Thursday, October 29, 2009

Doctors Orders: Rest not Nest

Doctors orders.

Today I finally had to admit that I was uncomfortably miserable and couldn't breathe. The middle of my back has been hurting since Sunday and I blew it off to my crappy bed. Then Monday I noticed myself taking deeper breaths like I needed more air so I blew it off as a baby leg in my ribs/lungs. Tuesday the combination of my back and lack of oxygen just sort of became a nuisance. Wednesday, I laid low after work thinking maybe for some reason I forgot that I had been beaten repeatedly. So by this morning, Thursday, I was feeling like I had to gasp for a good breath and when I did breathe deep I was being stabbed.

Maybe I should call the doctor?

So I did.

They asked me to come in. So I jumped in the car and headed to Jackson. Long story short, after visiting with Dr. North he sent me to the hospital to have a chest X-ray and sonogram. He wanted to rule out worst case scenario of clot or tumor in the lungs. The sonogram was to check on Hill and make sure he was good. Both reports were clear....and I got a picture of my little guys face AND I made the sonogram lady double check that he was still a he - and he IS for sure still 100% he.

So what is wrong? It could be anything. It could be that my uterus is pushing on my lungs and causing me to have shorter more rapid breaths thus feeling like I'm not breathing completely. It could be my bra doesn't fit right. It could be I'm a freak of nature. Either way, worst case scenario is ruled out ....which is clots and tumors. So, in the mean time I am on pain meds to rest and hopefully not feel like the breath is continually being knocked out of me. He hopes that after a few days of "chilling out" and laying low I'll feel better. I have an appointment Monday morning and we will know more about my status then.

For now, my Chippy is in transit home. Nurse Katie Lou is cuddling with me and I hope this post makes sense as I'm geeked out on Darvocet.
I leave you with a picture of my son's face. Hope you can make it out....I think he's smiling.

The Babies Are Coming!

I just received word from Christy and I quote "It's going to happen this morning." She is now in active labor and dilated to a 5. She hopes that her husband makes it to Houston in time because he went into work this morning.

Please say a prayer for my dear friends. Today their whole world will change. Please pray that Baby Joey and Baby Molly are strong and healthy and can go home soon! Please pray that God gives Chirsty and Billy the peace of mind that they need to be the great parents we all know they are. Pray that God is there to help guide the medical team as they bring these lucky babies into the world safely.

I will keep you posted and hopefully have pictures soon!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Let sleeping dogs lie

Just wanted to post really quick and let you all know that things are going great. I got a good nights sleep last night, it has been long overdue...even though the dogs wanted out 3 separate times. They now have a wacky sleeping schedule because of mine. Don't worry, my sleep was not drug induced even though I had thought about it. I think it had to do with relaxing and not being so spastic to do things after work for a change.

After work I plopped down on the couch and caught up on 6,000 episodes of Desperate Housewives which I hadn't even started this season. I know. Crazy. Didn't even cook any food, went out and grabbed something. Came back and watched some more Desperate Housewives in bed on clean sheets. (Clean sheets truly makes the world a happier place)

I think I shut my eyes around 9 something. Then at 11:30, 1:27 and a little before 6 the dogs wanted out. So, I rolled my 7 month pregnant bootie out of bed while speaking abruptly under my breath like they had any clue what I was talking about. Let them out, went back to bed so 20 minutes later they could bark to get back mumbling and grumbling and waddling around is probably a very humorous site - especially at 1:27 am.

Katie's eyes are doing much better. She has a lot of spunk back in her step now and is still doing a great job taking her meds. She feels well enough to yell at Foxy Mama and let me know when she needs something. Silly little girl, she sure enough rules that roost.

Today I have a baby shower! We are so fortunate to have such wonderful friends. I can't say that enough. This little guy has caused quite a stir in our lives...a positive stir. I still haven't even finished the thank you notes from his last shower! I better get on the ball!

Tonight I may work on my super secret Halloween costume. We shall see what the energy level is at the end of the day. Plus I have to figure out what I'm going to teach tomorrow at my last class! Usually when I teach the last class we go to a Mexican Restaurant and I make them order in Spanish. This time I can't do that because I have people from everywhere and there isn't a Mexican Restaurant in Goodman, MS. Honestly there isn't much in Goodman, MS but the campus.

