Monday, April 30, 2007

Party Poll

There will be a party - and it will be on Thursday - I just don't know what all it will entail. I do know it will involve me and SM2 in Oxford with beverages of the adult persuasion, lots of laughing, plenty of girl time (guys welcome too), much needed bitch sessions, and most importantly the fellowship of friends. We have options and anyone that would like to partake should make a vote.

a) Out on the town - dinner and a Square balcony
b) Circle of Friends - Hang out on Susan's new patio
c) Relax and Chill - go eat dinner and take in a movie (theater or rented)
d) Fiesta - since you all missed my Mini Fiesta we could go to Tequilas and eat and drink
e) None of the above - you really don't want to hang out with me
f) You really do want to hang out with me but can't make it to Oxford
g) Add your own idea here

The polls will be open until Thursday at 5 pm then we must do one.

No matter what we will be guaranteed to all. Please feel free to pass this poll via email.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Checking in

Hi friends. I just wanted to check in with you all and say that I made it. I'm pretty sore and feel like half of my face is paralyzed, which I didn't expect. I'm sure that will pass with time. This may be a good diet plan for me, my jaw is sore so it makes big bites hard to stuff in my mouth - therefore slowing down the feeding process. :)

I really don't know much, my mom has been taking super good care of me and the hydrocodone has been making me forget most everything. I don't have any funny stories like I did the last surgery. Well I take that back, Katie Lou wouldn't come near me until I took the bandage off of my head - that was funny. I have a pic of me with my head all gauzed up, but I'm too embarrassed to post it. I have a hair wash appointment tomorrow because I can't get my ear wet in or around it and my mom is scared, so I will be like the blue haired old ladies that go get their hair washed and done once a week. I'm beginning to blend right on in in this town, eah? I feel like a dirty grease monster. I have bathed, but with funky hair, it's not the same. The most exciting news of the week is that I relocated from the bed to the living room recliner today. progress, progress, progress. Chip will be home tonight, I will be happy to see him and sad to see my mom leave tomorrow. She's been a great help - I couldn't have done it without her.

I am to be back at work on Monday, I hope recovery happens at a faster rate than it has been. Computer screens don't help you feel oriented when you have a messed up equilibrium. So I'm signing off. Thanks for your prayers and concern.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Big Day

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY! No, my birthday was last month and my wedding anniversary was 2 weeks ago. What other big days are there? My ear surgery is tomorrow, Tuesday. Am I nervous is the burning question I keep being asked. The answer is no. Nope, not at all. I expect to go in there and be heavily drugged and not remember a thing. I'm not nervous at the fact they may have to cut my ear back to remove a cyst and graph a new eardrum so that "maybe" I'll hear again one day....yet I am nervous about the after math - the most stupid stuff to most people. I am to expect pain and dizziness for a couple of days, which doesn't bother me, but it's the ear drops. I may rather have my foot amputated than have any drops put into any orifice of my body (I think SM2 once saw my tantrum and fear.) This may quite possibly be the hardest thing I've ever had to do in my life. I am being serious. Not only do I have to put these drops in my ear for a really long time I have to have packing in my ear. No biggie right? Not if they were just going to sew me back up or remove the packing one day - no sir, I have to leave the packing in my head and use the evil drops to dissolve the packing. This will cause "crackling" in my ear - The second thing I fear. I get the heebie geebies anytime my ears pop, change pressure or equalize. So, drops and cracking - that is what I am most nervous about.

Dr. House, who is nothing like the TV Dr. House, is allegedly the best of the best and I trust him fully. The problem is he won't be there every day to sedate me with elephant tranquilizers to put these drops in my ear. What if I fall by the way side and end up with a head full of packing, forever? What happens if my inner bandaging doesn't go away or dissolve - I'd have a stinky head for one, but that just can't be safe. Why God, why do they have to leave that in there? Aren't there malpractice suits for leaving stuff in people after surgery? I know that he knows what he's doing. I am just thinking of ways out of this crackeling packing drop causing episode.

