Monday, April 09, 2007

1 down 49 more to go....

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of our wedding. We made it! This has been an extremely trying year, but I have come to appreciate our relationship much more, especially over the past few months. So much has happened it's hard to reflect back and realize what a long year it was, but how fast it went - does that make sense? As most of you know my husband moved me from civilization about a year and a half ago to his hometown to pursue a new career. After 6 months of our marriage, 10 months of living here - 2 hours before we are closing on our new house he gets a call to be transferred to Alabama. It was like a Godfather offer he couldn't refuse. So, we still close on the house and here I am in our big new house all by my lonesome with my 3 kiddos...sad sad story huh? No way! The sad story was before we closed on this new house - both working from home, together 24-7 in a 1400 sq. ft. house with 3 dogs between 20lbs - 112lbs and driving each other bonkers...that was bad. Husband and I are extremely independent and most don't understand how we can do what we do - him gone during the week, home on the weekends. Me in B.F.E. protecting my young from mean neighbors with nice flowerbeds, my lack of socialization and killing the garden to nourish our bodies. (I wanted to sound like I really was far away from civilization, but it's not true).
The Land of Koz has started to grow on me...we are trying to develop a life here and make friends and be involved, etc - the American thing to do. Now the Hunky Dorie part didn't come until 3 1/2 months ago when I decided to take a positive turn with my attitude because the year before that was hellacious and I couldn't dwell on anything but the bad...which made for a long long long year. I'm pleased to say that I can reflect back and be happy with where I am in my life right now. My next goal is to make it to our 50th Anniversary.
I do have a funny story. Yesterday we were talking about how many boys there are to carry on his last name - there are is gay and about 45 years old, one is his 14 year old cousin and then him. Before his 14 year old cousin was born there were no other boys and his gramps enlisted him to carry on the family name before he passed away. What a strong load to carry at age 8 knowing you were the last hope of the family tree, the carrier of the 'holy grail' so to speak. Now the crown has been placed upon my head because of this did he put it, oh yeah....."obligation" .....that he has. I asked if we could wait until the 14 year old cousin got married to see what the pedigree would come of the name if we waited. I think we decided that was a good plan....or maybe I decided that? My second question was....what if we were to have a girl, does that mean I have to procreate until an XY chomesome is made? Sheesh, I did not sign up for this - I guess that's why he didn't bring it up until after a year of marriage?

I need my researching friends to help me find out more about Mirena - google it because the webpage won't work for me. I saw a commercial for it, but don't know much about it. Anyone know anything?

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Leah Maria said...

Happy 1 Year!!! From what everyone says, if you can make it the first year, you are good to go (not that I have any experience at all).

As for your researching; try this link--Mirena. I know my mom used something similiar to this back in the day.