Hope you all have a great day!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Freeman Family

For those of you that have kept my dear friends in your prayers and continually ask about their status here is the latest post from Christy

Keep the prayers up!

Frist Parental Decision

The other night I wanted to eat at Pizza Hut. Even though we had left overs in the fridge I had to fulfill that craving. I am an addict when it comes to their salad with French dressing and then their pan pizza has enough buttery goodness to make sure my grease-o-meter has reached it's weekly maximum capacity in one sitting. Yum. So, Chip humored me and we went to the Hut.

The observant people we are noticed the kids at the booth next to us wanting to go and play in the corner play room. The parents without hesitation sent them on their way. The kids were playing and my not ever being able to hide my feelings due to my facial expressions must have looked disgusted. Chip started laughing. I knew he was on the same wave length as I was. I wanted to bathe myself in germ-x just watching them play in what we have now dubbed "E-Coli Corner." I asked Chip if it was ok if our kid didn't play in there. He seconded that motion and there it was...our first parental decision.

Side note: Sorry if you let your kids play in there, I'm not knocking you. I'm sure it's an ok play area, I've just never seen them clean it or wipe up after sneezy snotty kids in there.

Also, there was another first for me yesterday.
My first born Katie Lou has hurt eyes. She could hardly open them and they were so swollen and heart hurt for my little Goose. Chip being the wonderful Daddy he is took her to the doctor for me. This is something that was a huge step for me. I've never not been the one to take my baby girl to the doctor in 10 years. I guess this was a test. For both me and Chip. Chip did a great job! He took her, got her all fixed up and medicated and even wrote down the instructions for me on when and how to use the meds. He had to leave town yesterday afternoon but has called in to check in on her many times.

My poor little Lou Lou, this is a before picture. Herz got hurt eyes. The doctor cleaned it up and said that she has a busted blood vessel in her eye and then a little infection. Due to her age she is not producing tears like she needs to so we will need to put drops in her eyes to moisten them probably from here on out.

I've never seen her in so much discomfort. Hurts my heart. She has been such a cuddle bug. She is taking her meds like a good girl and has been resting on mommy and Chippy's bed. I think she's feeling a little better, but we aren't going to over do it....probably just give lots of kisses.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Love Letters In The Attic

I have to say that this nesting thing is very over ruling. It has taken over my life. I have officially given everything I haven't worn in the last year or so away. I continue to clean out cabinets and toss things and give to Helping Hands. I have purchased organization items and have even started packing my bags for the hospital. I have to say it's fairly ridiculous.

In the midst of all of my Tasmanian devil whirlwind clean up I slowed down for a second when I came across a letter in a box in the attic. The letter was incomplete, but it still said so much. It was a letter that a young girl wrote to someone whom she missed, someone that held her heart in his hands thousands of miles away. They were oceans apart from one another seemingly during a great time of uncertainty and vulnerability in the world. The words in the letter were written from the purest of heart and spoken from a place in the soul that is rarely, if ever, opened in any human being. The letter went on to say how she missed him, how she loved him so and was almost scared to tell him how much for the fear that maybe his infatuation wasn't as strong as hers. She didn't care though, her heart was laid out on that piece paper, the sweetest love letter which was never finished or sent to her true love.

I wonder what happened to that young girl. Was she ever able to tell him how much she loved him? Did she ever see him again?

She did. They eventually married and live in a quaint small town in a comfortable house with three dogs and a baby on the way. She still loves him just as much, if not more than she did eight years ago next month when she wrote that letter she never sent from her stay in Spain right after September 11, 2001.

What a great happy to have found...

Baby Shower 10-18-09

On Sunday, October 18th my wonderful friends put together the most beautiful spread of food, gathered some of the most special people in my life and gave my baby the best gifts in the world.
I get a little misty eyed and burning tingly nose every time I think about all the people that love me, Chip and this little guy that no one has even met! We are so blessed and there are no words to express my gratitude.

The hostesses: (left to right)
JJ, Meryl, Whitney, Allison, Kim, Tina & Tasha

Pregnant lady in front of food.

Food before the pregnant lady ate it all.


