Thursday, October 28, 2010

Prayer Warriors

I do not know these people, but that doesn't matter.  I ran across this blog from a friend of a friend type deal.  They live in my home town.

Almost two weeks ago her son was feeling bad and next thing they know he's in Texas Childrens and has Lukemia.  It's a little more complicated than that and a lot more scary too.  Please keep Cory and his awesomely strong faith driven family in your prayers.

I have added them to my daily reads, but here is his mom's blog so you can share in their prayer requests as they come.

Baby steps are all we need...

Scary Stuff

Mama Lou and Uncle Jason are flying in tonight! (that's not the scary part)

So since Hill won't be at daycare tomorrow he wore his Mummy t-shirt today because he wanted to scare all the little girls and boys and teachers in his class.

Super Scary - RAAARRR!

Then day before yesterday I was driving down the road and saw something strange hanging from the back of an 18 wheelers mud flap.  I tried to get close enough to take a picture with my phone and ended up running a stop sign and almost got side swiped
(SIDE NOTE: for those of you panicing at my driving - no Hill was not in the car with me,)
but alas, I got the picture.....not a good picture, but at least a picture to prove I wasn't making this up. (You may have to click on the picture and zoom in)

A Bloody Foot on the Flap

You can imagine my confused face talking to myself in the car saying what the .... then silly gullible me started wondering if it was real, then I jumped into my CSI Kosciusko mode, ran the stop sign, then I almost got side swiped.  Only to prove in my evidence photos, it's not real. 
Another crime, another day of danger - debunked.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Restock on Aisle 5

When I do grocery shopping it's for the whole month.  If you are an old reader you know this already because you've read of how Chip and I play Showcase Showdown & Shop Til You Drop to cope with the dreaded grocery store.  I try to get everything I need in one trip.  I am 'that' person that has a full shopping cart (or buggy if you are from MS) that can barely see over or push it from aisle to aisle. 

People stare.  The surrounding consumers get out of the way.  The employees cast a glare at me hoping that they don't have to restock any of my goods.  There are no people waiting in line behind me when I go to check out - - my basket is so full.

When I first moved here seriously....NO LIE... had a lady ask me if I could afford all of those groceries in my basket.  I politely assured her that I hoped I could.  Really?  I mean have you ever thought about asking the people in any given store if they could afford something?  I have a feeling that I would offend someone especially the ones that I really am paying for their groceries if I asked that question.

Anyway, I've never showed you when I shop for Hill how that goes down.  I buy everything there is to eat and drink on the baby aisle.  Pretty much everything.  He eats toddler foods and he eats baby foods.  He drinks formula and he drinks juice. He eats everything and when I get home he has his own pantry, well I wouldn't say pantry - maybe aisle is a better word.  It's rediculous, seriously.  Yet, it's the only way I can get my monthly shopping done and not have to worry about running out of food for Hill and know what I have on hand or "in inventory" incase we were to run out.  Doesn't look like we will be running out for a while.  You tell me what you think...

Hill's Aisle of Food
(laundry room shelf)

(L-R) Snacks, jar dinners, fruits, breakfasts,
lunches, dinners, & drinks.

main courses
(OCD maybe?)

Snack Section
I have to buy the industrial sizes because
between Hill & Chip with the Cheerios & Goldfish
I can't keep them in stock!
That's how it happens.  That's the way it goes. 
This is what it looks like.  This is what Hill eats.
Now that you know....

 This is for your viewing pleasure.
My Sweet Boys
Foster & Hill

Monday, October 25, 2010

Rachel Time at 5,000 mph

After work Thursday I came home to a quiet house.  It was just me since the boys were still traveling back from the doctor in Memphis.  I thought to myself - I can either do laundry and put up the pile of clothes I have, sweep the floors and clean out the long overdue junk room I keep just throwing stuff in -OR- I could take a bubble bath, relax and enjoy this peace and quiet for a minute.

I opted for the bath.  I ran a hot bath, poured the smell good bubble bath that my sweet friend Gina gave me that I'd not had the opportunity to use yet, put some V05 hot oil treatment in some hot water to try to help tame my frizzy fro, and relaxed.  I even shaved my arm pits!  I know right, BONUS!

