Thursday, April 05, 2007

Update....I have readers!

What an exciting thing! I didn't know I had readers! I'll have to actually write important stuff now, I just thought it was me and SM2 commenting back and forth and trying to be fancy and technologically advanced about it! I'll have to get a little more organized about my page now.

Well since my fan crowd was so impressed with my pasta skills I will put pics and comments of how I cooked it...

The pasta was just alright. It was my first time so I need a little practice. It was hard to tell when the noodles were done boiling because they never truly dried out like the store kind.

I wanted to do a light pasta so I mixed a little sherry and parsley and a dash of EVOO.

I went ahead and mixed the pasta in with the 'sauce' once it cooked a little

Here is the final picture. Once I started eating, it was still a little bland so I added tuna. I need practice, but it was sure fun.

You are right Jenn it does take a while to make the pasta. Hubby says he knows how to make homemade Alfredo, so maybe we can do this again this weekend and I can practice making the dough. I have a couple of thoughts on how to make it a little easier....we shall see! I think I want to do a lasagna next time - maybe we can make a white lasagna with the noodles, chicken and Alfredo?? It will just have to be a surprise!


Jennifer said...

Fancy! You know, when I made the homemade stuff, it was actually a cooking class at Yocona River Inn. It was 80 zillion years ago when I was still a student, though. I got to take the class for free b/c I was writing a story about it for the Daily Mississippian. I digress. Anyway, maybe see if they still have cooking classes and/or a chef who could give you pointers?! We made carbonara. Not at all good for you, but it tasted wonderful. Keep practicing, though, and you'll perfect it I'm sure. I volunteer to be a guinea pig next time I'm there. I made PW's cinnamon (sin-a-mon) rolls and they are SOOOO good.
Happy Easter! I keep typing "Happy Eater" every time I try to write "Easter." I think it's a sign.

Mel Francis said...

I'm so impressed! Homemade pasta! I don't think I have the patience...and I know I don't have the desire to clean up afterwards. LOL I'm a messy chef.