OK, I am posting these but please note I am not sure who the huge pregnant lady in the coral colored shirt is sitting on that blue couch....Poor blue couch.

Hey there JJ! These two baby boys in our bellies are are already telepathically trying to figure out what kind of trouble they can get into.
I love seeing his name on things...I think it's too cute.
Sorta need to brush my hair in these photos

There are no less that a zillion other photos, but I think this is good for now.
Thank you all for everything! I had such a wonderful time and sometimes have to pinch myself to make sure that I really am this lucky to have such a wonderful life and the best friends on earth!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Friends & Bed....but not friends in my bed

First things first. Please keep my friends Christy & Billy and their twin babies (in utero) in your prayers. Christy is 32 weeks along and one of the twins water broke yesterday. I talked to her this morning and they have stopped her contractions and babies and mommy are doing well resting in the hospital. Currently, the babies weigh 4lbs and even if they were to deliver today (which we need them to stay in there and bake a little longer) they would be strong and only have to stay in the NICU for about 4 weeks. So in your prayers please pray for my friends who have been wanting and waiting for these babies for years and years. Pray that they all stay safe and healthy and for the knowledge of the doctors by their side.

So the title of my post is "Friends & Bed....but not friends in my bed." Technically there is a friend in bed, Christy. Just not my bed.....or Hill's new bed!

My sweet little babe has a place to lay his weary tiny head now. It looks black in the photo, but it is a dark brown - Espresso to be exact. I couldn't sleep last night so put it together. Two hours and one extra screw later....this is the final product. I love it! I put his little music / light thing on the side and his stuffed animals in there to keep the bed warm until he gets here. I probably need sheets on his mattress before I go putting him in there though. I feel a like a weight has been lifted since the bed is now ready. Everything is seemingly falling into place.

Since Christy scared me with her preterm water breakage she gave me good advice that will be my new mission. Pack your bag now, it doesn't matter how far along you are. Also, she said not to forget to pack Chip a bag too! I never would have thought of that, how selfish of me. She forgot to do that for Billy and so in all the hustle and bustle he's made it to Houston but with no change of clothes or toothbrush. She said he asked, "Where is my bag?" Poor Billy he's such a sweetie.

Speaking of sweetie. My Chippy comes home today. We both have really long days on Thursdays. I don't get home until 8:00 after teaching my class and he doesn't get home until about 10:30 or 11:00. Can you believe that tonites class will conclude week 5 of the 6 week class? Only one more week and I can reclaim those extra 6 hours a week that I feel like I really need at this point. Maybe this new found time will allow me to complete my nesting quicker and be able to relax. Yeah, right! Who am I kidding? There is always something to do around the Hawkins house. If not, I'll invent something or re-re-re arrange something again.

Productivity 24-7......that's how I roll.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Parties, Patients and Patience

I know. I know. This posting once a week junk is not going to cut it. Especially when there is so much to talk about! I should probably divide this post into Chapters. Grab a snack, you are in for the long haul.

Last Saturday Chip and I went to the Ole Miss game with his dad and step mom. Chip gave his regular ticket to his step mom so she could sit with his dad and we had awesome tickets right on the 50 yard line. Thanks, Frank! The Rebs won, which made the day!

Sunday I was just like a little kid at Christmas. I was up before the sun and dressed 6 hours before time for Hill's first Baby Shower! I kept texting the hostesses (Whitney Pettit, Meryl Allen, JJ Warrington, Tasha Grantham, Tina Graham, Kim Wiggers, Allison Bell & Jane Clarie Overstreet) to see if I could help do anything because I just wanted to be all up in the mix. They wouldn't let me. So I arrived early to the Country Club where everything was decorated absolutely adorable...and not to mention the food! Hello, pregnant or not, party food is my favorite food! There were pineapple sandwiches, spinach dip, apples with homemade caramel dip (I'm told was my mother in law's recipe - what a special touch), cheeseball, artichoke dip, nuts, mints, punch and of course a cake! Apologies in advance...I'm waiting on pictures since scatter brained me forgot my camera.
So, Once everyone got there, gosh almighty I ate like a famished stray dog. I opened present after present after present. Hill is so spoiled even before he has arrived! We are so lucky to have such wonderful caring friends and family. I have a lot to learn and I know they will be there to help guide me.....and not call child services when I do everything wrong.
For example I received an awesome baby bag with a pocket on the side. I said, oh wow! a place to store my cell phone. Everyone but me knew that that pocket was not for my benefit, but for the baby's pacifiers. I digress.
The shower was a hit. Hill received tons of goodies including the gift certificate to buy his crib from Tina and Tasha!

