Thursday, May 31, 2007

All My Ex's Live in Texas

That's mostly true, but not the reason why I'll be headed that way Friday evening. I'll be going to my Great Aunt's 100th birthday bash....well as rambunctious as a 100 year olds birthday party can be. She told my mom and aunt that if they invited church and community that she was going to plan on dying before the party - she just wanted it to be family. That spunky lady cracks me up!

Friday night my friend Amy will be picking me up in Houston and we'll probably grab a bite to eat and chit chat, then she'll take me to my mom's house. Saturday morning Amy will pick me back up and we will go to be fitted for her brides maids dresses. I'll probably do lunch with my mom, brother & sister-in law then off to the par-tay from 3-6pm. (My dad commented how that is super late for a 100 year old -he figured we'd eat dinner at like 4pm - shame on him!) After the "family reunion" I may head out to dinner with some friends and at some point go check out my bro's new casa. Possibly take a dip in the pool he's soo proud of and have them make me margaritas. Hey, I'm a guest now....I haven't been home in a year.
My best friend in the whole wide world is in Austin and can't make it home for my homecoming, so she is bummed. Maybe somehow or another it could be to where I could drive the 2 hours to see her.....but I haven't figured out the logistics on that yet. Sunday I think my dad will come and see my brother's new house and then he'll take me to the airport by 3 ---- then back to the Land of Koz.

I am nervous about flying with my 'bunged-up' ear. I hate flying anyway, but with my ear debacle it makes it 10 x more not fun. My other ear, right ear, has been having twinges of pain for the past day or so. I go back to the doc on the 11th, I'm hoping he doesn't tell me I have to have the procedure done on that ear would I hear? The bright side is that I've always wanted to learn sign language. I think the surgery on my left ear took because every now and then it does something funny and I can hear, briefly. I try to move my head to where it does it again, but I haven't figured out what makes it work.

I will try to remember to take my camera and get party pics and friend pics to post for my 4 readers. In the mean time hubby is home alone this weekend - you guys should call and make sure he's surviving because the "honey do" list I have made him isn't too fun and he'll probably want any excuse to get away.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Things I like

Here is the list of things I really like....

I couldn't find a good picture, but I wanted to show you the Blueberry muffin mix from Betty Crocker that comes in the pouch (not the box) is a crowd pleaser. All you do is add a half a cup of water - mix put in the tin - shove in the oven and put a pat of butter on them when they come out and you my friends have the best muffin ever. Yes, only add water, I'm not kidding. I made two batches for a few friends the other night and there were 12 little muffins and 6 big muffins devoured in less than 2.5 seconds between 5 of us. And they had the nerve to ask me to make more! Like I said - a total crowd pleaser or a special happy for your hubby when he wakes up to the smell of yum soft muffins.

I found this about 3 hours ago at the grocery store and have already decided it is something I cannot live without. I made myself a little salad with a bit o' this dressing and crumbled bleu cheese. Don't tell anyone, but I went back for seconds and wanted to lick my plate. You make it yourself with a little bit of oil, vinegar and H2O - just shake it, set it and forget it - you'll be hooked.

My dogs probably would rather I forget Science Diet W/D ever existed and eat steak for every meal and my checkbook would rather I not pay that much for food but.......I have to say it has really helped my pups lose weight. We cut out treats and eat this mixture of bland wheat gluten free food twice a day.

Remember when I decided I was going to go on the Special K Cereal diet? Well, as part of that diet you get to enjoy 2 "special" bars during the day. I like the chocolate drizzle, but really enjoy the Strawberry bar - it's like a wanna be rice crispy with strawberry in it. It fo sho hits the sweet tooth!

It's no secret....everyone is addicted....but I have to add it to my list of things I really like - -- Pioneer_Woman, she makes my world complete. How did I ever live without her? Every woman I know wants to be her and every man I know wants to be her husband. WARNING: if you have not ever read this blog, enter at your own risk....don't say I didn't warn you about the addiction.

