Sunday, December 30, 2007

Bout' Time!

I know, I know, it's about time I blogged. What a better time than right this very second....I'm feeling productive as I sit in bed watching CBS News Sunday Morning (what a great program), catching a glimpse out the corner of my eye of my freshly organized closet, and the last load of laundry in the wash. Yes, I am feeling productive. Get ready for all reading and no visuals!

As some of you may know I can't fully function until everything is in it's place. I've always been that way - in high school I had to complete everything on my to do list before I started homework, in college I had to have a clean apartment before I could focus on my studies. I'm still like that with my desk at work and especially in my home. I think it's some form of OCD? Long story short, Christmas decorations are down, leaves in the driveway and back patio are blown off, house is decent and the puppies lay sweetly in my bed resting their eyes. Good feeling.

Where is Chippy? He is at the 3rd (or 4th?) Annual Mountain Man Weekend. The last weekend of every year him and his buddies go to one of their cabins and drink, play cards, hunt, grill out, scratch their butts, watch football - anything that involves great volume of testosterone. Come Monday they will start planning for 2008 Mountain Man - this is a 365 day process. It's almost like a fraternity. Let's just say they start growing their beards out around Thanksgiving and this will be the first year I've spent New Year's with Chip in the past 3-4 years since it falls on a Tuesday. We have no plans for New Year's Eve, but I have big plans for the year 2008.

1) The ol' cliche resolution that always makes the list - lose weight. I started prepping for this one early with the help of my doctor. I'll let you know how it goes. I feel with my accomplishing day number 43 of clean lungs this is a good mindset to change habits and become more motivated.

2) Listen more.....My mind always runs 7439 miles per hour and goes from one thought to the next and I most always have something to say. I read an article that said the average human has between 50,000-60,000 thoughts per day and 80% of them are usually negative. I want to change the negative thoughts and learn to listen better.

3) Continual Education. I want to focus really hard on learning the calculations and formulas that will help me in my job.

4) Read more. I've been reading this book on leadership and have really enjoyed it - Developing the Leader Within You. I have started a list of a couple of books I'd like to read next. I hope this leads to trips to the library.

5) De-Clutter. Is that a word? You catch my drift. I've already started on this 43 days ago. I don't want any "stuff" just sitting around. Maybe become more of a minimalist - I need simplicity in my life.

6) Save $. Again, cliche...but I have done a ton of research this past month on ways to save and cut corners and managed to save us about $140 a month on house phone, cell phone, Internet (which will triple the speed), pest control and then once we sell the house from hell (no it still hasn't sold) that will be an extra $150 in my pocket. So potentially $300 a month in savings. I'll let you know if my plan worked once I receive my bills for the things I have changed up next month; then if it works I can share with you what I have done. I still have to research our car and house insurance and if we can save more by switching agents.

7) Find a hobby. My hubby loves to fish in the Spring/Summer and hunt in the Fall/Winter leaving poor Rach-y bored. Once I finish "de-cluttering" I need to find something to preoccupy my time. I was thinking once Spring comes I will be able to work on my yard. Lisa...wanna come help? I need ideas!! We fenced in the back yard and it's taken away from the woodsy ambiance that once was, makes me sad. I don't have a green thumb or the financial capability to do what I vision, but I can try to make do.
Another hobby is to bust out Mamaw's sewing machine. I want to make a T-shirt Blanket -- I've already put all of my college t-shirts in a pile and then have another pile of my favorite t's to do a second quilt. If it turns out - I'll make you one too!

I think these resolutions are feasible. I will need all the moral support I can get. What is/are your New Year resolutions? I'm determined 2008 will be great.

Adios 2007!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Last Post....

No silly head! This isn't my last post EVER, only until I get my new laptop. Should be in this week....if not then I shall talk to you upon it's arrival. Chip is taking this dinosaur to Alabama 2 days after he made it super fast by adding more RAM. That punk - he probably knew all along he could do that! This piece made me pull out every hair on my body waiting for it to do well, anything. This is Rachel, signing out from the hunk of junk hopefully forever! Until next time when I will write you from my super speedy, state of the art, probably takes pictures of it beauty while scratching my back and types what my mind is thinking - machine.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Where's Rachel???

Here I am!!!! Yes friends, I did fall off the face of the earth, but I am back. I have tons to talk about --you haven't heard the last from me! Good news! For Christmas my lovable hubby bought me a new laptop with super speed and a bunch of things I don't need. YEAHH!! So I will actually have the patience to write you lover-ly peeps more often.

Where do I start. First I want to apologize for a couple of things. 1)That it has been years since I have informed you of the ongoings of Koz and 2)There will be no pictures only text in this blog since Chippy has the digital camera.

Last I remember blogging was over a month ago when I was going to Texas to be in a wedding. Wedding was fun and my boobs didn't pop out of my bridesmaid dress as I thought they may. So that's good. I got to spend a lot of "Girl Time" with my wonderful fun friends and received bonus points from my husband and all of the males that were forced to do wedding mumbo jumbo with their wives because I shipped hubby off with my dad, brother and uncle to go fishing for the majority of the pre wedding crapola.

Work is going well. I'm learning a lot and still liking all of my co-workers. They are all willing to lend a helping hand when I don't understand what is going on. Pretty soon the two analysts that were there before me will be moving on to bigger and better things. Then my side kick, Jeremy, will have to deal with all of my idiotic questions.

Thanksgiving was fun. My mom and brother drove up from Tejas to hang out and bring me fun goodies. I inherited many many wonderful things that fulfill my maternal grandmothers dining room table 8 chairs and buffet that are absolutely gorgeous, my paternal grandmothers china cabinet that has seen better days- but serves it's purpose and I love it, as well as the record player my grandfather gave my grandmother for their 30th wedding anniversary. I also received my Mamaw's sewing machine which is a blast from the past since I haven't used/seen it in over 15 years. I remember being a wee little Rachel watching and "helping" her sew dresses and curtains and most all of my clothing - for hours - especially on Tuesdays when I spent the night with her. As I opened the bag of goodies she sent with the machine she still had the same tape measures, thimbles, pin cushions, tracing papers - as if time had stood still. For a moment in time it was as if I were still that precious little pure angel. Stop laughing.

On a more serious note......
The other life changing thing happened today. I witnessed and was a part of something wonderful. It's sad that it took someones misfortune to see this, but today I saw the true meaning of love, compassion, care, selflessness and it was humbling. As part of a local civic group I attend meetings, do my hours, meet my quotas, volunteer, etc, etc. I never tangibly see the difference it makes. As the contact person for a local school, I received a phone call from the counselor that 2 children lost their home this past weekend in a fire. They lost everything, shoes, socks, winter clothes, school supplies, and that doesn't even scratch the surface. This counselor reached out for these children and withing 10 minutes from hanging up the phone and making 1 phone call they had been furnished school supplies and money for new clothes. This is truly awesome. As I shopped for their school supplies tonight I walked around buying them probably more than they will need this next semester. I looked around at all the "things" in the store and it made me so sad that I take so much of the stuff I have for granted and these kids have absolutely nothing.

