your way.
Love doesn't give only to those who are able to give in return, but rejoices in giving to those who can't.
Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, and endures all things.
Love never fails. Video games will break; pearl necklaces will be lost; golf clubs will rust. But giving the gift of love will endure.

Early Coast Christmas & Birthday

Last weekend I went to the coast.  Since Jane Claire (Chip's sister) is due with Addie on the 28th of this month she can't travel for the holidays and since I am almost a month away from my due date this would be the only opportunity I'd have to get Madison and Addie their Christmas and Birthday presents.

Friday after work I drove down to Gulfport with tons of gifts in tow!  Madison may feel like she has hit the mother load of all toy and decoration lotteries.

For Christmas Chip and I got her a kitchen....
I got plenty of practice on Toy Building 101.  I learned that the cordless drill is any parents tool of choice.  Also, I learned that it takes you 1 hour longer than you expect to put things together, so allow for assembly time.

When she woke up Saturday morning, it was like Christmas!  She ran to me as I was trying to finish it up and asked..."is dat foh me?"  I assured her it was and she gave me a big ol hug and said thank you!  Too sweet. 

She couldn't play with it enough!  She kept asking us if we wanted her to make us soup.  Of course we oblidged the first 3,000 times then we asked for brownies.  Most of the time the brownies were way too hot to eat because they were just out of the oven.  So we had to be careful.  The kitchen was my favorite toy growing up.  Yet, mine didn't have buttons that make microwave and oven noises, cordless phones that talk or burners on the stove that sizzle.

I died laughing...Madison was on the (pretend) phone - she was mad at someone and so I asked her who she was talking to, she said that the Target people called her skanky and so she was so mad at them. Only a child of Jane Claire.  Geez, I say that now, who knows what Hill will come up with!

Trying to explain to a 3 year old that the kitchen is her Christmas gift and now we were going to open her birthday gifts was like talking to her in German.  I guess it really doesn't matter that she probably doesn't understand she is getting her birthday gifts 2 months in advance.  I just know that February 7th  we will not yet be ready / able to make it down to the coast with a little one in tow.

Unwrapping birthday presents.

You see since Addie is arriving soon, Madison has moved to Snooks room
(where Adrienne would stay when she'd come visit) with the big girl bed.
The problem was that it was decorated like an adults room. So, Aunt Ray Ray had to fix that!

Before Photos

After Photos

Finally...a little girls room!  She was so excited when she saw all the fun bright stuff! 
The paintings of Sponge Bob, Ariel and Squidworth were all painted by her Snooks.  That little girl loves her some Snooks.  If you ask her where Snooks lives.....she's the first to tell you - In her heart.

Next time I see Jane Claire she will have had Addie.  I am just so sick that I can't be there on the coast when she's born.  Oh well, at least Addie and Hill will be mere days apart and can grow up together.  Can you imagine....two more mischevious Hawkins kids?  Are we really ready for this?

Have a great day!

Friday, December 04, 2009

Texas Snow

I'm waiting for more pictures of the snow in my hometown in Texas - it's just pouring down! 
Here is one from my brother this morning.


Thursday, December 03, 2009

Family Vacation Minus Half the Family

Even though I've had my swine flu vaccine I guess my dad, stepmom and brother didn't want Chip and I to vacation over Thanksgiving with them in Mexico. (insert guilt trip here)

Usually once a month or every other month my dad travels to Soto La Marina, a little town in Mexico.  He has a little place there to retreat.  I haven't been in years, which is no ones fault but my own.  Anyway, this time everyone planned a trip to San Miguel de Allende while I'm all bred up and convenient.  Then throughout the whole week they send me links of places they visit and pictures of them doing fun things and they call me and tell me what a fabulous time they are having.  My brother now thinks he's the favorite child, whatever helps him sleep better at night.

Anyway, since we all must live vicariously through my family I figured I would show you a few pictures they sent me.  Look how happy and relaxed and smiley they are......punks.

Pam, Jason & Dad at a quaint cafe having coffee. 
Jason eating up the attention.

Pam & Dad having fun without me

The view from where they stayed.....sigh.

Then I received this link of where they stayed.

Hill's B.F.F.

