Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I've been putting shoes on Hill a little more often trying to get him use to them.  We've been barefooted for 9 months now so it's been really fun and funny watching me put on socks for him to pull them right off... the same goes for shoes.

I went into his closet this morning wondering about his little size 3 boots - I knew we'd tried them on before and they were big but maybe they would fit now that 'himz' big.

They did. 

They are adorable. 

Crack me up.

He has a new trick that he points at everything

Good Morning Outside World!
I have on my boots!

look at those little leg, tiny hiney and cute boots!

my boot

You wish you had my cute boots!

Hey, what's going on out there?

Foster! My Buddy!

It's hard to crawl in my boots

working in my boots
(gotta feed the dogs)

Yay!  My boots

Not too sure how they work

Kind of looks like he's dressed as a forester
or a hunter this morning.

My boots taste good

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