Then as I sat there in that nice bubbly bath for maybe 45 mind didn't know how to relax.  I tried, but remembered I needed some stuff from Wal-Mart.  Then I thought about Hill and how nervous I was months before Hill's last surgery.  Then I thought about the afore mentioned laundry and cluttered room. Sigh,  Really?  Here is my opportunity to clear my head and I couldn't even take advantage of it. Maybe I need a chill pill?

So then I started writing this post (hence it's really Monday, October 25th but the post is dated Thursday.) I love to blog.  Blogging is an outlet for my 5,000 mile per hour brain.  It allows me to regurgitate my mostly pointless jib jab and some people sometimes read it.  I think. 


I started looking through old picture of Hill before his surgery.  So soon I forget how tiny he was and how he looked before his surgery.  Pre surgery I studied every square inch of his little face, his big ol' smile, his sweet little self and still I remember but forget all at the same time. 

I know babies change daily, but even after his reconstruction it's almost hard to believe looking back that his cleft had that big of a gap (see his 13 day old picture below,) and I just never really thought of it as a big deal.  You know what I mean, it's a big deal, but maybe I was blinded by him being perfectly perfect made for me by God, maybe I never noticed it as much as others, was I nieve?  It was obvious his lip wasn't right, but still at one point, even though I knew we were going to do it, I didn't want to have the surgery.  I mean really his big sweet smile below at 3 months...I miss that sometimes, it was unique and kissable.  Not that he isn't now.  I guess I'm just in reflecting mode and reflecting at 5,000 mph is sometimes scatter brained.

Here is a sweet reminder of my little big man and all he's been through in his little 9 month life so far.

Right before his surgery in April 2010
(4  months old)

Right after his surgery in the hospital

A month after his surgery
(May 20, 2010)

13 days old
New Orleans Doctors Office

3 months old
Big Ol' Sweet Smile
At the condo in Diamondhead

The day after he was born

9 months old
5 months after surgery
Ole Miss Game (9-25-10)

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change. James 1:17

Chip and I tried to make a pact to not think about or worry about Hill having to have surgery until it came time at the beginning of the year.  Three seconds after the idea came out of Chip's mouth, I pretty much knew I couldn't keep that promise.  I'm not as worried because I have a better idea of what to expect and the emotions that come with that - like when they take him back to the operating room, when they give him anesthesia, his anesthesia reaction, the procedure, the medical staff, pacing the hallways, feeding afterwards, medicines, follow up visits, which all of this is still overwhelming, but having done it before truly helps calm the nerve and heart strings a bit. 
Being that we've been through this before doesn't make it ok that my little boy has to endure this again, but it makes it more acceptable for me mentally because I can see the great progress he's made, especially now that he's trying to talk.  We have wonderful doctors by our side to help make my son look like the rest of the kids in his class and endure what awesome things await him throughtout his life.  It's amazing. Hill is amazing and for that reason I am not as nervous about the second procedure. I may talk your head off about it, but I have more of a sense of peace and not anxiety like before.  I'm sure my emotions will fluctuate as fast as the thoughts that run through my brain when it comes closer to time, and I know you will get an ear full then.  I don't think I'll be as big of a train wreck this go round, Lord I hope for my sanity I'm not.  We shall see.
In the mean time, I'm going to continue study every square inch of his face because he is constantly changing and growing.  Love you My Little Buddy.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Doctors Report

I just got off the phone with Chip and he said that Hill had a great check up.  Everyone at Dr. Shell's office was so happy to see our little man! 

Dr. Shell has given us a couple of options that Chip and I have to think about.  He will need a touch up surgery which is completely out patient and that can be done any time we are ready.  The flip side of the coin is that we also have the option to wait and see how things go.  Dr. Shell said it's a possibility that the cosmetics will heal on their own in the next 12-18 months.  He's seen the 'peak' of the lip come down and the 'fatness' of the underneath part of the lip tuck in - which is what Hill will need to have done.  His nose is symmetrical now that he's grown some, and that wouldn't be anything that needs to be touched.  The scar tissue is still soft, which is a good thing because once it hardens is pretty much what the scar will end up looking like.  Being that the tissue is still soft that means his scar is still healing and will hopefully fade out more.