Sigh, with a tear rolling down my cheek. At least my mom will be here for me. She flys in tonight and I will go eat a yummy Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad from Amerigos as my pre crackeling Last Supper. I'd like to drink heavily, but no alcohol before surgery.

Wish me luck good friends - after tomorrow I will be on the right track that hopefully in 6 months to a year - I will be able to hear you loud and clear. Oh the things we do for know you don't need a foot for any of your senses (except feel, but you'd have another to do that with.) So next time I talk to you all I will either have a new eardrum or no foot.

Friday, April 20, 2007


I don't claim to have any fashion skills. I like designer clothes, but not on me. I love designer shoes and purses, because they always fit. Now you guys know me - I'm a jeans and t-shirt type girl, yet one thing you don't expect from me is that before I die I WILL own a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes.

So just because I am no fashionista, doesn't mean I don't have taste. Like for example...

Let's go over the pros and cons.

Pro - nicely shaped leg on the pant

Con - 1/2 inch too long for her

Pro - nice mani

Con - camel toe

Pro - pretty flow of hair (but I like it blonde)

Con - Pleats...really now

Pro - ok, so I can't think of anymore and I'm tired of being nice.

Con - these pants cause butt front

Con - she needs a better bra, tabloids say she's not wearing one.

Con - ok, I'll stop.

So now what I have told you based on my many many years of fashion experience. I had a funny thought the other day. I have a couple of pairs of these seamless VS em' - so comfy, non binding, commando feeling - love em'. When you are my size - really, what's the point of having seamless panties? If you are wearing a pant that causes you to have to wear a panty of such or a thong- you just should not wear the pants. Do you not think your cellulite ripples are shining through? Well, one may not have panty lines, but it surely doesn't hide those cute little butt dimples or side thigh/butt waves. I can see how seamless on people of normal size that can pull off the fitted dress pant or capri could wear them to prevent the linear eye sore. Ok, well that is what I leave you to ponder on over the weekend - why does VS make such expensive seamless panties in XL size? My conclusion is it's the nonexistence feel they have on your bottom, but that still has nothing to do with the concept.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

New Colors

Trying to change up my page a little. I will try this dark bubbly layout for a few days and then maybe switch it up until I find my niche. I want feedback throughout this process. I'm feeling a little dark and trapped in this template....thoughts?

Baked Ziti for an Army

Good stuff, but made way to much for just me!

Come over for left overs - there is plenty!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Fiesta for 1

I wanted to share with you all what you missed out on.

It was the party of the century and I was the guest of honor!

My pico de gallo kicked serious culo...

quite possibly the best I have ever had!

Thanks Pioneer Woman, it was the hit of the party!

(margaritas weren't half bad either)

Breath of fresh air

So, after reading and craving both Susan's Ziti and Ree's pico de gallo - I HAD TO FULFILL my cravings immediately!

I gathered all the ingredients and produce for my pico de gallo and headed towards the 5 lines that were open out of 30 check out counters. I see this guy dramatically waving me and mouthing "HURRY HURRY!" for me to come to his check out line. It wasn't like a hey hey pretty lady in funky t-shirt and jeans with flip flops come in my line - wink wink. Instead it was like a jocular - beat the crowd game he was playing. So I played along. I looked both ways and made my way to his register. I layed out the ziti, crushed tomatoes, mozzarella, then on with all the produce. He said - yuck - what's up with all the produce? I said I am making pico de gallo doesn't that sound yum? Then all of a sudden my suspicions were true, he kicked it into gear....Oh my gah, that sounds so super yum! When I lived in Mexico we called it "something random he said" So I cued in - AH! Entonces, hablas espanol? Confused he was like ....uh si. To be completely honest with you I think he was blowing smoke up ratty t-shirt, but even still he went on to say how his friends mom speaks like 4 languages and is "super loaded" and yesterday he invited him and his "significant other" (I think he even did the quotation marks when he spoke? ) to the Bahamas. Even though I had like 9 items it seemed like forever that we talked. It was a breath of fresh air to have someone out of the norm to these parts totally flame all over the place. I think I want to take him shopping and maybe go drink martini's? For like 2 minutes of my life I didn't feel like I was in Mississippi in Wal-Mart, but maybe in the middle of Neiman's smelling perfume. I'm a dork - you can say it, but it was a fun change of 2 minute pace - literally, a happy feeling.