So to you, my friends, I say....this holiday season as we get our new laptops and adorable boots and jackets, take the time to go through your closet or a shelf with knick knacks and give to your local shelter, helping hands or salvation army. Some people have been struck by tragedy, people we may never know. So, as you make your 9045th trip to WalMart this week pick up a toy for the Church toy drive. Are you having a Christmas Party this year? Make it an invitation where they have to bring a gift if they come. You can think of a philanthropy or get a list of things needed for families in need, elderly people that may not be able to afford heat or food for the winter, the Veterans Home, there are millions of programs. My mom's best friend did that a few years back and when we delivered even the simplest of things like nightgowns their faces lit up! It really makes a difference not only your life, but most importantly someone else's.

Tis the season guys - don't forget.

Peace out!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Don't forget about me

Here I am. I didn't want you think I dropped off the face of the earth. I will write hopefully this weekend.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Procrastination Station

Hi and welcome to procrastination station. That is what I will call this blog because I could be doing about 47039876 other things but choose not to. I am sure you understand because if you weren't procrastinating you wouldn't be reading my blog. So - we're even.
I was doodling on my reality notebook of bills to pay and decided I wanted to escape into the blog-o-sphere for a bit since I miss you all so dearly! During my daydreaming that had nothing to do with plumbers, utility bills, laundry, barking dogs, commercial loan applications, meetings, or the fact I need to lose 100lbs.....
I was thinking about school - high school and college and what a freaking life my friends and I led - our most nerve wracking times were OMG! Did he really just wink at me or did he have something in his eye? or - I saw Richard driving through town in his awesome decked out truck and he me! He probably wants to have like a thousand of my babies. or - Mary thinks that I said her outfit was oh so awful - if I'd have thought that I'd have said it to her face...stupid beotch, we are so in a fight. Those were the days when money seemingly grew on trees and was there when we needed it and if it wasn't then we figured out ways to still have fun and hang out and become the ever so dreaded beer bums at parties.
I now give you this opportunity to list the things you miss most about la la land - take the time to reminisce - it does the mind, body and soul really good. I think it's actually therapeutic to think about the good ol' days and how they got you where you are today.....Talk amongst yourselves (via my comment link). It's not like you have anything better to do - we are all procrastinating right?

Thursday, August 30, 2007

LSU vs Mississippi State

Yes, you have the right website, it's Rachel - not some crazy football, Sports crazed, ESPN lovin' blogger. I couldn't think of a title and since I have been immersed in State Fans talking, talking, and talking all day about the State / LSU game tonight it's embedded in my brain.

What a different culture. I come from a land far far away where we do have football rivals, but it's not like an "I have nothing nice to say to you because you pull for the other team" type of rivals. The utter hatred that people have for the opposing team is quite humorous to me. My being from Texas - you do have your people that bleed orange for the University of Texas and your Aggies from Texas A & M, but I really don't think they go to either school because of the football team. I could be sadly mistaken, but I know I didn't go to Ole Miss because at the time Tubberville was kicking butt as coach. We've been through 3 coaches in my tenure with Ole Miss and each time it stirred way more commotion than voting for president.

Don't get me wrong - I love my Rebels and have stuck by them through thick and thin, but really....the hatred that my husband and his friends (some for the opposing teams) have for their rival is absolutely hilarious to me.

I may be hit by a sniper when I leave the house in the morning for saying this or if my husband reads my blog we may be signing divorce papers next week, but I like LSU. I pull for my Rebs over LSU, but I must say I am pulling for LSU over State tonight (don't tell anyone I work with.) I've had some fun times in Baton Rouge (best friend went to LSU) and I admire their team spirit, some say they are evil, and they may be, some say they are rowdy, which they are - but I've had not one bad experience at an LSU game. I cannot repeat that out loud, I'm not a traitor, I'm loyal, but I guess I just don't take it as seriously as most - or maybe since I'm not form these parts it just wasn't pounded into my head as a child?

As I was saying - the culture is different. I've spent the last 9 years in Oxford, home to the Rebels and now living in a town closer to State I catch flack all the time. At least the CEO of my company and my boss went to Ole Miss, so I won't lose my job when we beat State this year.

I'd like to share with you a conversation that took place a few weeks ago between a die hard MS State fan talking about two girls - one went to State and one went to Ole Miss - they both live in New York now......

The Ole Miss girl will be looking for a new roommate soon and the State girl will be needing to find a new apartment. Voila! one would think - they should room together, right? Oh con-tra-ire mos-sier, the State fan telling me about this alleged predicament absolutely could not fathom these two girls living together - "I mean really, how would that work? I guess they could divide the house in half and one put MSU stuff on one side and the other put Ole Miss stuff on the other.".............................Ladies and gentlemen - I kid you not. That was the conversation. How could they live together? There would be absolutely no way - they pulled for different football teams.

If that doesn't sum it up for you - maybe I'm the idiot? I rest my case...........

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Hey Team

Well hello there friends, it's me! I have a few seconds to blog before I head to Jackson to go on an eating binge at Amerigos - - - - yes, I am getting the Bow Tie Caesar Pasta Salad and the infamous Tiramisu.....yum-o I can taste it now.

So far I've had a decent week. I got my dryer fixed, which leads to loads and loads of laundry to catch up on, but I don't mind. I started to get worried because after a week and a half of my underwear stash diminishing I didn't know what I was going to do. Thank you nice Mr. Repair man that fixed it and prevented me from having to purchase a new dryer. My family makes fun of me because coming from a divorced home I became a good packer - every other weekend to my dads or my moms - inevitably I took no less than 8 pairs of panties for a 2 day trip. Not that I used them all, but just in case I needed them. I still to this day can't tell you why, but I own about 20 something pair. Ok enough about panties......

I started teaching my Spanish class yesterday - it is rough. By no means am I a teacher. I understand that I know the language, but it is hard teaching predominant people in town elementary level stuff without making them feel like infants. I received some feedback, so I feel a little better about tomorrows class. Pray for me, please.

This week the new Credit Analyst started. He seems nice and smart. We were going through and talking about financial spreadsheets and tax and balance sheets today and he pretty much understands it all - which I am extremely thankful for because I have not a clue what is going on. The program I am in is geared more so towards people straight out of college - therefore they can take what they learned and apply it immediately. I on the other hand, can deal with the people and the meetings and the organization and mundane things, but the financial end is where I need the most help. I have been out of college for 5 years now and dodged the finance classes like the plague. It will be challenging, but fun and educational ---- I think.

I miss you all dearly and have a few FNCers in my thoughts as they begin the APUC tomorrow. I hope all goes well, any updates from my old fellow co workers would be great!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Just as Tired as You are

I'm just as tired as you are of clicking on my blog and nothing new going on.

I am a lame duck, nothing interesting going on. I have been doing a lot of work for a few civic organizations in town which has kept me really busy. I still love my new job - next week I think I will finally be able to be at my desk ......I think my training is almost over. It's been a lot of fun.

I start teaching a new night class at the local community college next week - - - haven't even come up with what I'm going to teach yet, I should get on the ball about that.

