Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hey, Baby - Wanna Ride?

When we went to Texas weekend before last it was so fun to let Hill play in Papi's car.  My dad has had this car since before I was born and I'm sure there are pictures floating around of me somewhere doing the exact same thing Hill is.... just pretending to drive around.  What a neat neat memory.  I couldn't figure out which pictures to post so I posted all of them....

First, let's crank this baby up

We had to put a blanket down for him to stand on
the black seats were HOT in the sun!

Beep Beep

Where is the reverse on this thing?

Move it along lady!

Hey, Baby!  Wanna ride?
Jump on in!

Does this thing have a radio?
I need some dancin' music!

Checking out the guages.

My paci helps me concentrate on the road

Like my car?

Checkin' the junk in tha trunk.

I think this car is just Hill's size

See ya later, alligator!

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