My sweet friend Marsha was kind enough to let me come over and practice baby care 101 with her 1 week old little man Pearce.  Pearce is precious.  He's absolutely tiny and makes me glad I'm already pregnant so I don't have to wait 9 months to have one of my own.  All that instant gratification stuff again.

Pearce is Hill's B.F.F.  I thought maybe when I was holding Pearce that Hill would give a swift kick or nudge to say "What Up, Man?" but he didn't.  I'm sure down the road they will have years of swift kicks for each other to look forward to though.

I sure hope that Marsha does not get annoyed with me when I'm calling her every 30 minutes asking for help.  Last night I fed Pearce and was suppose to burp him after 1/2 an ounce ....ummm 1 1/2 oz. later I forgot!  He was so fast that I was sure he hadn't had that much, but he did.  He forgave me and burped, but I felt bad that I didn't follow the rules.  I'd be the first person to make a week old baby's stomach burst from too much formula.  So much to learn, so much to learn. I probably made Marsha nervous because I was so awkward in the whole feeding/burping/holding process.  I'm going to blame it on my body.  I am very uncomfortable in my body right now, can't get comfortable therefore everything is awkward for me.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
So without further a due I present to you Steven Pearce and his big sister Swayze!  I for sure need Swayze around when Hill comes, she is so helpful!

Look at that little grin!

He's so tiny and sweet!

Pearce, Marsha & Swayze. Too cute!

Swayze posing in front of the tree

Pre cart-wheel

Thanks Marquerdt Family for having me over to play! 

To keep up with the cuteness of the Marquerdt Crew check out Marsha's Blog

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Holidays & Bigness

Hey friends! Sorry, the holidays, parties, friends, family, work and being 8 months pregnant are the reasons for my being illusive this past week.

Where to start? Wednesday night our friends Elizabeth, Mike and their dog Neenah came to stay with us. It’s always a treat to see good friends. They live in Nashville and she’s just a few days behind me in pregnancy. This will be the last time we see our friends before we both go off being parents. That is so weird. Next time we hang out we will have little rug rats in tow. Talk about reality check.

Thanksgiving was great! Chip’s family from Houston, TX came to visit. Again, it’s always a treat seeing and hanging out with them. Joyce, Chip’s step-mom, always makes sure we eat like Kings, Queens and little Princes. In true pregnancy fashion I ate for two at lunch and then when round two came as delicious as it was the first go round the smell of the food at dinner time made me nausious. I couldn’t even eat. Glad I ate enough in round one to compensate for the failure of round two!

Friday night we had a baby shower / cookout for Elizabeth and Mike. There was a great crowd and Chip did a great job cooking hamburgers and sausages. Elizabeth and Mike got a bunch of great stuff to welcome baby question mark. I say baby question mark because they aren’t finding out if it’s a boy or a girl. Census says, girl. I guess we will find out soon enough. Chip and I don’t have that kind of will power to not know. Remember we come from that instant gratification generation.

Saturday we were lazy and watched the Egg Bowl (sad sad) and then continued our laziness on into the evening before heading to our friends Fred & Tasha’s house to eat beef tenderloin, amongst other fine fantastic things that Mr. Fred cooked up. We left a little later than we’d bargained for but had to head home so Chip could wake up early and go duck hunting Sunday morning.

Sunday morning when Chip got home at 10:00 am I was still in bed. I was awake, but just being lazy. Staying true to ourselves we carried on our laziness throughout the whole entire day. It was great and well deserved!

Then we come to yesterday, Monday. Monday’s are usually dreaded but when you are 8 months pregnant and sometimes feel as though you can hardly maneuver yourself to function in an every day environment mentally when people tell you, “my how you have blossomed” and physically as I waddle around trying to use momentum to thrust myself out of bed….Monday means baby doctor appointments! This is always a highlight to any day, but especially when it’s a Monday!

So, what did Dr. North say? Dr. North confirmed that my stomach may not be sore because of how gigantic it is, but because I’ve found this knot under my belly button. It’s sore to the touch and probably a hernia that came from my gall bladder removal surgery 10 years ago. Being that my stomach is big and my uterus is in charge it made it surface. He said at this time it’s a non issue unless I stay pregnant for a really long time and it becomes a nuisance. I assured him that as much as I love being pregnant I don’t plan on making habit of it. So once this bundle of bigness comes out the knot should go back to the unknown in my gut. Lovely thought huh?

