Monday, May 14, 2007

This is a Nutshell

We had a fun weekend. Did a little yard work - after Chip had it out with the lawn mower repair guy. It was a scene and I was glad I wasn't there. So, we found a new lawn mower repair guy and hopefully he will prevent us from having to buy a new riding mower - something I didn't work into the budget. He fixed it enough for us to mow and then bring it back....and we did because as soon as we finished the last strip, it died. So, the yard is complete and now I am looking for ideas to make the flowerbed at the end of the drive way pretty. The problem with that bed is that there is no way I can get water to it. So I need flowers / plants that are self sufficient. I was told Palmetto, Lantana and purple hearts. So, I may do that some time in the near future.
Saturday we went to Starkville with our friend and his new lady friend. Had a nice time. I really took one for the team that night. I got a little flustered, but it was fun. We went to Old Venice, which I made perfectly clear I didn't want to eat (and my husband knows). I boycotted them because I am always disappointed and then end up spending an arm and a leg. So, we ate there - I had half a crawfish roll and a salad....that was safe. Then my other team player deal was that we went bowling . I really dislike bowling (and my husband knows this too)- not just because I am terrible at it, but because I have weak wrists and my right shoulder tends to "dislocate." So I end up sore and not happy - but I did not once complain until my husband decided he was a professional bowler and needed to tell me how to make it to where I actually hit a pin. I cut my eyes and proceeded to tell him how I felt about this whole situation and he could zip it. It was amusing and I'm sure the lady friend thinks Chip and I have issues....but we don't - I was just trying not to be a grouch. All in all, we had a fun time.
Sunday Chip took me to Lake Tia-kakata - yep, I'm not sure how to spell it. But anyway, we like to eat there sometimes. It reminds me of the resort that they stay at in Dirty Dancing. It has a lake and cabins and then a club house type place where they have a buffet of home grown veggies and roast and chicken and yummy stuff that I don't know how to cook. It's all pretty good. So we went there and then drove back home (about 30 minutes). Then we went swimming at his dads house. I technically waded around. I can't get my head underwater because of my ear. We had a good time just floating. Then we came home and recovered a few of the boat seats.....I am a professional. Chip told me I could quit my day job to start recovering boat seats. It was fun and I must say I did a dang good job!
So, now it's today and I need to make about 38975 sales, but it's not working. I have to teach my class tonight from 5-7 and then my sister in law is coming to town so I will go over to my in laws and go swimming again tonight.
Oh, I did finally book my flight to Texas for my Great Aunt's 100th Birthday Party. I will be leaving June 1st at like 7pm and then returning Sunday by like 5pm. Short trip, but it always is. I'm already stressed about it and I still have 3 weeks before I go. I emailed my friend to tell her I need for her to go with me that Saturday to be fitted for the dress I'm wearing in her wedding. Well that opened a can of worms and she's planning to gather the troops and hang out. Which I know is not feasible. I will have to plot out my stay hour by hour and make sure I see my dad, my grandma, my mom, my friends, etc - and none of the family lives in the same town. I like to go home and miss it dearly, but I just dread the whole hustle and bustle of gotta go here, gotta go there, who has their feelings hurt - blah! I think that is why Chip never comes with times I don't blame him for not going. Pray for my sanity.


sm2 said...

Lake titty-caca, huh? Sounds like you had a fun weekend! You are always a trooper and easy to please!

Lisa Blair said...

I have lantana in the front and purple hearts in the back. I never have to do anything to these plants and they grow like crazy. Good choices! Plus I think they'd look great together. Purple and yellow. Unless your husband REALLY hates LSU like mine does. I did purple and yellow pansies in a pot one year, and he made mean remarks about them for weeks.