Friday, October 15, 2010

Texas Trip: Saturday morning & afternoon (10-9-10)

Little man and I have been planning to fly to Texas since June and the time finally arrived for his first plane ride, his first trip to Texas, his first time to meet Aunt MayMay (Meredith my best friend) and Uncle Jason (my brother) and many many many other people. But alas, his ears weren't well enough from his bout of pneumonia, bronchitis, snot, etc yet so...we drove as not to miss the excitement.
I was dreading driving to Texas by myself with a 9 month old, Chip couldn't go because that would have had him traveling to Texas every week for 3 weeks. Makes me tired thinking about it! So, my good friend Tasha and her little boy Branson and daughter Britlon were up for the adventure! What wonderful friends I have!
We left out Friday after work. We thought this was a good idea so the kiddos would sleep most of the 8-9 hour ride. Thank God for DVD players and headphones is all I've got to say! And thank God for Tasha who helped me stay awake and talked to me the whole way! You are the ultimate best!
I'm ready to see Texas!

Are we there yet?
She was such a BIG help with the boys!

Sweet shy silent silly Branson
 We arrived to my moms house in El Campo at like 1:30 am and Hill had had 6 hours of sleep already so he was ready for the party. After like an hour he finally hit the hay. Which was good because the next morning we literally were hitting the hay at the pumpkin patch! (sorry for the bad pun I couldn't resist)
The pumpkin patch was fun! I think Hill will enjoy it a little more once he's more mobile, but I got some decent pictures. We had fun and got to pick out a pumpkin!

I need a bubble coming out of Hill's head saying:
Ummm... What the ....

Hill, Britlon & Branson

Mama Lou & Hilly Poo

I'll take this punkin, thanks!
  Uncle Jason helped Britlon carve her pumpkin and my mom baked the pumpkin seeds for us to snack on. Yum!

(L-R) front sitting: Jason, Britlon & me
(L-R) back: Mama Lou, Alexus, Amy (sitting), Tasha & Branson

Aunt May May is a weirdo
Here she is smelling the pumpkin gook, she loves it.
I think when noone was watching she probably ate it.
Just sayin.........

We had tons of visitors, all new to Hill, but some new to me too!
Amy, Hill & Alexus

We finally got to meet Angela and Olivia Wenglar. Angela, even though we'd never met, is married to a good friend of my family and had heard about Hill's cleft lip. Her little girl, Olivia, was born with a cleft palate. Angela is an angel and helped me through some hard times. It was so awesome to meet her and her precious daughter. Hill loved playing with Olivia. Thanks for coming to play!

Olivia Wenglar

Olivia and her sweet mommy Angela

Hey Olivia!
Look at those teethies!

Hill is showing Olivia his Ole Miss football
and sharing all of his toys with her.

Great Aunt Rosemary & Hill

Great Aunt Rosemary, Mama Lou & Hill
All of this fun in Texas so far and it was only 3:00 on Saturday!  Still more to come on the rest of our afternoon in Texas at the Freeman's and Sunday with Papi & Mimi.  I want to make each of those a seperate blog post.

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