You heard me right, bundle of bigness. I don’t make this up or say it because my body is beginning to ache a little, but because this kiddo is big. My suspicion was confirmed when Dr. North measured, then re measured then tried a different angle then measured again. He said he’s a big boy. Of course I asked, how big? He said we won’t know until closer to time when we do a sonogram exactly how big is big. So my second question was, how big is too big? He said too big would be 9 or 10 lbs. Not that this baby was 9 or 10lbs right now, but that would be too big in his eyes.

So as anxious as I am to figure out how big Hill is I figured I’d have to wait at least another 4 weeks or so for a sonogram since he said he’d do a sonogram “closer to time.” We all know per my last visit how he said I’d have another sonogram but only after I told him he was mean for depriving me of them. I assumed he would do a sonogram either the day I go into labor or maybe at like 38 weeks. WRONG…I have a sonogram at my next visit in 2 weeks! Yay for this, but scary for this too! Go back to the paragraph above this and re-read the bold part, especially the closer to time part.

I’m a girl, a hormonal one at that, and must read into everything to find its’ true deeper meaning. So the fact that I’m having a sonogram next visit (December 14th) in pregnant girl terms means that he thinks this kid is big and it’s closer to time than we’d bargained for and I assume in 2 weeks we will have a better timeline of when he’ll be here! How crazy, scary, freaky, weird and exciting all at the same time! Can’t wait for the 14th when we have a better idea of when we can meet this bundle of bigness! This is going to be the longest 2 weeks in the history of all 14 days in America.

Well, I guess the anxiety is setting in. I’ve been sleeping really well lately, but this morning I woke up at 4 am. Now I haven’t even started my day and two hours later I’m ready to go back to bed. Should make for a long busy day!

Have a good one!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Best Daddy Ever - Child birthing Class Night 3 & 4

I am doubling up on this post since we are dedicated learners and went to child birthing class two nights in a row! Chip is unable to attend our last Monday class (November 30th) so we went to Week 4 Tuesday night class last night.

Week 3 (Monday night) was informative. We learned about all the scary things that haunt me like epidurals, c-sections, poop, amongst other things that are gross. It was a computer simulated video so it didn't show people getting epidurals inserted or sliced open for a section, but cartoon renditions still made Chip queasy. He had to turn and face the wall as not to watch and rubbing his sweaty palms on his pants. I'm surprised he didn't stick his fingers in his ears and start humming so he didn't have to hear about it. Poor babe, I know he'll do fine in delivery as long as he's on my right side and my IV is on the left side. He gets his medical / needle / blood fears from his mom. She could think or hear about something bloody and pass smooth out.
I feel better...mentally. I think Chip does too. We don't like surprises.

The second half of the class we toured the hospital. Chip and I had already toured months ago but went ahead anyway and did it again. Woman's hospital is so nice. The rooms are great, the people seem nice, and everything is state of the art. It got me really excited to birth this baby! I think it set in with Chip that this is going to happen soon! He was talking about how we needed to go ahead and pack bags (check), then he would think of things we needed to add to the bag that I hadn't thought of (can you imagine I forgot something on my list?) It made me even more excited that he was excited and thinking / talking about it.

After the hospital tour Chip suggested we head to Best Buy to look at cameras...both camcorders and digital cameras. We decided that maybe we should stick with purchasing a good digital camera and then later down the road purchase the camcorder. We are up for suggestions, pros, cons, loves, hates on your digital camera or camcorder to help in this process. You know we are big researchers and appreciate any feedback on what you use.

Since Chip will be unable to make it to next Monday's last child birthing class we went to Week 4 last night and can now consider us ready to birth a baby. This group was a more interactive group. The regular teacher was out, but the substitute was great! The teacher talked about caring for your baby, what to expect to happen to your baby from the first second to 6 hours to when you walk out the door of the hospital. We talked about after care for yourself once you've delivered and all the security measures they take to make sure your baby is safe from being snatched.

