Thursday, October 21, 2010

Doctors Report

I just got off the phone with Chip and he said that Hill had a great check up.  Everyone at Dr. Shell's office was so happy to see our little man! 

Dr. Shell has given us a couple of options that Chip and I have to think about.  He will need a touch up surgery which is completely out patient and that can be done any time we are ready.  The flip side of the coin is that we also have the option to wait and see how things go.  Dr. Shell said it's a possibility that the cosmetics will heal on their own in the next 12-18 months.  He's seen the 'peak' of the lip come down and the 'fatness' of the underneath part of the lip tuck in - which is what Hill will need to have done.  His nose is symmetrical now that he's grown some, and that wouldn't be anything that needs to be touched.  The scar tissue is still soft, which is a good thing because once it hardens is pretty much what the scar will end up looking like.  Being that the tissue is still soft that means his scar is still healing and will hopefully fade out more.

Right now Chip and I are thinking about going ahead and having the surgery done.  We could wait to see and hope that it heals itself in the next year to year and a half, but if it doesn't correct then our thinking is Hill will be older and able to remember his surgery and understand the pain more, which we don't want.

If Hill has the surgery now then the touch up will potentially be an end all fix all, for lack of better words.  The touch up will align everything, will not affect his eating, is out patient and he would still be at such an early age we hope he won't remember.

What's the next step?  We've decided to reconvene in 3 months.  This will be the beginning of the year - we can plan better and Dr. Shell said there is absolutely no rush on the procedure.  In another 3 months we can tell more on how the healing is going and go from there.

Thank you for your prayers.  Please continue them because we do have decisions to make and we want to make the right one for our little guy. 

Love you all!


Lisa Blair said...

Rachel -

I am keeping you guys and little Hill in my prayers. God will lead the way on this one. Your sweet baby is in His hands.

Also, I have something for you... something LOOONG overdue. I got your mailing address from Susan, so be on the lookout for something in your mailbox! :)


Jennifer said...

Glad all is well with your sweet patoot! Prayers will be ongoing. xo.