Monday, April 16, 2007

I love cereal

I am trying a new tactic. I went to the store the other day to grab a couple of things and noticed the Special K box on the cereal isle. I love cereal, more than most - and all kinds from the bran to the choco chips. I saw that Special K had a new one out called 'Chocolatey Delight'
(I too thought it was spelled Chocolaty?) -as I was trying to figure out how this can be "good for you" I noticed the 2 week 6lbs diet that Special K offered.

I can't figure out how healthy this really is, but I am going to try it. You eat cereal for breakfast and lunch and then you eat a regular dinner. Hmmm......cereal = what I love and on top of that any Special K cereal fits in the Chocolatey Delight (which I haven't tried yet, but bought) or I like the Original with sliced banana in it. You can eat fruits and veggies and these yum little snack pack deals. To be completely honest with you - I have little faith in this plan, but I can't knock it until I try it. I am the Queen of Fad Diets and will seemingly try anything.

As for the eat what you want dinners - I am going to try some of the recipes Susan has posted. I look forward to the Ziti. I guess I could go in and figure out how many points the cereal has and the snacks and pretty much call it Weight Watchers?

This past weekend was a really nice weekend. Saturday Chippy and I worked on the ski boat - we had to do a little work on the floor. Once we get that puppy up and going it will be a good workout for him to start skiing - anything that is fun and can be classified as exercise is helpful. Too bad I can't do any swimming, skiing, tubing etc this summer. My ear surgery is next week and I can't get my ear wet for a while. I even have to wash my hair with a cup over my ear for like a week or two afterwards. After we worked on the boat we went to Jackson and went to Bass Pro Shop and Academy. I always forget how fun Academy is and they have cute clothes for relatively inexpensive prices! After that we went and ate BBQ at Corky's then headed home. Yesterday, Sunday, we went to see Blades of Glory which was partially funny but all around silly - which I love about Will Ferrell.

After the movies I went to Women's Bible Study where the topic was about sex....that was fun/funny. Everyone wanted someone to say something, but no one wanted to divulge any info - it's a small town they may be penned as the Town Nympho if they spoke? True or untrue, it doesn't matter. It may be a church function, but that doesn't matter either....Yet all in all the teacher did a great job educating us on men and sex and why. One thing she did say is that parents shouldn't tell their kids that sex is dirty or nasty or BAD, but they should stress what a special gift it is and should be treasured. Anyway it did show me how the image of sex has been spun to sinful and bad and taken away from the true meaning of something shared between a woman and a man, married, that God has created. I can't explain it like she did, but it made since to me. And no, I will not talk about my sex life - sorry.

Once I got home from church, Chip had hamburgers on the grill. Fred and Tasha came over and we ate and watched a movie. I was so tired from my happy weekend I went to bed at like 10:00. Fun weekend - very relaxing yet eventful!


sm2 said...

That wasn't long and boring! You know I live for new blog posts! Glad you guys had such a good weekend!

Leah Maria said...

My all time favorite Special K is the Vanilla Almond. So when I saw the new 'Chocolatey Delight' I had to try it and it's good. I'm one of those weird people who does not use milk on my cereal so I keep it at the office for a snack.

Lisa Blair said...

This is funny because right after I read the first line I decided I wanted a bowl of cereal. Gah! I had Honey Nut O's. Mmmm.