Evidentially baby snatching is a big deal. So, if you come to visit me do not be offended if the nurses refuse to let you hold or be left with my baby. Only Chip and I will have id bracelets that will match Hill's and we are the only two individuals that a nurse can leave the baby with. There is another bracelet on Hill's ankle that is an alarm. Any time that bracelet nears an exit or is tampered with the whole hospital sounds an alarm and is on lockdown. Then on top of that the nurses have photo id's they wear and a special color card with special markings to let you know that they really do work there and will take your baby to the nursery and not kidnap it.

Then once we covered all the ins and outs of baby care she showed us how to swaddle. Guess who got picked to practice in front of the class???

The best Daddy in the world!

Tuck those little hands in the flap.
He's doing so well!

Ta-Da!  A happy swaddled baby!
Even the teacher approved!

I'm so proud of Chip stepping up and learning and being such a big part in the process.  He plays such a vital role that I'm not sure what I'd do without him.  I consider myself very very lucky to have such a wonderful husband and I know he'll be the best Daddy ever.  You this hormonal pregnant lady is tearing up!

As for Hill....I am anxious to go to the doctor on Monday afternoon.  He has dropped and according to the trusty ol' internet I have nothing to fear, I can still make it to my 40 weeks no problem.  Yet, according to wives tales I've been told I'll have him in 2 weeks and another lady informed me today that there will be a new moon on December 16th.  Not trying to rush the process, but just saying we are ready whenever as long as he is ready. 

Last night in class we had to pretend that we were having our baby right that second.  What had we not done?  We were to make a list.  Of course I had mine in my wallet so I didn't have to rewrite it.  Gah, I'm a nerd.  My list was minute things, like get a roll of quarters for the vending machine and a robe and call someone to take care of the dogs.  I have my call list, I have my insurance lined up, I have forms saved onto my flash drive for FMLA & short term disability.  As the lady would mention all of these big things I would tell Chip where they are how he can find the information, etc.  I guess I hadn't thought about informing him where everything was.  So, that was good.  He had not doubted for one second that I hadn't handled all that info already.  I was scared for the people that hadn't painted the room or put together their crib or even had a baby shower and no clothes or anything.  Frankly, I would be panicking.  Luckily, I don't have to panic.

Well I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving.  We have many many things to be thankful for.  This has been a really hard yet exciting year wrapped into one for Chip and I.  We are thankful for every single person that reads this blog and has prayed and laughed and cried with us.  Friends and family are so important. 

As I leave you on that note of being thankful for friends and family, please keep The Marquerdt's in your thoughts and prayers as they bring Hill's prearranged best friend into the world, Steven Pearce Marquerdt.  Pearce and Hill have many adventures to endure and so do Marsha and I!  Her and her husband, Steven, had their 8th anniversary yesterday and then will be having a baby today!  What wonderful things to be thankful for!
Also, my mother is doing fantastic!  They found that her pelvis and something connected to it was out of line.  The physical therapist adjusted it back and gave her exercises to do and she'll be ready to come to MS soon!  Thank you all for your continual prayers!  They helped!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Football, Friends & Corndogs

Some of you know the story of the narrowing down of my colleges of choice and where was I going to go, but some of you don't.  I have to say this quietly for fear that my husband will hire snipers to shoot me down before entering the house. We all know why I chose Ole Miss per my post the other day, but another school at the top of my list was LSU.  Yes, I said it out loud....quietly, but out loud.

My mom went to LSU, my best friend was at LSU the same time I was at Ole Miss yet my dad seemingly had some type of paternal intuition.  Since he was paying the out of state tuition I kindly appeased his fear of my BAL being higher than my GPL.  That translates to my Blood Alcohol Level being higher than my Grade Point Level (GPA).  He said LSU was not an option. 

With that said, my dad kindly contributed monitarily to the freqent trips to Baton Rouge and New Orleans and Mardi Gras through out my college tenure so that I could see my best friend.  Mere and I had fun times.  In the process, some of her friends became my friends too!  They came up to visit me at Ole Miss once, but that was a crazy and they never came back.  Until this past weekend.  My LSU friend, Kelly came to watch the Rebels play the Tigers.  It was so good to see her.  It's truly been like 11 years, I swear.  She brought her little boy who is absolutely precious in his little Tiger costume.