I gave blood the other day and am waiting for my online cholesterol test results to appear - that's pretty neat.....the excitement makes me feel old and like a fuddy duddy.

I have a busy weekend coming up. Friday I may make a cameo in Oxford, but not too sure yet. Katie Lou has a groom appointment Saturday in Sardis, (long story of bad Koz experience - imagine that), so I can kill about 2384956 birds with one stone if I come to town. Saturday day, I have to clean my house, cook party food and I have even enlisted Chippy to pick up petifores (not to be confused with pedophiles) early Saturday morning. Sunday we are giving my sister in law a baby shower at my house. My other sister in law from the Coast will be arriving at about midnight Saturday night - should be fun times filled with laughter.

I decided against going to my 10 year class reunion. Saturday night was the only fun event that was going on and I'd hate to go stag and just for one night and pay my airfare and pack and try to see all family members and then come home exhausted needing a vacation. So, in October I'm in a wedding back home anyway and as of the other day the bride has a list with 928 people attending. Who needs a class reunion when they are inviting everyone in a 100 mile radius anyway - - right? I have to be able to fit in this brides maid dress. I decided to not eat after 6:00 and consume more H2O. After I gave blood I felt less bloated and got on the scale and lost 5 lbs......maybe I should give more often? Their slogan should read - - "feeling bloated? give blood!"

Ok my friends, I love you and miss you. Call me Friday and see if I'm in town (Oxford) if you want to hang out for a bit. Hugs and Kisses XOXOXO

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


I have the need to be inspirational today or tell everyone something that they can ponder on.....but I can't think of anything. So, now I want to be funny and entertain you guys with my silly antics....but I have none.
I can only bore you with the mundane things like I bought new suits to wear to work this past weekend because as fashionable as I am...I have to wear a suit. I have to say that it boosts your self confidence a little. You feel like you look nice all day and that you should demand respect with your pant crease and buttoned up jacket. I have to wear closed toe shoes too, so the pointedness of my heel is a little intimidating - like don't cross me or this has a special place it fits.
I'm not rude, arrogant or pompous as I stroll professionally down the halls. In fact it's quite opposite. People like me and want to be my BFF because I take the time to listen about their husbands kidney stones, I answer questions in meetings that start off with "well, you see Mr. ____ the pricing index compared to our continual growth," and I also willingly lend a helping hand with out being asked. Who is this wonderful person everyone is speaking of??? It's me, the girl with the tailored look and "pretty face." Gah, don't you know?
You guys probably think I'm not right in the head, but I was day dreaming in an earlier meeting today because I had read articles about how to dress for the job you want, not the job you have. Through my 23970546 mph thought process this tid bit of fantasy (if you will) was what I pictured. Not all of it's fake, I do wear a suit and closed toe shoes and listen to people talk about their husbands kidney stones, but it's not glamorous......even though everyone still wants to be my BFF...............right!?!?

Monday, July 23, 2007

Everything Changes

Change is a part of life, we all know it and we all come to expect it. But really now friends, have I accidentally distanced myself too long to where EVERYONE has had a major change? If you look to my left at my daily readings everyone has had a major change.

The Janii has settled in her cross country move and her sister is married off now.
SM2 is another year older (and traveled to Seattle)
Mel-o-Drama and family are relocating (and she went to her writer's convention)
The Pioneer Woman has given away a gigantic Photo Contest prize that I missed.

Sigh...I have no exciting dramatic news. The only change we have made is that we are a little "greener" - we bought a Prius. It's nifty and will help out hubby on gas costs. He averaged 48 mpg on his way to Alabama this morning. Go us, doing our part....I guess? (Sorry no pics - I need to get a new battery for the camera.)

We have been skiing in the boat these past few weekends. Let me rephrase that - I have been sitting in the bow of the boat being chauffeured around the lake whilst I drink my beverage and tan. I'm glad we bought the vessel and fixed it up ourselves - I have more of an appreciation for her.

My only fun friend in Koz has traveled to Florida for a full week and I am lost, so I thought I'd tackle the slowness of this DOS era desktop we have inherited. I can't complain - she does her job, slowly, but surely. I better post this incase she gets a little crazy and stops working.

I miss you all and keep on changing and I'll do my best to keep up!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Best Wishes

I hope everyone had a happy 4th of July! I did a little cleaning and went swimming and then headed to a friends house to watch the fireworks. It was low key - hubby wasn't in town.

We finally got our boat from the boat repair guy, 2 months later. Can't complain because he did a great job on the couple of things we needed tuned up and charged us "half of what it would have cost anywhere else" - - - I still thought it was expensive, but everyone else was raving on what a great deal it was. So long story short, the boat is in motion. We went out on it Sunday and had a good time, then lounged in the lake. I'll get pictures this weekend because I know we'll be going out again. I'm still a little weenie when it comes to doing things aquatic because of my ear - even though it is fine and healed. I'm a little over protective of it.

Saturday night we held the after party of the 1997 Kosciusko Class Reunion. My sister in law brought a caravan of people over around 11:30 pm and they didn't leave until 2:30 am. I on the other hand went to bed around 1:15am - I'm the hostess with the mostest, right?

New job is still going well. Since we have had 2 Monday's this week I was able to stick around my desk and work on a project with the other analysts. It has been good so far, but I miss chit chatting with FNCers throughout the day. I also miss my Solitaire Showdown Tournaments.

Ok team, I am off now. Sorry I have nothing exciting or insightful to leave you with. Have a good day!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Still Alive

Just wanted to pop in before I headed out the door to let you all know I am alive and well.
Brief Overview....

-St. Louis trip went well, glad to be home. We were able to tour the Edward Jones facility - that was pretty cool.
-Job still going great, I'm in Deposits, Research and Debits this week.
-Received my last pay day from FNC today- sort of the last tie to it all. (tear)

More to come when I get the chance. I'm still trying to keep up with everyone else's blog in the mean time.

Love to all,

Friday, June 15, 2007

Lack of Energy

Whoa, what a week. I am completely pooped. I enjoy my new job and love meeting the new people. Today, Friday, I sat in on the Board of Directors meeting. This is where they approve the big loans on though. It was a lot more fun than the Wednesday Loan Committee meeting because one of our long time friends is on the board and he is a hoot - always has something funny to say about everything .... which made time pass by faster. I then moved my way from the proof department to the computer room. I don't have a total grasp on all they do there yet, but will learn more about it Monday and Tuesday. At 3:30 they had a baby shower for one of the girls in the office. I knew her so I pitched in and got to partake on the punch and cake. Yum.
So next week I have Monday and Tuesday in the computer room learning more with Kelsey who thinks that the water park is the greatest invention since sliced bread. She did have on the new Mary Jane Crocs and now I must have a pair. Adorable! Then Wednesday I think I have to go to Memphis for the Loan Committee meeting and then drive around and look at properties we have made loans on - that should be fun. Then I have off Thursday and Friday because hubby and I will be going to St. Louis for his regional conference. Should be interesting and I'm looking to have fun. Chippy is dreading it, he doesn't much care for St. Louis, but I've never been and am looking forward to it. Hopefully I will have time to post some next week, unless I drop dead from exhaustion. I guess I'm not use to eventful days - so this is a good thing. I had become a hermit, which is why I know I needed the change.

