Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Medulla Oblongata

Week before last we got our first big bump on the noggin'. I'm pretty sure it was way more traumatizing for me than it was Hill.  You see it actually started the day before it happened.  I know, that doesn't make sense. 

You. See. What. Had. Happened. Was....  The day before he bumped his baby fontanel I set him on the empire state building kitchen counter in his Bumbo seat while I made some toast.  I am undoing my twist tie on the bread when I look over and Mini Houdini has his rump in the air with a foot on the counter while trying to get his other leg out of the less than 0.00245 cm from the edge of the counter top.  That could have been traumatic and dramatic all at the same time.

So, the next morning as I'm getting things together to head out the door to daycare I put the Bumbo on the ground in the middle of the kitchen.  I set Houdini in it away from high or foreign objects and go turn off the TV - 2.5 seconds later - - All I hear is a blood curling cry.  Evil Kenevil managed to throw himself out of the Bumbo and onto the tile floor - he caught himself with his forehead.

Boys will be boys....
Bruise on the top left of his baby forehead.
(this was taken 2 days after the fall)


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sm2 said...

They are little houdinis! Can't trust them any where for any time these days. And so dang quick! Yall have a great trip! Kiss that sweet boy for me! I could eat him up!