Monday was a big day for little Hill, and mommy too! We had our glucose test to see if we had gestational diabetes. I was worried because of all the party food I ate the day before! So, I decided to fast. On the way to the doctor (takes an hour and 15 minutes) I watched Chip eat his sausage biscuit and drink his coke as my stomach rumbled and growled so loud Hill thinks it's haunted in there. I had to drink the "orange drink" within 5 minutes and 45 minutes before my arrival. So a little after Carthage I popped the top, it wasn't bad at all. I like orange soda a lot and I was so hungry that I didn't care if it was flat tasting. Chip said, didn't have any problem drinking that down in less than 5 minutes. Hush your mouth, it was tasty. By the time we got to Flowood I was so whacked out from only having straight sugar in my body I was turning on the road to the doctors office and told Chip he should probably be driving. Just what you want to hear right?
So I made it the whole 50 yards to the parking lot and waddled my way into the the doctors office. That's what I do now...I waddle. Ok, so why is it always pure hilarity when I go to the doctors office? At this point I am so geeked out on this sugar high the nurse hands me a cup to pee in and I walk in the stall had to pee so bad that I smooth forgot to go in the cup. Sigh. I got a couple more trickles out, but was so embarrassed. I mean really? You have one task and you can't fulfill it? I apologized to the nurse and lied to her and told her I missed. I told her that if it wasn't enough I could come back in 30 minutes no problem and do it again. (Oh, I am laughing so hard tears are rolling down my face as I rehash this....I missed? How dumb.) Anyway, I go to the lobby and wait for my turn to do my blood test to check my glucose. By this time I am feeling rough. I am pretty sure I feel as though medical attention is needed, but I just sit there until they call my name and take my blood. After that Toni, Dr. North's nurse weighs me. For some reason I don't mind when she weighs me...I'm growing a baby...remember. Anyway, I only gained two pounds. Which is good because Dr. North said I would probably gain a pound a week, and I saw him 4 weeks ago, so he was pleased.
Toni took me into my room and said....this time we will be doing an exam.
Umm, ok. I didn't get that memo. Correspondence like that needs to be sent out on bright colored paper and email reminders sent out. I began to panic. I hadn't shaved my legs in I can't tell you how long and I was wearing my dress shoes that make my feet more stinky than normal, and I forgot to bring socks so he doesn't smell/see my feet. I feel the sock deal is like a courtesy or etiquette or something, maybe I made that up? Anyway, I was extremely unprepared. Chip even commented, you could have worn some nicer panties. Yes, I will say that again, my husband said I could have worn nicer panties to see my doctor in. What? You don't like the granny panty with holes in them look? It's the new black, babe! Maybe if I didn't say anything about the legs or stinky feet Dr. North wouldn't notice? Toooo Baaaaddd! As soon as he walks in the door I can't control the words coming out of my mouth and profusely apologize for all of the above mentioned grotesqueities (I think I made up that word). He laughs it off and makes me feel better. He is so nice.
He celebrated the fact that I passed my glucose test with flying colors! I had a 107 and he said 140 would have failed me. Chip told him how cracked out and weird I was once I took that "orange drink" and Dr. North assured him I would return to my normal self once I ate something to absorb the sugar. Baby Hill's growth (per my belly measurement) is right on target and his heart rate was 141 bpm. You go little man! Making me proud already!

Chip asked Dr. North about my placenta previa they found in my August sonogram and he said he wasn't worried about it. Chip asked about the H1N1 swine flu shot and Dr. North spouted out some medical mumbo jumbo that according to the Blah Blah Blah...I said umm, ok well what about according to Dr. North? He said he didn't feel one way or the other about it. Gave a statistic that out of 100 pregnant women with the swine flu 28 died. I said well what about testing. I mean I wasn't 100% comfortable with something that may effect/affect my baby that no one truly knows about. He said it had been tested thoroughly that he would deem it safe for little Hill. Chip chimed in and said, You are getting the shot. Dr. North looked at me like...well guess the decision was made? Chip said that if 1/3 of the women that got the swine flu died that is too high of a number to risk it. I can't say I don't agree, but I'm still a little apprehensive. The vaccine will be in by my next appointment in 2 weeks. We shall see how it goes.

