Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Parties and Rubber Bands

I guess you all have stopped checking my blog because I don't ever write. I completely understand 2 months is a long time to go without writing.
Tonight I sit here in my robe on the back patio after just getting out of an extremely hot bath sipping on wine and conversing with my laptop. A long overdue date.

Things have been really hectic lately - I will complete the third and final Christmas party that I have planned in the past 3 weeks come Saturday. That's what I get for not showing up to my extra curricular activities planning committees. Live and let learn - right?

I am looking forward to this Saturdays party though....it's The Hawkins Christmas Party. Always a fun event. Chip and I invite tons of people and just let loose. We understand it's an awkward day (the Saturday before Christmas) but you'd be surprised how many people are ready to leave their family gatherings to tie one on with about 40 of their closest friends. We try to provide a good time.

I don't have any holiday plans. Thursday is Christmas and a day off from work. I hate looking at it like that, but it's the new found truth of my life. Work. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. The Friday after Christmas when I get off work my mother in law and I plan to travel to the coast to visit my sister in law. I'm looking forward to it. Chip will be at his 5th Annual Mountain Man Retreat and out of site doing boy things with his boy friends.

Once we get back from the Coast, that next week Chip, his mom and I will be traveling to Dallas to watch the Cotton Bowl. Go Rebs!!

Lots of changes going on at the workplace. I think they are all positive. A triple increase in my partner and my workload, but it's a learning experience. Today I placed a rubber band on my wrist so anytime I talk smack, I pop it. My wrist was red when I left work. Trying to keep my chin up - it's only been 2 days since the new process started. Therefore the blog, because I feel either I will not be able write for a while or I will need you guys as an outlet. We shall see.

It's been so long have I told ya'll we sold the Ghetto House? What a monkey off my back that was! Now hubby is wanting to take on different ventures in land. You know what they say about land - They just don't make it anymore. Hardy Har Har. Sigh....my patience are thin, thus I revert back to the rubber band.

2009 will be great! I have no doubts! Chippy and I are on a great start to losing weight. I've lost like 15lbs and he has lost almost 20. We have the Biggest Loser bet going on with Hawkins vs. Overstreet (his sister and brother in law). The stakes are $1,250 come May 1st and which ever couple has lost the most % in body weight wins the pot. Go Hawkins!

The 4 legged babies are doing well. Foster has even joined the Biggest Loser competition and is down from 116 to 107! Go Bubs! We all wish we could eat Science Diet r/d aka "The Magic Food" and lose such a high percentage of our body weight!

That's my update. I hope you and your families have a safe and joyous holiday season!

Much love, RCH