Thursday, September 28, 2006

Slim Fast vs. Baby Formula

So, I'm talking care of my 8 month old niece and it's time for her to eat. I get out the bottle, mix the 8 oz of fluid and then open the can of formula to find a nice handy scooper and put in the 1 to 2 ratio it calls for and it dawns on me...this is way too familiar and extremely second nature. I've done this before, but where - I'm not a mom. Then it dawned on me, I may not be a mom, but I am someone that has been on a diet or two...or get the point. Somehow all these years we have thought - Slim Fast, Oh so nifty and convenient what a great idea, but not any more sister! The truth of the matter (from my point of view) is a mom that was just feeding her new born baby and said - hey, how great and easy making this bottle thing for the baby is - nice scoop, just add water, shake it up and voila! I sure wish I could have a meal on the run like that and lose a few of the extra pounds I put on while gestating. There ya go - that is how Slim Fast was born.
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