Hope everyone has a good weekend! Special shout out to the Janii who is moving cross country this weekend - safe travels and let us know all about the adventure!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Going to hell, but I like my new job

So the new job is great! I get to learn so much before I actually start "my real job," I'll get into that in a minute. First off, I had absolutely no clue how many people and things there are working and going on at this bank. It is extremely impressive, all the machines and people doing different things - it seems so costly to me. I know that sounds silly, but I guess just haven't thought about EVERY operation of a bank. Which leads me to what I've been doing.

This first week I have been going to the proofing department - that is where they enter in the amount of your checks and deposits. I made a little game out of it - you have to make the balance end up at $0.00 so you know it all totals out. I see how many tries it takes me. It's a numbers game, but reminds me a lot of OCR at FNC. You read the scanned item (check or deposit slip) enter the amount, account number and/or routing number (of the ones that didn't scan) and then if it's all good - it lets you move on. It's a lot of numbers and buttons, and I like pushing buttons!

Next week I get to go to the computer room. I've been in there a couple of times already, but never got to touch anything. It's a nifty, fast, expensive piece of machinery that scans the checks and slips and the ones that don't read go to proof to manually enter in. It's all computerized and precise - should be interesting too.

After that I think my journey leads me into a few more months of shadowing other departments like deposits, tellers, CSRs, loan operations, and most any other department you can think of. It's really a neat concept - learn the process as a whole and their main goal is for me to become familiar with everyone in each if I needed something in the future, I'd already have established that rapport with people in that area.

I've made some fun new acquaintances and have run into a lot of people I know as well. So far so good. It's still a small town though, so when someone says - Where are you from? Because they don't know me or I have a "different accent", so obviously I am from somewhere else......then it's the whole 6 degrees of separation type deal - where we HAVE a connection somehow, but we must figure it out now. They all have known my husband since he was in the womb and need to tell me his parents names in case I didn't know. It's amusing. Really amusing. I feel like a foreigner, kind of. It's a good feeling though because people want to know about me - - - and everyone loves to talk about themselves....right, ok maybe I just love to talk about me.

Anyway, it's been fun so far. The other 2 analysts are nice and helpful and a year or two younger than me because they started this right out of college. When they explain things to me they always preface it with, "you probably already know this" because they know I have some experience. They are sweet and I always tell them to explain it to me because I may not know how things are done here. I look forward to hanging out with them more. They are both getting married, not to each other, within the next year.

Today was an introduction to my typical Wednesday. 8am Pricing Committee Meeting where we go over what to set the rates to, how to promote them, keep them in line with competition, etc. Interesting process. Then I went to the Loan Committee Meeting at 9am that lasted until 12:30. It was neat to see what one day I will be doing and know the "lingo" to....but in the mean time - it made me feel really poor. I guess I've never dealt with Joe Schmo who has a net worth in the high millions. It was a long and rigorous meeting and everyone was motioning and seconding right along - or we'd have been there until 3:00 pm. Afterwards, I met with my boss - who by the way I haven't talked about, but absolutely love to death! I had made notes about questions I had throughout the meeting and she sat down with me to answer them. I was surprised with all the things I caught onto and I think she was too. LOOK AT ME KNOWING STUFF! I got to ask question on why they approved specific loans and learn a little terminology all at the same time. This will help me better understand Friday when I sit in on the Board of Directors meeting. In this meeting they go over all the loans over $600,000 or a million (I can't remember because I am poor and it's all a lot of money to me). Should be interesting.

That is my past couple of days in a nutshell. I have really enjoyed it so far. I think once I get the swing of things and more involved instead of observing it will be great!

PS - The highlight of my day ----- I got my supplies in today! I have all colors of highlighters, all sizes of note pads (literally like 5) and sticky notes, a ruler, pens, pencils, tape, binder clips, paper clips, thumb tacks to hang my Grey's Anatomy calendar up, my own printer and computer and phone line and trays and oh it's so exciting! I love supplies! They gave me enough stuff to last me until my AARP card comes in the mail.

PSS - A friend asked me the difference in atmosphere from FNC to M&F and the best way I know how to explain it is that here in this small town where everyone talks about their kids or how they've been there 45 years this fall it's the total opposite end of the spectrum because noone has worked at FNC for 20 years and everyone there is younger and seemingly a little more open minded in a diverse manner. But the one thing I noted is the "jib-jab" gossip is totally's all personal stuff where FNC it was more professional - like (FNC) so and so sent an email to so and so and now we have to come up here this weekend and do a push (M&F) so and so told so and so that Aunt Jane's neighbor had 5 lb squash.

Also, yesterday I said "hell-bent" and I felt like I was going to go to hell afterwards.

Monday, June 11, 2007

New Everything

Tomorrow (Tuesday) is my big day. The beginning of my new adventure in commercial banking. I will let you all know how it goes. I have a ton of new clothes so I am sure to be the cutest girl there. Too bad my Chippy isn't here to see me off for my first day - I'm like a little girl getting all set up for her first day of school. I've laid out my clothes and maybe I will get new supplies - I love supplies. I'll bet they give me my own note pad, pens and hopefully a binder! How fun, new clothes, new job, new people, new challenges, new perspective, new supplies - what more could a girl ask for? Wish me luck team!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

New J-O-B

As most of you have caught wind...I am no longer an FNC'er come Thursday. I put in my resignation because I am going to be an M&F'er. I guess I'm meant to work for companies with acronyms? Acronyms that can be swirled derogatory if you say them just right...silly me.

I accepted a position as a credit analyst with Merchants & Farmers Bank. The commercial side of banking is allegedly where it's at. The credit analyst position is a two year "training" to become a commercial lender. I am excited about this because as it's been explained to me it is somewhat of a "specialty" division. You have more authority and bigger promotions as opposed to the retail side. Once I have the training under my belt the sky is the limit. As one of the commercial lenders told me, he moved "light years" ahead of the game. It gives him a sense of job security because not every one is capable to just walk in and be a commercial lender. In this company when a bank President leaves, they don't call on a branch manager to step up, they call in the commercial lenders. So, the future looks bright in this area. I love the banking industry and think that this new skill will help me better myself. I'm looking forward to a new challenge and being involved face to face with people again (I say that now, ha). I also look forward to the training because they are really hands on and will allow me to sit in on loan meetings and board of director meetings, thus helping me learn more.

FNC has been good to me and I loyal to them as well. With where I am in my life right now I think my new venture is what I need. I am extremely grateful in everything they have taught me and I hope our great rapport continues on because I consider everyone there my family. No hard feelings, just room for growth.

So to all my FNC friends that read this, when I come to Oxford or go to Jackson -don't think I won't be calling you to hang out! I will still crave my nights on the Square and dinner and movies in Jackson. You guys are my family, not some fair weather friends ---- you are stuck with me!

Unfortunately I won't be able to blog or IM during the day at my new job, but maybe one day I will learn to wake up early and leave you a blogg-y treat for your morning reads. I will keep you updated as often as I can. Love to all, this is not the end.....but just the beginning.

