Thursday, December 21, 2006


Just want all of my readers (all 2 of you) to have a Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year! No big plans. I have off Friday the 22nd to January 1st. We are having a Christmas party at the new digs Saturday night and then Sunday and Monday Christmas with the In-Laws. Tuesday thru Thursday I'll be in Alabama looking for Chip a place to lay his weary head. Then come home so he can go to "Mountain Man" for the weekend - his friends deer camp where they hunt, drink beer, play cards and don't shave for 3 days.

I'm a bad daughter - I am not going to the homeland during the holidays a) I'm tired b) it's a hustle and bustle, then just turn around and fly back - the type of trip you need a vacation from your vacation. c) I want to go to Alabama to see what my husbands alternate life is like.
I think, I hope that my family understands.

I'm looking for New Year's Eve trouble (since I'm not a mountain man), so let me know what you have up your sleeve!? I did receive an invite from an old friend to a party, but I'm not sure that's what I'm going to do. It needs to be something inexpensive, I have property taxes due in January. Man I am such an old Mamaw. lol

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Ta Da! It's me, I'm here - Not Lost!

Wow, I haven't posted anything in a month. It's not like I've been busy, or haven't thought about it. I have no excuse. I live in my nutshell and focus on the routine. Though, I did break out of my shell Tuesday night. I went to the Golden Moon Luna Bar - the golden ball at the top of the building in Philadelphia, MS. It was fun, met some funny people. Julie the bartender was a fun lady. She was from Chicago and you could tell she likes what she does. Then I met Billy Jack the Mega Touch and Pool Table sales guy. I met Charlie the retiree that took great interest in what I do for a living. Then there was Jim, the ass that was soo cocky that even my bitchyness couldn't make him budge. Jim is the guy that has "The Tribes" 401-K. The tribe is the casino - it's an Indian reservation and the reason why there is a casino there without being on water. After Jim told me what he did, I being polite and trying to find a common ground with this stranger, informed him my husband was a broker. This was when things got deep and his arrogance shined. I found his boastful attitude quite amusing - it gave me the opportunity to put on my sarcastic smart ass face, which I haven't had the chance to do in a while. Once I let him know I was not impressed nor taken back with his endeavors he said, "Rachel, I like you, you're witty. Have you eaten dinner?" (Well actually he called it supper, which gets on my nerves anyway) I informed Jim I had not eaten dinner. He invited me to go to dinner with him, which I gracefully declined, turned to Billy Jack to my left and rolled my eyes, as he laughed uncontrollably. If I would have had to spend 10 more minutes around Jim the 401-K guy I may have thrown him off the top of the golden ball. I told my husband about Jim and he said, you should have taken him up on dinner, and made him take you to Phillip M's (this fine restaurant we like to eat at, but can't always afford to do so) . The night was so much fun though - I cut up, drank, met new people and got to be a bitch all in the same night. That is rare! I felt like the me I know. I was feeling sort of pathetic going there by myself, but am certainly glad I did. I needed that get away, solo or not!

Next week I get to go to Oxford. I always look forward to seeing all of my friends. There is a party there Tuesday night, but I wasn't going to go to until Thursday for my company Christmas party. If I can find someone to watch my 4 legged monsters I may can do both! That would be a treat. I'm sort of excited about next week. I get to go to Oxford see everyone, see Susan and Daniel's new house, then come home Friday because my friend Juli B. is having a party that night and then our friend from Nashville is coming to town and decided she was having a party at our house Saturday night. So, I will literally have to pencil everyone in this next week...have your people call my people - we can do lunch. (ha, one week of fun things to do has made me a snob)