All in all, besides my being cracked out on sugar, my hairy legs, stinky feet and holey panties......this visit was wonderful! I start going every two weeks now. I have a sonogram in 4 weeks and I only have 12 weeks before this little one makes his debut!

So that brings me to the last Chapter of this post. Nesting...being that there are only 12 weeks before Hill arrives my "everything" is in full force. I finally had to get a notebook to write down my to do lists. Yes plural, list(s), there were many lists. I think that Chip is having a little bit of nesting too. He is just approaching it differently. It's the clutter factor. The clutter factor is where everything you own is in your way. I am ready to clean it up and ship it out. I have 19 cabinets and 13 drawers in my kitchen. They were ALL rearranged last night....including the pantry in the utility room. I am not sure where to begin tonight. Maybe closets? If you'd like to come over and keep me company you are more than welcome to. I won't put you to work...just hang out and talk while I toss most everything that I will probably regret one day! This nesting phase is exhausting!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Ok, so this pregnancy has been like clockwork when it comes to all the things I read vs. all the things that happen to me. I guess that is good news that I'm on track and what not so I truly can't complain.

My canned response when people ask me how I feel is "I can't complain." I had one lady tell me, well, you could complain if you wanted to. Now is the time to get away with it.
She is right. I feel like right now I could get away with all but murder....too bad I don't have the energy! Not to murder, but do anything in general.

I read the third trimester is somewhat like the first. Lethargic, a little queasy, sleepless nights. Well those fairies have arrived. They must have missed me because they are pouring it on thick. I forgot about the ol' Emotional Mathematic fairy...he makes every emotion multiply and magnified by 10. It's total drama.

However, this time they did bring along a new fairy I hadn't read about named Poo Poo Head. He is the one that makes everything blah. Work, blah. Home, blah. Driving, blah. Teaching, blah. Even thinking about feeding myself becomes a chore that I don't want to deal with. Poo Poo Head is taking over and I'm not to happy about it. I guess the fact that I am aware of it means I can try to do something about it...but he's really strong and I am so weak. Motivation has been sucked out of me like the straw I drink my delicious fountain cokes from.
I'm up for any advice...drugs...acupuncture...scripture...dark rooms to hide in. Maybe all of the above?

I try to think of happy things like I get to see Chip today after 10 days of missing him. I am having fun with my friend Sukie as she helps me to design Hill's birth announcements. Hill is having a baby shower on Sunday, he is so loved! I had fun last night making petit fores with my friend Whitney. I had a great time in Texas. I have a job. I have food, water, shelter, clothes, people that love me.

I try to not take things for granted even though I'm a grouch. I posted a sign above my computer that says "It is really NOT a big problem" so that my blood doesn't start to boil over silly things and stupid people. Remember Emotional Mathematic Fairy is in full effect.

Wouldn't it be funny if I changed my voicemail to say, "I'm sorry I cannot get to the phone right now. I am screening your calls as to not bite your head off during our conversation. Please leave a very detailed message so I know if you are being stupid or just flat out dumb. Have a wonderful day!" Ok, so it's really not that bad...I'm exaggerating. Sure is funny though. I doubt HR would approve of that message though.

I guess just everything is overwhelming and I'm not too good at not having control of things (be quiet, I hear you laughing from here). I'd ask for help, but not too sure what all I need to be doing, much less what the culprit of my stress manifestation is (hormones?). I think I'm just really tired. My body feels like a donkey that has had to lug some diva's over sized Louis Vuitton luggage to the top of Mt. Everset just to realize she forgot her hair dryer at the bottom of the mountain. Ok, did that make any sense? I'm delusional and must go now.

....just venting and being a drama queen.

Maybe it's my Louis Vuitton luggage I'm carrying myself? But I don't own Louis Vuitton luggage. It would probably have wheels on the bottom to make things simpler anyway.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Home again, Home again...

