Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Be careful

We are all familiar with the Neighborhood Watch symbol. If I saw this guy anywhere not just my neighborhood I would be a little suspicious. My reason for talking about this funny character is because he is important and we don't need to take him for granted. Here lately I've had to be extra careful with my surroundings. I read in the paper that this guy held someone up at our local Sonic. With traveling hubby I'm never really scared because I have the dogs and have a house full of guns and ammo. Yet for some reason last week I got a little anxious after reading this story- like I really needed to have protection close to my bed. If something were to ever happen, my neighbors are all close to my house so they would hear if anything was "different" and it's really quiet out here in the woods.
Last night I went to Jackson to return a couple things and buy a couple of things and then went to eat. My friend and I were eating at the bar and there was this man sitting next to her that didn't really say much but when he did I could tell my friend somewhat giving him the cold shoulder. I thought that was odd because my friend is really a good natured person, but I didn't say anything. Well we ate and talked and had dessert and once we finished dessert the guy was like "See you ladies later" and left. I didn't think anything of it - we finished our glass of wine and paid the tab. Headed out to the car I was fumbling for my keys in my purse and my friend said "We need to go.." I looked up and finished her sentence..."back inside". The man was standing by my car. When he saw us coming out he stepped behind the car next to mine. It all happened so fast and I saw his feet under the SUV next to mine - we turned around calmly and went back to the bar. I went up to this guy that we had had small talk with at the bar and let him know I apologized for interrupting, but let him know what was going on and we weren't comfortable - if he could walk us to our car. My friend let the bartender know what was going on and let the guy get up (having not paid yet) and walk us out. No less than 1-2 minutes later we were back outside and the guy was nowhere to be found. There was no way a car could have left the parking lot without us seeing. The whole way home we were completely freaked. My friend even had me turn on the light to make sure he wasn't in the back of my SUV. We watched behind us the whole way home (on the Natchez Trace which is spooky at night anyway) and no one followed us. We made it home safely, but it was definitely alarming and eye opening. How did he know it was our car? The only way we could figure is that he heard me say - should we take 55 or the Trace back home? With MS license plates having counties on the tags - We assume with only a few cars in the parking lot at 10pm it was easy to find the out of towner.
So friends - be alert of your surroundings, if my friend hadn't been with me I'd have been diggin' in my purse and not noticed a stranger at my car. It may truly have been nothing, but it could have been something - don't be afraid to go back and get someone to walk you to your car at night. People will be more than happy to help. I know the nice gentleman that walked us to our car is not reading my blog, but I thank you kind sir - next time the tiramisu is on me!


sm2 said...

I would have been freaking out! You really just never know! I'm so glad you weren't alone!

Leah Maria said...

I'm a little freaked out just by reading that. People these days are creepy. Glad ya'll made it home safe and sound!

Jennifer said...

I'm glad you're both ok! That gives me the willies.

Jennifer said...

Rachel -- and Susan if you read this -- I have a few Weight Watchers passes left that I won't use before the time's up (end of July, I think). If either of you want them to attend meetings (already paid for), please let me know and I'll mail them!