I don't discriminate against my LSU people.  My two favorite people in the world, Meredith & my mom, have roots there.  I was even nice to the two LSU guys that sat in front of us at the game.  I had to remind my husband a couple of times that we were classy Rebel fans and to be nice.  He listened well, but I have to admit that there were 2 sets of Ole Miss people sitting around us that were absolutely obnoxious, they made us look like Alabama fans.  I gave one of them the evil eye letting her know she was being inappropriate and the other guy down the way I yelled at him! 

There is this running joke that LSU people smell like corndogs.  It is quite funny, but he was saying rude ugly things and giving us Ole Miss fans that actually went to school there a bad rap.  He was a huge snaggle toothed individual and so I told him he needed to lay off the corndogs.  Everyone laughed because everyone was so annoyed with the inconsiderate Ole Miss fans just as much as I was.  Gah, that gets on my nerves!  I'm not just saying that because I like LSU, I just think it's uncouth to display such a lack of respect!

So, as I go on my tirade about how ugly these people were I am being a hypocrite because I took some pretty funny pictures as I walked through the Grove.  At least these people weren't shouting inappropriate language with little kids around, they were having good ol' silly fun! 

I need to make a formal apology to my son. 

Dearest Hill,
Mommy is really really sorry about all the walking, jumping, yelling, cheering and screaming that you had to endure during the most phenominal game I've ever witnessed.  Had it not been for the yelling and cheering the Rebels may not have been able to pull through all the bad calls and pushing back of those mean ol' Tigers to the very last second!  I really thought you were going to come out right there in Vaught Hemingway stadium.  I'm glad you didn't because a) that would have been awkward and b) you need to incubate in there a little bit longer.  You can tell all of your friends when you get older that you witnessed the 2009 Ole Miss vs. LSU game.  You helped cheer them on to victory!  You really took one for the team and mommy and daddy and Papa really appreciate it.  Even though I know you and I both want to be there when we go to a bowl game, we can't be, so we had to cheer on our Rebs now and next weekend too.  Then we can rest.  You sure are a little trooper.  Again, mommy apologizes and you only have to endure one more weekend of Ole Miss football until you can go and cheer them on yourself next year!
Thank you for your understanding.  Now stay in there for 7 more weeks. 
Your Mother

Sunday morning when I woke up Hill was definately lower.  I think he's dropped.  He was probably so spazed out from Saturday that he is kicking around saying GET ME OUTTA THIS CRAZY LADY!  We had a talk and he said he'll stay in there a little longer.  Not sure how much longer though.

Friday, November 20, 2009


Is it just me or is the baby count down ticker on the right side of my blog being wishy washy.  I think it may know something I don't know.  It has always said,
"I am XX weeks pregnant.  Only XX days to go." 

Now it reads,

"I am XX weeks pregnant.  About XX days to go."

Why all of a sudden did it decide that it wants to be approximate?  I looked at my friend Susan's blog and her's still says "Only 8 days to go" and she's had her baby.  Then Christy has had her twins and given they were early, but we have the EXACT same ticker and her's still says "Only 24 days to go". 

Why me?  Why does it want to guesstimate as if to say, "Ahh, somewhere in the next 55 days you'll be having a baby."  What is your take on this random matter?

Thursday, November 19, 2009


First off, my mom is doing better. They released her from the hospital yesterday around 3:00 and prescribed physical therapy and pain meds. They think it is muscle related. Due to her immobility she is staying at my aunt’s house because she can't be alone. She's on the road to recovery, and I thank you for your prayers, but please don't stop them just yet!

In other happy healthy news, Sonic serves anything off of their menu at any time during the day. Why after 32 weeks of pregnancy am I just now figuring this out? I suppose I'm supposed to be ashamed of myself, but this morning I was starving for something with substance, not sweet, and didn't want your run of the mill drive thru breakfast. I wanted a hamburger and my daily fountain coke. Mmmmm....fountain coke just may be the best invention. Even more so than cars, electricity or bacon. That's how much I love them. Anyway, I didn't eat dinner last night because I lost track of time. This morning Hill wanted dinner. I couldn't fault him for that because I had obviously deprived him of it.

