Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I got my hair cut today - I don't think I like it. It looks nothing like the pictures above that I showed the chick, she should be beaten with a hair brush. Give me a couple of days to play with it and I'll get back to you on how I feel.

I am no longer a virgin to the "Kosciusko Haircut".....nuff said.

Here are the birds that adorn my bird feeder quite regularly. There are about 5 or 6 others that stand below the feeder and they throw food at/to them. It's funny. Anyone know what kind of birds they are? I'm not up to snuff on my avian classification skills.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

How to Save A Life...

Save my life, please. I want to go hear The Fray tonight, just found out they were playing about an hour away and tickets are still available. All of my friends, yes all 3 of you, have become responsible adults and that leaves me to be the lame ass with no priorities.

I have been thinking...last night triggered the thought process. Chip and I were checking out our friends blog furniturefootnotes and it's his business site. Chip thought it would be funny to tool around and post a comment with my name and a comment that I was drunk and some obscene return email address. Well he hit submit and really did it. We cracked up laughing and then decided to call ol' Jack and tell him what my husband did a) because it's his business site b) because my name was associated with it and that's not cool in Small Town Baptist Belt, MS that I was drunk, which I wasn't....yet. We got a good chuckle, but it was the beginning of a realization that maybe we are immature. Is that a problem? Are we just kids at heart or really don't have our priorites straight? But now that I can't find any friends on a whim like when I was in college to go out with I can't help but feel like I have lost my skills. I don't think I'm stuck in the late 90's early 00' I?

I do have things that I am looking forward to: Thursday, my friend Lisa and I are going to eat dinner and catch a movie in Jackson. I am excited for a change of pace and hanging out with a familar face! (No, I didn't plan on that rhyming.) Then, possibly this Sunday watching the Super Bowl in my fun stomping grounds, "O-Town," and hang out with my fun responsible friends in my fun old hood. Hubby and I have to discuss further but Yocona River Inn was mentioned in that conversation followed by, but we are poor. So, maybe I'm not too far fetched from feeling like I'm a college kid again. Broke and looking for fun 24-7. Mmmmm, Yocona.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Today is my Katie Lou's 7th birthday!!!

This morning we went on a nice walk and smelled every strand of grass and every leaf along the way. I remember when I first got my Goosey. All of her brothers and sisters, little tiny poofy cute little Lhasa's were running around one tackling the other, one chewing on lamp cords and being funny little pups. But then there was this one little girl that wasn't poofy because slobber from her siblings made her hair mat down and not fro up into a little snowball. She was the last out of the cage and came directly to my side and sat down by me on the floor. She didn't want to romp around, just wanted to be near me. I picked her up and placed her in front of me, but she waddled back to my right side and just sat there. I knew she was the one. I said - this is her, this is the one for me. Both my ex-boyfriend and the dog breeder were questioning why I didn't want the other dogs that were playful and little poofballs and not the sickly looking runt like the little white one to my side. I just knew it from the start she was with me until the end. We got in the car and she was scared to death - rode between my neck and the headrest the whole way home. I got her home and she pooped on my roommate and I gave her a bath. She looked just like a little rat when she was wet, still does. I blow dried her hair and she was a poofy little princess. She gained her self confidence and became the Queen of my world.
We've been through a lot me and my Lou, most things no one will ever know about. We've been through boyfriends, heartache, loss, college, my trips abroad, trips to TX, roadtrips down the Natchez Trace, grooming fiascos, movie marathons, long mornings laying in bed, marriage, moving, bringing other dogs into our routine, long hours by my side as I work, and way too many other things to forget.
Most people think I'm absurd for loving my dogs as I do, they are just dogs Rachel. Sorry, I just wish it were that easy to say. My dogs, especially my Lou has stood by me even if I was wrong or having a bad day, she's been there when I've had wonderful days and some of the most important times of my life. She's kissed away too many tears and has made me laugh too many times to just consider her a dog, she's the ultimate and knows me better than anyone. She knows when I'm upset and just need her to hold me and she knows when I'm happy and runs around excited for whatever that wonderful thing in my life may be! She's taught me many things like slowing down for just a minute and smelling that pretty spring flower, going for the gusto, responsibility, how to love, how to forgive. It's amazing my little girl has had such an impact....but she's just a dog? I beg to differ, she's my strength. As I sit here typing this blog I have grateful tears of happiness for having her and re living all she's helped me achieve...and you know what she's doing? She sensed my emotions, barked for me to pick her up and is now sitting up here on my desk licking my eyes. That's what it's all about. My happiness is her happiness and vice versa. We know that we can't live without each other, and to me - that makes each morning worth waking up and our love unconditional. Herz my Goose.