Texas was a blast. The flight there was fantastic. My mom picked me up and we went looking for a couple of things I'd been needing and then had a fabulous dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. After dinner we headed home because I'd had a LONG day.

Friday morning I woke up to the smell of cranberry orange muffins baking in the oven. Yum! Mom had made muffins, granola yogurt parfaits and chicken spaghetti all before 8:30 am. My aunt came over to visit and brought Hill a couple of gifts. Around 11:30 we met my brother for lunch at the Country Club and I got to see and catch up with a bunch of old familiar faces. After lunch my mom and I went and got a manicure and pedicure and my feet are now as soft as Hill's behind. Poor guy that had to touch my stinky crusty tootsies...he's a trooper. By the time our nails dried Meredith had made it to town and we were to meet her at the Crossing (a local gift shop) so she could register for wedding gifts. That was fun!

Once that was settled me, Meredith and my mom headed to my brother Jason's new house. (which I forgot to take pictures of) This house was remodeled by my him and my dad for resale and he's now living in it. It is a true story of the ugly duckling. I will have him send me before and after photos so you can all see.

After the grand tour and everyone (but me) enjoyed a glass of wine we went to eat at my favorite local mexican restaurant...Casa Hernandez. I could drink their salsa and their burritos are pretty much just like I remember from 4029875 years ago - delicious. Stuffed from having eaten ourselves into a coma we visited a little longer then headed to bed.

Saturday was the big day. We were headed to Houston for Meredith's two wedding dress appointments. First stop was Mia Couture we met up with Mere's step mom and 2 sisters. The shop owner Emily was sweet, helpful, knowledgeable and went above and beyond. There Meredith found 2 dresses she liked, but didn't make her decision because she still had one more stop. We had a brief lunch so we could be on time for our second appointment at Priscilla of Boston. There we met up with more of Meredith's family and my surrogate family the Leslie's. These people pretty much helped raise was so fun hanging out with them I love them sooo much! It was the perfect day even though the wedding dress alteration lady made Meredith so mad by telling her she couldn't do something. After that situation passed an executive decision was made on a dress and it's absolutely beautiful. I'd post pictures, but I don't know who all reads this and I'd hate for her hubby to see it. She paired the new dress with the heirloom veil that all of her aunts and one cousin had worn over the past 35 years. Absolutely georgeous!

Once we finished with her dress the bridesmaids were able to find their dresses. Here is mine.
It won't let me copy a photo. It's dress #1302 and is in sugar violet (color on the chart between the black (onyx) and brown (truffle).
There are 3 other types of dresses - same color - and 6 others in the 2 people wear the same dress then mine is the only one that's different. I love it! I had to order it then because it won't be ready until January so hopefully we guessed correctly on the size?!?!?

After Saturday I was exhausted. It was a fabulous day, but Sunday would have to be a day of rest. I went to visit my friend Christy who is 31 weeks pregnant with twins. I took her lunch, the chicken spaghetti my mom made, we ate and visited and I looked at my watch 5 hours later! We had so much fun catching up, I lost track of time! I had to head back to my moms house to have dinner with my brother and his lady friend. Mom cooked steaks and other yummy stuff which was extremely fabulous! Only then did I have to leave good company and pack up my things to leave the next morning.

I left with a lot more stuff than I came with. Hill got gifts and happies and hand me downs that are older than Methusila, sorry Jason. Hill did however end up with blankets that my grandmother had made which is neat.

Monday morning we headed towards my dad's house. He was not in town this trip, he had gone to Mexico. He called me and said he had a present for me at his house. We stopped by and visited with my step mom, Pam, and picked up my gift. It was a hilarious wooden 'snowlady' that was pregnant. I will proudly display her from now until it's no longer cold outside. I will have to post a picture and we can have a name that Pregnant Snowlady contest for her soon.

As you can see I had a wonderful time visiting family and friends in Texas. Therefore I will leave you all on that note and not finish up my blog post with my travels home. In a nutshell, it involves an old man with Parkinson's, Popeye's chicken, my Fatty McFat Butt and turbulence.

I haven't seen Chip since last Tuesday and since he was feeling bad Monday he headed to Oxford as to not infect me with whatever it is he has. So I haven't seen my hubby in a week and it will be Thursday night before I see him. Hill misses his daddy...or maybe it's me missing his daddy?