I'd never been to Sonic in the morning time, but I figured I could at least get a good fountain coke. I pulled into the cool side of Sonic and there was a lady cleaning the windows. I asked her if they served hamburgers this early in the morning. She said we serve anything on the menu all day, every day. Shut your mouth! How fantastic! So I did the appropriate motherly thing and fed him a hamburger and fries at 8:00 am. Oh yea, and got a 44 oz Cherry Vanilla Coke.

I should video my stomach right now...he is flipping out everywhere!  He either really loved it more than anything in the entire world or he is super mad that I gave him a hamburger and fries for breakfast.  I vote that he loved it because it sure was fantastic.  Here is a picture of it's fabulousness....

I opted out for the onions.  I really don't eat onions on anything but Sonic hamburgers .... weird I know.  The other day Chip and I got the brown bag and I got onions on my burger.  For those of you that know my husband understand the capacity in which he hates onions, lettuce or ketchup.  It's like bad.  So bad that I have to go to the back patio to enjoy my lunch in peace.  If I don't, it's the whole...GAH, that stinks! OMG, I'm going to be sick!  PEEWWW, that is awful!  Or my favorite, where he sits at the table with me but turns his back to me and pulls his food closer to him as if my food was rabid and going to attack his food and make it nasty.  He's so weird. 
So anyway, I opted out for the onions because he made really self conscious the other day.  I got the onions on my hamburger and ate outside like the nice considerate wife I am.  I came back inside after I finished eating and still got the whole OMG, it smells like onions in here!  I went and washed my hands with the vibrant smell good soap in the guest bathroom as to maybe mask the smell then walked back through the living room.  GAH, those onions stink!  As if I had stepped in a pile of onions and it was on my shoe like dog poo or something?  I asked what I could do in the middle of a PEEWWW that is awful and he suggested I take a shower.  I didn't go to that extreme because he was being ridiculous, but I did end up changing my clothes because for some reason he thought they were tainted.  That is what I have to put up with.  So even though Chip would not be at my work today to critique my onion smell, I decided against onions at 8am for my coworkers sake.

Chip can always tell when I am pissy at him because I'll eat something with a ton of ketchup.  I love ketchup, but under normal circumstances not enough to provoke the dramatic above mentioned scene that sets off gag reflexes and a holy moley the smell is infecting my clean air intake, I'm going to suffocate routine.  One time I was mad at him about something and was eating ketchup and he walked by and said, I notice you aren't as sensitive to my needs as you once were.  I laughed so hard....on the inside of course.  I'm evil.

Once Hill comes we will have to make Daddy eat outside on the patio as we enjoy our foods he hates.  I will throw myself in front of on coming traffic to make sure my little boy does NOT inherit his father's eating habits.  If he does, I will sell tickets at the door to the Drama Queen Routine at the Hawkins house.  Then you can pray over me after each show or just go ahead and take me to the looney bin.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Occupy my mind.....

Update on my mom.  I was able to talk to her last night.  She was really groggy and of course worried about me...she is so selfless.  She has enough pain meds in her that she should be in a coma, but the pain is still there. They can't figure out what is triggering the pain.  They will do an MRI today to check for fractured discs, and see if there is anything abnormal going on.  Thank you for the prayers and please continue them. 

Last night I tried to be productive to keep my mind occupied.  I was able to actually sit down and go through the checklist of what I need to take and pack for the hospital.  I had purchased things I knew I needed, but I hadn't put them in a bag yet.  Thanks to my friend Jennifer that sent me a list of what to pack and how to pack it we should be in good shape.  There are still a few things I need like batteries for the camera, a robe, rolls of quarters, and playing cards (phase 10 / uno).  I have to figure out what outfit I want to wear home and pick up an extra bag of dogfood so I know the pups are taken care of.

As suggested, I have seperate bags so as things happen there will be seperate bags for specific needs.  We won't have to carry everything in all at once.  I thought that was a fantastic idea!

I have a labor bag that is to help pass the time - it has magazines, notepad, pens, chapstick, new socks, lotion,  germ-ex, ponytail holders, elastic ouchless headbands and a brush (I must be really worried about my hair??).

