Friday, April 13, 2007

No talk (or for my big bootie anymore)

I can't gripe at all of my daily blog reads for not posting anything in a while, because I too am guilty. Seemingly after I blog I can think of 100 other things to talk about, but right now I am at a loss. One thing I do know for sure is that my a$$ is large and after seeing pictures of myself at my sister-in-laws wedding - you could set a coke can on my hips/butt area. Now if that isn't motivation to lose some weight then how about finding out yesterday that an ex-boyfriends sister is in the same wedding you are in come October. Why is that nerve wracking when I'm happily married and living la vida un-loca? Because I'm a girl...and have a big butt...and because I can. Any way there are all of these factors over my head on why I should run to Colorado everyday to run with the Janii and then run back, but here is the issue. I truly have tried, but not hard enough. I have set my alarm for the past 2 days super early. Night before last I set it for 4:45 so that I could snooze an hour and then get up and walk or something productive before work....but I hit the snooze for 3 hours! Who does that? So last night when I set the alarm I set it for 5:45 because surely after yesterdays episode I wouldn't snooze that long ever again - plus I felt like a total dip for even doing that - so I knew I would not do that again and didn't need that extra hour of snooze. Wrong - I snoozed for 2 hours this morning. I guess my body knows I don't have to get up until like 7:30-7:45 and goes into coma, paralysis, you can't get up mode! How in the world can I save my large bottom from getting larger if I can't even wake it up to do something about it? Tomorrow is Saturday so once I do wake up I don't have to work and can go walking or Zumba. I did go walking last night in the neighborhood. It was nice, the dogs enjoyed it and then got a good nights sleep. Now really, I could layer the reasons one on top of the other on why I should push it into high gear, but being in this wedding in 5 months with girls the size of my left leg should be reason enough. Focus, Focus, Focus! I'll let you know how the motivation level goes. Sigh....

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