So much to say....

Sorry for the long blog, but I have a lot to catch everyone up on. Grab a drink and your favorite blanket and curl up next to your computer. I'll divide it out in chapters so you can stop if you need to.

Chapter 1: Airport Round 1....
Texas was fun it was a "whirlwind" but I managed to see everyone I needed to for at least an hour or more. Friday when I got to the airport my flight was delayed a bit so I sat at the bar. The bartender, she always remembers me and I really don't fly that often. I sat next to Teresa and John, they are frequent flyer's. John, 47, lives in Victoria, TX and contracts out for Nissan in Canton. He travels every weekend back to Tejas and has been doing so for about a year and a half. Teresa, 32, is in the Air National Guard and is hilarious. I don't think she's ever met a stranger and she lives in Clear Lake, TX on a boat. She is based out of Meridian and too travels every weekend to be back on her boat. So, then we have Little Amy....she is a MSU student and was traveling to Houston to see her ex boyfriend. She was a cute little blond, reminded me of SM's sister. We all became BFF instantly. I hate to fly so Teresa being a pilot made me feel more at ease until she was like, "yeah, I hate turbulence, it scares me." - You're a pilot for pete's sake! John was an old pro and so as we sat by each other on the plane I warned him that I would possibly grab his arm or leg at points throughout the flight...he assured me that would be alright. No freaky-sneaky going on. It was a great flight - no worries. The stewardess was hilarious and cracking jokes over the intercom the whole way. Then we landed...We all exchanged numbers and made sure Amy had our numbers in case her ex decided to leave her for freak out or if she decided she didn't like him anymore. (which when I told my dad this story he said that not too long ago a boy killed his girlfriend after the broke up and he BBQ'd her to cremate her on the grill - great dad, thanks!) So we figured out who was going to be on who's flight back to MS and I was to travel with Amy.....I'll update you on that later. I didn't get to approve of the ex boyfriend, but the rest of the gang went to meet him and make sure it was safe. Crazy kids.

Chapter 2: Picking me up
My long time friend Amy (not to be confused with MSU girl) picked me up from the airport in her bling bling'n new Tahoe and instead of eating somewhere fabulous like PF Chang's or Cheesecake factory we headed onto her mom's house where they cooked steaks. It was good to see her mom and step dad and of course Clayton aka. Potty her fiance. Potty and I went to school together and I had forgotten why we called him Potty until words foul-ly flowed from his mouth. He's a good guy, but his name gives him justice. (Potty, Amy Chole & Rudy)
It was late and she dropped my off at my mom's house. My mom and I stayed up until 1 am chit chatting and she had to go to bed because she had to wake up early and start cooking for my Great Aunt Martha's 100th birthday. My mom caters a lot.

Chapter 3: Saturday
Amy picked me up at 10am to go and be fitted for the brides maids dress (royal blue). We traveled to the next town over and my flip flop broke so I had to walk into this store with no shoes - how red neck am I? I apologized and asked if I could be fitted and purchase my shoes so that I could wear them to go eat breakfast! I was fitted in 2.4 seconds and then we went and picked up Prasek's because it's only the best meat you can buy in Texas. I ate my ham and cheese and a cream cheese kolache (if you aren't bohemian that is pretty much a danish). Super yum. Amy took me to her new house and we ate and talked then she took me back to my mom's so I could help her with the food. When I got to my mom's Jason and Jenn (brother & sister in law) were there and we all helped out as much as we knew to do - my mom makes fancy food and I just don't know much about gourmet cooking since Chippy does the cooking and it 99% of the time deals with a grill. But I did my best for my mom.

We went to the party early, about 2 to set up. I knew no one except like 4 people including my mom and Aunt Martha. (pictured in purple is Aunt Martha with her 2 daughters - couch, their 2 girls - each side of chair and the grand daughters 2 daughters - behind chair) When the party started up a few cousins came and it was good to see them even though they seemingly have 3 kids a piece. Jenn made me sit outside with her the whole time because she was afraid that the old people were about to die. When you are 100 all of your friends are no younger than 85. They were all so fragile and so Jenn got scared. After sitting in the 100% humidity for an hour I decided it was time for me to see Jason and Jenn's new house and try out their pool. We went and got a lot of beer, called Amy and swam for a couple of hours - that was a lot of fun hanging out.

Then we decided we were hungry and went to Greek Brothers. Pictured (l-r) is Jenn, me and Rachel - Jennifer's sister. I ate shrimp cozumel with a salad with jalapeno ranch dressing - yum. Then we had too many shots sent over to us by Rachel's fiance, Matthew who owns Greek's; my brother; and Jenn's mom. Glad I wasn't driving! Amy was with me the whole time and then my friend Christy came. It was good to sit back and talk about our crazy, crazy, nah! At times throughout the weekend we felt like it was our 100th birthday, talking about gardening, flowerbeds, kids, what old mo-mo's we are! But we had a super great time. Christy starts her invetro (sp)fertilization on the 16th of this month. So, she may be having triplets in a year if all of the eggs/sperm take. On that note, both Christy and Amy informed me that Chip and I don't have to worry about having kids - if we don't then their kids will take care of us when we get old....we just have to move back to Texas, which isn't a bad deal! kissin' Amy! - Christy, Amy, Me - Jason & GoldenTee.

Chapter 4: Sunday, Rachel vs. Airport
With all that said, I got home about 2am - sooo tired and woke up at 10:30am Sunday. I called my dad when I woke up to see what time he was coming to "the camp." He and my step mom were coming to El Campo to see progress on Jason & Jenn's house and then eat lunch and take me back to the airport. And that is exactly what we did when he got to town at around noon. It was good to visit with everyone. But...before we left town I had noticed a sign that cracked me up and I HAD to take a picture to share it with all of my blog readers. My dad was kind enough to not tell me to my face I'm an idiot, but I had to....This picture was taken at the local oil change place. Does anyone find that as knee slapping hilarious as I do?

I'm tired of typing and you are tired of reading so I will wrap up my airport story - I got to the airport tried to check in...My flight was booked for Saturday, not Sunday. I must have rolled the mouse up when I booked my flight and changed the date - story of my life. I was on standby for the 4:10 flight and it was over booked, as was the 9:45pm flight so thanks to my awesome husband he aggressively checked until it said - 9:45 flight Available. I paid extra money to get on it, but at least it was a guarantee. I got home at around 1:15am saw my husband for 2 waking seconds until he left at 7am to drive to Bama. If you were wondering about my airport friends...Little MSU Amy, had a fun time with her ex boyfriend. We had a chance to talk about it before she got on her real 4:10 flight back to Jackson. I'll be visiting her in Starkville soon. As for John - we flew back together and because of weather I did have to grab his leg a couple of times. We will go eat at Amerigo's in Jackson soon. And Teresa - she wasn't flying out until Monday night, I'll email her.
So, good friends, good fun, good times, fun memories.......Texas was good. Need to do it more often.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

All My Ex's Live in Texas

That's mostly true, but not the reason why I'll be headed that way Friday evening. I'll be going to my Great Aunt's 100th birthday bash....well as rambunctious as a 100 year olds birthday party can be. She told my mom and aunt that if they invited church and community that she was going to plan on dying before the party - she just wanted it to be family. That spunky lady cracks me up!

