Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Things I like

Here is the list of things I really like....

I couldn't find a good picture, but I wanted to show you the Blueberry muffin mix from Betty Crocker that comes in the pouch (not the box) is a crowd pleaser. All you do is add a half a cup of water - mix put in the tin - shove in the oven and put a pat of butter on them when they come out and you my friends have the best muffin ever. Yes, only add water, I'm not kidding. I made two batches for a few friends the other night and there were 12 little muffins and 6 big muffins devoured in less than 2.5 seconds between 5 of us. And they had the nerve to ask me to make more! Like I said - a total crowd pleaser or a special happy for your hubby when he wakes up to the smell of yum soft muffins.

I found this about 3 hours ago at the grocery store and have already decided it is something I cannot live without. I made myself a little salad with a bit o' this dressing and crumbled bleu cheese. Don't tell anyone, but I went back for seconds and wanted to lick my plate. You make it yourself with a little bit of oil, vinegar and H2O - just shake it, set it and forget it - you'll be hooked.

My dogs probably would rather I forget Science Diet W/D ever existed and eat steak for every meal and my checkbook would rather I not pay that much for food but.......I have to say it has really helped my pups lose weight. We cut out treats and eat this mixture of bland wheat gluten free food twice a day.

Remember when I decided I was going to go on the Special K Cereal diet? Well, as part of that diet you get to enjoy 2 "special" bars during the day. I like the chocolate drizzle, but really enjoy the Strawberry bar - it's like a wanna be rice crispy with strawberry in it. It fo sho hits the sweet tooth!

It's no secret....everyone is addicted....but I have to add it to my list of things I really like - -- Pioneer_Woman, she makes my world complete. How did I ever live without her? Every woman I know wants to be her and every man I know wants to be her husband. WARNING: if you have not ever read this blog, enter at your own risk....don't say I didn't warn you about the addiction.

If you don't take away anything from this post - you must take away this product it's the absolutely, positively, greatest invention EVER. I own two of them, just because....well because I want to and it seems necessary. It's not that I'm lazy and it's not that I am a TV fanatic-o, but I like my "chosen" shows - Grey's, Desperate Housewives, House, Boston Legal....and yes my Tivo/DVR knows me better than any one human being on the planet Earth and records things I like. What you say? Yes, my Tivo will record funny episodes of South Park even if I don't tell it to or even the classic "Mr. Mom" because - it knows me and says - I really think that when Rachel goes to be tonight, she may like to fall asleep to the roaring humor of Ugly Betty or Seinfeld. Sometimes it does things my husband likes, just to share the love (Andy Griffith, Bonanza). If you do not have a Tivo/DVR you must at this very moment go to Directv or DishNetwork or whatever your satellite company may be and get this apparatus immediately. I promise - you will try to pause, fast forward, rewind and record your every day life, radio, people talking, everything. I truly heart you Tivo, you rock my world - thank you for making my sad pathetic life worth living in the Land of Koz.

This is the gift that keeps giving. I give it to everyone that has an occasion, Susan. As a matter of fact I should be the poster child for the Salad Sac. The place where I buy it, the lady asks me every time - "How many of these do you have?" because I buy them everyday. Ok, so not everyday, but alot. I only have one, but everyone who hates that their lettuce, cucumbers, broccoli, ANY VEGGIE going bad before you want it to - seriously needs to invest.

Here is the perfect thing that your man has to have. It's the Rival outdoor electric smoker. Do you love the smoked turkey, chicken, pork roast, ribs - but hate the time it takes to make it and the stinky smell it leaves everything smelling for like 4 days? This cooks and smokes at the same time (duh) but it's electric so it takes half the time and is worth every penny. The irony of that last sentence is that you can only find them at JC Penny online. A must have.

Have you noticed a pattern here? Everything I have posted is either something for you or your dogs to eat. Food is good. My life evolves around it - either eating or reading Pioneer Woman's blog or watching my Tivo. Oh what a life I lead. Go on friends, try these praised products, if you are nervous just come to my house - I will make you something to eat!


Leah Maria said...

I love the idea of the Salad Sac. I have that problem of forgetting I have a salad and it goes bad. So where do I pick up this handy little sac?????

sm2 said...

I love those instant muffins too. I buy the ones where you just add milk I think. They rock though. I'm hungries....

Jennifer said...

Ditto Leah -- where do you get this magical salad sac? Thanks for sharing your faves!

Rachel said...

I am not sure where all the Salad Sac is available....here is a website http://organize.com/saladsack.html

Jenn, If you can't get it there let me know and I can get you one and ship it to ya!

Leah, I'll be coming to Oxford soon and can bring you one if you'd like.