Thursday, October 08, 2009

On my way to Texas to play!

Sorry! Sorry! Here I am! I haven't written in a week and I apologize.
Work has been a bit overwhelming and life is very fast paced. Last Saturday we had a few people over to watch the Ole Miss game on (insert game show voiceover) Our New 40" TV.

I helped host a baby shower for JJ and she received a lot of great stuff! Baby Warrington sure is loved. Then Sunday Chip and I went to eat at Lake Tiak-o-Khata in Louisville then onto Lowe's to grab a few around the house fixer upper things. I cleaned out Hill's closet to the best of my ability and we took a ton of stuff to the attic.

So it was a productive, expensive weekend, but my "nesting" is going well and Chip has been humoring me for the most part by helping me out. EXCEPT when I asked to talk about Christmas. He refused to talk about something that is 3 months away. He continued to pick on me and say "Let's plan a July 4th party." "Let's talk about Easter" He's such a punk. This was serious to me and he wouldn't listen so I did all I knew to do......cried. Tears streaming down my hormonal face asking 'Why won't you help me?' 'We are having a baby and I can't shop come December.' Long story short, I called Meryl and Jane Claire and we got it figured out in like 2.5 seconds.

This week has been alright, my feet have been swelling, that translates to I've been really busy. Monday I worked then taught my class, which is going really well. Tuesday I worked then had a 2 hour Junior Auxiliary meeting. I am excited about this years fundraiser "Denim & Diamonds". It will be a lot of fun with good food, the Royal Court, auction items, and the band Crossin' Dixon! It will be my first soiree after Hill comes so I will be looking for a baby sitter.

Ha! How funny and weird. Any takers? I'm use to calling someone to come let the dogs out and feed them, but now I have to worry about someone to actually take care of Hill, like 24-7 not just check in on him 2-3 times a day to tt / poopoo.

Yesterday, Wednesday, I finished up laundry, cleaned the bathrooms, changed the sheets on all the beds, did all the dishes amongst other things because we have / had company coming. I say it like "have / had" because the guy that took over Chip's office in Alabama once he left and his wife were coming to stay with us to go to the Ole Miss vs. Alabama game on Saturday. Plans changed, but keep them in your prayers. Shon's wife is pregnant with their first child and started spotting. The baby seems to be ok, but they don't know what the underlying problem is. So needless to say she won't be traveling across state lines to go to a football game.

Our other weekend guest that will arrive tomorrow is, Chip's buddy Frank Belk who is coming from Oxford to get away and hang out. Chip is going to Oxford on Saturday to the game and Frank is just going to chill over here at the house. What about me you ask? I'm so glad you've asked!!

Hill and I are traveling to Texas today!
Yup! Today we get to go see Mama Lou and Uncle Jason and MiMi and Aunt May May and our soon to be twin friends in my friend Christy's belly, Joey & Molly! I am so excited to be able to see life long friends Beth and hopefully Julie, who even though it's been 100 years since I've seen them we keep in touch and will always be my family. Papi will be in Mexico, but we will see him soon enough.
I have been looking forward to this weekend since the day I planned it months ago! I knew that I had to travel home since Hill was going to be here soon and also I'd be rapidly growing and Southwest Airlines may have made me buy two tickets to fit my rump and not just one. I am so excited because I leave today for Houston, my mom will pick me up and we will do a little shopping. Tomorrow we will go get pedicures....these feet are screaming for attention! Meredith will come to town around lunch and we will hang out because Saturday we will head to Houston to shop for her wedding dress! I think Beth will be there and I saw that Julie flew into Texas yesterday so I hope she will be there too! What a fun fantastic day for all of us! I absolutely cannot wait!
Sunday I'm not sure what the plans are, but some where between Friday and Sunday I plan on hanging out with my brother Jason and seeing my gestating, bed resting friend Christy. I fly back Monday and dive back into reality on Tuesday.
I am so excited about this trip that I haven't once thought about the flight. Unfortunately I can't have my routine crown and coke pre flight, so I just have to calm myself mentally. Most of you know me and how I've NEVER minded flying until September 11, 2001. For those of you that don't know I was flying from Houston to New York on September 11th before they closed down the airport before I could leave. I guess it's the thought of what might have been that gives me the freak outs, but whatever. Honestly, I don't think I'm scared of a terrorist attack on my plane, but the going down or the crashing part. I've flown six thousand times since then, twice overseas, but the traumatic jitters are still there. BUT with that said, technically this is Hill's first flight and he needs to get use to it because he has to visit Texas a lot and we are not driving 9 hours in a car often. So this is it. Snap out of it Rachel!
Ok friends and family! I will talk to you guys upon my return next week! Pray for a safe calm flight to and from Texas. Love you all!

