Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hurricane Ike

I'm starting to get really nervous about Hurricane Ike headed right towards my family. My mom and brother will be together so that makes me feel a little better. My dad and stepmom will be together and I am going to have to call my grandmother to see what her plans are. She may be going to visit my cousins in Dallas. If Meredith will answer her phone I can find out about her safety. Here is a map of my loved ones. They are all really near the coast. My home town is about 35 miles from the coast. Please keep them in your prayers. I will try to keep you posted.'s%20House_El%20Campo%2C%20TX___~Point.nxsw1k70ttw6_Dad's%20House_Sugar%20Land%2C%20TX___~Point.npd7hz6xbkwp_Meredith's%20House%20%2F%20Dad's%20Beach%20House_Rockport%2C%20TX___&encType=1

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sm2 said...

I will certainly keep them in my prayers! I'm tired of hurricanes.