Right now Chip and I are thinking about going ahead and having the surgery done.  We could wait to see and hope that it heals itself in the next year to year and a half, but if it doesn't correct then our thinking is Hill will be older and able to remember his surgery and understand the pain more, which we don't want.

If Hill has the surgery now then the touch up will potentially be an end all fix all, for lack of better words.  The touch up will align everything, will not affect his eating, is out patient and he would still be at such an early age we hope he won't remember.

What's the next step?  We've decided to reconvene in 3 months.  This will be the beginning of the year - we can plan better and Dr. Shell said there is absolutely no rush on the procedure.  In another 3 months we can tell more on how the healing is going and go from there.

Thank you for your prayers.  Please continue them because we do have decisions to make and we want to make the right one for our little guy. 

Love you all!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Say A Little Prayer

Please keep Hill in your prayers tonight because tomorrow is his follow up appointment with Dr. Shell in Memphis.  Pray that he gets a good report and that if further surgery is needed that we can be patient and understand Gods plan for our little man.  Also, pray for Chip, his step mom, Joyce, and Hill for safe travels to Memphis. 

I am a bit nervous
a) because he hasn't been to Dr. Shell since July and it's my understanding we will know more of how his healing is going and be able to tell more about further surgery at this appointment. 

b) I can't be there to ask the million questions that I don't know I have yet.
(It's a control issue I'm working on)

c) I interpret things that the doctors say a little different than Chip sometimes and I prod questions a little more than he does.
(again, a control issue I'm working on)

So, I guess in a nutshell since I can't be there pray for me too....please. 

I will keep you posted.


I've been putting shoes on Hill a little more often trying to get him use to them.  We've been barefooted for 9 months now so it's been really fun and funny watching me put on socks for him to pull them right off... the same goes for shoes.

I went into his closet this morning wondering about his little size 3 boots - I knew we'd tried them on before and they were big but maybe they would fit now that 'himz' big.

They did. 

They are adorable. 

Crack me up.

He has a new trick that he points at everything

Good Morning Outside World!
I have on my boots!

look at those little leg, tiny hiney and cute boots!

my boot

You wish you had my cute boots!

Hey, what's going on out there?

Foster! My Buddy!

It's hard to crawl in my boots

working in my boots
(gotta feed the dogs)

Yay!  My boots

Not too sure how they work

Kind of looks like he's dressed as a forester
or a hunter this morning.

My boots taste good

Hanging With Tanner & Mrs. Whit

Saturday I had to work until noon and Chip was out in Texas fishing with my dad for the weekend, so Whitney was sweet to help me out by keeping Hill! 

Hill had a blast and loves him some Pettit People.

Riding the 4 wheeler with Mrs. Whit
(they were really just sitting there pretending)

Hey Tan Man!

Sweet Boy

Big Boy!

Tanner wanting to start the 4 wheeler
Hill eating a cell phone
Whitney being a great sport
Thanks so much Pettit family!  You guys are the best and we love ya'll!

Hey, Baby - Wanna Ride?

When we went to Texas weekend before last it was so fun to let Hill play in Papi's car.  My dad has had this car since before I was born and I'm sure there are pictures floating around of me somewhere doing the exact same thing Hill is.... just pretending to drive around.  What a neat neat memory.  I couldn't figure out which pictures to post so I posted all of them....

First, let's crank this baby up

We had to put a blanket down for him to stand on
the black seats were HOT in the sun!

Beep Beep

Where is the reverse on this thing?

Move it along lady!

Hey, Baby!  Wanna ride?
Jump on in!

Does this thing have a radio?
I need some dancin' music!

Checking out the guages.

My paci helps me concentrate on the road

Like my car?

Checkin' the junk in tha trunk.

I think this car is just Hill's size

See ya later, alligator!

