Sunday, May 31, 2009

Before & After

I figured you have all waited so patiently to see the before and after pics of the boat. Here it is. You can see why I didn't post before pictures without having the after pictures must have vision.

Before: Faded Glory with a busted out windshield. She looks like a lost puppy with mange.

After: All shined up like a new pair of shoes!

Before: Front passenger seat with busted glass and rotten wood and moldy seats. View from the back. I need a tetanus shot!

After: So fresh and so clean clean. Juan's got that tuck and roll going on! He matched it to the original.

Well guys, there she is. We are proud. If you want to come with us this afternoon we will be taking her out and having fun in the sun! If not today, there will be other ample opportunities this summer........just don't forget to pitch in for the gas. Chip said she's a guzzler.

Here is a picture of our summer supplies - fresh out of the attic!

In loving memory of the old boat. She was a good one and served her purpose, but she's letting another family enjoy her now. Farewell old boat you will not be forgotten.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy 100th!

Call the blogging Police because it's true........three days in a row. Count them 1-2-3; Wednesday- Thursday - Friday I have blogged. Hell has bound to have frozen over even though it's 2,000 degrees outside. I'm trying to be better my friends, really. I mean I've had this blog for over 3 years and this marks my 100th post! There should be kazoos and streamers and confetti everywhere! I would like to make a speech.


Dearest No Really....This is My Life Reader(s),

These past 3 years have been extremely life changing for me. Each of you have helped me evolve from a roller coaster of emotions after moving to The Land of Koz. There have been moments of insanity and a few scary times, there has been a bit of humor and the silliness of those oh so lovable babies of mine. You have been my sounding board for everything. I mostly bore you all with a bunch of blabber that looking back seems dumb.....but it's my dumb blabber and all of my two loyal readers keep coming back for more. Even when I fall into a coma you continually keep checking my page - having faith that one day, one cold cold day, I will blog again. Unlike you all, I don't have a green thumb nor am I Martha Stewart, I never take the literary time I need to like you all do or blog as often as I should, but you all love me anyway. And I love you guys too!

This all started as a means of communication between me and my Oxford girls smsquared, showerfreshgarden, thejanii, the findings of me, and mel-o-drama (who is now famous and switched to bitchin' fiction) Anyway, I don't forget my roots and my peeps. You all were my friends when I was my only friend here in the Land of Koz; and for that I am eternally grateful.

We have all been through so much! Moves, marriage, jobs, trips, birth, birthdays, family time and even just getting things off our chest. So to all my readers I thank you for the past three years they have been phenomenal. I hope that within the next three years I can provide another 100 posts (no promises).

In the mean time, this is my 100th post speech - - as for what you have done the other 995 days of the three years I have not posted is a non issue, right? I still appreciate the daily click just to see if I had written something. That is true friendship or boredom.

Love you all,

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Guess what I got?

A Hammock!
How fun is that? I've been talking about a hammock for 2 years and finally I found one I like that was on sale for Father's Day. My Chippy bought it for me and hung it up by the tree house.
He tied it to the trees and decided he would be the brave one and test it out......I truly wish I had a video camera. My hubby is the most graceful fall on your bootie while landing on your back hammock tester I've ever met. He just sort of looked at me like "are you gonna help me up?" but I was laughing so hard I couldn't do anything. I am horrible, why is it so funny when people fall? He too was laughing so I wasn't being mean.
After a couple of trial and error knots he figured it out. It looks kinda high in the air, but it works once you are in it.....if the mosquitos don't carry you away!
I will post a picture of the hammock once I take one. I am going to have to learn to keep a camera on me at all times to get action shots during Chip's all miss out on the hilarity of our lives. We are constantly cracking up, and wouldn't have it any other way!
Thanks for the hammock poo, I love it and you!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It was the grunk!

I was sitting at work and fell into a funk. I then remembered the 3rd floor candy drawer and could hear it in the distance calling my name - telling me it would make me feel better if I just had a couple of the mini snickers, mini kit kat, mini 3 musketeers, mini york peppermint patties, mini hershey's special dark chocolates, mini milky way, mini dark chocolate milky way and my weakness the mini heath bars.

I tried to fight it off but the grunk that lives in my head went to the elevator (didn't even take the stairs,) went to the 3rd floor and rummaged through the candy drawer and took out every single one of the above mentioned candies even two of some and went back the grunks desk and ate all of it. I kid you not. I consumed no less than 490731468726 mini candies. I had so much chocolate that I had to go refill my water bottle because I got parched.

The cleaning lady will empty my trash can and think I had fallen into a diabetic coma or had one heck of a party at my desk, but was only me, all by my lonesome in such a short time span that consumed all of that sugary goodness. I'd go through my garbage and count how many wrappers I have in there, but I don't know that I can count that high....nor do I think I have the energy to bend over.