Thursday, April 05, 2007

Smelly Investment

I am a glutton for 'NEW & IMPROVED' tag lines in the supermarket. Consider me a poster child that is sucked in to marketing tactics and on top of that being from the instant gratification generation - doesn't help. I can see a commercial for a creamy glass of chocolate milk and get up from my recliner like a zombie to go and make me a glass from the fridge. It never tastes as good as I want it to, but I GOTTA HAVE IT. Much like my investment the other day- I had to have it, but it didn't work out like I wanted it to.

You know that funky smell I sometimes talk about that appears every now and then between my office and the kitchen? I thought it was my plants, I thought it was a flower I had on my desk, I removed things from the area 1 by 1 until I thought maybe it was my trash so I'd take out the trash 24-7 to no avail...then I got a new trashcan and I haven't smelled it since then. So YEAH! Mission accomplished. Well as preventative maintenance I was in the garbage bag isle of the local market and saw this glad odor shield invention. Mmmmm I thought - Fresh Scent - how pleasant! It gave me a warm cozy feeling knowing I would never be haunted by that horrible smell from the garbage again. I've used these bags for about a week or so now and the first few days I could smell the Fresh Scent wafting by as I passed - oh happy thoughts of butterflies and birds untainted by rancid rubbish. I would take out the garbage when it's full and skip to the trash bin outside happy from the Fresh Scent. Ok...well I'm back from fairytale non smelly garbage land. I now think it is more nauseating to have that Fresh Scent on top of leftovers. I just passed by and the can isn't even 2/3 full and wanted to lift the lid and puke in it. Hind sights 20-20 I guess? So I take out the garbage and in the outside 4'x2' bin where I have been confining my Fresh Scented trash and it smells worse than just trash. It's like when you use room deodorizer and you just make it worse by adding Country Lavender to the poop smell or what have you. I think you get the picture - and it's not nice.
I can not wait until I finish using this box and it is out of my pantry - - - which too smells like Fresh Scent. Oh gag. I may just go ahead and give them away because I can't throw them in the trash - it would stink it up!


sm2 said...

Hilarious! I love the room deodorizer problem you mentioned! Cracked me up! Sorry for the bags though...I bought some scented ones once and didn't like them either.

Jennifer said...

Me again -- happy anniversary!