Then I have a sack full of snacks for my family.  Since I am anal and did this so early, I did check to make sure the food doesn't expire before January 14th. Thank you very much!  It has peanut M&M's, snack bags of cookies and crackers, Cheese crackers (aka Nabs), nutri-grain bars, sugar free lifesaver swirls, sugar free wint-o-green mints, big bag of regular wint-o-green mints (Chip's ultimate favorite).  There are other things, I just can't think of them....I really only think about the peanut M&M's....every day.  But we are forbidden to open anything!

Then there is my overnight bag.  Growing up with divorced parents, doing the every other weekend thing the majority of my life made me a good packer.  I can make more travel like less.  I have 2 sets of pj's with button up tops and pants and one gown.  I have panties (of course), more new socks, and slippers.  I do have to get this sleep bra that is seemingly all the rage and a necessity.  I also brought a box of thank you notes. (I know I'm a geek) Then bathroom bag is filled to the top.  It may actually be rediculous.  I have enough toothbrushes for the whole east wing of the hospital. I have toothpaste, soap & body wash, shampoo & conditioner, shout stain wipes??, mouthwash, boobie cream, dental floss, wipes, razors, deoderant, and other stuff that we just MAY need. 

On top of these bags (which are all sitting in the car seat) is a list that says make-up, hair dryer, cell  phone chargers and then where to find them.  There is also another asterik that says - call dog sitters.  Can't forget about my four legged babies during all of this!

Ok, so we have the labor bag, the snack bag, and the overnight / necessity bag.  Then there is Hill's bag.  I packed Hill's bag and it pretty much has like 6 outfits because I don't know how big he'll be, 3 blankets, socks, and hats.  Everything is washed and ready.

All we have left is Chip's bag.  He is in charge of making sure he has what he needs clothes and panty wise. I have taken care of toiletries. 

I know it sounds like I'm packing up everything but the kitchen sink.  I just may be!  Yet my train of thought is that all of this can sit in my SUV that has plenty of room and never be used....but if I need it - it is there.  Sort of like our Coleman chairs, they sit in the back of my car 24-7 so we are prepared to tailgate, sit around a campfire or visit on a friends patio at any given moment.

Also, I have made a list of Names & Numbers & Log Ins.....per my smart hubby's request.  He must have learned this in his birthing partner group.  I have the clinic number, the hospital number, then family members numbers, friends numbers and log in information to my blog and my facebook.  This list also has my social security number on it as well as my Med Key # for the hospital....that number houses all my pre registration insurance information in the hospitals system.  Nifty huh?

I do have on my list of things to still get together - my laptop.  If you guys can think of anything I've left off please let me know!! I'd hate to do without! 

Ok, I'm ready to have a baby.  He needs to stay in there a little longer and grow, but I'm ready whenever he is!  I think.  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Ummm.....I'm having a baby.  That is weird.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Special Request

You know I never ask for special prayer unless it's really necessary.

Please pray for my mom.  She is in the hospital with severe back pains.  Please pray that all is well and that the doctors can figure out what is wrong.  Pray for her pain to subside and for her to have a healthy speedy recovery.

I selfishly ask for you to pray for me as I sit here 700 miles away trying to be strong.  She is my strength.  It's hard not being there to hold her hand or see her or talk to her.

I know my brother and my aunt are there with her and that makes my heart rest a little easier, but I can't help but worry.  I learned today in my Bible study that worry was a sin.  I just need to turn it over to the Lord.  I ask you to pray that all of our worries subside and we hand them over to Him.

Donuts, Doctors & My Birthing Partner

This is the breakfast of champions

I'm going to let you in on a little secret.....Don't let the name deter you. If you have not had the privilege of trying K&S's cinnamon nuggets you have not had the best breakfast in Attala County. It may be because I'm pregnant, it may be because my husband is having sympathy pains, but we think they are truly a two bite piece of heaven. Wash that down with a cold cold chocolate milk....yum!

Disclaimer: K&S does not pay me to say this, even though they could give me a life time supply of cinnamon nuggets and chocolate milk.

