Monday, April 30, 2007

Party Poll

There will be a party - and it will be on Thursday - I just don't know what all it will entail. I do know it will involve me and SM2 in Oxford with beverages of the adult persuasion, lots of laughing, plenty of girl time (guys welcome too), much needed bitch sessions, and most importantly the fellowship of friends. We have options and anyone that would like to partake should make a vote.

a) Out on the town - dinner and a Square balcony
b) Circle of Friends - Hang out on Susan's new patio
c) Relax and Chill - go eat dinner and take in a movie (theater or rented)
d) Fiesta - since you all missed my Mini Fiesta we could go to Tequilas and eat and drink
e) None of the above - you really don't want to hang out with me
f) You really do want to hang out with me but can't make it to Oxford
g) Add your own idea here

The polls will be open until Thursday at 5 pm then we must do one.

No matter what we will be guaranteed to all. Please feel free to pass this poll via email.


Jennifer said...

I am, unfortunately, f'ed (not the four-letter kind, just the a-b-c-d-e-F kind), since I live a tad west of Oxford. However, were I able to be there in body and not just spirit, I would pick A. A Square balcony sounds mighty fine right now. Or B; that sounds good, too. Hope you're feeling well! I'm sure an adult beverage will help if you're not. If you end up doing D or if you'd just like it because, I have a good sangria recipe I can send your way -- lemme know.

Rachel said...

Jenn, I understand - that is why I put that option there. :)
I will have a drink for you no matter what option is chosen. And def. want the sangria recipe no matter what.

Rachel said...
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Natalie said...

i vote A or D.
or just happy hour on a balcony sounds good to me!

(i didn't mean to rhyme)