Thursday, May 17, 2007

Pure Talent

My husband - he of little faith, didn't know what a great seamstress I am. I've never really had the opportunity to show him my childhood skills from spending countless hours at my grandmothers house growing up. My grandmother taught me many skills and some of them, like good home cooking and cat head biscuits, have been lost -- but other things like how to sew and recover things has stuck, and I have forgotten how much I enjoy doing crafty things like that.

As some of you know we purchased a ski boat back in March. We have been fixing it up since there is nothing better to do in Small Town, MS. My husband is infamous for finding bargains and then making them nice and selling them for way more than we paid for it. Which is fun to me because I like little projects and making extra cash. The boat is in super great shape, I am kicking myself for not taking pictures of our step by step process. We started by ripping up the carpet - and then building joints into the ski well where the floor was rotten - then cut out a couple of soft spots in the floor - and put treated wood back over it - then fiber glassing that- and re carpeting it (wow, that was a really bad sentence). I do have to say that I did most of the work because I am extremely meticulous. I didn't do the measuring or hammering of the replacement boards nor did I do the joints in the ski well. I did do the fiberglass and carpeting though and that was fun....until you have fiberglass in your butt, hands, and even after washing your bra 3 times, it still appears jabbing you in the boob occasionally. Anyway, so we have had fun. Like I said, the boat was in really good shape - except the interior. Whoever had it certainly did not cover it from sun and weather which left us with a mess of funky seats. We've priced seats and it's ridiculous and even more expensive to get them recovered. So we will do as much as we can ourselves then buy about 2 or 3 new chairs.
I didn't take before pics of the front bow seats, but to give you a general idea I snapped a couple shots of "other" interior things.

Then these are the bow seats that I recovered myself! That ladies and gentlemen is what I call talent. I could quite possibly quit my day job. So, they went from funky to fabulous in like an hour and a half. We will have to rebuild the big boxy thing - so I will show you the end results of that one later...since I now have a before picture.


sm2 said...

I am very impressed! You know, I have an ugly purple couch that needs to be recovered if you are interested! Can't wait to see the finished product!

Jennifer said...

Go, girl! I will have to tell you sometime about the box/footstool thing a friend here made -- I bet you guys could start building those suckers if you wanted to -- the top was cushioned and sides covered w/fabric -- looked just like the ones they sell at Crate and Barrel.