Thursday, May 31, 2007

All My Ex's Live in Texas

That's mostly true, but not the reason why I'll be headed that way Friday evening. I'll be going to my Great Aunt's 100th birthday bash....well as rambunctious as a 100 year olds birthday party can be. She told my mom and aunt that if they invited church and community that she was going to plan on dying before the party - she just wanted it to be family. That spunky lady cracks me up!

Friday night my friend Amy will be picking me up in Houston and we'll probably grab a bite to eat and chit chat, then she'll take me to my mom's house. Saturday morning Amy will pick me back up and we will go to be fitted for her brides maids dresses. I'll probably do lunch with my mom, brother & sister-in law then off to the par-tay from 3-6pm. (My dad commented how that is super late for a 100 year old -he figured we'd eat dinner at like 4pm - shame on him!) After the "family reunion" I may head out to dinner with some friends and at some point go check out my bro's new casa. Possibly take a dip in the pool he's soo proud of and have them make me margaritas. Hey, I'm a guest now....I haven't been home in a year.
My best friend in the whole wide world is in Austin and can't make it home for my homecoming, so she is bummed. Maybe somehow or another it could be to where I could drive the 2 hours to see her.....but I haven't figured out the logistics on that yet. Sunday I think my dad will come and see my brother's new house and then he'll take me to the airport by 3 ---- then back to the Land of Koz.

I am nervous about flying with my 'bunged-up' ear. I hate flying anyway, but with my ear debacle it makes it 10 x more not fun. My other ear, right ear, has been having twinges of pain for the past day or so. I go back to the doc on the 11th, I'm hoping he doesn't tell me I have to have the procedure done on that ear would I hear? The bright side is that I've always wanted to learn sign language. I think the surgery on my left ear took because every now and then it does something funny and I can hear, briefly. I try to move my head to where it does it again, but I haven't figured out what makes it work.

I will try to remember to take my camera and get party pics and friend pics to post for my 4 readers. In the mean time hubby is home alone this weekend - you guys should call and make sure he's surviving because the "honey do" list I have made him isn't too fun and he'll probably want any excuse to get away.


sm2 said...

Wow! Talk about a whirlwind trip! I don't know how you can possibly squeeze anything else in! Have a wonderful time and drink a rita for me!

Lisa Blair said...

Whirlwind trip, indeed! This sounds really fun. It is extra good to see family when it has been so long. I hope you had a great time!