Thursday, January 11, 2007


I had to have a chuckle on today. There was an article on Rachael Ray and comfort foods like her mac and cheese. Then to the right of that same box where the article is located is the healthy section on finding the Right Diet for You ~ and keep that new years resolution. Mmmmm. I watched the Mac & Cheese video because my new years resolution is to stay positive and things like mac & cheese make me happy. Dare to be different - the losing weight thing is so cliche and I say that at least 10 times a year like it's some great big breaking news - I'm Going On A Diet! Why say it again on the first day of the year and lie to yourself? Plus I also found this article Own a Pooch? and since I have 3 dogs - does that mean I am 3 times more likely to be "pudgy"? My favorite part of the article is when it says,"pet owners tended to be middle-aged, have less education and more health-risk factors." Good thing they are talking about the Finnish or I may have taken offense to this article. (wink)
Now my dogs can join the worlds fight against obesity by taking a new drug to make them skinny. Slentrol Oh what a tangled web we weave.

Tomorrow is surgery day - so I probably won't post and if I do then it will be fun for all of us to read due to the large quantity of pain meds I plan on taking - Should be interesting. My fear is not of the surgery itself, but what I am going to say to people when I am not fully aware of the words comming out of my mouth. I do have secrets and I hope they don't become exposed!

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Mel Francis said...

been thinking about you. hope the surgery went well and you're feeling okay!