Sunday, August 17, 2008

When the dog bites, when the bee stings

Next time Hubby and I go to the hunting land we have to remember the 4 B's.

B #1 - when you are on your 4-wheeler and come to the open land you need Binoculars so that you can see if there is any wildlife in the distance.

B #2 - when you are riding through the woods it is always fun to bring a cooler of Beer to wet your whistle and partake in a bit of relaxation.

B #3 - when you have to jump off the back of the 4-wheeler to mount the new game camera to a tree and your husband accidentally parks on top of a yellow jacket nest you need Benadryl to help you feel better. This was scary because I have never been stung before and didn't know how I'd react. My dad is DEATHLY allergic so hubby rushed me out of the woods to get home just in case I was too. He's sweet.

B #4 - when you are rushing out of the woods and the loggers have just been through cutting down trees they leave big ruts. With all the rain there was a ton of mud you need Boots so that when you get stuck and there aren't any trees around to wench to you have to step knee deep in your old tennie hoppers and jeans to pick up the back end of your ATV so you can get home.

So when you plan to play in the woods don't forget the 4 B's.