Monday, May 21, 2007

What did you do this weekend?

I had a good weekend. Friday, Chip didn't get home until late. He had to drive 2 hours out of his way because of a really bad wreck. I get so nervous with him driving back and forth each week. There is seemingly always a really bad wreck that he "just missed" every time he gets on the road. So always keep him in your prayers for safe travels....I just worry soo much.

So Friday I decided since I did such a good job recovering the bow seats on the boat that I could do the rest - no problem. So I did, and saved us a good $500 - $800 bucks. When Chip got home he couldn't believe his eyes. So, don't you guys think I should be rewarded with something that costs between $500 and $800 bucks? Just kidding - I enjoyed it even though I did bust my knuckles a little bit, but it was worth it.
Saturday, we woke up around 9ish and went and ate breakfast at a local place. We both had the pancakes and bacon - it was yum and had a good time talking with my hubby just one on one. We went to Wal-Mart because we needed more foam to cover some more boat stuff with. Headed back to the casa for a full day of building a platform and still recovering more things. After a few hours and a few visitors later by 3 o'clock I was ready for a nappy poo. I felt like the hunch back of Notre Dame all crooked over from stapling and pulling and hammering. So, that is exactly what I did - I rested my eyes. I can't say nap because hubby has A.D.D. and when I want to lay still is never the time he wants to lay still. So after 30 minutes of him mucking with me I got up and went to watch tv. Where I could pretend like I was awake, but really lay back in my recliner and snooze until he catches me snoring. Then at around 6:30 we went to a crawfish boil. It was fun, lots of people Chip knew - a few faces I could finally put to names was established. I avoided about 67% of the Huggies vs. Luvs vs. Swaddlers vs. breast feeding conversations. Then when 10:30 rolled around my long lost friend was a little tipsy and said - wow, how fun sitting around this bon fire drinking and hanging out. It's so hard to believe I am a mother now. Huh? I can't understand how that conversation could possibly come full circle. I'm not dissing by any means, and maybe one day I will understand once I have kids how that made any sense. So, I packed up my gear and headed to the house on that note. I was hungry anyway - crawfish are messy and I didn't want to get into that. Plus we were at a barn where there were no less than 95769876789 flies on every frito, corn in the corn dip, brownie, sausage, cracker, etc. So, big girl had to go eat. I did have a really nice time though - good music, nice people, good weather - can't beat it.
Sunday, we were bored so we took out a piece of paper and listed the top 5 things we could do. (It's Koz, what do you expect?) Then I listed them in 1-5 order and Chip did the same. We added up the points and came to the conclusion that we were to go fishing then go swimming then grill out hamburgers. (Not too sure how fishing won, but I didn't ask). So we went to the Country Club and went fishing. I caught 3 and Chip caught zero. I did do something impressive though, according to Chip, I caught a 2 pound bream (brim - sp?) on a large rattle trap. How is that impressive you may ask....bream are usually a few ounces and eat worms or crickets, allegedly. I was using a rattle trap which is a big plastic lure with 2 hooks, one on each end and it makes a "rattle noise" under the water as you reel it in. If hubby would have been more nifty with the net we would have mounted that sucker - I think he intentionally didn't scoop it up because his wife would have showed him up! He said I didn't hook it very well, and he's probably right - what do I know about bream and rattle traps. I can cast and reel, cast and reel. Afterwards we went swimming at his dad's house and then grilled out a ton of food over there. Now, here I am.....Happy Monday everyone. Is it Friday yet?

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Thanks for the fix. I will try and repay the favor tomorrow.