Thursday, October 01, 2009

I'm Pregnant!

I'm sure you are all like, no joke Rachel! Well I've been pregnant for right at 25 weeks now and I've had the normal symptoms and what not, but each phase has been different.

I started off with the I need carbs to make me not nauseated phase, the refrain from not drinking the vinegar bottle craving, on into the holy cow my back hurts, followed by the Lord please turn my desk into a cloud so I can sleep. Then there was the longest lasting (still there on a bad day) I'm fat and my clothes are evil streak, or the continual bladder the size of a grain of sand issue, followed by the I can't really sleep problem.

Now I'm at the MOTHER of all symptoms (no pun intended). It's the my belly is a basketball and I can't get out of bed ordeal. Makes me REALLY feel like I'm pregnant.

This poses a problem because the mornings I'm not automatically up at 6:00 I have to figure out how to hit the snooze button (8 times.) I don't keep my alarm by my bed. I have to keep it at a distance as to not rip it out of the wall or turn it off when she blares her annoying alarm noise. Anyway, I have figured out that from where it is the cord will reach to the corner of my bed, so I don't have to travel far after the initial sounding. When it goes off, I simply do a special little maneuver where I catapult /kick my leg to give me leverage to get up. Yes, it's a very well thought out ingenuitive move, don't try this at home kids. After I am up I hit snooze and set the alarm on the corner of the bed and go back to sleep...8 times. Well, lately this basketball in my abdomen makes it hard for me to even reach the corner of the bed. Hello, how does that work? I'm in the bed, but can't get to the end of the bed. Sad. For. Me. Actually it's quite humorous.

So, I guess I will just have to start getting up when my alarm goes off. What a concept? Just another thing I'll take for the team through this pregnancy. Chalk one up for me, huh?

Onto other things, yesterday I went walking around the lake at the Country Club with my friend JJ. (Yay for my walking!) Since JJ and I are exactly the same weeks, both having boys, everything the same we like to compare notes. We have come to the conclusion that our boys are already just like our husbands...and they aren't even here yet.

Her baby, that will be named later, we will call Baby W and then of course there is Hill. These two little guys are so opposite. Hopefully they will level each other out as friends. (queue classical soothing music) Baby W is chill, he doesn't move around a whole lot, doesn't do kung fu karate moves all the time, doesn't give his mom grief - only occasionally to let his mama know he's in there and ok. Sweet little guy. So he is laid back, just like his dad.

My little Hill on the other hand, (queue heavy metal guitar music) he is already A.D.D. He is constantly flipping and punching and mastering breaking bricks with his head in utero. So talented. I think he has RLS (restless leg syndrome) like his dad. I think his fingernails may be long and he's clawing my uterus trying to break free. You can think of it as a mountain lion in my tum tum. He always has to be doing something. Like his dad. I love it and wouldn't have it any other way. I hope I have the energy for him when he gets here! Or maybe he will exhaust himself in utero and come out sleepy and patient.

Hill will have so many friends his age! (unless he is breaking bricks on his head like a weird kid then no one will be his friend) He already has two friends named Jack waiting for him to come play! Jack Vance and Jack Jordan. He has Judson McGee ready to play some type of sport I'm sure. Baylie Rea and Anne Hudson are ready to break little Hill's heart and soon enough Pearce Marquerdt and Baby Martin will be patiently waiting for him too!

Jackson and Julie had their little boy day before yesterday - he was early and I don't know the details on why, but his mommy said he's doing great on his own. He weighed 4lbs 8 oz. I think they may get to come home tomorrow! Keep them in your prayers!