It would have been the icing on the cake if he'd of busted into song "I say a little prayer for you" like in My Best Friends Wedding. I would have been dancing on the conveiter belt.

Monday, April 16, 2007

I love cereal

I am trying a new tactic. I went to the store the other day to grab a couple of things and noticed the Special K box on the cereal isle. I love cereal, more than most - and all kinds from the bran to the choco chips. I saw that Special K had a new one out called 'Chocolatey Delight'
(I too thought it was spelled Chocolaty?) -as I was trying to figure out how this can be "good for you" I noticed the 2 week 6lbs diet that Special K offered.

I can't figure out how healthy this really is, but I am going to try it. You eat cereal for breakfast and lunch and then you eat a regular dinner. Hmmm......cereal = what I love and on top of that any Special K cereal fits in the Chocolatey Delight (which I haven't tried yet, but bought) or I like the Original with sliced banana in it. You can eat fruits and veggies and these yum little snack pack deals. To be completely honest with you - I have little faith in this plan, but I can't knock it until I try it. I am the Queen of Fad Diets and will seemingly try anything.

As for the eat what you want dinners - I am going to try some of the recipes Susan has posted. I look forward to the Ziti. I guess I could go in and figure out how many points the cereal has and the snacks and pretty much call it Weight Watchers?

This past weekend was a really nice weekend. Saturday Chippy and I worked on the ski boat - we had to do a little work on the floor. Once we get that puppy up and going it will be a good workout for him to start skiing - anything that is fun and can be classified as exercise is helpful. Too bad I can't do any swimming, skiing, tubing etc this summer. My ear surgery is next week and I can't get my ear wet for a while. I even have to wash my hair with a cup over my ear for like a week or two afterwards. After we worked on the boat we went to Jackson and went to Bass Pro Shop and Academy. I always forget how fun Academy is and they have cute clothes for relatively inexpensive prices! After that we went and ate BBQ at Corky's then headed home. Yesterday, Sunday, we went to see Blades of Glory which was partially funny but all around silly - which I love about Will Ferrell.

After the movies I went to Women's Bible Study where the topic was about sex....that was fun/funny. Everyone wanted someone to say something, but no one wanted to divulge any info - it's a small town they may be penned as the Town Nympho if they spoke? True or untrue, it doesn't matter. It may be a church function, but that doesn't matter either....Yet all in all the teacher did a great job educating us on men and sex and why. One thing she did say is that parents shouldn't tell their kids that sex is dirty or nasty or BAD, but they should stress what a special gift it is and should be treasured. Anyway it did show me how the image of sex has been spun to sinful and bad and taken away from the true meaning of something shared between a woman and a man, married, that God has created. I can't explain it like she did, but it made since to me. And no, I will not talk about my sex life - sorry.

Once I got home from church, Chip had hamburgers on the grill. Fred and Tasha came over and we ate and watched a movie. I was so tired from my happy weekend I went to bed at like 10:00. Fun weekend - very relaxing yet eventful!