Monday, October 18, 2010

First School Picture

Hill's 1st school Picture

So...I'm going to have to go public, I need to vent.  I realize this is petty, but it just gets on my nerve when you pay for something and it ends up not ok. My son is cute, which we all know.  My son is use to getting his picture taken no less than 642 times a day, which reflects through my blog. 
With that said, my son's school picture is less than impressive.  His face is cute, but the law school, serious, feux suede, fake ivy, cheesy leaf border with urns in the backdrop....Really?  That just doesn't scream out - I'm in daycare and am a kid.  More like where's the nursing home and sign me up.

Then the pants.  What part of seeing straight up my son's pants is not noticeable when you are taking pictures?  I should have put socks on him but I didn't feel the need since he was wearing long pants - which should cover his shoes.  Truthfully the pants are not high waters. They fit perfectly.

I'm going to have to get over his wrinkled shirt because they conveniently took his picture AFTER nap time, so whatever.

As for Hill, he worked with what he had.  His sweet face made the picture acceptable, but everything else....ridiculous.

Thanks for letting me vent.  Good thing we do take 642 pictures a day and that we have Sukie every 3 months to create adorable memorable photos.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Texas Trip: Sunday 10-10-10

Sunday Hill, Tasha, Branson, Britlon and I loaded back up in the car to head to Sugar Land to visit my dad, step-mom Pam and my niece Hannah. My mom and brother Jason followed us from El Campo and we all met at Jason's Deli to eat lunch.
Since I knew we were headed to Sugar Land - my high school friend, Tina, that lives in Houston dropped by the restaurant with her husband and tiny little princess, Melanie, to just say 'Hi' for a second.

Tina & Hill

Me & Melanie

Melanie & Hill
Looks like Hill is saying, "love ya babe!"
Do you see a pattern with Hill & these little girls?
 It is always great to see Tina and Hector, they are the sweetest people ever. They were high school sweethearts and are still just as cute as they were in high school. Melanie is one lucky little girl!

Once we got to Papi and Mimi's house we all played and took pictures.
Papi & Hill

Mimi, Papi & Hill

Hannah, Mimi, Hill & Papi
 Hannah is so good with Hill; he sure loves his cousin they played and snuggled.
Beautiful Hannah

Hill & Hannah

Hill & Hannah putting together a puzzle

Snuggly cutie patooties,
Hill & Hannah

Hannah just held him close as she tried to get him to nap.
After Hill's nap we went to a wedding. Random right? Well it really was. You see Papi is a judge and so he can marry people. His neighbor, long story short got married in Canada a couple weeks ago which isn't considered a legal marriage in the US so they needed a formal nuptual.

It was all arranged with flower girls and a photographer in like 2 mintues and we met in the grassy area between their houses. Hannah and Britlon went and picked some flowers so they could be the flower girls and I had my camera in hand when they called so I was the photographer. (don't worry, I'm not quitting my day job) I've always wanted to be good at photography, even took classes after college at the Universtiy, but I just don't have that niche.

Here is a picture of the ceremony and the wedding party. I'll only post one of each because they ALL look the same just at different angles. (again, I am no photographer)

The Ceremony

The Wedding Party
Sad, but I have no idea what their names are. *Sigh* A good photographer would have had some type of portfolio and charged a minimum of $500 and AT LEAST have known their names. It was my first wedding. I'm learning.

What Hill did during the ceremony
(while his mother was being a photographer)

Hill tried to eat the grass and decided that it wasn't the best party food he'd ever eaten, but it was better than nothing.

Soon after the wedding we fed the little ones (real food) and bathed them (Thanks Hannah for your help bathing Hill in the tiny bathroom sink, I couldn't have done it without you! - Papi needs a bathtub at his house.) We decided to pack up everything and head back to Mississippi at around 7:30 pm. Tasha and I thought it would be easier to travel at night so the little ones would sleep and we wouldn't have to stop for food, bathroom, etc. Which ended up being smart, but Monday was pretty much a blur since we got home at 3:30am.

Thank goodness for Tasha and her awesome driving the whole way and for Christopher Columbus for landing in America 518 years ago to allow me a day off from work that Monday.  You guys rock!