Friday night my friend Amy will be picking me up in Houston and we'll probably grab a bite to eat and chit chat, then she'll take me to my mom's house. Saturday morning Amy will pick me back up and we will go to be fitted for her brides maids dresses. I'll probably do lunch with my mom, brother & sister-in law then off to the par-tay from 3-6pm. (My dad commented how that is super late for a 100 year old -he figured we'd eat dinner at like 4pm - shame on him!) After the "family reunion" I may head out to dinner with some friends and at some point go check out my bro's new casa. Possibly take a dip in the pool he's soo proud of and have them make me margaritas. Hey, I'm a guest now....I haven't been home in a year.
My best friend in the whole wide world is in Austin and can't make it home for my homecoming, so she is bummed. Maybe somehow or another it could be to where I could drive the 2 hours to see her.....but I haven't figured out the logistics on that yet. Sunday I think my dad will come and see my brother's new house and then he'll take me to the airport by 3 ---- then back to the Land of Koz.

I am nervous about flying with my 'bunged-up' ear. I hate flying anyway, but with my ear debacle it makes it 10 x more not fun. My other ear, right ear, has been having twinges of pain for the past day or so. I go back to the doc on the 11th, I'm hoping he doesn't tell me I have to have the procedure done on that ear would I hear? The bright side is that I've always wanted to learn sign language. I think the surgery on my left ear took because every now and then it does something funny and I can hear, briefly. I try to move my head to where it does it again, but I haven't figured out what makes it work.

I will try to remember to take my camera and get party pics and friend pics to post for my 4 readers. In the mean time hubby is home alone this weekend - you guys should call and make sure he's surviving because the "honey do" list I have made him isn't too fun and he'll probably want any excuse to get away.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Things I like

Here is the list of things I really like....

I couldn't find a good picture, but I wanted to show you the Blueberry muffin mix from Betty Crocker that comes in the pouch (not the box) is a crowd pleaser. All you do is add a half a cup of water - mix put in the tin - shove in the oven and put a pat of butter on them when they come out and you my friends have the best muffin ever. Yes, only add water, I'm not kidding. I made two batches for a few friends the other night and there were 12 little muffins and 6 big muffins devoured in less than 2.5 seconds between 5 of us. And they had the nerve to ask me to make more! Like I said - a total crowd pleaser or a special happy for your hubby when he wakes up to the smell of yum soft muffins.

I found this about 3 hours ago at the grocery store and have already decided it is something I cannot live without. I made myself a little salad with a bit o' this dressing and crumbled bleu cheese. Don't tell anyone, but I went back for seconds and wanted to lick my plate. You make it yourself with a little bit of oil, vinegar and H2O - just shake it, set it and forget it - you'll be hooked.

My dogs probably would rather I forget Science Diet W/D ever existed and eat steak for every meal and my checkbook would rather I not pay that much for food but.......I have to say it has really helped my pups lose weight. We cut out treats and eat this mixture of bland wheat gluten free food twice a day.

Remember when I decided I was going to go on the Special K Cereal diet? Well, as part of that diet you get to enjoy 2 "special" bars during the day. I like the chocolate drizzle, but really enjoy the Strawberry bar - it's like a wanna be rice crispy with strawberry in it. It fo sho hits the sweet tooth!

It's no secret....everyone is addicted....but I have to add it to my list of things I really like - -- Pioneer_Woman, she makes my world complete. How did I ever live without her? Every woman I know wants to be her and every man I know wants to be her husband. WARNING: if you have not ever read this blog, enter at your own risk....don't say I didn't warn you about the addiction.

If you don't take away anything from this post - you must take away this product it's the absolutely, positively, greatest invention EVER. I own two of them, just because....well because I want to and it seems necessary. It's not that I'm lazy and it's not that I am a TV fanatic-o, but I like my "chosen" shows - Grey's, Desperate Housewives, House, Boston Legal....and yes my Tivo/DVR knows me better than any one human being on the planet Earth and records things I like. What you say? Yes, my Tivo will record funny episodes of South Park even if I don't tell it to or even the classic "Mr. Mom" because - it knows me and says - I really think that when Rachel goes to be tonight, she may like to fall asleep to the roaring humor of Ugly Betty or Seinfeld. Sometimes it does things my husband likes, just to share the love (Andy Griffith, Bonanza). If you do not have a Tivo/DVR you must at this very moment go to Directv or DishNetwork or whatever your satellite company may be and get this apparatus immediately. I promise - you will try to pause, fast forward, rewind and record your every day life, radio, people talking, everything. I truly heart you Tivo, you rock my world - thank you for making my sad pathetic life worth living in the Land of Koz.

This is the gift that keeps giving. I give it to everyone that has an occasion, Susan. As a matter of fact I should be the poster child for the Salad Sac. The place where I buy it, the lady asks me every time - "How many of these do you have?" because I buy them everyday. Ok, so not everyday, but alot. I only have one, but everyone who hates that their lettuce, cucumbers, broccoli, ANY VEGGIE going bad before you want it to - seriously needs to invest.

Here is the perfect thing that your man has to have. It's the Rival outdoor electric smoker. Do you love the smoked turkey, chicken, pork roast, ribs - but hate the time it takes to make it and the stinky smell it leaves everything smelling for like 4 days? This cooks and smokes at the same time (duh) but it's electric so it takes half the time and is worth every penny. The irony of that last sentence is that you can only find them at JC Penny online. A must have.

Have you noticed a pattern here? Everything I have posted is either something for you or your dogs to eat. Food is good. My life evolves around it - either eating or reading Pioneer Woman's blog or watching my Tivo. Oh what a life I lead. Go on friends, try these praised products, if you are nervous just come to my house - I will make you something to eat!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Be careful

