Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Breath of fresh air

So, after reading and craving both Susan's Ziti and Ree's pico de gallo - I HAD TO FULFILL my cravings immediately!

I gathered all the ingredients and produce for my pico de gallo and headed towards the 5 lines that were open out of 30 check out counters. I see this guy dramatically waving me and mouthing "HURRY HURRY!" for me to come to his check out line. It wasn't like a hey hey pretty lady in funky t-shirt and jeans with flip flops come in my line - wink wink. Instead it was like a jocular - beat the crowd game he was playing. So I played along. I looked both ways and made my way to his register. I layed out the ziti, crushed tomatoes, mozzarella, then on with all the produce. He said - yuck - what's up with all the produce? I said I am making pico de gallo doesn't that sound yum? Then all of a sudden my suspicions were true, he kicked it into gear....Oh my gah, that sounds so super yum! When I lived in Mexico we called it "something random he said" So I cued in - AH! Entonces, hablas espanol? Confused he was like ....uh si. To be completely honest with you I think he was blowing smoke up ratty t-shirt, but even still he went on to say how his friends mom speaks like 4 languages and is "super loaded" and yesterday he invited him and his "significant other" (I think he even did the quotation marks when he spoke? ) to the Bahamas. Even though I had like 9 items it seemed like forever that we talked. It was a breath of fresh air to have someone out of the norm to these parts totally flame all over the place. I think I want to take him shopping and maybe go drink martini's? For like 2 minutes of my life I didn't feel like I was in Mississippi in Wal-Mart, but maybe in the middle of Neiman's smelling perfume. I'm a dork - you can say it, but it was a fun change of 2 minute pace - literally, a happy feeling.

It would have been the icing on the cake if he'd of busted into song "I say a little prayer for you" like in My Best Friends Wedding. I would have been dancing on the conveiter belt.


sm2 said...

you are hilarious. picking up gay men in the Koz Wal-Mart.... I think you should totally drink cosmos and do facials together. Also, isn't is just nice to actually have someone be nice when you are checking out?

Rachel said...

OMG - you are right - we should do facials and cosmos! Amen to your note on having a nice person while checking out! A grumpy person that hates their job and it's a waste of their time to scan your groceries, that drives me nuts. I always killem' with kindness. Sometimes I even throw in a jovial "Have a Blessed Day"

Mercia said...

Great work.