So my little one, I look forward to the many many more birthdays we have to celebrate and thank you for being you.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I made it!

Surgery went well and I am still recovering. I'm able to move about and shower and what not - I pushed it a little yesterday, but both hubby and I were getting a little stir crazy so decided to get out about town. I think I watched over 10 movies by Sunday and comprehended maybe 1/2 of them. Thank you pain meds :) The people at Baptist Hospital were wonderful. Chip and I tried to make jokes the first hour in the waiting room because we were both soo nervous all we could do was crack up at stupid thing...for example - there is a big screen TV that has a patient number and status that family members can keep track of their loved ones. I thought maybe they would post how things are going up there and Chip was like - "No, this is where you place bets on the patients that are going to make it - like horse racing" We were delirious and trying to make the best of this stressful situation. Cracking up tears rolling down the face laughter. So, they called me back and prepped me for surgery. My husband is "goobed out" to say he least at any hospital thing...for heaven sake he about flipped his lid walking by the gift shop - the teddy bears gave him the heebie jeebies he almost had a panic attack. So we went into the holding room where they put the IV in as he faced the wall and covered his ears. Once the IV was in my left arm and Chip would only touch the tip of my finger on my right hand - it's like he thought the needle was going to shoot out of my left arm and out my right hand fingertip? Then the anesthesiologist came in - Dr. McCloud - more like Dr. McHeaven...I was hoping I wouldn't say anything ridiculous to him once they gave me the "margarita" as he called it. Evidentially I did some some funny things because I had everyone cracking up in the OR before surgery. I remember one of them saying they were glad to have a happy drunk! Then they put the "oxygen" over my eye and the nurse cracked up and that's all I remember. Wheeling me into recovery was extremely funny. I finally came to and there was a cut out heart with glitter around the edges and in the middle it said "I love U" - I asked the guy in recovery if my husband made that for me - he said "Why, yes he did" I sat there for a minute and as serious as the day is long said, "you're silly, no he didn't he's not that creative." Then I asked if the digital thermometer box on the wall was where you put your dentures when you have surgery. So after a nice shot of morphine and the fire in the pit of my stomach was put out (nausea) they took me back to the holding area where my Chippy came. I asked him if I won the trifecta on the surgery races and he told me I did. So, long story short - I did say some silly things, but none of them too revealing, that I know of.
Chip said that everyone in the waiting area thought I was having some massive detailed surgery because nurses kept coming out and letting him know how I was doing every few minutes. Then when surgery was over - the surgeon came out and talked to him. He said everyone kept staring at him because no one was coming to talk to them about how their loved one was doing. Then yesterday I get a call from the Hospital asking how I was feeling. I was extremely impressed. I saw the doctor that referred me to the surgeon yesterday in my outting and told him what a great experience it was and appreciated Dr. Cummins and Baptist Hospital. I had a really good experience and will definitely write them a thank you note. I don't think people write enough thank you notes these days.

Thursday, January 11, 2007


I had to have a chuckle on today. There was an article on Rachael Ray and comfort foods like her mac and cheese. Then to the right of that same box where the article is located is the healthy section on finding the Right Diet for You ~ and keep that new years resolution. Mmmmm. I watched the Mac & Cheese video because my new years resolution is to stay positive and things like mac & cheese make me happy. Dare to be different - the losing weight thing is so cliche and I say that at least 10 times a year like it's some great big breaking news - I'm Going On A Diet! Why say it again on the first day of the year and lie to yourself? Plus I also found this article Own a Pooch? and since I have 3 dogs - does that mean I am 3 times more likely to be "pudgy"? My favorite part of the article is when it says,"pet owners tended to be middle-aged, have less education and more health-risk factors." Good thing they are talking about the Finnish or I may have taken offense to this article. (wink)
Now my dogs can join the worlds fight against obesity by taking a new drug to make them skinny. Slentrol Oh what a tangled web we weave.