Friday, April 13, 2007

No talk (or for my big bootie anymore)

I can't gripe at all of my daily blog reads for not posting anything in a while, because I too am guilty. Seemingly after I blog I can think of 100 other things to talk about, but right now I am at a loss. One thing I do know for sure is that my a$$ is large and after seeing pictures of myself at my sister-in-laws wedding - you could set a coke can on my hips/butt area. Now if that isn't motivation to lose some weight then how about finding out yesterday that an ex-boyfriends sister is in the same wedding you are in come October. Why is that nerve wracking when I'm happily married and living la vida un-loca? Because I'm a girl...and have a big butt...and because I can. Any way there are all of these factors over my head on why I should run to Colorado everyday to run with the Janii and then run back, but here is the issue. I truly have tried, but not hard enough. I have set my alarm for the past 2 days super early. Night before last I set it for 4:45 so that I could snooze an hour and then get up and walk or something productive before work....but I hit the snooze for 3 hours! Who does that? So last night when I set the alarm I set it for 5:45 because surely after yesterdays episode I wouldn't snooze that long ever again - plus I felt like a total dip for even doing that - so I knew I would not do that again and didn't need that extra hour of snooze. Wrong - I snoozed for 2 hours this morning. I guess my body knows I don't have to get up until like 7:30-7:45 and goes into coma, paralysis, you can't get up mode! How in the world can I save my large bottom from getting larger if I can't even wake it up to do something about it? Tomorrow is Saturday so once I do wake up I don't have to work and can go walking or Zumba. I did go walking last night in the neighborhood. It was nice, the dogs enjoyed it and then got a good nights sleep. Now really, I could layer the reasons one on top of the other on why I should push it into high gear, but being in this wedding in 5 months with girls the size of my left leg should be reason enough. Focus, Focus, Focus! I'll let you know how the motivation level goes. Sigh....

Monday, April 09, 2007

1 down 49 more to go....

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of our wedding. We made it! This has been an extremely trying year, but I have come to appreciate our relationship much more, especially over the past few months. So much has happened it's hard to reflect back and realize what a long year it was, but how fast it went - does that make sense? As most of you know my husband moved me from civilization about a year and a half ago to his hometown to pursue a new career. After 6 months of our marriage, 10 months of living here - 2 hours before we are closing on our new house he gets a call to be transferred to Alabama. It was like a Godfather offer he couldn't refuse. So, we still close on the house and here I am in our big new house all by my lonesome with my 3 kiddos...sad sad story huh? No way! The sad story was before we closed on this new house - both working from home, together 24-7 in a 1400 sq. ft. house with 3 dogs between 20lbs - 112lbs and driving each other bonkers...that was bad. Husband and I are extremely independent and most don't understand how we can do what we do - him gone during the week, home on the weekends. Me in B.F.E. protecting my young from mean neighbors with nice flowerbeds, my lack of socialization and killing the garden to nourish our bodies. (I wanted to sound like I really was far away from civilization, but it's not true).
The Land of Koz has started to grow on me...we are trying to develop a life here and make friends and be involved, etc - the American thing to do. Now the Hunky Dorie part didn't come until 3 1/2 months ago when I decided to take a positive turn with my attitude because the year before that was hellacious and I couldn't dwell on anything but the bad...which made for a long long long year. I'm pleased to say that I can reflect back and be happy with where I am in my life right now. My next goal is to make it to our 50th Anniversary.
I do have a funny story. Yesterday we were talking about how many boys there are to carry on his last name - there are is gay and about 45 years old, one is his 14 year old cousin and then him. Before his 14 year old cousin was born there were no other boys and his gramps enlisted him to carry on the family name before he passed away. What a strong load to carry at age 8 knowing you were the last hope of the family tree, the carrier of the 'holy grail' so to speak. Now the crown has been placed upon my head because of this did he put it, oh yeah....."obligation" .....that he has. I asked if we could wait until the 14 year old cousin got married to see what the pedigree would come of the name if we waited. I think we decided that was a good plan....or maybe I decided that? My second question was....what if we were to have a girl, does that mean I have to procreate until an XY chomesome is made? Sheesh, I did not sign up for this - I guess that's why he didn't bring it up until after a year of marriage?

I need my researching friends to help me find out more about Mirena - google it because the webpage won't work for me. I saw a commercial for it, but don't know much about it. Anyone know anything?

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Update....I have readers!

