Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I need everyones vote. Chip and I have finally narrowed down our couch search after over 3 months. If you haven't been to our house to know what it looks like, shame on you, but vote anyway! :) Your choices below are Lane or Ashley.

Keep in mind the throw pillows aren't a necessity.

Click on the link and check out the Lane Couch

Click the link then click on the small picture at the top that is second from the right. It gives a good view of just the Ashley sofa.

Much appreciative,

I will let you know the final decision in about a week. :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Yay! Safe and Sound.

My family is safe and sound from Ike and that is all I could have asked for! There were a few things here and there that could have been catastrophic, but they miraculously worked out.

My brother had a huge tree limb fall on his house that had it come through would have landed on him as he slept in his bed that night. My mother was at his house that night (two blocks from her house) so it was a good thing her neighbor came outside in the middle of the storm and looked over and saw a limb had fallen on the electric wire that goes to her house and the wire was shooting out flames everywhere. He called the fire department and electric company and it took them a few hours to keep it from igniting from the wind. Had the neighbor not seen this, her house may have burned.

My dad, step mom, niece, and a few others lost power soon after they ate dinner that night. They had a hurricane block party in a couple of locations before the winds picked up. All is well and my dad and step mom are in Dallas for a conference this week. That worked out nicely.

Mamaw, Meredith, friends and acquaintances were all safe and withstood little or no damage. Thank you for your prayers. It's good to know we have God on our side.

Friday, September 12, 2008


Thank you all so much for the continual flow of calls and prayers for my family and friends in Texas. Everyone is in their designated safety spot in preparation for the hurricane that will be hitting down in the uncomfortably near future. Everyone is boarded up, supplied with food, water, booze, flashlights, candles, generators and playing cards. Wharton County, where my mom and brother are does not have a mandatory evacuation, but near by counties do. Same for my dad, stepmom, grandmother and niece in Fort Bend County. They are steadily calling and checking in with me so that I too can keep my sanity 750 miles away from every single one of my loved ones in the middle of a potentially catastrophic time. Sigh.......

I will keep ya'll posted and again thank you for the prayers.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hurricane Ike

I'm starting to get really nervous about Hurricane Ike headed right towards my family. My mom and brother will be together so that makes me feel a little better. My dad and stepmom will be together and I am going to have to call my grandmother to see what her plans are. She may be going to visit my cousins in Dallas. If Meredith will answer her phone I can find out about her safety. Here is a map of my loved ones. They are all really near the coast. My home town is about 35 miles from the coast. Please keep them in your prayers. I will try to keep you posted.'s%20House_El%20Campo%2C%20TX___~Point.nxsw1k70ttw6_Dad's%20House_Sugar%20Land%2C%20TX___~Point.npd7hz6xbkwp_Meredith's%20House%20%2F%20Dad's%20Beach%20House_Rockport%2C%20TX___&encType=1