If you don't take away anything from this post - you must take away this product it's the absolutely, positively, greatest invention EVER. I own two of them, just because....well because I want to and it seems necessary. It's not that I'm lazy and it's not that I am a TV fanatic-o, but I like my "chosen" shows - Grey's, Desperate Housewives, House, Boston Legal....and yes my Tivo/DVR knows me better than any one human being on the planet Earth and records things I like. What you say? Yes, my Tivo will record funny episodes of South Park even if I don't tell it to or even the classic "Mr. Mom" because - it knows me and says - I really think that when Rachel goes to be tonight, she may like to fall asleep to the roaring humor of Ugly Betty or Seinfeld. Sometimes it does things my husband likes, just to share the love (Andy Griffith, Bonanza). If you do not have a Tivo/DVR you must at this very moment go to Directv or DishNetwork or whatever your satellite company may be and get this apparatus immediately. I promise - you will try to pause, fast forward, rewind and record your every day life, radio, people talking, everything. I truly heart you Tivo, you rock my world - thank you for making my sad pathetic life worth living in the Land of Koz.

This is the gift that keeps giving. I give it to everyone that has an occasion, Susan. As a matter of fact I should be the poster child for the Salad Sac. The place where I buy it, the lady asks me every time - "How many of these do you have?" because I buy them everyday. Ok, so not everyday, but alot. I only have one, but everyone who hates that their lettuce, cucumbers, broccoli, ANY VEGGIE going bad before you want it to - seriously needs to invest.

Here is the perfect thing that your man has to have. It's the Rival outdoor electric smoker. Do you love the smoked turkey, chicken, pork roast, ribs - but hate the time it takes to make it and the stinky smell it leaves everything smelling for like 4 days? This cooks and smokes at the same time (duh) but it's electric so it takes half the time and is worth every penny. The irony of that last sentence is that you can only find them at JC Penny online. A must have.

Have you noticed a pattern here? Everything I have posted is either something for you or your dogs to eat. Food is good. My life evolves around it - either eating or reading Pioneer Woman's blog or watching my Tivo. Oh what a life I lead. Go on friends, try these praised products, if you are nervous just come to my house - I will make you something to eat!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Be careful

We are all familiar with the Neighborhood Watch symbol. If I saw this guy anywhere not just my neighborhood I would be a little suspicious. My reason for talking about this funny character is because he is important and we don't need to take him for granted. Here lately I've had to be extra careful with my surroundings. I read in the paper that this guy held someone up at our local Sonic. With traveling hubby I'm never really scared because I have the dogs and have a house full of guns and ammo. Yet for some reason last week I got a little anxious after reading this story- like I really needed to have protection close to my bed. If something were to ever happen, my neighbors are all close to my house so they would hear if anything was "different" and it's really quiet out here in the woods.
Last night I went to Jackson to return a couple things and buy a couple of things and then went to eat. My friend and I were eating at the bar and there was this man sitting next to her that didn't really say much but when he did I could tell my friend somewhat giving him the cold shoulder. I thought that was odd because my friend is really a good natured person, but I didn't say anything. Well we ate and talked and had dessert and once we finished dessert the guy was like "See you ladies later" and left. I didn't think anything of it - we finished our glass of wine and paid the tab. Headed out to the car I was fumbling for my keys in my purse and my friend said "We need to go.." I looked up and finished her sentence..."back inside". The man was standing by my car. When he saw us coming out he stepped behind the car next to mine. It all happened so fast and I saw his feet under the SUV next to mine - we turned around calmly and went back to the bar. I went up to this guy that we had had small talk with at the bar and let him know I apologized for interrupting, but let him know what was going on and we weren't comfortable - if he could walk us to our car. My friend let the bartender know what was going on and let the guy get up (having not paid yet) and walk us out. No less than 1-2 minutes later we were back outside and the guy was nowhere to be found. There was no way a car could have left the parking lot without us seeing. The whole way home we were completely freaked. My friend even had me turn on the light to make sure he wasn't in the back of my SUV. We watched behind us the whole way home (on the Natchez Trace which is spooky at night anyway) and no one followed us. We made it home safely, but it was definitely alarming and eye opening. How did he know it was our car? The only way we could figure is that he heard me say - should we take 55 or the Trace back home? With MS license plates having counties on the tags - We assume with only a few cars in the parking lot at 10pm it was easy to find the out of towner.
So friends - be alert of your surroundings, if my friend hadn't been with me I'd have been diggin' in my purse and not noticed a stranger at my car. It may truly have been nothing, but it could have been something - don't be afraid to go back and get someone to walk you to your car at night. People will be more than happy to help. I know the nice gentleman that walked us to our car is not reading my blog, but I thank you kind sir - next time the tiramisu is on me!

