Friday, October 15, 2010

Playing with Molly & Joey

One of my life long best friends, Christy, you may remember her from my blog posts last November when she was pregnant with twins and I was asking for your prayers for their sweet little family.
Anyway, they were one of the main stops on our Tour de Tejas.  Molly, Joey & Hill were finally able to get together, meet and hang out!  I was so looking forward to their play date Saturday afternoon.  I wanted to get some good overdue Molly & Joey (and Christy) lovin' in since I hadn't met the kiddos!  HOLY COW, I want to eat up those two!  They are precious!  Add Hill into the mix and you've got your hands full!

Like I said, Christy and I have been life long friends and are so excited that our babies are so close in age! Molly & Joey are adorable and remind me so much of her and her husband, Billy, which is sort of scary if you know those two! Ha! We had a blast at their house. Thanks for having us over.

Now I'm not saying that Hill needs to have a girlfriend at 9 months old - he needs to keep his options open, but I'm pretty sure Molly was just as smitten with Hill as he was her. These two just SMILED and SMILED at each other. Billy, no need for pulling out the shot gun just yet!  I'm pretty sure that Hill and Joey hit it off immediately, they loved to hang out together.

Joey (left) & Hill (right)
Late afternoon drink

Boy Talk
Important Buisness Going On

Molly & Christy

Molly & Meredith
(I swer Molly never stops smiling!)

Meredith swining the kiddos
Hill (left) & Molly (right)
Joey on the grass

Hill loves the swing
Thanks for sharing your swing, Joey!

Musical sippy cups
(L-R) Molly, Joey & Hill

Molly & Joey fighting for Hill's cup
while Hill turns his back and drinks Joey's juice.

Final result.
Molly has Hill's cup
Joey has Molly's cup
Hill has Joey's cup

Branson loves the tractor in the field at the Freeman's house.

Britlon on the tractor

Branson on the mower
Thanks again Freeman family for having us over!  Can't wait to see you again, hopefully sooner than later!  Love you!  In the mean time, Hill sends sweet kisses to Molly.

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Christy and Billy said...

OMG! I am so bad at keeping up with reading all the blogs I try to follow. But when I finally do get on here...yours is the First One I read! Cute Post! I think the kids hit it off really well and they ask about Hill all the time! haha! We loved seeing you and look forward to your next visit to Texas. And maybe once the kids get a little older and easier for me to travel with I'll bring them to your town! LOVE YOU!!!