We are all familiar with the Neighborhood Watch symbol. If I saw this guy anywhere not just my neighborhood I would be a little suspicious. My reason for talking about this funny character is because he is important and we don't need to take him for granted. Here lately I've had to be extra careful with my surroundings. I read in the paper that this guy held someone up at our local Sonic. With traveling hubby I'm never really scared because I have the dogs and have a house full of guns and ammo. Yet for some reason last week I got a little anxious after reading this story- like I really needed to have protection close to my bed. If something were to ever happen, my neighbors are all close to my house so they would hear if anything was "different" and it's really quiet out here in the woods.
Last night I went to Jackson to return a couple things and buy a couple of things and then went to eat. My friend and I were eating at the bar and there was this man sitting next to her that didn't really say much but when he did I could tell my friend somewhat giving him the cold shoulder. I thought that was odd because my friend is really a good natured person, but I didn't say anything. Well we ate and talked and had dessert and once we finished dessert the guy was like "See you ladies later" and left. I didn't think anything of it - we finished our glass of wine and paid the tab. Headed out to the car I was fumbling for my keys in my purse and my friend said "We need to go.." I looked up and finished her sentence..."back inside". The man was standing by my car. When he saw us coming out he stepped behind the car next to mine. It all happened so fast and I saw his feet under the SUV next to mine - we turned around calmly and went back to the bar. I went up to this guy that we had had small talk with at the bar and let him know I apologized for interrupting, but let him know what was going on and we weren't comfortable - if he could walk us to our car. My friend let the bartender know what was going on and let the guy get up (having not paid yet) and walk us out. No less than 1-2 minutes later we were back outside and the guy was nowhere to be found. There was no way a car could have left the parking lot without us seeing. The whole way home we were completely freaked. My friend even had me turn on the light to make sure he wasn't in the back of my SUV. We watched behind us the whole way home (on the Natchez Trace which is spooky at night anyway) and no one followed us. We made it home safely, but it was definitely alarming and eye opening. How did he know it was our car? The only way we could figure is that he heard me say - should we take 55 or the Trace back home? With MS license plates having counties on the tags - We assume with only a few cars in the parking lot at 10pm it was easy to find the out of towner.
So friends - be alert of your surroundings, if my friend hadn't been with me I'd have been diggin' in my purse and not noticed a stranger at my car. It may truly have been nothing, but it could have been something - don't be afraid to go back and get someone to walk you to your car at night. People will be more than happy to help. I know the nice gentleman that walked us to our car is not reading my blog, but I thank you kind sir - next time the tiramisu is on me!

Monday, May 21, 2007

What did you do this weekend?

I had a good weekend. Friday, Chip didn't get home until late. He had to drive 2 hours out of his way because of a really bad wreck. I get so nervous with him driving back and forth each week. There is seemingly always a really bad wreck that he "just missed" every time he gets on the road. So always keep him in your prayers for safe travels....I just worry soo much.

So Friday I decided since I did such a good job recovering the bow seats on the boat that I could do the rest - no problem. So I did, and saved us a good $500 - $800 bucks. When Chip got home he couldn't believe his eyes. So, don't you guys think I should be rewarded with something that costs between $500 and $800 bucks? Just kidding - I enjoyed it even though I did bust my knuckles a little bit, but it was worth it.
Saturday, we woke up around 9ish and went and ate breakfast at a local place. We both had the pancakes and bacon - it was yum and had a good time talking with my hubby just one on one. We went to Wal-Mart because we needed more foam to cover some more boat stuff with. Headed back to the casa for a full day of building a platform and still recovering more things. After a few hours and a few visitors later by 3 o'clock I was ready for a nappy poo. I felt like the hunch back of Notre Dame all crooked over from stapling and pulling and hammering. So, that is exactly what I did - I rested my eyes. I can't say nap because hubby has A.D.D. and when I want to lay still is never the time he wants to lay still. So after 30 minutes of him mucking with me I got up and went to watch tv. Where I could pretend like I was awake, but really lay back in my recliner and snooze until he catches me snoring. Then at around 6:30 we went to a crawfish boil. It was fun, lots of people Chip knew - a few faces I could finally put to names was established. I avoided about 67% of the Huggies vs. Luvs vs. Swaddlers vs. breast feeding conversations. Then when 10:30 rolled around my long lost friend was a little tipsy and said - wow, how fun sitting around this bon fire drinking and hanging out. It's so hard to believe I am a mother now. Huh? I can't understand how that conversation could possibly come full circle. I'm not dissing by any means, and maybe one day I will understand once I have kids how that made any sense. So, I packed up my gear and headed to the house on that note. I was hungry anyway - crawfish are messy and I didn't want to get into that. Plus we were at a barn where there were no less than 95769876789 flies on every frito, corn in the corn dip, brownie, sausage, cracker, etc. So, big girl had to go eat. I did have a really nice time though - good music, nice people, good weather - can't beat it.
Sunday, we were bored so we took out a piece of paper and listed the top 5 things we could do. (It's Koz, what do you expect?) Then I listed them in 1-5 order and Chip did the same. We added up the points and came to the conclusion that we were to go fishing then go swimming then grill out hamburgers. (Not too sure how fishing won, but I didn't ask). So we went to the Country Club and went fishing. I caught 3 and Chip caught zero. I did do something impressive though, according to Chip, I caught a 2 pound bream (brim - sp?) on a large rattle trap. How is that impressive you may ask....bream are usually a few ounces and eat worms or crickets, allegedly. I was using a rattle trap which is a big plastic lure with 2 hooks, one on each end and it makes a "rattle noise" under the water as you reel it in. If hubby would have been more nifty with the net we would have mounted that sucker - I think he intentionally didn't scoop it up because his wife would have showed him up! He said I didn't hook it very well, and he's probably right - what do I know about bream and rattle traps. I can cast and reel, cast and reel. Afterwards we went swimming at his dad's house and then grilled out a ton of food over there. Now, here I am.....Happy Monday everyone. Is it Friday yet?

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Pure Talent

My husband - he of little faith, didn't know what a great seamstress I am. I've never really had the opportunity to show him my childhood skills from spending countless hours at my grandmothers house growing up. My grandmother taught me many skills and some of them, like good home cooking and cat head biscuits, have been lost -- but other things like how to sew and recover things has stuck, and I have forgotten how much I enjoy doing crafty things like that.

As some of you know we purchased a ski boat back in March. We have been fixing it up since there is nothing better to do in Small Town, MS. My husband is infamous for finding bargains and then making them nice and selling them for way more than we paid for it. Which is fun to me because I like little projects and making extra cash. The boat is in super great shape, I am kicking myself for not taking pictures of our step by step process. We started by ripping up the carpet - and then building joints into the ski well where the floor was rotten - then cut out a couple of soft spots in the floor - and put treated wood back over it - then fiber glassing that- and re carpeting it (wow, that was a really bad sentence). I do have to say that I did most of the work because I am extremely meticulous. I didn't do the measuring or hammering of the replacement boards nor did I do the joints in the ski well. I did do the fiberglass and carpeting though and that was fun....until you have fiberglass in your butt, hands, and even after washing your bra 3 times, it still appears jabbing you in the boob occasionally. Anyway, so we have had fun. Like I said, the boat was in really good shape - except the interior. Whoever had it certainly did not cover it from sun and weather which left us with a mess of funky seats. We've priced seats and it's ridiculous and even more expensive to get them recovered. So we will do as much as we can ourselves then buy about 2 or 3 new chairs.
I didn't take before pics of the front bow seats, but to give you a general idea I snapped a couple shots of "other" interior things.

Then these are the bow seats that I recovered myself! That ladies and gentlemen is what I call talent. I could quite possibly quit my day job. So, they went from funky to fabulous in like an hour and a half. We will have to rebuild the big boxy thing - so I will show you the end results of that one later...since I now have a before picture.