Now that we've started our day off right with a sugary sweet breakfast we can move on to yesterday’s doctor’s appointment. All is well on the belly front. Dr. North didn't see me in my skivvies (as my grandmother would call panties.) He may have seen how abnormally high they came up because he had to measure my belly and listen to the heartbeat (145 bpm)...but he didn't say anything about it.

I asked his nurse, Toni, when my next "exam" was because I had to make sure I shaved my legs. She thinks it is so funny that I worry about that stuff because she said they don't even notice. She said it wouldn't be until 36 weeks. So I have a few weeks before my legs get shaved again. That's one less thing to worry about.

I go back in two sonogram. Dr. North said I'm doing so well I may not have another sonogram. I called him mean, he laughed, I told him we were in a fight, he left. Then I saw him again in the hall and he was laughing and told me I'd have another sonogram some time. I told him that if that was the case, he wasn't mean, I take it back. We are on speaking terms now.

I did get my H1N1 vaccine. So I hope to not get the swine flu. I hope that my baby will be ok. I don't like the unknowing, but the statistics show that 1/3 of pregnant women that contract the swine flu die. Those are stats we aren't comfortable gambling with. Given, I'll be the first to admit that 40% of all statistics are made up anyway.

So onto, what you've all been waiting so patiently to hear about for a full week. Night 2 of the birthing class.

Night 2 was wonderful for me. I didn't have to do a whole lot. The focus was for the birthing partner....that would be Chip. He prefers to simply be known as the birthing partner now.

We watched an educational video on labor / contractions and what to do, and then the teacher divided the birthing partners into 4 groups. Chip was in group one. I just sat in my seat and played on my phone like the nerd I am. Every now and then I could hear Chip laughing in the corner with his group getting a kick out of himself. Their task was to make a list of things they could do as the birthing partner to make things easier for the mommy during labor. At one point I heard him say, "She'll know I suggested that one." I didn't even look up....I just shook my head to wait the unknowing. Being married to Chip, you just never...ever...know.

So the groups were finished and Chip came and sat back down with me and someone from their group read their list. What the birthing partner can do to help.

1) play soothing music
2) massage
3) breathing techniques
4) Be a table.......I knew Chip said that was in the movie we watched. The couple was walking down the hospital corridor and the lady wanted to bend over and the man got on all 4's (like a dog) and let her lean over him. We died laughing (we Chip and I being the only ones laughing)......I asked Chip if he'd be my table and he said No.
5) Have a list of people to call
6) Call the hospital to let them know you are coming
7) Update her facebook status for her........again - I knew Chip had said that one. He was grinning ear to ear and so hysterically proud of himself. He cracks me up.

The list went on and on. Those are the ones I remember. Then the second half of the class the birthing partners sat on the floor and massaged our backs. Chip immediately said...ummm, do you think Tasha would come and massage you? For those of you that don't know, my friend Tasha has missed her calling. She gives the best massages known to man. Anyway, I made Chip learn anyway. There were all kinds of creative tools the teacher had for massaging and relaxing- of course there were the hands and rubbing along side the spine and the neck, a pool noodle cut into 1/4 to roll everywhere (that feels great!), a coke can that has been refrigerated for coldness, a sock full of rice (heated in microwave) as heating pad.

Let’s rewind....about 7 months ago when I had just found out I was pregnant my lower back was KILLING me. Chip is not a good massager. Well he is, but he won't do it right for fear I'll like it and make him do it all the time. So, I would beg him to rub my back. He would for like 2.5 seconds then whine that his hands were tired. So he incorporated the can of beans. The can of beans was his invention, his trick, his cure all. He would roll the grocery store bought can of beans up and down my back to save his poor tired hands. It hurt, but I couldn't figure out if it was a good hurt or not. So I let him continue. The next day it was as if every bone, ligament and muscle in my back had been run through the shredder. I hate the can of beans. I've never let him use it again.

So with that said, when the teacher busted out all this creative stuff like coke cans and rice then Chip turned to me and said...I told you the beans were a great idea! All we needed was his can of beans and after labor we could eat a full meal! Lord bless his soul. Or maybe I should say, Lord bless MY soul!

What am I going to do with him?