Thursday, October 07, 2010

First Ole Miss Game!

Saturday, September 25, 2010 was Hill's first Ole Miss Game Day experience. 

Chip, Hill and I had a BLAST!  What a perfect day with perfect weather and perfect friends!  Man, I cannot elaborate on how fabulous of a day it was.  Thanks to the Powers, Burrells, Pickles, Terrells and others for making Hill's first game wonderful!

A special shout out to Sheila (SheShe) for strolling Hill 7,000 miles around campus just for him to try and catch a 10 minute cat nap. You are the best!  Better get that practice in before your sweet nephew Rhodes gets here!

Hanging out waiting for the game!

Chip & Todd hanging out

Look into my eyes.  You are getting sleepy,
very very sleepy.

Are. you. ready?

me & my sweet boy

Gracie Kate in her bouncy house!
What a fun fun thing to have during tailgating!

Until the power went out and the bouncy house
deflated and ate all the kids.

Hill crawling on the concrete
Thinking that leaf looks like it needs to go in his mouth.


Hill was super into the game, the crowd,
EVERYTHING!  He loved it!

Wonder what is going through that little noggin of his.

Asleep on my legs for like 5 mintues

I think Hill was waiting for Mickey Mouse Club House
to come on the jumbotron.

I have a feeling that this will be a staple
look at our house come football season -
for the rest of my life!

Sweet Dada holding his Little Buddy at the game
As most of you mothers are aware, you never get all the hilarious photo ops because you are usually holding the kiddo and can't take the pictures too.  I guess this theory holds true when you are at a football game because your husband is into the game - you don't want to disturb him while he's in "the zone." I wish I'd have gotten photos of how into the crowd and everything he was! Cracks me up just thinking about it.

Hill had a ball!  I thought the loud crowd and random jumping up and yelling would scare him, but it had quite the opposite effect.  He was so excited.  He clapped and clapped and it was as if everyone was clapping with him.  That made him very happy!

Then the music...Lord have mercy this child is a dancing machine.  It didn't matter what it was, Hotty Toddy, the marching band, the jumbotron - this kid found a beat in all of it and rocked and clapped and 'sang.'  The people sitting around us thought it was just as hilarious as we did. 

Come the 4th quarter Hill was getting a bit tired.  What a big day he had and it was 3 hours past his bed time!  We walked back to the car, put our sweet sleeping baby in his carseat and drove home to Kosciusko.  Around 12:30am when we pulled into the drive way I reached into the back seat to pick up my sweet sleepy and it was like taking a casserole out of the oven.  He was on fire, burning up!  I ran inside and took his temperature and didn't even let it finish registering all the way because once it hit 103.8 I literally felt nausiated.  Thank God For Chip.  I went into panic mode and Chip took charge of the situation.  We tossed him back into the car and headed to the emergency room. 

I will post more on this later, here is a picture of my little helper trying to help the nurse wrap up his IV.
Here nurse...I'll hold the tape, you wrap it up.

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