Monday, May 21, 2007

What did you do this weekend?

I had a good weekend. Friday, Chip didn't get home until late. He had to drive 2 hours out of his way because of a really bad wreck. I get so nervous with him driving back and forth each week. There is seemingly always a really bad wreck that he "just missed" every time he gets on the road. So always keep him in your prayers for safe travels....I just worry soo much.

So Friday I decided since I did such a good job recovering the bow seats on the boat that I could do the rest - no problem. So I did, and saved us a good $500 - $800 bucks. When Chip got home he couldn't believe his eyes. So, don't you guys think I should be rewarded with something that costs between $500 and $800 bucks? Just kidding - I enjoyed it even though I did bust my knuckles a little bit, but it was worth it.
Saturday, we woke up around 9ish and went and ate breakfast at a local place. We both had the pancakes and bacon - it was yum and had a good time talking with my hubby just one on one. We went to Wal-Mart because we needed more foam to cover some more boat stuff with. Headed back to the casa for a full day of building a platform and still recovering more things. After a few hours and a few visitors later by 3 o'clock I was ready for a nappy poo. I felt like the hunch back of Notre Dame all crooked over from stapling and pulling and hammering. So, that is exactly what I did - I rested my eyes. I can't say nap because hubby has A.D.D. and when I want to lay still is never the time he wants to lay still. So after 30 minutes of him mucking with me I got up and went to watch tv. Where I could pretend like I was awake, but really lay back in my recliner and snooze until he catches me snoring. Then at around 6:30 we went to a crawfish boil. It was fun, lots of people Chip knew - a few faces I could finally put to names was established. I avoided about 67% of the Huggies vs. Luvs vs. Swaddlers vs. breast feeding conversations. Then when 10:30 rolled around my long lost friend was a little tipsy and said - wow, how fun sitting around this bon fire drinking and hanging out. It's so hard to believe I am a mother now. Huh? I can't understand how that conversation could possibly come full circle. I'm not dissing by any means, and maybe one day I will understand once I have kids how that made any sense. So, I packed up my gear and headed to the house on that note. I was hungry anyway - crawfish are messy and I didn't want to get into that. Plus we were at a barn where there were no less than 95769876789 flies on every frito, corn in the corn dip, brownie, sausage, cracker, etc. So, big girl had to go eat. I did have a really nice time though - good music, nice people, good weather - can't beat it.
Sunday, we were bored so we took out a piece of paper and listed the top 5 things we could do. (It's Koz, what do you expect?) Then I listed them in 1-5 order and Chip did the same. We added up the points and came to the conclusion that we were to go fishing then go swimming then grill out hamburgers. (Not too sure how fishing won, but I didn't ask). So we went to the Country Club and went fishing. I caught 3 and Chip caught zero. I did do something impressive though, according to Chip, I caught a 2 pound bream (brim - sp?) on a large rattle trap. How is that impressive you may ask....bream are usually a few ounces and eat worms or crickets, allegedly. I was using a rattle trap which is a big plastic lure with 2 hooks, one on each end and it makes a "rattle noise" under the water as you reel it in. If hubby would have been more nifty with the net we would have mounted that sucker - I think he intentionally didn't scoop it up because his wife would have showed him up! He said I didn't hook it very well, and he's probably right - what do I know about bream and rattle traps. I can cast and reel, cast and reel. Afterwards we went swimming at his dad's house and then grilled out a ton of food over there. Now, here I am.....Happy Monday everyone. Is it Friday yet?

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Pure Talent

My husband - he of little faith, didn't know what a great seamstress I am. I've never really had the opportunity to show him my childhood skills from spending countless hours at my grandmothers house growing up. My grandmother taught me many skills and some of them, like good home cooking and cat head biscuits, have been lost -- but other things like how to sew and recover things has stuck, and I have forgotten how much I enjoy doing crafty things like that.

