Friday, May 28, 2010

Coast or Bust

~ Insert Smokey & The Bandit theme music here

We are headed south to Diamondhead this afternoon when I get off of work.  My main mission is to blog (after a month of deprivation), swim and do a whole lot of nothing. 

Man, Friday couldn't get here fast enough this week!  You  know when you are so looking forward to something that the days before drag.  Someone once told me you are wishing your life away when you say, "oh I wish it was Friday," but it's Monday. I could have done without the Monday thru Thursday part this week, not that I'm not appreciative of waking up each morning....but I can't wait to wake up on the coast and look forward to doing what ever I want to - - which will be a whole lotta nothin'!

Talk to you soon. 
I miss you all!  Hope you miss me too!