Monday, May 14, 2007

This is a Nutshell

We had a fun weekend. Did a little yard work - after Chip had it out with the lawn mower repair guy. It was a scene and I was glad I wasn't there. So, we found a new lawn mower repair guy and hopefully he will prevent us from having to buy a new riding mower - something I didn't work into the budget. He fixed it enough for us to mow and then bring it back....and we did because as soon as we finished the last strip, it died. So, the yard is complete and now I am looking for ideas to make the flowerbed at the end of the drive way pretty. The problem with that bed is that there is no way I can get water to it. So I need flowers / plants that are self sufficient. I was told Palmetto, Lantana and purple hearts. So, I may do that some time in the near future.
Saturday we went to Starkville with our friend and his new lady friend. Had a nice time. I really took one for the team that night. I got a little flustered, but it was fun. We went to Old Venice, which I made perfectly clear I didn't want to eat (and my husband knows). I boycotted them because I am always disappointed and then end up spending an arm and a leg. So, we ate there - I had half a crawfish roll and a salad....that was safe. Then my other team player deal was that we went bowling . I really dislike bowling (and my husband knows this too)- not just because I am terrible at it, but because I have weak wrists and my right shoulder tends to "dislocate." So I end up sore and not happy - but I did not once complain until my husband decided he was a professional bowler and needed to tell me how to make it to where I actually hit a pin. I cut my eyes and proceeded to tell him how I felt about this whole situation and he could zip it. It was amusing and I'm sure the lady friend thinks Chip and I have issues....but we don't - I was just trying not to be a grouch. All in all, we had a fun time.
Sunday Chip took me to Lake Tia-kakata - yep, I'm not sure how to spell it. But anyway, we like to eat there sometimes. It reminds me of the resort that they stay at in Dirty Dancing. It has a lake and cabins and then a club house type place where they have a buffet of home grown veggies and roast and chicken and yummy stuff that I don't know how to cook. It's all pretty good. So we went there and then drove back home (about 30 minutes). Then we went swimming at his dads house. I technically waded around. I can't get my head underwater because of my ear. We had a good time just floating. Then we came home and recovered a few of the boat seats.....I am a professional. Chip told me I could quit my day job to start recovering boat seats. It was fun and I must say I did a dang good job!
So, now it's today and I need to make about 38975 sales, but it's not working. I have to teach my class tonight from 5-7 and then my sister in law is coming to town so I will go over to my in laws and go swimming again tonight.
Oh, I did finally book my flight to Texas for my Great Aunt's 100th Birthday Party. I will be leaving June 1st at like 7pm and then returning Sunday by like 5pm. Short trip, but it always is. I'm already stressed about it and I still have 3 weeks before I go. I emailed my friend to tell her I need for her to go with me that Saturday to be fitted for the dress I'm wearing in her wedding. Well that opened a can of worms and she's planning to gather the troops and hang out. Which I know is not feasible. I will have to plot out my stay hour by hour and make sure I see my dad, my grandma, my mom, my friends, etc - and none of the family lives in the same town. I like to go home and miss it dearly, but I just dread the whole hustle and bustle of gotta go here, gotta go there, who has their feelings hurt - blah! I think that is why Chip never comes with times I don't blame him for not going. Pray for my sanity.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Who has been sleeping in my bed?

We've all heard the story about the three anthropomorphic bears of Goldilocks and the Three Bears . Well, I have 3 bears of the same kind that live in my house - big bear, medium bear and small bear.....and they all want to sleep in Katie's princess bed.

Foxy Mama says, This bed is a wee bit too tight.

Foster says, This bed is way to tiny even for my head!

Katie says, This bed is just right let me sneep.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Ok, I had written half a novel about family and my living 700 miles away from them and it was stupid so I erased it, I didn't want to subject you to instant boredom. Instead I will let you watch a video I made a couple of years ago with pictures. Most of you have kids - I have dogs and here is their little show.....ok so that didn't post. Now I have to come up with something else to talk about.

I'll get back to you soon. At least one good thing came out of this post - a funny title....I may have coined a new word for blogs that suck "blah-g"

Monday, May 07, 2007

Run, Rachel, Run

December, about 2 or 3 years ago I had made my new year's resolution to start running. Through extensive research I'd mapped out paces to start running and ways to progressively work my way up. After the holiday eat-a-thon I was going to be gung-ho on my new dedication. Then one icy cold mid afternoon in December I was leaving work for lunch and had both hands on the front step stair rail at work and gently stepped onto the cold stair...complete - then onto the second step and KA-BAMMMM!!! Busted my butt. I was being so careful and still, I ate it. All I could do was laugh, I laughed so hard to suppress my pain that my stomach felt like it too had taken a fall. Falling is so funny, especially when people see you do it. I swear our security crew at work probably rewinds that footage when they are having a bad day just to laugh. I could probably win America's Funniest Video if it was submitted. Anyway - I got into my friends car, who witnessed everything and continued laughing. By day 3 of non stop laughter it turned into tears - I knew I jacked up my butt/back. Sure enough I did and my chiropractor put my new year's resolution on hold for about 3-4 months. Then the urge to run subsided.
I tell you all of this because I was reading my morning ritual of gossip and articles on MSN and came across this guy, on weightloss. If he can start to run at 400lbs, then there is no reason why I shouldn't be hittin' the concrete. (I don't weigh 400lbs, but feel like I do)
I need advice, motivation, a program - something. My Special K diet was working and I will need to get back on it, but exercise is important and I know that. Janii how did you get into the kick? What motivates you? I have nothing but total admiration for you. I lost my mojo that cold day in December.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Top 5

I was told before I got married that you are allowed to have your Top 5. The Top 5 is a list you make that if someone far fetched like an actor or athlete or famous person approached you and said, "Rachel, you make me want to be a better person" (or something that makes your toes curl or face go numb) you have 100% free reign to make out with them or whatever. So before we married I told Chip about this and he just rolled his eyes and said, "whatever." I guess he has complete faith that none of my Top 5 would ever want me, he's a punk. So anyway, I give to you the list. It has changed and I really only have 3 right now. This way I have room for growth or if someone famous comes up to me - hey! guess what! I have room for you kiddo!

1) Hugh Laurie - some of you know him as Dr. House, but I know him as the smart ass that stole my heart. I love his pompous attitude and in real life he has an accent that will make you fall to your knees. The sad news is he's married, so I would have to be on his Top 5, but I'm not famous or an athlete or in any movies.

2) Josh Duhamel - this was one of those love at first sight situations. We met one Monday night a few years ago when him and James Caan appeared on Las Vegas. He didn't notice me through the TV sitting there staring at him from my couch, but I felt the connection. We then started hanging out every Friday and even during reruns. Now with 2 Tivos in my house I can watch repeats until it comes back on next season. He too is committed, but not married. Yet, there is no way I can compete with Fergie - she's hot.

3) Mark Ruffalo - Mark is special, he is the boy next door that you think about when you lie awake at night wondering if he may be thinking about you too. He's the good guy that will always be there for you and makes you want to be a better person. He proved this in Rumor Has It. His crooked smile is adorable and makes you want to squeeze him. I don't always agree with his political beliefs, but that doesn't take him off my list. The thing that would, is the fact that him and his wife have 2 kids and are expecting their 3rd this fall - so they probably love each other.

There you have it friends, my Top 3 of 5. If you know any of these heart throbs please pass them my digits so we can have their people call my people.