As some of you know we purchased a ski boat back in March. We have been fixing it up since there is nothing better to do in Small Town, MS. My husband is infamous for finding bargains and then making them nice and selling them for way more than we paid for it. Which is fun to me because I like little projects and making extra cash. The boat is in super great shape, I am kicking myself for not taking pictures of our step by step process. We started by ripping up the carpet - and then building joints into the ski well where the floor was rotten - then cut out a couple of soft spots in the floor - and put treated wood back over it - then fiber glassing that- and re carpeting it (wow, that was a really bad sentence). I do have to say that I did most of the work because I am extremely meticulous. I didn't do the measuring or hammering of the replacement boards nor did I do the joints in the ski well. I did do the fiberglass and carpeting though and that was fun....until you have fiberglass in your butt, hands, and even after washing your bra 3 times, it still appears jabbing you in the boob occasionally. Anyway, so we have had fun. Like I said, the boat was in really good shape - except the interior. Whoever had it certainly did not cover it from sun and weather which left us with a mess of funky seats. We've priced seats and it's ridiculous and even more expensive to get them recovered. So we will do as much as we can ourselves then buy about 2 or 3 new chairs.
I didn't take before pics of the front bow seats, but to give you a general idea I snapped a couple shots of "other" interior things.

Then these are the bow seats that I recovered myself! That ladies and gentlemen is what I call talent. I could quite possibly quit my day job. So, they went from funky to fabulous in like an hour and a half. We will have to rebuild the big boxy thing - so I will show you the end results of that one later...since I now have a before picture.

Monday, May 14, 2007

This is a Nutshell

We had a fun weekend. Did a little yard work - after Chip had it out with the lawn mower repair guy. It was a scene and I was glad I wasn't there. So, we found a new lawn mower repair guy and hopefully he will prevent us from having to buy a new riding mower - something I didn't work into the budget. He fixed it enough for us to mow and then bring it back....and we did because as soon as we finished the last strip, it died. So, the yard is complete and now I am looking for ideas to make the flowerbed at the end of the drive way pretty. The problem with that bed is that there is no way I can get water to it. So I need flowers / plants that are self sufficient. I was told Palmetto, Lantana and purple hearts. So, I may do that some time in the near future.
Saturday we went to Starkville with our friend and his new lady friend. Had a nice time. I really took one for the team that night. I got a little flustered, but it was fun. We went to Old Venice, which I made perfectly clear I didn't want to eat (and my husband knows). I boycotted them because I am always disappointed and then end up spending an arm and a leg. So, we ate there - I had half a crawfish roll and a salad....that was safe. Then my other team player deal was that we went bowling . I really dislike bowling (and my husband knows this too)- not just because I am terrible at it, but because I have weak wrists and my right shoulder tends to "dislocate." So I end up sore and not happy - but I did not once complain until my husband decided he was a professional bowler and needed to tell me how to make it to where I actually hit a pin. I cut my eyes and proceeded to tell him how I felt about this whole situation and he could zip it. It was amusing and I'm sure the lady friend thinks Chip and I have issues....but we don't - I was just trying not to be a grouch. All in all, we had a fun time.
Sunday Chip took me to Lake Tia-kakata - yep, I'm not sure how to spell it. But anyway, we like to eat there sometimes. It reminds me of the resort that they stay at in Dirty Dancing. It has a lake and cabins and then a club house type place where they have a buffet of home grown veggies and roast and chicken and yummy stuff that I don't know how to cook. It's all pretty good. So we went there and then drove back home (about 30 minutes). Then we went swimming at his dads house. I technically waded around. I can't get my head underwater because of my ear. We had a good time just floating. Then we came home and recovered a few of the boat seats.....I am a professional. Chip told me I could quit my day job to start recovering boat seats. It was fun and I must say I did a dang good job!
So, now it's today and I need to make about 38975 sales, but it's not working. I have to teach my class tonight from 5-7 and then my sister in law is coming to town so I will go over to my in laws and go swimming again tonight.
Oh, I did finally book my flight to Texas for my Great Aunt's 100th Birthday Party. I will be leaving June 1st at like 7pm and then returning Sunday by like 5pm. Short trip, but it always is. I'm already stressed about it and I still have 3 weeks before I go. I emailed my friend to tell her I need for her to go with me that Saturday to be fitted for the dress I'm wearing in her wedding. Well that opened a can of worms and she's planning to gather the troops and hang out. Which I know is not feasible. I will have to plot out my stay hour by hour and make sure I see my dad, my grandma, my mom, my friends, etc - and none of the family lives in the same town. I like to go home and miss it dearly, but I just dread the whole hustle and bustle of gotta go here, gotta go there, who has their feelings hurt - blah! I think that is why Chip never comes with times I don't blame him for not going. Pray for my sanity.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Who has been sleeping in my bed?

