Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Where's Rachel???

Here I am!!!! Yes friends, I did fall off the face of the earth, but I am back. I have tons to talk about --you haven't heard the last from me! Good news! For Christmas my lovable hubby bought me a new laptop with super speed and a bunch of things I don't need. YEAHH!! So I will actually have the patience to write you lover-ly peeps more often.

Where do I start. First I want to apologize for a couple of things. 1)That it has been years since I have informed you of the ongoings of Koz and 2)There will be no pictures only text in this blog since Chippy has the digital camera.

Last I remember blogging was over a month ago when I was going to Texas to be in a wedding. Wedding was fun and my boobs didn't pop out of my bridesmaid dress as I thought they may. So that's good. I got to spend a lot of "Girl Time" with my wonderful fun friends and received bonus points from my husband and all of the males that were forced to do wedding mumbo jumbo with their wives because I shipped hubby off with my dad, brother and uncle to go fishing for the majority of the pre wedding crapola.

Work is going well. I'm learning a lot and still liking all of my co-workers. They are all willing to lend a helping hand when I don't understand what is going on. Pretty soon the two analysts that were there before me will be moving on to bigger and better things. Then my side kick, Jeremy, will have to deal with all of my idiotic questions.

Thanksgiving was fun. My mom and brother drove up from Tejas to hang out and bring me fun goodies. I inherited many many wonderful things that fulfill my maternal grandmothers dining room table 8 chairs and buffet that are absolutely gorgeous, my paternal grandmothers china cabinet that has seen better days- but serves it's purpose and I love it, as well as the record player my grandfather gave my grandmother for their 30th wedding anniversary. I also received my Mamaw's sewing machine which is a blast from the past since I haven't used/seen it in over 15 years. I remember being a wee little Rachel watching and "helping" her sew dresses and curtains and most all of my clothing - for hours - especially on Tuesdays when I spent the night with her. As I opened the bag of goodies she sent with the machine she still had the same tape measures, thimbles, pin cushions, tracing papers - as if time had stood still. For a moment in time it was as if I were still that precious little pure angel. Stop laughing.

On a more serious note......
The other life changing thing happened today. I witnessed and was a part of something wonderful. It's sad that it took someones misfortune to see this, but today I saw the true meaning of love, compassion, care, selflessness and it was humbling. As part of a local civic group I attend meetings, do my hours, meet my quotas, volunteer, etc, etc. I never tangibly see the difference it makes. As the contact person for a local school, I received a phone call from the counselor that 2 children lost their home this past weekend in a fire. They lost everything, shoes, socks, winter clothes, school supplies, and that doesn't even scratch the surface. This counselor reached out for these children and withing 10 minutes from hanging up the phone and making 1 phone call they had been furnished school supplies and money for new clothes. This is truly awesome. As I shopped for their school supplies tonight I walked around buying them probably more than they will need this next semester. I looked around at all the "things" in the store and it made me so sad that I take so much of the stuff I have for granted and these kids have absolutely nothing.

So to you, my friends, I say....this holiday season as we get our new laptops and adorable boots and jackets, take the time to go through your closet or a shelf with knick knacks and give to your local shelter, helping hands or salvation army. Some people have been struck by tragedy, people we may never know. So, as you make your 9045th trip to WalMart this week pick up a toy for the Church toy drive. Are you having a Christmas Party this year? Make it an invitation where they have to bring a gift if they come. You can think of a philanthropy or get a list of things needed for families in need, elderly people that may not be able to afford heat or food for the winter, the Veterans Home, there are millions of programs. My mom's best friend did that a few years back and when we delivered even the simplest of things like nightgowns their faces lit up! It really makes a difference not only your life, but most importantly someone else's.

Tis the season guys - don't forget.

Peace out!