What an exciting thing! I didn't know I had readers! I'll have to actually write important stuff now, I just thought it was me and SM2 commenting back and forth and trying to be fancy and technologically advanced about it! I'll have to get a little more organized about my page now.

Well since my fan crowd was so impressed with my pasta skills I will put pics and comments of how I cooked it...

The pasta was just alright. It was my first time so I need a little practice. It was hard to tell when the noodles were done boiling because they never truly dried out like the store kind.

I wanted to do a light pasta so I mixed a little sherry and parsley and a dash of EVOO.

I went ahead and mixed the pasta in with the 'sauce' once it cooked a little

Here is the final picture. Once I started eating, it was still a little bland so I added tuna. I need practice, but it was sure fun.

You are right Jenn it does take a while to make the pasta. Hubby says he knows how to make homemade Alfredo, so maybe we can do this again this weekend and I can practice making the dough. I have a couple of thoughts on how to make it a little easier....we shall see! I think I want to do a lasagna next time - maybe we can make a white lasagna with the noodles, chicken and Alfredo?? It will just have to be a surprise!

Smelly Investment

I am a glutton for 'NEW & IMPROVED' tag lines in the supermarket. Consider me a poster child that is sucked in to marketing tactics and on top of that being from the instant gratification generation - doesn't help. I can see a commercial for a creamy glass of chocolate milk and get up from my recliner like a zombie to go and make me a glass from the fridge. It never tastes as good as I want it to, but I GOTTA HAVE IT. Much like my investment the other day- I had to have it, but it didn't work out like I wanted it to.

You know that funky smell I sometimes talk about that appears every now and then between my office and the kitchen? I thought it was my plants, I thought it was a flower I had on my desk, I removed things from the area 1 by 1 until I thought maybe it was my trash so I'd take out the trash 24-7 to no avail...then I got a new trashcan and I haven't smelled it since then. So YEAH! Mission accomplished. Well as preventative maintenance I was in the garbage bag isle of the local market and saw this glad odor shield invention. Mmmmm I thought - Fresh Scent - how pleasant! It gave me a warm cozy feeling knowing I would never be haunted by that horrible smell from the garbage again. I've used these bags for about a week or so now and the first few days I could smell the Fresh Scent wafting by as I passed - oh happy thoughts of butterflies and birds untainted by rancid rubbish. I would take out the garbage when it's full and skip to the trash bin outside happy from the Fresh Scent. Ok...well I'm back from fairytale non smelly garbage land. I now think it is more nauseating to have that Fresh Scent on top of leftovers. I just passed by and the can isn't even 2/3 full and wanted to lift the lid and puke in it. Hind sights 20-20 I guess? So I take out the garbage and in the outside 4'x2' bin where I have been confining my Fresh Scented trash and it smells worse than just trash. It's like when you use room deodorizer and you just make it worse by adding Country Lavender to the poop smell or what have you. I think you get the picture - and it's not nice.
I can not wait until I finish using this box and it is out of my pantry - - - which too smells like Fresh Scent. Oh gag. I may just go ahead and give them away because I can't throw them in the trash - it would stink it up!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

New Toy

I bought a new toy yesterday! I couldn't wait to try it out so I set it up and tried my hand at making pasta. I made a special dough for my first attempt at pasta. I blanched some spinach, put an egg in my food processor and chopped the spinach in with it. I then added about a cup of all purpose flour and mixed it with my handy dandy Kitchen Aid mixer. I then attached my new tool and......

Here is the set up
- dough rolled into egg shape
- attachment on my mixer
- paper towels to lay the pasta on and dry out

Here it is in motion - making flat noodles. Cool, but I can't figure out how to make it not clump together after I detach the 'strand' from the mixer

This is fun - all this with such little dough. I have flat noodles (left), macaroni noodles in the back, and lasagna noodles in the front right. Check out the super long lasagna one I made! I have to let it dry out before the taste test. I'll let you know how it goes.

I leave you with the awe of the hole.....

look at that macaroni hole.