We've all heard the story about the three anthropomorphic bears of Goldilocks and the Three Bears . Well, I have 3 bears of the same kind that live in my house - big bear, medium bear and small bear.....and they all want to sleep in Katie's princess bed.

Foxy Mama says, This bed is a wee bit too tight.

Foster says, This bed is way to tiny even for my head!

Katie says, This bed is just right let me sneep.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Ok, I had written half a novel about family and my living 700 miles away from them and it was stupid so I erased it, I didn't want to subject you to instant boredom. Instead I will let you watch a video I made a couple of years ago with pictures. Most of you have kids - I have dogs and here is their little show.....ok so that didn't post. Now I have to come up with something else to talk about.

I'll get back to you soon. At least one good thing came out of this post - a funny title....I may have coined a new word for blogs that suck "blah-g"

Monday, May 07, 2007

Run, Rachel, Run

December, about 2 or 3 years ago I had made my new year's resolution to start running. Through extensive research I'd mapped out paces to start running and ways to progressively work my way up. After the holiday eat-a-thon I was going to be gung-ho on my new dedication. Then one icy cold mid afternoon in December I was leaving work for lunch and had both hands on the front step stair rail at work and gently stepped onto the cold stair...complete - then onto the second step and KA-BAMMMM!!! Busted my butt. I was being so careful and still, I ate it. All I could do was laugh, I laughed so hard to suppress my pain that my stomach felt like it too had taken a fall. Falling is so funny, especially when people see you do it. I swear our security crew at work probably rewinds that footage when they are having a bad day just to laugh. I could probably win America's Funniest Video if it was submitted. Anyway - I got into my friends car, who witnessed everything and continued laughing. By day 3 of non stop laughter it turned into tears - I knew I jacked up my butt/back. Sure enough I did and my chiropractor put my new year's resolution on hold for about 3-4 months. Then the urge to run subsided.
I tell you all of this because I was reading my morning ritual of gossip and articles on MSN and came across this guy, on weightloss. If he can start to run at 400lbs, then there is no reason why I shouldn't be hittin' the concrete. (I don't weigh 400lbs, but feel like I do)
I need advice, motivation, a program - something. My Special K diet was working and I will need to get back on it, but exercise is important and I know that. Janii how did you get into the kick? What motivates you? I have nothing but total admiration for you. I lost my mojo that cold day in December.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Top 5

I was told before I got married that you are allowed to have your Top 5. The Top 5 is a list you make that if someone far fetched like an actor or athlete or famous person approached you and said, "Rachel, you make me want to be a better person" (or something that makes your toes curl or face go numb) you have 100% free reign to make out with them or whatever. So before we married I told Chip about this and he just rolled his eyes and said, "whatever." I guess he has complete faith that none of my Top 5 would ever want me, he's a punk. So anyway, I give to you the list. It has changed and I really only have 3 right now. This way I have room for growth or if someone famous comes up to me - hey! guess what! I have room for you kiddo!

1) Hugh Laurie - some of you know him as Dr. House, but I know him as the smart ass that stole my heart. I love his pompous attitude and in real life he has an accent that will make you fall to your knees. The sad news is he's married, so I would have to be on his Top 5, but I'm not famous or an athlete or in any movies.

2) Josh Duhamel - this was one of those love at first sight situations. We met one Monday night a few years ago when him and James Caan appeared on Las Vegas. He didn't notice me through the TV sitting there staring at him from my couch, but I felt the connection. We then started hanging out every Friday and even during reruns. Now with 2 Tivos in my house I can watch repeats until it comes back on next season. He too is committed, but not married. Yet, there is no way I can compete with Fergie - she's hot.

3) Mark Ruffalo - Mark is special, he is the boy next door that you think about when you lie awake at night wondering if he may be thinking about you too. He's the good guy that will always be there for you and makes you want to be a better person. He proved this in Rumor Has It. His crooked smile is adorable and makes you want to squeeze him. I don't always agree with his political beliefs, but that doesn't take him off my list. The thing that would, is the fact that him and his wife have 2 kids and are expecting their 3rd this fall - so they probably love each other.

There you have it friends, my Top 3 of 5. If you know any of these heart throbs please pass them my digits so we can have their people call my people.