Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Restock on Aisle 5

When I do grocery shopping it's for the whole month.  If you are an old reader you know this already because you've read of how Chip and I play Showcase Showdown & Shop Til You Drop to cope with the dreaded grocery store.  I try to get everything I need in one trip.  I am 'that' person that has a full shopping cart (or buggy if you are from MS) that can barely see over or push it from aisle to aisle. 

People stare.  The surrounding consumers get out of the way.  The employees cast a glare at me hoping that they don't have to restock any of my goods.  There are no people waiting in line behind me when I go to check out - - my basket is so full.

When I first moved here seriously....NO LIE... had a lady ask me if I could afford all of those groceries in my basket.  I politely assured her that I hoped I could.  Really?  I mean have you ever thought about asking the people in any given store if they could afford something?  I have a feeling that I would offend someone especially the ones that I really am paying for their groceries if I asked that question.

Anyway, I've never showed you when I shop for Hill how that goes down.  I buy everything there is to eat and drink on the baby aisle.  Pretty much everything.  He eats toddler foods and he eats baby foods.  He drinks formula and he drinks juice. He eats everything and when I get home he has his own pantry, well I wouldn't say pantry - maybe aisle is a better word.  It's rediculous, seriously.  Yet, it's the only way I can get my monthly shopping done and not have to worry about running out of food for Hill and know what I have on hand or "in inventory" incase we were to run out.  Doesn't look like we will be running out for a while.  You tell me what you think...

Hill's Aisle of Food
(laundry room shelf)

(L-R) Snacks, jar dinners, fruits, breakfasts,
lunches, dinners, & drinks.

main courses
(OCD maybe?)

Snack Section
I have to buy the industrial sizes because
between Hill & Chip with the Cheerios & Goldfish
I can't keep them in stock!
That's how it happens.  That's the way it goes. 
This is what it looks like.  This is what Hill eats.
Now that you know....

 This is for your viewing pleasure.
My Sweet Boys
Foster & Hill


Lisa Blair said...

This is funny because I was just thinking this week about how I don't really like going to the grocery store, but I couldn't IMAGINE having to plan for more than a weeks worth of meals. What is your secret?

The Pettits said...

Too funny. I was always scared Tanner would stop liking something the minute I bought that much of it! Love the pic of Foster and Hill.