Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Just as Tired as You are

I'm just as tired as you are of clicking on my blog and nothing new going on.

I am a lame duck, nothing interesting going on. I have been doing a lot of work for a few civic organizations in town which has kept me really busy. I still love my new job - next week I think I will finally be able to be at my desk ......I think my training is almost over. It's been a lot of fun.

I start teaching a new night class at the local community college next week - - - haven't even come up with what I'm going to teach yet, I should get on the ball about that.

I gave blood the other day and am waiting for my online cholesterol test results to appear - that's pretty neat.....the excitement makes me feel old and like a fuddy duddy.

I have a busy weekend coming up. Friday I may make a cameo in Oxford, but not too sure yet. Katie Lou has a groom appointment Saturday in Sardis, (long story of bad Koz experience - imagine that), so I can kill about 2384956 birds with one stone if I come to town. Saturday day, I have to clean my house, cook party food and I have even enlisted Chippy to pick up petifores (not to be confused with pedophiles) early Saturday morning. Sunday we are giving my sister in law a baby shower at my house. My other sister in law from the Coast will be arriving at about midnight Saturday night - should be fun times filled with laughter.

I decided against going to my 10 year class reunion. Saturday night was the only fun event that was going on and I'd hate to go stag and just for one night and pay my airfare and pack and try to see all family members and then come home exhausted needing a vacation. So, in October I'm in a wedding back home anyway and as of the other day the bride has a list with 928 people attending. Who needs a class reunion when they are inviting everyone in a 100 mile radius anyway - - right? I have to be able to fit in this brides maid dress. I decided to not eat after 6:00 and consume more H2O. After I gave blood I felt less bloated and got on the scale and lost 5 lbs......maybe I should give more often? Their slogan should read - - "feeling bloated? give blood!"

Ok my friends, I love you and miss you. Call me Friday and see if I'm in town (Oxford) if you want to hang out for a bit. Hugs and Kisses XOXOXO


sm2 said...

Hooray Blog! You don't have to have anything big to blog about. I like just hearing about your everyday life. Daniel and I are trying to go to the casino Friday night since we have to use the night we won at the auction before August 31st. Will you be free for lunch on Friday maybe?

Jennifer said...

Yes, ditto! You blogged! You don't have to have something impactful to say -- I am the best case of that. Come on out to East Tenn. and visit us, too. Hey, and please send me your email addy again. I don't have it on this compu. Thank you!