Monday, October 18, 2010

First School Picture

Hill's 1st school Picture

So...I'm going to have to go public, I need to vent.  I realize this is petty, but it just gets on my nerve when you pay for something and it ends up not ok. My son is cute, which we all know.  My son is use to getting his picture taken no less than 642 times a day, which reflects through my blog. 
With that said, my son's school picture is less than impressive.  His face is cute, but the law school, serious, feux suede, fake ivy, cheesy leaf border with urns in the backdrop....Really?  That just doesn't scream out - I'm in daycare and am a kid.  More like where's the nursing home and sign me up.

Then the pants.  What part of seeing straight up my son's pants is not noticeable when you are taking pictures?  I should have put socks on him but I didn't feel the need since he was wearing long pants - which should cover his shoes.  Truthfully the pants are not high waters. They fit perfectly.

I'm going to have to get over his wrinkled shirt because they conveniently took his picture AFTER nap time, so whatever.

As for Hill, he worked with what he had.  His sweet face made the picture acceptable, but everything else....ridiculous.

Thanks for letting me vent.  Good thing we do take 642 pictures a day and that we have Sukie every 3 months to create adorable memorable photos.


melanie said...
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melanie said...

By the way...can he look anymore like Chip Hawkins!