Tomorrow is surgery day - so I probably won't post and if I do then it will be fun for all of us to read due to the large quantity of pain meds I plan on taking - Should be interesting. My fear is not of the surgery itself, but what I am going to say to people when I am not fully aware of the words comming out of my mouth. I do have secrets and I hope they don't become exposed!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Preparing for Friday

Yesterday I went to Jackson to do my pre-admission stuff for my surgery Friday. It really didn't take as long as I thought it would and everyone was so nice there at Baptist. The nurse that took my blood had been there 27 years and she did not look a day older than 30 and had a 31 year old daughter. How did she get such great genes? I needed to know her secret, but she didn't have one. The questionnaire lady was really nice too, she wasn't pushy nor interrogating about medical and family history. She got the facts she needed, answered the questions I had and then sent me to the financial lady. The financial lady was so nice and let me know the most I would have to come out of pocket and she had the most beautiful complexion. I swear, I know I keep going on and on about these women's appearance, but it must have something to do with stress and lack there of? They were so easy going and happy and ready to help me in anything I needed. It really says a lot to me, their customer service is exceptional. Even the receptionists were joking with me and making me feel welcome. I hope my surgery experience is just as great as the pre-admission.
After the I left the hospital I went to Barnes & Noble and saw the Mississippi Magazine Bridal edition. I called Susan to tell her how beautiful her and D's page was, read up on a lot of books, couldn't decide which one I wanted so I left and went to Huntington's Grill. I figured, what the heck - why go home and sit and watch TV. CSI doesn't come on A&E until 10 or 11 anyway. :)
I like going to places and meeting random people. I met the Head Master of a local private school and we talked for a while. He wants to implement an International Program and we talked about foreign countries, the kids, the experiences. It was a nice intellectual conversation. One that none of my 3 dogs can carry on with me. After a glass of wine or two I decided - they took blood from me and I hadn't eaten, so I probably needed to not order another glass and head back to the Land of Koz. On the way home I checked back in with my friend Amy, she had a hysterectomy yesterday (she's 26). She was on some good pain meds and doing well. Then my Mere called me, she was in Houston doing a charity thing for the Rodeo. She's Miss. Do Everything - I admire her and her will. She's definitely a giver. And ALWAYS knows how to crack me up and make me feel better. That's what friendship is all about. We are definitely "soul mates" as she put it in the beautiful toast she gave at my rehearsal dinner. Life wouldn't be good if it weren't for people like that in your life. Everyone needs them. tear....tear...

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

This whole not negative thing.

Ok, so I know I just posted like 30 minutes ago about my new found attitude. But you know what, there are just somethings that you can be pissed about. Like trying to make your blogspot not look like blah white paper and then deleting all of your friends blogs under links. So, if you are reading this and you are not under my links...please post a comment and give me your site so I can repost it! Sorry! I did end up finding some from others peoples site I knew. Thanks peeps!
Happy New Year!

So, my new years resolution is still the same ol' same ol' cliche stuff like - lose weight, save more money, yadda yadda yadda - but this year I am adding something new. So many changes have happened in my life this past year - some good some bad, but it has really changed me. I'm not saying this is for the best either. So, my new new years resolution is to change my negative attitude. I have a friend that is such a Debbie Downer (like that Saturday Night Live skit) and I feel like I have turned into her and I really am not happy with it. I know how my attitude effects others and I don't want to be "that person". Now just because I am working on this doesn't mean I remember to stick by it 24-7. It's my resolution - I am trying to resolve this issue within me, so just bare with me. :)

I went to Alabama the week after Christmas and found my hubby an apartment. It's a nice little one bedroom - he calls it his bachelor pad. He called me last night (his first night there) and we were kind of sad that it became a reality he was there for real. I guess staying in a hotel for 3 months doesn't really feel like a place to live.

This year will bring a lot of hurdles to jump and obstacles to cross, but that is why my new improved attitude will help me though it. Lord, just give me the strength. This new year will be a challenge for me in every aspect.

As for the losing weight. I am in 2 weddings - one in October of this year and one in March of next year. So I have about 10 months to shape my ass up. I say as I just ate 3 of Paula Dean's Georgia Cookies, can't find the recipe online to post, but her new cookbook - a must have.

HAA!! I almost forgot the funniest thing over the holidays. We had a Christmas party the Saturday before Christmas and had a great turn out. A lot of fun people. To sum things up ...the person that never drinks threw up all over my back patio and the person that drinks often threw up all over the side of my house. I guess that makes for a good party? And I would have been throwing up all over if I'd of had to clean up the vom, but my dear friend Tasha gets the medal of honor for hosing that nastiness down. I thank you Tasha with all of my heart - really - there is no way I could do it for you. Just a little take away from the party - according to drunkard #1 (no names mentioned for the safety of the individual) we have brought back the words "Holmes" and "Boss". Here is an example on how to use these words in the same sentence. You have called your local game warden at 11:30 pm to find out the limit on the hooded meganders (aka. flying nuns) and you have to leave a message. "Hey Holmes, this is drunkard #1. If you could give me a call back that would be really Boss. Thank you." So kids, that is your lesson of the day. Please use your new vocabulary every chance you get - that would be really "boss".